2nd Date with Firecracker || The Tussle

I like Firecracker.

She is the daygame girl formerly known as Miss Hong Kong. I renamed her this week, based on some obvious characteristics. Here’s a sample:

NASH: Good morning, FIRECRACKER. : ]
HER: Am i the fire? You are the “cracker” ?
NASH: Omg… You’re so racist!

See what I mean? She is 95 lbs of Hong Kong girl, calling me a cracker over text. Damn it, I laughed so hard when she said that. That, is a great example of why I am increasingly into this girl.

She is so fucking smart. Whip-smart. She’s super funny, and quick, which are both footprints of smart. I happen to find her delicious physically … but it’s this funny-smart business that puts her near the top of all the daygame girls I’ve ever dated. I would date and fuck other daygame girls like Miss Xi’an… but I could spend some real time with this one. The Tokyo Queen was super funny too, and that made her the best LTR I’ve ever had. Apparently… I have a thing for funny girls.

Firecracker is the girl I had sex with on the first date, a week ago tonight. The sex… was really good, actually. Best “first night” sex I think I’ve had. She has a long-distance BF, and wouldn’t kiss me, but I loved the experience.

Over text since then…

HER: But I won’t spend nights with you. Anymore ~
HER: I only enjoy talking to you.
HER: No kidnapping cute girl to your place. XP

This came up earlier in the week as I was trying to set up today’s date. I hadn’t said anything about sex or my place at all. I teased her a bit, she responded, and I started again the next day with the “Firecracker” comments above. Banter, banter, and then I restated the plan to take her to the modern art museum and said:

NASH: It’s a nice art museum, so you can’t put your hands all over me, okay.
NASH: Be on your best behavior.
NASH: Just look at art… And try to act normal.
HER: Okay.
HER: I am always normal and be a well behave lady.
NASH: (sent her a pic of a firecracker)
HER: Someone gonna get burn ?

Hmmm. Her last line was foreboding. But as we say in Burning Man culture… “safety third!” She’s right, though. It’ll end in tears. But I’m not trying to play it safe. I want experiences.

So she meets me today, and she’s not wearing glasses, she’s dressed nice, and she looks more edible than a chocolate doughnut. But she’s kinda stiff. And right away she says she’s going to dinner with friends after our date… and if you’re following along, that means no sex tonight. Fuck that.

I am Jack’s inflamed disappointment.*

But I try not to let it show. Uggg. The house was totally ready. I had set the “cheese cake trap” (I need to write about this). Fresh white sheets on the bed, so I could see her black hair spilled across them when I spread her legs… if things went well. But it wasn’t looking ideal. Whatever. I’m a solider. I’ll play the cards I’m dealt. And I’ll play them well.

Game is turning “maybes” into “yeses.”

I am a “member” of the modern art museum. So for a little over $100 a year, I can go as often as I want, and bring “a little friend” each time. I took the Taiwanese Girl here on our first date. Firecracker is the 2nd girl I’ve brought. I have a feeling I’ll get my money’s worth this year. And I know modern art well, so this is a place I am already “high on the ladder.” Playing to my strengths.

The date goes great, actually. I really don’t know if she and I will ever end up naked again, but I will give her a couple more dates before I give up on her. I really like her… so if sex isn’t happening, I will cut her off… for my sake. I’ll make sure she gets it.

So this date, I touch her a lot. I want the frame caddish and sexual. Her initial grumpiness fades quickly. I touch her constantly. I lead her around. We joke. The museum is world-class and inspiring. We roam from piece to piece, sharing our thoughts on the art and flirting. She’s compliant and lovely… and funny as always.

At one point we talked about how she was a little rattled on caffeine. She does have a bit of stale coffee-face. So at the right moment, I tell her I want tell her a secret, and I pull her in close (I’ve been whispering in her ear all afternoon), and I say, “You, do, in fact, have… coffee breath.” And I quickly kiss her neck before she can get away. And then push her away as she squirms and smiles.

Pull, push, pull, push. It was like that.

At another point, we’re walking up the stairs, and I have her by the wrist, and with my other hand, I cup her little ass. And she freaks out, and I get mock-serious, and raise my eyebrows and go, “What? What? Act normal! Get going!!” And she smiles.

One other time, there is this abstract-ish piece, like a male body, almost a mummy, but with an obvious cock. And I stop her in front of it. And tell her I know which part is her favorite. And she acts indignant and denies it. And I ask her if she wants to stay a while so she can really check it out. And she laughs. And I accuse of her only wanting one thing.

You see? I don’t know if I’ll get to fuck this little girl again. She straight up told me I won’t (although she didn’t mention it once today). But I am setting the frame as if it’s on. I will give her the opportunity. I’ll be as smooth as I can about it. We’ll see.

So the museum closes, and her dinner plans with friends aren’t for another 2 hours… she is a long way from home… so now is my chance to put some pressure on her. So I tell her I’m ditching her. And she says, “good” – because she’s a goddamn 95 lb firecracker, of course she says shit like that. And I tell her she can walk me to my train… but she’s just following me at this point. I know she has no place to go for the next two hours. I could take her for a drink, but I’m not going to. I want to tool her for making plans on the night of our date.

And we get to the train station, and she gives me a cold goodbye (which is partly just the non-affectionate, overly-practical, Chinese thing… I’ve seen it before, I’m learning), and I call her back, and make her hug me. And she does. 1/2-ass hug. She has not surrendered to me yet and she’s not sweet and adoring. And she says, “okay, go.” And I say, “No, you go, I want to watch your ass as you walk away.” And she smiles and shakes her head and I do… her little ass in a skirt. I want to eat that ass again.

I’m a little hooked on her. I know it’s obvious. Man, she got me fast.

So I do leave. I know she is stuck with nothing to do for 2 hours. Good! I’m not going to entertain her if we’re not spending the evening together.

Right away, I get this from her:

HER: What do you have to do before 7?

I ignore that. I want her to ache a little. This is war… until she surrenders.

I don’t get on the train. I jump back into the “girl tornado,” get on my phone, and start trying to work my leads for another date.

I have been giving girls “options” lately. Like “Let’s get a drink… Monday or Thursday?” So I try this with several girls, trying to get one of them out tonight, and/or setting up dates for later.

Thai girl is first. I was trying to get her out for Sunday, so I try that again, but give her the option of “or Tuesday? Or tonight???!” She gets back quickly, confirms she and I are on for Tuesday. Okay, cool. I then ping this online girl… she has been receptive, looks cute, but giving me short/boring responses so far. I say, “Hey, I know this is short notice, but any chance you’re free tonight? Or Sunday???” She hits me up an hour or so later, and confirms for Sunday. Okay, good. That’s two more dates set up. Girl tornado.

But I’m still in a non-sex-able position for tonight. I know she is at dinner now, hopefully drinking, so I ping her again, and I say:

NASH: Are you a cheesecake friend?
HER: Yup… huge friend.

That is call-back humor to something she said to me as we had post-sex Thai food the night I put my cock in her, and she asked me in “Hong Kong style,” if I am a “shrimp friend?” I’m throwing that back at her… because I’m smart too and I pay attention. I know she knows I know she knows I know. It’s like that between she and I.

NASH: Come by tonight for desert.

I go to the gym, put in a big swim, “sharpen the saw**,” as I’m not getting her back to my bedroom as fast as I had hoped and I’m not going to pout about it. When I get out of the pool, I have this in response:

HER: Nah.

Fucking punk. I love her, but… the struggle is strong with this one.

NASH: Okay.
NASH: If you decide you’re a *real* cheese cake friend… text me.
NASH: If I’m still up, maybe I’ll share???

I like that, as I am not asking for a response, and she has the booty call in her hand, if she’s ready. She declines… but again, I don’t need to respond. So I don’t. I ice her out.

So that’s where I’m at.

It was a great date, actually. We both had fun, I could see it in her eyes. But I am frustrated, as I’ve already had my cock in her and that is not happening tonight. But we had a really good time together. My body was dying to kiss her. To find a broom closet and molest her. We’re just not there yet. Not tonight.

As I sit here typing this… it’s 10:30 PM. She just texted me again, saying that her friends like the sticker I gave her. I am not going to respond to that. I haven’t responded to the last few messages she’s sent tonight. She knows the offer. If she doesn’t want to come inside the castle walls, she can ache out there beyond the moat. These are my terms. I’m sure she gets it.

I’ll get high in a bit and will shut off my phone. Have a whiskey. Maybe she’ll text me after all and come by??? I really don’t know.

I am calling tonight a “draw” in the tussle between she and I. We both scored some points. We both live to fight another day. We’ll reel her in in… or cut the line. I like her very much, but… discipline.

Ahhh. I want her in my bed again! I have dates scheduled for Sunday (online girl from NYC), Monday (Korean I picked up on Tues) and Tuesday (3rd date w/ the Thai girl). I have other plans Wednesday, so that means Thu is the soonest I can see her again…

I’ll lay off and hit her up on Monday or Tuesday.

Ummm… I like her. Smart, sexy, fun, little girl. She’s got me, a little… I am paying that price a bit tonight.

“Every one of these girls will have a cost. Invest wisely. What’s your worth?”
— Yohami

Fucking A… “Yohami is always right.” Again.

We’ll see. Viva daygame.

* Fight Club reference.
** Seven Habits of Highly Effective People reference.