Days of Game is a daygame blog.

This blog is about my experience approaching woman direct, during the day, here in San Francisco, CA, USA.

My name is Nash.

I discovered game, via The Game, like almost everyone else, in 2006.  I jumped into the online forums from there.  I remember reading an intro by some guy that said he’d been studying game for “6 years,” and I thought he was crazy.  How could this possibly take 6 years?  Here I am, 8 years later, very much a student of game, with an effervescent love for women, a love for the art and science of mating and dating, and these days, a solid passion for daygame in particular.

I run game all through my day.  That includes some night game, some social circle game, but these “days” I am committed to going direct, and meeting women during the day — thus “Days of Game.”

These stories will chronicle my daygame interactions, and the aftermath of those meetings.

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