50 Hour Date with Miss Lips | +1 Daygame

Despite another serious cold, I bedded a new daygame girl. #14 from daygame. Let’s call her Miss Lips. Another interesting experience.

The full arc of the story was a pickup last Friday. A first date on Monday. And then a 50 hour date that started Thursday night and just ended an hour or so ago.

I like writing this post now, because the emotions of the last couple days are still in my blood. It’s increasingly normal for me to have sex with girls I’ve just met. But this one is a different in that we had two full days together. And of that, the past 24 hours felt very much like having a live-in girlfriend. I am glad to be alone tonight, but I haven’t felt that “girlfriend” feeling in a while.

There is that moment, just after sex, when the sense of lust and impending conquest has left me, and I re-evaluate where I am and what I want. Each girl is different, and what she feels matters to me, but post sex there is a portal to the future. And multiple paths from which to choose.

As the deed is done, maybe she pulls her panties back on and takes off into the night. I’ve done that. Or maybe you pass out together, hold her tight all night. You fuck again in the morning. Get coffee and say goodbye. I’ve done that too. That’s a good path. And although I’ve never had a “girlfriend” from daygame (I don’t want one), I’ve had a couple girls turn into something like long-term lovers. And that has been a very good deal as well.

This one made it until the morning. And she even left for a business meeting, but we were back together a couple of hours later. And with that brief interruption, the 50 hours date continued.

You know those stories where a couple meets, one night turns into two. And then they move in together. And everyone can see how “crazy” it is, but it’s true love. And the passion leads to a quick proposal. And they get married. Just like a movie.

Well, I’m a daygamer, not a movie star. And this isn’t that kind of story.

(I interrupt for a second to give a hearty round of applause to my wing and new friend Buckle. As this story was unravelling, Buckle was out hustling the street and landed his first daygame lay. A SDL. Fuck yeah, Buckle. How many approaches was that? My guess is less than 1000 (which is how long it took me). Sometimes you rhyme slow, sometimes you rhyme quick. Props to you, Buckle. It’s too soon to say… and if you’re like most guys, odds are you’ll quit, or get a girlfriend and put yourself out to stud… but we might be looking at the birth of a player. Baptized with pussy. Well done.)

Back to this seduction…

As I said, I met her last Friday. I was out with Buckle, running game. I’d taken one other lead that day (a white girl, a Russian) and Buckle and I were wrapping up for the day as he had a date. I left him, and chased her across the street and opened.

She was wearing shorts, and that was what caught my eye. Long, creamy legs. Slightly full thighs, and a great ass for an Asian girl. A great ass for any girl. I just spent the last two days looking at it, in various positions. This girl has a great ass.

She’s tall. 5’7″. She’s from Taiwan, here in my city in the middle of a two week business trip. She works for a major tech company.

She has shiny black hair. Semi-dark skin. She looks like my first daygame lay, who is also Taiwanese. She has “tropical” features (versus the relative sharpness of girls from Japan or Northern China). I think she looks like she could be Thai, and I told her so last night… she got a little bit mad. Asian countries are pretty prejudice against each other. She has a lovely tint of brown to her skin, but dark skin isn’t a premium in the Asian world, even if I like it.

And she has some amazing lips. A big mouth, and full lips, top to bottom. Unbelievable, actually. An almost vulgar mouth… one of the sexiest mouths I’ve ever been near.

As I opened her, it was really on. This was the day after my date with Miss Vain, and about an hour before my tea date with Miss Careful. I had a lot of other girls in the mix, as I was working up my Tornado, and I was in a good position to “compare girls” in a concurrent test.

The best time to really know women (and what they mean to you), is when you’re getting laid regularly, and you’re surrounded by girls at different stages of the model. The day I met this girl was one of those days. I was pretty sexually pent up, but had fucked Miss Thick and Miss Macau recently, and would fuck Miss Thick again the next day. Besides those two, I have fucked 10 other girls this year. I had the dates this week with the new girls I’d mentioned above. All of this was happening in my short-term experience, which means I could compare them relatively apples-to-apples. That is a good “test” for how a particular girl might register with you…

And I liked this one. Right from the stop, I was into her. Good chemistry.

The surprise for me is that she’s old. She 37. I am very surprised by that. I had no idea when I picked her up.

As an aspiring player in the land of younger, hotter, tighter (YHT), that is almost a confession. Almost. When I picked her up, I thought she was 28-31. I still thought that, two nights ago, post sex, when she asked “how old are you?” We traded ages. Oh, wow. I’ve seen every angle of her since then. Her spotless, unbelievably soft skin. Not a single wrinkle on her face. Her boobs aren’t that big, but they’re full and sit perfectly on her chest. And again those legs… wow. She’s no teenager, but she a very hot girl. She is still seven years younger than me, but I cannot believe she’s anywhere near my age.

She’s a good deal. My CEO approves. And it’s his vote that matters.

I mention her age, as a type of anti-brag. To keep it real. This “girl” was sexier and more interesting than most of my recent lays. Much better than Miss Macau (who is 10 years younger than Miss Lips). The story is richer for me, as well. But this blog is about the truth. I suppose it would be cooler if she was a “19 year old model.” Maybe. But it’s not that kind of story either.

This “deal” rolled out over the next couple of days. It went down like this:

The initial texts were all teases about her name. So I’ll omit those, here’s where we go toward the first date.

NASH: Hey Trouble [callback humor from a previous text]
NASH: Any chance you’re free for a drink tomorrow?
HER: Monday will be probably busier than or not?
HER: I don’t know, let’s see how’s the situation tomorrow?

At the time, I thought this was about her schedule. But now I know she wasn’t sure about me at all. She ended up saying so after the first date.

HER: Do you live here or travelling?
NASH: I live here… Over 10 years.

She was still screening me here. And that makes sense.

NASH: As for tomorrow…
NASH: I’ll check with you after lunch
NASH: Maybe you can be creative and make sure you don’t to work late… And we’ll have a little conversation
HER: That works for me

I opened the next day with a picture of one of my cats. More “cat game.” Grounding myself… showing I’m a real person, with a real life.

HER: Oops, I forgot that I am moving to another hotel after work today.
HER: It would be harder to squeeze a time today.
HER: So… guess today is not a good day for coffees

That sounds like a rejection. But we know how this story ends, so this bit is of interest to me. She is saying no… but as a hard working player, and a man with experience in situations like this, I kept at it. No doesn’t always mean no.

NASH: Yeah… I’m not coming to your hotel… I barely know you!
NASH: Wow… You move fast. : ]
NASH: Haha
HER: Nah, just fun for checking hotels :)
NASH: Okay, I’m free later tonight if you’d like to get a drink…
NASH: Or maybe dinner on Wednesday

This is a sequence I’ve been using a lot this year. The main elements for me are: 1. An offer for a date right away, 2. The word “maybe” (which I use like salt and pepper in my conversations with girls these days), and 3. A second offer for a date a couple days later. That’s the structure.

This is a scatter-shot approach to getting her out on a date. What surprises me, is how often the girl will take the immediate offer. And in this case, she did, even after saying that this night was not a good night. I think the “maybe” helps, in some cryptic girl-code kind of way I still don’t understand. I think offering a second option a couple days off also helps — for basic logistical reasons of her availability, and for a lack of neediness (as you’re not showing a lot of urgency).

She had mentioned “two weeks” regarding her stay when I met her the previous week, but I wasn’t sure how much longer she was in my city. I did some more logistics:

NASH: How long until you go back home??
HER: I will take Friday flight

As it was Monday, that meant I only had a few days to get this done.

We had a bit more teasing about her changing of hotels and then she suggested we meet up that night, after all.

HER: I just done my 3rd hotel reset
NASH: Just to try new hotels? Or too many complaints from your neighbors?
HER: I knew they gonna complain, so well prepared for my running escape plans
HER: Anyway, I’m thinking of eat Italian or Spanish tonight, maybe u can join me if you want

You can see a touch of her sense of humor here. And… notice her use of “maybe.” That magic word. It’s like a covert handshake for those of us in the Secret Society.

And now we had a date.

For that first date… I made a recommendation for a good Italian spot, and she agreed. We met up. She looked great. She wore pants and some casual clothes. Some lululemon, I believe. She had obviously just showered. She smelled fantastic, and I used that as an excuse to get close to her and smell her neck.

She was funny, and comfortable, and smart. She is solid “business girl,” competent, successful. She’s never been married and she’s into her career. She lives with her parents in Taiwan (classic Asian style).

She was very different than most of the girls I’ve dated this year. The age difference, yes. But she has more “agency.” I have often said that girls rarely ask me any questions about myself. She was an exception.

Meanwhile… I had felt the beginnings of a cold two night before when I was out with Miss Thick. That unexplainable “off-ness” of impending sickness, like “static” in the signal, my state was somewhat corrupted.

It was now Monday, and I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to have a very bad cold. The date wasn’t as solid as it would have been otherwise, but she didn’t seem to notice.

Unlike almost every other girl I’ve dated this year, she drinks. And by the time we’d have a couple of glasses of wine, she was obviously into the date. I did my “comfortable/exciting” routine, and reached in and pulled her hair to emphasize the “exciting” part, and she took it well. She seemed to drop into state. We were the last couple in the restaurant, and I hurried her along so we wouldn’t keep the staff waiting to close up.

Her lips were now ripe with the redness of the wine. Purple-red. Full. Sexy.

Honestly, I wanted to sleep. I was barely interested in the seduction. I didn’t even feel like fucking her that night, but I tried anyway…

I told her she should come back to my place and “meet my cats.” She said, no, but was more demure at the suggestion than she was at dinner. I asked how she was getting back to her hotel, and she said she was going to call a car. I told her to do it. She did.

As we waited for her car, we were standing on a corner. I said, “c’mere.” Despite the “competent business girl” side of her, she went super feminine as I moved in for the kiss. A smokey gaze, through half-closed, un-focused eyes. She was in slow motion. And she pulled her arms up to her neck in a protective, girly gesture… it turned me on.

And the kiss landed. And it was very fucking hot. Best first kiss of the year. Made my cock hard.

Her lips are so full and soft. And whereas I sometimes almost pry a girl’s mouth open with my own in the initial makeout, her mouth melted open and her tongue was as soft as her lips. Wet, soft, dreamy.

Her car arrived and she left.

Later that night:

NASH: …you, are a fantastic kisser.
NASH: Wow. What a mouth you have.
HER: thanks for the dinner :) i got a lots of fun on the meal, suprisly interesting
HER: sorry i tought you were on of the someone but flirty man on the street……..
NASH: Yeah… I thought you were just another hot girl… but you’re a little smart/funny/interesting too.

This ^ part catches my attention. She’s telling me about how her opinion of me changed from pickup to post- first date. I think I did a lot to comfort her via my text game. And she obviously liked that date. My stock was rising.

That was Monday.

On Tuesday… my cold was taking root. I had my second date with Miss Careful that day, and I didn’t think it went that well. So/so. Less fun than our first tea date. I tried to kiss her, of course, and she rejected it. I still don’t really know how that date went… the cold clouded my read. She is a very cute little girl… I’ll follow up with her this week. We’ll see.

But I only had a couple days left with Miss Lips. I pinged her about another date. I aimed for Wednesday, as that would give me a chance to move things to Thursday, if she wasn’t free.

After some chit-chat via Line App:

NASH: Hey…
NASH: I want to see you…
NASH: Tomorrow. Dinner at 7.
HER: Sorry- We will have company basketball games in the afternoon then dinner with my team…
HER: I can’t do it on tomorrow :/

Plan B:

NASH: How about Thursday night???
NASH: Last night… last chance!
HER: Thursday night then

There we go. Nice set up. It was to be her last night in the city, we’d already had a date/makeout. No reason to assume it was a done deal, but this was not my first rodeo.

Now it was Wednesday. I was still sick. I had said in my last post that I was all fired up to get my Tornado roaring… but the cold had crushed my momentum. No game that day. I was working. Had separate chats with both Young Guns and Buckle that afternoon.

That night, she pinged me, saying she was done drinking with her team… and could we get dinner afterall.

HER: Damn, stranger where are u now?
HER: I m getting hungry after so many cups beers with my team
HER: Can we still have dinner? I’m out of here.

I was sick. And I didn’t want to deal with her if she was drunk, when I could have her fresh the next day. I waited an hour/so, and sent her something neutral.

Then it was Thursday. I picked up the messaging again. Some flirting. Some cold-reading of her based on our ongoing chats via the app (she loved the cold reads). We were set to meet that night.

We met at 7. I had her take a train to my neighborhood. I picked her up in my car at the station. Dinner in a great place, across the bridge. It was sunset and the view over the ocean was beautiful.

I kissed her again in the parking lot before we walked in to the restaurant. It was nearly as hot as our first kiss. Her mouth is like magic.

The guy that owns the place loves me. I introduced the two of them, and told him she was Taiwanese and it was her last night. When she went to the bathroom, he broke the frame and asked me how I know so many “Taiwanese” girls. He asked this, because I bring a different girl there every month. I told him they’re not all Taiwanese. He asked how I met her, and I told him I pick them up on the street. He said I should get married. I told him I like being a bachelor.

It’s true.

We sat side-by-side during dinner and it was the way she touched me that made me know we would have sex that night. The way she put her hand on my thigh. It was how comfortable she was leaning into me during dinner.

After dinner I drove back to my neighborhood and parked in the driveway in front of my place. I asked if she wanted to come up for desert and she laughed at me.

A quick tour. After about five minutes, I pushed her against the wall and made out with her. I took her by the wrist and pulled her toward my room.

No resistance. Hot makeout. Great boobs and big purple nipples. Flat, soft, but perfect stomach. She was feminine and sensual. She moaned when I pinched those nipples.

But as I started to pull her pants off, she said, “my period…”

I was fucking sick as a dog. Snotty nose and I could barely breath. She was on her period. I was happy to give up. We can only do so much…

But the look in her eyes was so hungry. I could tell she wanted it (reminded me of Miss NYU, she game me that same look, years ago). I asked what day of her period it was, and she said “four.” We fooled around a bit and I told her I was going to take her clothes off and play with her anyway. She got hotter. I told her I was going to put us in the shower and she smiled.

We showered. I played with her pussy some, and there was no evidence at all of her period. She seemed like she might squirt, and I think she did a tiny bit, but I’m not certain.

A cold does nothing for my sex drive. I hadn’t come in five days, but I wanted sleep more than climax. But I knew it was there, and I was going to work for it. I’ve had six colds in the last year (which is ridiculous), but a lot of my momentum and experience has come as I worked through being sick here and in Japan. This is another one of those situations.

And then something interesting happened… I wanted her to suck my cock. I mean, those lips! I told her so. I got us into position, with me on my back and her leaning over me… but she didn’t do it. I told her to, again, but she didn’t. She’d play with my cock (which wasn’t at all hard), but wouldn’t suck it. So odd. Her mouth was hanging open. So sexy. Just looking at this mouth, while she looked at my cock. Jesus.

I assumed she doesn’t suck cock. That must be it, but she didn’t say so at the time. So after a bit, I rolled her over onto her back. Did my walk to my cabinet to get the world’s best condom… played with her nipples a bit and then…

+ 1 daygame.

I was so fucking sick… but I claimed a new notch. And as I fucked her from behind, the orgasm was fantastic.

We showered off. In the shower I asked about the blowjob thing and she confirmed, she doesn’t not suck cock. She said, “I don’t like to look at it.” Wow. That’s new to me. I teased her about it all weekend.

We slept so close, touching all night. I tossed and turned, breathing and weazing through my mouth. She left early the next morning for that meeting.

But the night before she told me her flight was delayed. She told me a typhoon was hitting Taipei, and she would be here another night. She asked if I wanted to see her again. She wondered outloud if she should book another hotel (her company was paying for it), or if I wanted her to sleep over again.

It’s a bad idea to have a long date with a girl you don’t know well. I’d gotten my notch. And I was sick, and would have liked the rest. But I’d had a great night, and I agreed. I was slightly love-drunk from the feel of her creamy skin next to me all night. And I thought my cold might almost be done.

I was wrong about my cold (it raged on), but the next 24+ hours were a good time. And an interesting experience.

After her meeting, I met her at her hotel. She checked out. We went back to my place with her bags. We tried to nap, but just chatted… new lovers, getting to know each other. Another dinner. I was loaded up with Sudafed and I made it through the night. Peruvian food. A little walk as the sun set. Drinks at a bar after. Great conversation (see the comments for a side story) at that bar, as we pressed against each other and sipped cocktails.

Back to my place. In theory I was looking forward to fucking her. Meanwhile, our energy had shifted to something more like a boyfriend/girlfriend vibe, a surprisingly familiar sense of comfort. It almost felt like routine.

That is the most “interesting” part of this little adventure for me… she became a “50 hour” girlfriend for me. It felt very much like that. From that first moment in the approach, we were unusually comfortable together. I’m surprised that I agreed to extend the date to a second night. And even more surprised that I enjoyed it. That it was so natural. Not always blissful. It had its ups/downs. It was boring at times. Very much like a girlfriend.

That night we showered. She spent a long time drying her hair. Putting body-oil on her perfect skin. She had all her luggage with her, and she spent some time in my spare bedroom, doing her thing. It wasn’t that exciting. I was in the other room for part of that, texting other girls. I had many moments when I wished I was on the couch, alone, smoking a joint and watching a movie… and nursing my cold.

I knew I would fuck her again that night, and I did. I played with her. Fucked her. It was about 50% as intense as the night before. She passed out laying next to me immediately after I came. I took off my condom and shut off the lights in the house.

We didn’t sleep as close that night. She was a tiny bit clingy, to compensate for my distance. I warmed back up to her as we slept, and the night wore on.

In the morning… we did boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Fed the cats. She was walking around my place in a skin-tight cotton dress and no panties. Those amazing legs. She was backing up into me, pushing her ass into my hips. She would purr when I touched her. She’d kiss me often. Wow, what a mouth she has. I was never hard for any of that teasing from her… still too sick.

We showered and I could tell she wanted it… so I fucked her again. It was something like a quicky, but the sex was excellent. I still had almost no intent, but my cold was a little better. Fantastic orgasm. I was surprised.

Tea/coffee at the cafe by my house. Picked up some groceries. I made her pancakes. They were delicious.

We went to the art museum… which is out of order for me. I usually do the museum first (my classic first date), then I fuck the girl. This time, the sex was already out of the way.

We found an amazing exhibit, this A/V piece with music. Unbelievable. We stayed in that space for an hour. Dancing softly. Taking pictures. Enjoying the effect. There were some hot girls in there…

We stopped by one of the hotels she stayed at… a ridiculously high-end place. She picked up a package.

I took her to ramen. Then home. We got her bags. And then… I took her to the airport.

I was ready to be alone. And I am. It was a long date. But a rare and wonderful experience.

I’m not sorry I don’t have a proper girlfriend… I don’t even want a girlfriend. But it was a nice “short term” thing with this one. I don’t know how we hit that domestic-stride so quickly, but we did. I am sated sexually, but also in terms of that “live in” vibe I’ve had with girls that have shared a house with me in the past (I’ve lived with several women).

And it’s over.

I am amazed that this stuff happens. 14 daygame lays in less than a year, and I’m still in awe at how quickly “strangers” can touch each other’s lives. That girls can be lead into experiences like this relatively easily. Fascinating.

I know it’s not actually easy. I remember last summer very well. How hard that time was for me. But I’ve progressed. I’m fucking at least two new girls per month from daygame and this is “the new normal.” The 50 hour girlfriend is a just another flavor of this lifestyle.

Hmmmm. Fascinating.

Viva daygame.