3rd Date with Firecracker, More Sex

She was my second lay from daygame (I week ago). I saw her Friday, but I think I fucked that opportunity up. Much discussion about that date here.

“The tussle sabotaged you, and this girl is probably gone. Unless you un-tussle it.”
— Yohami

First off… Yohami, you were awesome about that date and your comments there. Super generous, and totally educational. You served me, and I know at least Johnny Caustic also got something out of your comments. Thank you, man.

As we left off, I had invited her over for cheesecake after her dinner with her friends. She didn’t come. I didn’t think I had an open night for her again until Thursday… I’m a busy daygamer right now, dating almost every night.

Then it was Saturday. I had set up a date with a girl from online, and she was mucking up the plan. She was saying she would have to confirm later, and I was a little drunk from this great day party I was at, so I went on the offensive, and said, “Hey, let’s do this later in the week instead.” I didn’t even wait for a reply, and I message Firecracker, saying:

NASH: I want to take you for a drink at my favorite beer bar? Sunday or Thursday?
HER: Sunday.

Ahhh, I was drunk, and loving it. Online girl confirms for Thu, and I have Firecracker back in the mix… only one night away.

>> Maybe it’s because “you really like her”, from the same guy who was heartbroken because one girl gave you a bad phone number.
— Yohami

Here Yohami is sort of heckling me for Bogus # Girl. That’s fair, Yohami. He’s right. I’m not ashamed of it. Bogus # did “break my heart” a tiny bit. That’s me being real. Of course I can barely remember Miss Bogus now… but it was real at the time.

And I say this, because it was very interesting for me when I meet up with Firecracker this night. I have been thinking of her a lot. And when I see her, I smile at myself, maybe how Yohami might smile at me… she is a 95 lb, kind of nerdy girl from Hong Kong. But damn, I do like her. Looking at her, I’m surprised, but the truth is, my body is all “worked up” when I think of her. And it is kind of hysterical, as I look at her, that *that girl* is having such a big impact on me. That girl? Really? Are you sure??


But yeah… I like her.

We meet for a beer. I know the bartender well, and I wonder what he is thinking as he sees me with this one. We’re an odd couple.

Then dinner. And at dinner, she and I are talking about her girlfriend in Hong Kong, that is in a relationship, but is considering fooling around on the side. And of course this is a parallel that matches Firecracker and I (she has a long distance BF). And I make the comparison explicit. And say that I am “interested” in her. And she says she is interested in me too. That she is going to keep her BF, but that she wants to spend time with me too. That I am an interesting guy to spend time with.

Then back to my place, zero resistance.

BTW… I was kind of proud that I had set it up so she could come over for desert after her dinner with friends on Friday. But she did not. From what I know about game, I thought this was a perfect way for her to come get some time/sex with me, and her friends would never know. And I asked her, as we’re starting to make out, why she didn’t come over for cheesecake on Friday… and she says, because her friend sent her home and she didn’t want her to know. That makes sense. I could feel her (she was texting me that night) showing interest, we had already hooked up… why didn’t she come? Anti-slut stuff with her friends. I get it.

Anyway… I don’t waste much time getting her into my room. She wants another shower before I get after her. Good idea.

And sex was… fucking great. She is so physically sensitive. She starts cooing and moaning at the slightest touch. She is more wet than a waterfall, and that pussy tastes fantastic. And I devour her with my mouth. And my fingers. And eventually my cock. I fuck her in fits and starts, trying not to come, and then I do. And it was great. She is a fantastic lover. My favorite in a long time.

That “nerdy” girl… you should see her, wrapped in white sheets. With her lips bright red, against her white skin, black hair curling into the covers. Amazing. Enchanting.

Speaking of her lips… she still will not kiss me. And wouldn’t suck my cock… only laughed as I climbed up her body to put in in her mouth, and she just rubbed it all over her face but wouldn’t suck it. Sexy little weirdo.

It is nearly impossible for me not to kiss her. So hard. I did try, several times. She would push me away. I bet we break that barrier… if she spend more time together. It’ll happen.


And I fed her a bite of cheesecake in bed… and send her home at 1 AM. I think she wanted to stay.

I texted her today, and she didn’t respond. I don’t know what that means. But I think I got the “surrender” I wanted last night. I am not nervous about her. I assume I will see her again.

And I don’t know why… but having sex with her a second time made it all more real. It isn’t a mistake if it happens twice.

I really hope I see her again. If I don’t… what a great experience.

Thanks, Yohami, for all the coaching on her. For her… but for the next one, at least as much. I’m grateful.

And thank you, Firecracker. Delicious, sassy thing.

Viva daygame.