(Another) Date with a Girl with a Boyfriend

I often say that about 1/2 of the time when I am on a date I find out the girl has a boyfriend or is married. This, is yet another one of those stories.

I met her last Thursday, the same magical day I met the Thai girl… And several others. I don’t know why, but I was very on that day. She was one of 5 numbers I took– She, the Thai girl, this girl I will call “HipHop,” (who has stopped texting me already), this other girl (that I texted yesterday, but didn’t respond), and “Hong Kong” (she and I have a date for Thu). So, for that day, 5 numbers, I’ve already dated 2 of them, with a yet another date scheduled. I like those stats. It was a good day.

I am so glad the fucking summer is over… this feels normal. Maybe a little better than normal. Maybe I’m on my way to really “breaking through” with my game… let’s see what the Fall brings.

This one, had an incredible walk. Uhh, I can still feel it. Grabbed my attention. I stopped her and told her so. She’s very feminine – I told her that as well – but not especially beautiful. However, she is in that stage of her life where she is at or near her peak – that combination of youth and maturity. She totally turns me on. Very interesting girl. It was a frustrating, but good date.

My goal, was the kiss. I failed.

She is Chinese. From Hunan province. I’d guess she’s 25-26? She is about 5’5″, and deliciously thin, with shoulder length hair. She has some kind of scar near her eye, that is noticeable, but doesn’t phase me one bit in terms of my desire. She’s been here a few years, got her masters in architecture, has a job in the city, but lives across the bay. Thick accent, but great English.

She loved being picked up, and said she had never been approached like that before. I really liked her, and she was at the top my list for girls that day.

I wanted to get her out and see if that walk was as remarkable on a second encounter.

Nash: Miss [Nickname.] You were so refreshing on the sidewalk tonight.
Nash: Great to meet you.
Her: You are brave…
Her: But Good to meet you too.

As we texted, I kept referring to her “unforgettable” walk, and called her “Cute Girl” as I set up the date wanting to make sure she knew the frame.

And I will stop and say… Girls always get it. When they say they just thought you wanted to be friends, or whatever, they are deliberately misinterpreting it, because they don’t like you, or want plausible deniability, or whatever. But I am increasingly convinced… There is no such thing as a naive girl. This girl was another lesson from that book.

We meet downtown, near where I picked her up. I take us for tea, a great spot, and we jump on the train toward where she lives. We get off just across the bay, and I take her to a great ramen spot I know. It’s going well. I feel cool. She is being girly and agreeable, and is clearly enjoying herself.

I get after the usual questions. I start w/ simple stuff – her friends, what she likes to cook — and she won’t answer much. She says she doesn’t like to talk about herself, but knowing what I know now, I think she was just checking me out for the first half of the date.

I move to talk about kissing, she’ll give me basic info. Her first kiss was in high school. She won’t tell me when her first sex was… And when I ask about that, and call her out for being mysterious, she says, “You don’t know me. I could have a story. Maybe I’m married? Maybe I have kids?” And she laughs, and then immediately says she is not married, but she liked playing with that moment.

Dinner ends. I plan to take her to a great bar I know, but she says she wants to walk. We do that a bit. We get to this little park, and I move in, touch her a bit, stand a little too close, and ask if she’s kissable. I wanted to kiss her, that was real. Very real. Announcing it this like was a way to transition in that direction, as she is very careful about how much she’ll let me touch her (not much at all), and she’s not giving me the eyes either. I move us toward the kiss because I want to see things go that way, not because I think we’re especially ready.

And… she says, “I won’t kiss you, and… I have a boyfriend.” And she smiles. She seemed to enjoy revealing that card.

Hmmm, I’m surprised.

This girl was super game, loved the pickup, was easy to text with, and gave me very little resistance to setting up the date. All this, with a boyfriend.

Interesting, now, about that comment at dinner when she mentioned how I didn’t know her and that she might be married. At that point, she knew she had a BF, and hadn’t told me, but was fucking w/ that idea between she and I. I pointed all this out to her, later in the night after she loosened up. Girls and their mischief.

I’m not freaked out by the boyfriend comment. They met online, some app. He’s white, like me. She tells me that he had sex with some girl at a festival recently, and that he told her, and it’s still an issue between them. I can’t remember what made her say that, but I assume now that her coming out w/ me is some kind of payback for him doing that. She says she wanted to come out with me for the adventure. She tells me, “I’m brave too!”

I’m interested in all this as I try to understand women. This is what girls are like.

We stroll around a bit more, I’m back to talking about sex, and she agrees to come to the bar after all. She is tired, but doesn’t want the date to end. We sit down with some drinks, and she transforms into a much spicier girl.

I wonder if I will ever get it that these “good girls,” these sweet “innocent” Asian girls, aren’t the slightest bit innocent. There is no such thing as a “good girl.” That’s an illusion for guys that don’t have the experience to know better. I tell her all this.

And we talk about all things sexual – somehow, between dinner and now, everything has opened up. She has never kissed a girl, nor does the want to. She thinks she is kinky, and when I ask what that means to her, she tells me she has been to a BDSM club with her boyfriend. We talk about 3-somes, and yes, she would like to have two cocks in her at the same time. The answer to my favorite question, as to how she likes to come… cock. And it’s hard to get her off. She often tells guys not to even try, as she doesn’t want them to be frustrated. She can make herself come, no toys, still takes a bit, working her clit. She doesn’t like it when guys try to put fingers in her. If I had to guess… I’d say she’s been with 8-15 guys. This innocent, young, Chinese girl. That’s my guess.

You would never know any of this, by looking at her. You’d think conservative. You’d never think “two cocks at once.”

For the record… she was on her period the day her walk caught my eye. I know this, as I was talking about ovulation, and how maybe that was why I was so interested in her, and she said, no, that it was a period day. Okay. Her walk was just as hot tonight. She moves beautifully.

I tell her over and over that it is killing me that I can’t kiss her, and I mean it. And I point out how well she is responding to me, and how fem she’s being, and she agrees. It’s hot. She likes me. I look her dead in the eyes and tell her she’s turning me on… but it’s going nowhere.

We sit together for a while as we wait for our trains to comes… her, out to the burbs. Me, back to the city.

She won’t kiss me. I give her a hug and walk off to my train. I tell her, “Maybe… I’ll see you again,” and I shrug. She knows I want to.

I’m split about the potential with her. Some guy, with the same start I had tonight, could get this girl into his bed. I think I might be able to also… maybe. Sounds like a lot of work.

I have a date tomorrow with a girl I’ve known a long time, that wants me more than I want her. We have so many friends in common, I don’t know that I want to go there with her. I have a date on Thu with the last of the daygame girls from last Thu. I think I’ll hit the streets tomorrow to hunt a bit. Pancake contacted me, and maybe he’ll come out as well. It’d be fun to have a wing.

As for this one… I think I’ll roll off for a couple of days… starve her a little. I gave that girl a rich night, and she might miss it.

We’ll see. Viva daygame.