2nd Date After My Reincarnation

This date… was my 2nd date since I’ve been back at it, but my first date w/ this particular girl. Here’s what I got:

I picked her up about 2 weeks ago, last set of the day. Asian girl. Maybe 25 (15+ years younger than me). She kinda walked past me as I opened, but I got back close to her, good chat, took her number, admired her long legs and ass as she walked away. Asian girls, don’t always have long legs, but this one does.

Messaged her about how to spell her name… it’s unusual, so I tried 3 different spellings and said, “How do I spell this name?” She came with “haha” and the correct spelling. Next day I made some comment about how we both have short names, and she started teasing me, using some callback humor from when we met.

She’s a very funny girl. It’s coming out in her texts, and that’s a sign she’s smart, and I like all that.

I tried to get her out, but she was busy on the proposed night, and suggested the following week. Got some good encouragement from her, I like that. I offered her two different nights. She just said “okay,” which wasn’t clear for me. She’s being ambiguous, I assumed on purpose, as she was still deciding if she wanted to see me.

I followed up the next day, trying to nail it down. She was still kind of sidestepping committing to coming out w/ me, but she gave me more to work with, so I backed off logistics, and started “guessing” some things about her based on what she was saying… I was guessing mostly right, and that helped keep things going. She would contradict me, I’d come over the top and win the frame, she’s reward me. More text banter. It was fun, but I couldn’t get a date nailed down.

I try again to get some kind of commitment…

NASH: [bar name] tomorrow for a drink… 6:30
HER: You love [bar name], don’t you

No commitment. I joke a bit, slight challenge… no response.

So now it’s day of the date… I still don’t have a commitment, but she’s been very fun to text with… she’s invested a bit. I’m not sure how to press for a confirmation. I think this one is possible, but it’s not going perfect. I don’t want to harangue her. I want this to be fun, not needy. So I did this:

NASH: Are you more of a “girly drink” type… or the tequila shot type?
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NASH: ^ My guess

I liked this, because it wasn’t just me asking, again, for the date. Another chance for me to demonstrating value, more putting her in a box, more assumption… no neediness or clinginess. I waited for a reply… it getting much closer to date time, and I had no idea if she was actually going to come out or not.

And, I was at home… and I have less than 30 min to the time I’d suggested. So I grabbed my bag, with my book and gym stuff, and decided I’d head to the bar, and if she shows up…. great. If not, gym/dinner, which was fine w/ me.

I get downtown, and… surprise! My little game about the drinks worked. I’ll use that again sometime.

HER: Those do look good
NASH: I knew it. : ]
HER: Is that what they serve at the bar?
NASH: We’ll have to see
NASH: How late are you going to be?
HER: I’m on the way, a couple blocks away

Ta-dah. Okay, she was going to show up. I think the text game made this happen. This is a “maybe” girl. She’s still in “maybe” mode.

I did a quick approach on a different girl as I walked to the bar… a super beautiful girl, brown skin, great calves, very fem. She stopped, but was late for a date. I let her go. Felt great opening girls on the way to a date… I know that’s the man I want to be.

Bar was cool. I discovered it out daygaming one day, while walking the streets. I’ll use this bar for dates/i-dates… it’s perfect. That, in itself, was a score. I’m nailing down my territory.

She was even better looking than I remember. She gave me a hug. We ordered and sat upstairs — she tried to move us back downstairs but I overrode her suggestion. Good drink. Easy conversation — I love Asian girls of all kinds, but the ones that speak English are nice sometimes, just makes the chat easier. I was touching her as much as I could, non-sexual, but arms and thighs. She took it very well, but never touched me back. We started talking about food (I was seeding future dates) and I took that segue to get us to dinner. Dinner was smooth, I made sure to sit side-by-side. More touching.

I asked her if she was a good kisser, and that was a great few moments of she/I talking about kissing etc. I can do that conversation pretty well. It ended with me telling her I wanted to kiss her while leaning back away from her. Truth was, I had some really strong tugs at actually needing-wanting to kiss that girl in a real way. She’s got my attention, this one. I so “would.”

As dinner wound down, I confirmed she’d be getting a car home and I angled for another drink (and that kiss) at a nearby bar. She said she needed to get home, and called her car. Nice hug and she was off. Not a bad night.

I teased her via text about her comment that she was a good kisser. Got a very brief, but affirmative reply. Had a beer, went to bed, and woke up w/ a raging hard on and thinking about her climbing on top of me.

I’ll try to get her out next week.

I actually asked her later in the date if she knew she was going to show up or not, and she confirmed, she wasn’t sure… but the pic of the drinks actually got her over the top. It was fun to ask her that, and interesting to see into her mind. Hmmmm. I think I read her pretty well. My game wasn’t so good that she jumped on this date, but it was good enough to drag her into it.

And the model moves along… I’m approaching (about 70+ sets now since I’m back from the dead), I’m getting leads (maybe 7 or 8?), I’ve had two dates from this batch of girls, but no makeouts yet. And still never sexed a daygame girl… but I know it’s inevitable.

Daygame will provide.