2nd Daygame Lay, 25, BF || Thanks Yohami

What a long interesting day… she just left and I am taking it all in. 2 new lays in the last month. Both from cold approach daygame. I was fucking trying to get laid this week, like really fucking trying. And… it worked.

She was the 3rd girl I dated of the 5 numbers I got last Thursday (what an amazing day that was). Last Saturday was the Thai girl. Monday, was the Chinese architect that told me she had a boyfriend when I tried to kiss her after dinner. Today… was a tea date with a little girl we’ll call Miss Hong Kong.

And Hong Kong told me she had a boyfriend the day I picked her up and I tried to take her number, but I pressed the point and she gave it to me anyway, and we did have tea… and then, sex at my place tonight. Hmmm.

Let’s stop here and just look at these girls with boyfriends. He is remote, it’s long distance, but still. I will say again, at least 1/2 of the girls I date are in relationships (married or boyfriends), and I usually don’t know until mid-date. I had forgotten this one had a BF, and only remembered as I reviewed my notes as I had time to kill because she was late.

She is 25 years old, 18 years younger than me, born the year I graduated high school.

She’s barely over 5 feet… 95 pounds of fresh-faced little girl. Nerdy-cute. Great English. Perfect skin. Super healthy hair. Very smart and quick. She’s finishing up her fashion degree. She’s totally fun, and very easy to like.

As I dive into this story, I need to pay some proper respects to my sensei, Yohami. He has been very generous with his time and wisdom, as usual, and has been schooling me this week thru the comments on this blog.

Yohami… thank you, man. You know I don’t always agree with you, but I know you live the truth. A truth. A rare and clear truth. And I would not have gotten laid tonight without that coaching. Thanks again, man. I mean it, and I recognize what you’re doing for me and other guys that will listen.

Let’s start here…

Yohami was giving me a hard time some coaching after Monday’s date. I wanted to kiss that girl, but felt no vibe, didn’t think I could. I talked about sex w/ her, as a way of moving in that direction. Yohami hates this.

As of tonight… I am seeing more and more of Yohami’s truth. Go ahead and smile, dude, you’re right. But, tonight was loads and loads of sex talk anyway, and it did exactly what I wanted it to. More on that later.

I met her at the tea place, and she and I were instantly comfortable. Hong Kong style milk tea and great conversation. I took her to the same spot I took one of the Taiwanese girls from earlier this summer, this great rooftop spot that’s only open during the day and has a great view. Feels special. Good date spot.

Her boyfriend comes up in conversation once, but briefly.

We got into sex talk a bit as we had our milk tea, but more indirect. I didn’t ask her how she likes to come… not yet. Ha. I do love that question.

>> You only have one technique and one frame and you use it and sometimes it works. Now get other frames and other techniques and compare and pick the most powerful one.
— Yohami

As we get up to leave the view… we’re waiting for the elevator, and I go for the kiss. No announcement, just go for it. She pushes me back. She is smiling, and just like almost every other girl, the kiss attempt only helps move us forward. She mentions her BF again. We ride down, worker bees get on/off the elevator, when they’re gone, I try again, she won’t do it, but she laughs, it’s cool.

I ask if she has time for a quick drink and she agrees. We walk to a great spot I know near where I “hunt.” It’s my go-to insta-date bar… even though I’ve never insta-dated. I tease her about wanting a shot of tequila, but surprisingly she likes the idea, asks me how I know that’s what she likes? I order 2 shots, a beer to split (so we can sip/sit for a while after the shots) and a couple of waters. Take her upstairs to a dark, lounge-y spot. It’s perfect.

We sit, chat… and I do the sex talk thing again. I try to kiss her several more times, always pushed away, but she and I are really enjoying each other. First sex at 21, sex was not great as she didn’t really like the guy. She doesn’t date Asian men, first sex was a Latin guy (friend of her roommate) and current BF is a white guy. She’s never kissed a girl. She can come from fingers, tongue, cock… she likes it all (knew I’d get my question in!). She has tried anal, and didn’t like it at all. No anal. Okay… fine.

One thing that comes up is that she likes oral, but knows she needs to be clean for that to be ideal. Smart girl. I agree and tell her I love to eat pussy and will lick her everywhere once I know her body is ready for that. This comes in handy later. I said this to Yohami in the comments on another post… sex talk is a type of comfort, it gets you comfortable, in advance, for the sex that will happen later. Tonight was another great example of this for me.

I tried kissing her more at the bar, nope, it’s not happening, but we’re both having a great time. I try to kiss her neck and she squirms away each time. But she’ll take a hand on her leg, high up on her thigh, or me grabbing her wrists… no problem. We’re getting comfortable together, sexually, regardless of the kiss.

>> This is a girl with a boyfriend going out with you and talking raunchy. There’s nothing innocent about it. She was there for sex, and sex is on the table. That means you could have taken her. So take her. If you want it.
— Yohami

Yohami is talking about Monday night here, but ^ this kind of comment applies to Miss Hong Kong as well, and is in my head as I had just reread Yohami’s coaching an hour before this date.

So, I ask if she wants to meet my cats. She gets it, and says no, and I think I just asked again, and she says yes. Something like that. Token resistance? I know that we’ll have sex now… I just have to connect the dots.

> She’s there because she wants to fuck you already.

Of course, Yohami is right. After all that sex talk (which may be bullshit on my part, or just my personal style.. but anyway), her coming over is all the proof I need that I can have sex with her. And again, as I said yesterday… I am desperately horny, as it’s been weeks since I had an orgasm of any kind. So I am very ready to see this happen.

We’re at my place (she loves it), but she still won’t kiss me. I try 5 more times, at least. Each time, I back up, and chat her up, or tell her how I like putting pressure on her, but if she says no and means it, I’ll respect that. And she’s fine. It’s all great.

> Now. This is a special scenario where the girl is trying to determine how good of a chess player you are. To evaluate you, she’ll offer little puzzles, little problems, and expect you to do checkmate or take valuable pieces and not fall in the traps.
— Yohami

This is some of my favorite stuff Yohami has ever said to me. Yes, checkmate is there but not kissing me is the puzzle. Alright.

She’s flipping thru my art journal, looking at my drawings, and I’m standing behind her, and everything I do seems to be cool with her. I can’t kiss her, but I am playing with her hair. Then I get my lips on her neck, and she’s fine with it at this point. I am behind her, with her little 95 pounds up against my cock. I’m not hard, but I’m loving her body. I start to suck her ear… and that’s when she really softens. That got her. She loves that.

She asks herself, out loud, if this is cheating? And I tell her again that I think it’s great she has a boyfriend and I am not going to get between them. She’s almost absentmindedly looking at the art now, as I paw her.

I know at this point, I am, in fact, getting laid. I almost can’t believe it. This is the best example I think I have of “try to get sex, and get sex.” Game is real.

>> With the THAI girl – when she was sucking your neck you could have unbuttoned her shirt (she would have helped you), massage / finger her pussy, tell her to undress, fuck her in the kitchen.
— Yohami

And then I think of ^ this bit of advice. I realize now that I could have fucked the Thai girl, if I had done what Yohami is telling me here. Right again, dude. I see it. So… I do what Yohami is trying to get me to do. I *don’t* assume that it will work out “next time.” I start putting my hands in her back pockets and grabbing her ass. Her shirt is still on, but I undo her bra and start playing with her nipples.

I’m still sucking her ear… and she tells me she’s getting wet. I unzip her pants, reach around, and rub her pussy thru her panties.

I take her by her tiny wrist and pull her toward my room. She says, okay, but no kissing. This reminds me of Pretty Woman… some arbitrary line in the sand she’s not going to cross. She tells me, jokingly, that she’s just going to lay there. She says she’ll be a “dead fish,” and laughs. I haven’t actually said I’m going to fuck her, she just knows what’s up, and is volunteering all this. She tells me again how wet she is.

She knows I love to eat pussy and she is complaining that she’s not clean enough. I know she wants a shower (because of the sex talk earlier), so I tell her that’s what we’re doing. No resistance. Naked, hot water, she’s a gorgeous little girl. As her glasses comes off, her face goes from simple-nerdy-cute to very pretty and elegant. Wow. The glasses and simple clothes come off, and she is suddenly beautiful as she stands there naked on the rug. She faces away from me in the shower, and I pull her hand around to grab my cock. I ask if she likes to suck cock, and she says, “not yours.” Ha.

So we’re clean, she’s in my bed, and the rules are: No kissing, she won’t suck my cock, and I can’t fuck her ass. I can so, totally live with that.

She and I warm up under the sheets for maybe a minute, I go back to sucking her ear. Then flip her over, and start to play with her ass. Then her soaking wet pussy. She’s telling me she likes it. Went down on her, fingers, I’m not sure if she came or not, but she definitely enjoyed herself.

Maybe she didn’t come? Maybe she came 3-4 times? I don’t know her well enough to know, and I don’t ask that question anymore at this stage of my life. I spent some time pleasuring her, as I was having a great time playing w/ her body and she was delicious and responsive. I loved it.

When she slows down, it’s my turn. A grab one of my favorite condoms (she wants to be certain I’m wearing one, and even checks a couple different times), fuck her in few different positions, all amazing, pull out, and come all over her while she plays with my balls. 2 weeks of come all over her 25 year old body. It’s glorious.

2nd daygame lay. THANK YOU, DAYGAME. I needed that sex, it was great, she was delicious, and this is the Fall I want to be having. I want experience. Here, is another one.

>> The reason you’re in this crux is that you’re doing daygame BECAUSE you’re the man women say NO to.
>> So that’s your starting frame, you got this one doing numbers game after hitting hundreds of girls, you are experienced with the NO instead of with the YES.
— Yohami

And now the student will fuck with the teacher, for just a second, and say… yes, it took me 1000 girls to get my first daygame lay (for a host of reasons). But let’s not confuse that with “the next 1000 girls.” You know how long it’s been since my last daygame lay (less than one month), and since then, I have run maybe 40 approaches? I’m not saying that meets an alpha standard (which I respect, man), but this is not “1000 girls = 1 lay.” The learning curve is steep in the beginning, and I think I’m on the path to make this fruitful indeed.

Full, proper, deep bow to Yohami. But… daygame is real. It is not all about rejection. And we want to be careful when we look at new guys (like me) and question the model just because I don’t get laid enough. New guys are… new guys. But the model is proven. That’s my religion. My painfully slow start is not the model’s fault. If I keep this up, I will be just another example of the LDG model’s potential. And… as so many daygamers know, it can feel really good. Yesterday was tough, but also, really good.

>> This is a girl who went out with you because there’s sexual tension already.
— Yohami

I debriefed with her, as she laid in my bed, covered in come. I asked when she knew we might have sex, and she said “boys don’t come up to you on the street unless they want something.” I asked if she thought that she and I might have sex today, and she just smiled.

BTW, I also asked how many lovers she’s had. She told me I’m #4. Very wise, hip girl, for 4 lovers. I believe her.

>> And now you embrace the frame and take it along with you to every new girl you want.
— Yohami

Right on, Yohami. And I’m very lucky to have a chance to get that coaching, and have 3 dates in one week to practice. The combination of Yohami’s truth, MY FUCKING HARD WORK, and the radical opportunities that daygame will offer as you get better… is an amazing chance to learn, to enjoy women, to come all over their young bodies, and have the kind of experiences that make this ridiculous life worth it.

Thanks again, Yohami, my brother. Thank you, Miss Hong Kong, you delicious thing. And once again… viva Daygame.