22 and from Korea

I met “Monica” during daygame. Somewhere in my first 300 girls or so. She is 22 (about 1/2 my age), here studying English for a year. So far, so good.

She was cute by my standards, but not “gorgeous.” And then I opened her — I did fine, no big deal, nothing beyond novice game — and she really popped open. She was that girl. Cute, with a raspy voice. And she had a soft-confidence, and a familiarity about her. She was Korean, small, lovely.

We chatted for a bit. I don’t think I wrote about this approach, but as I remember it now, I said, “Some other time, I’d, like to ask you out.” And her English is good, but it’s not perfect, and she thought I meant right then. So she says, no, she can’t, she has to go the baseball game tonight. And I say, Noooooooo, not tonight — and push away teasing her. And she gets it and laughs. And I say, some other tiiiiiiiiiiimme. And she laughs, and we exchange numbers. Fun approach.

I just looked at my text game, and it was pretty terrible. I played my part, I lead, and I was persistent enough, and so far it worked, but my actual text game this time is a bit of an embarrassment, to be real. I was a little too “expressive.” I don’t agree that we need to avoid showing any effort at all in text, I’m okay w/ proper spelling/punctuation, but I think I used too many “!”s etc, too playful, not “mature,” certainly not “dominant.” Anyway.

My initial ping had no response… it was boring, but it wasn’t terrible.

A few days later I try again, and try to set the date, time and place. She response this time, but is out of town, in “LA,” but suggests next week. Very warm text. I tease her about being in “LA,” and say I’ll try again this week. I follow up this week with a set time and place, and then something funny happens…

(To protect the bar where this meet up when down…) lets call the bar “Room.” Okay… that’s the name of the bar, “Room Bar.”

ME: Meet me at “Room,” (and gave her the address and the cross streets)

HER: “What is this? And if it is your room, maybe I can’t go, sorry.”

ME: Haha.. you’re funny.

ME: It’s a bar, young lady… called “Room.”

ME: 4 stars on yelp. : ]

ME: I don’t know you well enough to invite you to my house… you might scare my cat!

(And then I sent a really cute picture of my cat)

HER: Hahahahaahhaah oh my goodness, really?? I’m so sorry to misunderstand it…

She shows up for the date.

Again, she’s cute, but not beautiful, not perfectly my type, but a solid “maybe,” and certainly a “yes” in her own moments. That’s fair. And she was on time, and in a dress, and with hair wet from the shower, with some tasteful makeup. And she was familiar, again, immediately. Very comfortable, right away. Very likable and charming.

This is my 3rd girl I’ve dated from daygame. The first two were also young Asian girls, but those dates (3 dates total), were not great at all. This one was different.

She was affectionate and graceful right away. The bar I had her meet me at was overrun by sports fans that night (fucking Giants), so we slipped around the corner to a mostly-gay bar (very nice, and comfortable, but I wouldn’t recommend it to straight man looking for single girls). The place was full, but we sat near the pool table, kind of sharing an area w/ a couple of gay men who were obviously having a good date. I buy us a round of drinks. She loved that we were in a gay bar.

As we sit down, she apologizes again for thinking that I wanted her to meet at my house. And I did standard teasing about that, telling her it’s too early for her to be thinking of going back to my place. She laughs, game on.

We talked about her favorite part of her body. We talked about when she first had sex. She’s unsure if she’s had an orgasm yet… which means she hasn’t… 3 partners, at least one was very brief. She’s a young girl. She likes older guys, guessed I was 25-30 (off by more than 10 years), I dodged the question of how old I am, telling her I’m 17. She laughed. Ahhh… I love this set up.

She has great English, to start with. She’s quite smart. At 22 she’s in the US, and has already spent over a year in Japan, studying language there as well. She’s so energic. I like to assess female/masculine tendencies, and I was getting a very bounce-y feminine vibe. Yes, on all accounts.

We talked about kissing. And if she thinks she’s a good kisser. And how well designed her mouth is for kissing — it’s kinda of small, and I disqualify her a bit about that, and she agrees.. And we talked about how nice her hair was. And I pulled her hair, and got in close testing the kiss. And we kissed a bit. Light kissing. And we talked about her nipples. And about her ass. And we touched often and held hands a bit.

She can barely handle alcohol at all, drinks about 3/4 of her beer, and is feeling a bit drunk…

I had plans to see her, and then go directly out to a club by myself. We leave the bar together, and get on the train. Sit close, more touching her, and a nice wet kiss as we reach her stop.

She is the first girl I’ve kissed from daygame… I’m on my way.

HER: Nash~! Thank you so much today~! Haha

Ahhh, I love that energy. Adorable, and terribly delicious. I want to eat her.

This was Tuesday night, the night after a “second date” I’d had the night before. The “climate” of each date was so different. I ran very similar game, but this one was so much more pliable, more feminine, followed my lead better, no challenges.

I can’t say which of the two girls I like better — but I love that Game is giving me a chance to explore both of them. And back/back dates, never done that before. I would have had 3 this week, but “DC girl” had plans w/ her sister. This is not including me seeing my regular girl, whom I am very into.

I’d like to get this one out again soon, not let this chemistry fade. I want to sex her, and I’m confident here.

I pinged her last night to see if I could get her out next Monday. She has an “appointment” she says, isn’t free until “Friday, maybe.” Today is Friday, so I tease her:

ME: Tonight?!!
ME: OMG, you miss me!!!

(And send her this goofy dog picture for some added “chick crack” — I love send girls pictures instead of words.)

I was intentionally misunderstanding her suggestion of next Friday, and I have plans tonight, but would have tried to work her in if I could… I’m crazy turned on as I haven’t seen my regular girl in a few days. I want to sex this little one.

HER: Haha no~!! I mean next week~! Haha

I confirmed, and I think we’re on. Will have to ping her a bit to keep us both excited. Will probably try to make a bigger night of it next time.

Viva Daygame. She’s my best lead so far… I like her. Let’s see what I can make happen here.