1st Date with the Painter

Ahhh, this blog is new to me.  I posted once before about a date… *shiver*… it was terrible.  Here, is a slightly better story.

I didn’t meet her via daygame… I met her at a party.

(And fucking-a do I want to tell a great date story from a girl I met at daygame… but I’m not there yet.  I’ve dated a couple girls from daygame so far, but no magic… it’ll happen.  I’m new.  We’ll see.)

The party gathers outside, and doesn’t let you in until the show starts.  I was outside, alone, grabbing a snack before I went in to drink and dance and explore the night.  She, was (is) a real human being, but that night, was triggering so many fantasies.  Wow.  It was the way she was dressed.  It was her delicious little body.  It was because she was Asian.  But it was mostly because of her eye contact.  Which was… perfectly done.  Mine, was intense and unyielding.  Hers, was interested, and just soft enough to make me want to eat her w/ a spoon.

This year has had a few themes.  One has been the “naughty” nature of women and girls in general.  And by that I mean, perhaps what Heartiste would call “hypergamy,” but what I would call “fucking around.”

The guy she was with seemed cool.  No big attitude, no obvious weakness.  Cool guy, I kinda liked him.  And I could tell he had some “aims” on this one.  He didn’t mate guard much, but he was interested in her, maybe “with” her.  Meanwhile, she and I had chemistry that I couldn’t avoid.  I never saw them kiss… which was all the excuse I needed to know I would try to find her later.

At one point, she and he are dancing together.  I am maybe 5 feet from the DJ, and she is somehow in between the DJ and me.  She manages to get part way between my legs as I’m seated, and… she stumbles… and lands in my lap.  I was already having a hard time understanding that she wasn’t a dream or a porn fantasy.  She’s not perfect, but she’s the kind of not-perfect I dream about.  And she was in my lap.  Wearing… not much.  As she got on her feet, I smiled and nodded my head at her, and then at the guy.  They nodded back in turn, both smiled.  I bet 1$ that whole “in my lap” thing was more than on purpose.  See… girls, fucking around.  So red pill.

So they dance together a bit.  He’s grinding on her, she’s open to all of his attention, and yet… she’s still all up in my eye contact.  Laser eyes from this one through the crowd.  Excellent chemistry.  I am a party veteran.  And there are very few parties I’m more comfortable than this one… so I just stayed cool.  But I was grinding my teeth a little for this girl.  I still am.

At one point, she sits next to me, and introduces herself.  No where else in my life is this normal for me, but at this party, girls introduce themselves to me every time.  I have some great stories from this party.  We say hello.  It’s just not the night to make a move on her.  I tough it out.  Fun party.  Dreams all night of that one… I can’t forget her.

Next day, I mine Facebook.  She had RSVP’d to that party, was easy to find, so I pinged her:

Me: Hello, Miss [teasing her about her name.] Interesting to meet you last night. Happy Friday.

I got nothing for about 24 hours, and then… a friend request.  I was just in from some night game, so I ignored it.  Next morning… a msg.

Her: Hi Nash, Thanks for finding me to say hi. – Painter

There was a little playful tease in there from her that doesn’t translate as I’m not using our real names.  Anyway, I accept the request and msg back:

Me: Ha. [acknowledging the tease] :  ]

Me: Yeah… there was something about you that made me a little curious.

Me: Maybe it was your hair… (and then sent a picture of a cat w/ hair like hers)

I’d never used the “curious” line before, but I like it, and it seemed effective.

Her: What else do you find curious about me besides my hair?

Me: Hmmmm… Well… I was just kidding about your hair.  Its very nice, but… it was your eye contact last Thursday that I noticed.

Her:  What about the eye contact?

Her: Do you draw and paint too? Want to have coffee and chat?

Not great game on my part, but I put my foot in the ring and this time, that was enough.  By this point she had crawled around my FB page, and is asking me out, based in part on mutual interest in art.  Hmmm.  I don’t think for a second this is “normal.”  I was pinging her, and expecting a “hee hee hee” kind of giggle and I was going to ask her out.  But… she beat me too it.  Okay.

I think part of this might be that I was right — we did have good chemistry and sexy eye contact at that party.  Part of this is also a function of the personality mix of she/I … but in case it isn’t obvious, she likes to lead.

We go back and forth a bit, as she suggests a “morning date.”  I have two issues w/ that… 1.) Fuck morning dates.  2.) She’s leading.  I don’t want girls to lead… that’s no way to start a relationship.

When a girl is leading, especially through logistics, you want to balance the idea that yes, you want the date to happen, but no, you don’t want her to dictate the terms or her attraction will flail.  So I just stole the thread, pointed out that she/I were busy that weekend, suggested a proper night date for a different day, and she agreed.  Good.  Back on track.

So tonight we meet up.  I don’t want to be early, so I swing by the Whiskey Store and buy a bottle of Leopold Bro’s American Whiskey… which I didn’t even show her, but I am drinking right now as I type this.  Damn.

We met a bar/gallery.  She was dressed in this very “from Asia” kinda way — boots, and shorts, and tights — all that inevitably makes my pants tighter.  She was a little “less perfect” than I remember from that night, but very cute.

I hug her.  The vibe feels good, right from the beginning.  I feel confident.  She is a real artist, but I have a strong enough background to play with her as we look at the work.  She’s sipping coffee.

I bounce her to another bar and buy us a round.  She likes the bar.  She’s so little she can barely handle half a glass of wine.  Conversation is great.  We’re talking about relationships.  She brings up the guy she was with at the party, and mentions him in a dismissive way… she’s seeing him, but purposely doesn’t tell me that.  I’m not touching her enough.  She’s showing lots of emotion, and I’m calling her on it.  I like her.

She’s barely through that glass of wine, red-faced, and she announces she’s hungry and is going home for dinner.  I could have pushed for us to eat together, but I didn’t.  I am usually the “very long date” kind of guy, and I wanted to let this one be fun, but short.

We walk out together.  I hugged her – she has a great little body.  She made a comment about seeing me again, and I said “I dunno, maybe…”, teasing her.  She laughed.  I walked away.

Tonight, via Facebook:

Her: What do you want from me? :  ]

Hmmm… we’ll see.

Since then I messaged a little Korean girl I met day gaming last week to see about a date for tomorrow night.  The Korean girl is travelling but wants to meet me next week and thanked me for inviting her out.  A Banker I met 10 minutes after the Korean also got back to me.

The thing about “abundance” is… you can’t fake it.  But I am beginning to feel some abundance like I’ve never felt.  As for the painter… we’ll pick that one up tomorrow.  I want to play with her… that chemistry rages on.

Viva game.