A Date with an “8” | Yohami vs The Virgins

I haven’t written a post like this in a long time. A “first date” post that has as many questions as answers. Here I am, years deeper into Game, in the same or similar scenarios. Am I a fool? Am I showing any skill in how I read female psychology? Have I learned anything in all these days of game?

I met her last week. I was sitting in a familiar cafe I call the “Fish Bowl,” working, and occasionally letting my subconscious get drawn through the full length windows to some girl walking by. I wasn’t trying to Game, but I do love a great view…

And there she was.

Smokey Eyes, a lot like this ^ actually.


That’s her.

I like beautiful, sexy girls. And sometimes, I toss my swagger into the mix with some absolute stunners. But mostly… I date 6s and 7s. If a man has fucked a lot of girls (and I have), he has dated a lot of 6s and 7s too. It is a truism of Game.

On the other end of the scale, a guy might say “she is out of my league.” And many times he is right. I don’t really get approach anxiety (anymore), I can approach any girl I want to, but… I am also aware of the obvious sexual market value “mismatches,” where certain approaches just will not “stick.” Even with great Game and a solid frame sometimes my SMV is just not high enough – versus her other choices. I am cool with that.

With this particular girl… she was shockingly hot. A head-turner. I recognized her appeal, her beauty, the depth of her sexuality. I got it. And…

She didn’t feel like “my kind of girl.”

This idea of “Who are ‘My Girls'” comes to me from the Ars Amorata guys, Zan and Hans Comyn.

“When you’re in the initial stage, you say – that girl is nice, and that girl is nice – and they all look nice to you, right? And you will think, that could be my girl, that could be my girl…
“With time, as you create experiences in the land of women, as you put your invitations out there, as you see the ones that accept and not, you will start to understand which are your girls.”
— Hans Comyn

“Which are your girls.” Great concept. Some girls aren’t for you. But some girls are. Do you know which girls are “your girls?” I do. I date them all the time.

I know what “my girls” are.

Miss Words… this epic girl I am dating now… she “my girl.” She was “my girl” when I saw her for the first time in her dress with the apples on it. She was “my girl” when she invited me to an art gallery for our first date. She was “my girl” with each strange set of words we shared that led to date number two, and then, a date later that turned into her spending the night, where we weren’t supposed to take off her clothes, but we did, and +1, and now, seven months later, she is in that bed all the time, and I drew a picture of her on Saturday morning, naked, wrapped in a sheet, and we both love it, and… she is my girl.

But this 8 that walked by?

Her walk was explicitly sexual. These “overtly sexy” kinds of girl are not my girls. 6, or 8, or “11,” doesn’t matter. The flavor of the display she was putting on… is not my usual type. And 1000s of approaches later, I know she is not the type that is usually attracted to me either.

So… when this “racecar” vroomed by the fishbowl… I was detached. Yes she was beautiful. And even with a deep, poetic appreciation… she felt like “somebody else’s girl.”

And yet…

I had been siting for a while and thought, Time to stretch, get up, take a leak. And hey, follow that girl just to enjoy “beauty in motion.” I was really like that.

I left my things and stepped in behind the outrageous stride of this shocking girl to watch her as she moved.

It was that walk that turned my interest from a cool “professional” appreciation of beauty into an urge to engage her. Would I get blown out? Yeah. Probably. This girl was singing with sexuality, a very high-value package, and much-much younger than me. But as a player, it was time to take my shot.

I approached her, and said:

NASH: Hey… I saw you walking by and you have an incredible walk
HER: I know

Look at that.

NASH: How do you know?
HER: People tell me

This is her. It’s very “her.” This cold, confident, powerful little “push” in how she receives you. This is the “surface” of her.

And yeah, true, her walk is wild. With her “hips like bags of sand.” The tall heels of her boots. Her hip-to-waist ratio is hypnotic.

I was undaunted:

NASH: Yeah, okay
NASH: And the thing I would say about it is…
NASH: It is… as if… your legs… are made… of… water

Game on. I was dragging it out. I felt her push, her coldness, her “bitchy hot girl” routine, and I was battling back with tension, and “yeah, yeah, so anyway” seduction. I was smiling. I was enjoying her. I really was.

And the set was hot. Her bitchy look and the toss of her head made me think she was going to shake me off, but she stopped. And she stepped into me. Very close. And I liked it.

That is how it started.


It is a coincidence, but I have been emailing Yohami this week. Yohami is an A+ genius about reading between the lines in situations like this, so I have been wondering what he might say. I hadn’t been on a date with her yet. I had a lot of questions. As we exchanged messages I said, Okay, here is a story for you, and I sent this:



This girl was an “8.” 24. Long black hair to her waist. A+ body. Incredible walk… shocking.

She doesn’t work or go to school. I said, You must be bored. She said, “I am.” I said, Well… you obviously don’t read (tease). She said, “I do” (qualifying). I said, what are you reading right now? She looked a little nervous and then she said, “A book about the psychology of creativity.” That was a good answer.

Took her number, on her FLIP PHONE. She said her parents don’t want her to have a smartphone. I said, Your parents pay your bills? She said, “Yeah.” I said, Do you like them? She said, “No.” It was typical ‘bratty teenager’ stuff.

We have messaged a bunch since Thu night when I met her. She responds quickly. I talk more than she does, but I always do… that is my style. I don’t feel any games over text.

When I said, Tell me when you’re free and I’ll make a plan for us, she said, “I am free any night.”

Hmmmm. An “8,” that responds easily, and is “free any night.” That is a very unusual.

I am telling you about her because: There is some part to this story that I haven’t figured out yet.

Part of me thinks she is not 24… that she lied, she’s younger. Maybe much younger? Her being “18” would explain some of the mystery, but 24 seems about right, though.

I asked if she was a “good girl or a bad girl” and she said “both” with some attitude. That felt real. She believes that. On TEXT, she said she wants to get married. She felt serious and real then also. I said, Really, that isn’t what a bad girl would say. She said, “I told you I am both.”

So what is the “bad part?” Drugs? I don’t think so. Sex… yeah, maybe. It is possible she is a sex worker, but I doubt it. She was showing very little skin when we met. No weird piercings. No died hair. Her makeup was modest. Her eyes aren’t “dead.” She doesn’t seem damaged. She is sexy, but mostly it shows in her walk… not in her style (although, there was some real cleavage when I picked her up).

I do not feel hustled at all.

I do think I am scoring “foreigner” points (she doesn’t like Japan). I have been solid with her. She might like what she sees…

But… something is missing. We’ll see.

Date is tomorrow. I am going to meet her for coffee. We’ll talk and see how that goes.

I am curious to see if I can discover the “missing thing” about this girl.

Okay, so that was last night. And today, I had a date with her. So… did I discover the mystery? Did I figure it out?

Well, I can’t be sure, but here is how it went:

As she was coming to meet me I messaged her:

NASH: Hey, do you know XYZ?
NASH: 2nd floor, meet me at this cafe
HER: Do I have to?

Look at that ^.

Is that “no?” No, it isn’t. She is not saying “no.” But she is not saying “yes,” either. So what is that?

That is a little girl. That is a “teenager” being difficult.

I doubled down.

NASH: It is a place for us to talk
NASH: Come

It felt right. Difficult teenagers secretly want boundaries. So I gave her one. And she didn’t reply, but she showed up a few minutes later. Looking… incredible.

She is striking. And bold. The way she stepped into my space on the pickup, in all her many confident responses to my Game, and yet… beneath the incredible sexuality she feels “young.”

Imagine a picture of a “model” or whatever. Super hot. And another pic of her. Devastatingly hot. But in the space between the pics, there is an “off camera” shot of her goofing off. Or “breaking character” on this “hot bitch” thing she does so well. Even on the pickup, I saw flashes of that.

One of the first things I asked her tonight was: Are you really 24? You could be much younger, I said. “Yes.” Okay. I didn’t feel any games. She could be “16,” but I don’t think so. I think 24 is real.

Over and over on the date I would see her attitude flaring in her smoky eyes. And then, little “cracks” in the façade. Little, very real, “teenage” smiles, cracking through her “I know that you know that I am hot” veneer.

I had a great time on the date and I liked her. But the biggest “red flag” I saw in her was:

She doesn’t have any friends. None. Or so she says. Why? Because she doesn’t go out, she says.

Bigger picture, she has no job, no school, and she is difficult. She is a an intimidating “hot girl.” She is basically blowing everybody out. Guys, girls, everyone.

No friends? Really? I like some “weird girls,” I do. But a girl with “no friends…” If I end up dating her, and things go sideways… we can point to this as a sign I should have known better.

As it is… I have so much damn experience now, I do know better. And what I know is: Everyone is super weird. Everyone. And you just “pick what kind of weird you like” and go with it.

That is also real.

So, back to the MYSTERY.

I told her that I want to live my life raw and real and that I was going to talk with her straight. I said that I know she is a sexy girl, and she knows it, so we don’t have to pretend about that. She nodded and smiled. I told her she has obvious sexual power, and she agreed (and I saw a flash of that “little girl” smile again). I asked when she got that power? At what age? How did she feel about it?

These are the things I like to talk to girls about – these moments where a girl will tell me about her sexual development. We catch these girls at 18, or 20, or 24… but they have been “in process” for a long time. I am interested.

She said she got her “shape” when she was 20. Hmm, that surprised me. She said she was kind of fat before that. I see zero signs of fat, but she is “soft” and curvy, so I get it.

But 20? That is surprising. One thing led to another, about her experience with men, about getting asked out, and…

NASH: Are you a virgin??
HER: Yes

It was easy for her to say. It looked real to me.

Could it be true? I have a long history of stories like this… and here we are again.

Now, with the context of Yohami this week: Let’s rewind to a story I told three years ago, and here are his comments about what I wrote:

“Count how many girls tell you you are the ‘first’. Telling you you are the ‘first’ is part of female sexual dance, and if you do things right (aka you fuck them) ALL OF THEM tell you you’re the first at something. Which is why I laugh every time it pops and men take it seriously.”
— Yohami

Here we are again. I have more experience, but I do have yet another girl telling me she is “virgin.” And she seems like an unlikely candidate. A super sexy, high value girl… that lives alone (not with her parents)… she is 24… and she’s never been fucked?

What is more likely: That that story is true or that I am a fool?

I know what I think. But let’s go back to Yohami:

“The ‘first’ is a lure. Men value virginity. Their ‘lack of experience’ is your lure to come in and have power over them. They will tell you they have less experience than you do. Even a professional hooker will find something you did where you were the first and the best, if she’s into pleasing you and luring you to invest more. Female dance. Hey Nash, you’re the best man I’ve ever met! Get it?”
— Yohami

These comments are about a totally different girl, but here I am, tonight, in the same conversation, many years later.

She also says she has never been kissed. Is it possible? Or is there some “neon sign” on my forehead that makes girls say ridiculous shit like this to me? Which is true?

Here is what I think:

That she might be a virgin was a surprise, but also note that under her “mega hot” look, I kept wondering if she was “16.” Could it be that she is “basically” 16, even though she is biologically older than that? No school, no job, almost no socializing. So her being a virgin isn’t that “odd,” given her “social age” and circumstances.

She told me she has never been to a party. Never. That she is an introvert. That she reads a lot. And I have to say… her vocabulary, even in English, is maybe better than mine. Is this profile starting to come together? I think it is.

“This is about you screening each other, anything she says here is to both lure you in and make you do moves, while filtering to see if you’re bottom or top guy. Now you ask if she’s had sex. She’ll ask herself what is more luring to you, and say that.”
— Yohami

I agree with Yohami that girls will say things that will “work” on me. “Work” to make me like her. Or “work” to make me act the fool and blow myself out (shit tests).

But along with bullshit to lead me around, to spin me like a toy, a woman will also tell you her fatal flaws. There was a lot of “confession” on this first date. Was she all “lures” and artifice? Or was she some of that… and… some “little girl” showing me just how little she is?

I am not certain.

But I DO have an incredible radar for virgins and die-hard introverts. In fact, it is a beautiful thing about daygame, that girls that never go out, that don’t online date, do in fact walk across town sometimes… and men like me can “feel them,” and we approach, and we get access to them when all the other avenues are blocked. In that way, those ARE “my girls.”

So… Am I getting hustled? For money or resources? No. She hasn’t asked for anything.

We met because I approached her. The set hooked because I didn’t back down when she went “hot girl” on me. We kept talking because I took her number. We had a date tonight because I asked her out. She came where I told her to come to meet me. I am leading in a strong, masculine way (which is rare) and she was lovely (and feminine) the whole date.

Am I getting mislead? Well, girls live in the Land of Maybe, but… no, she is what she looks like.

She is a very smart girl. She is an “only child” and a pain in the ass. She is not friendly. She uses her “hotness” as a weapon to both attract attention as well as to freeze everyone out. She is a very introverted, former fat girl, that is now hot, spending time by herself, with her great body, her long hair, and her books. She doesn’t like Japanese guys. When she does get approached, she gives them even less than she gave me.

And… how many of the guys in this city can take “hot bitch” to the face like I did, and smile, and lean into it, and ratchet up the tension?

Did I show some skill in this seduction? In how I am reading her now? Or am, after all these years… a fool?

Is she really a virgin??

At the end of the night, I walked her down the stairs to the subway. She followed, every time, everywhere I asked her to move.

We chatted a bit more, I said I was going home, and she should come with me. She slowly smiled (sweetly), and said, “No.” Cool, I said. We talked a bit more. Again, Are you sure? Come with me. “Umm.” A tempted smile. She gets it.

I think she wanted to, but she said no. I made her take my hand. She resisted, bratty teenager, saying “no” for no other reason than to say “no,” but she took it. I held it and stared at her.

Okay, I said.

We turned our backs and walked off.

What an interesting girl. What a great date. Is she an “8?” You know I don’t care, but for accuracy’s sake: Yeah. Being 24 helps, but yeah.

I know Yohami thinks I send “secret signals” to girls to get them to say the same bullshit to me each time, and I have to admit, I keep searching for a way to see if that might be true but…

No. I think she is what she looks like. A complicated, very hot, introverted virgin, that was picked up by a much older, very experienced daygame hound, that just happens to specialize in exactly her type… introverts are “my girls.”


Who knows. If the Daygame Gods will it to be… maybe we’ll find out.

And it all started when a man talked to a girl on the street. Viva daygame.