I claim my Macau Flag, +1 Daygame

Got busy shaking off some rust in my game this week. Looks like it worked, as I can claim a new daygame lay. And a new flag… a 27 year old Macau girl ended up in my bed on Saturday night. She is lucky number 13… 13th lay from daygame.

I didn’t know Macau was its own “autonomous region.” You learn a lot via game, and since I date almost exclusively Asian girls, I am learning a bit about Asia on this journey. And thankfully, quite a bit about myself, female psychology, and how to rope me some quim.

As I wrote in my post about “rust removal” this week, I had been coming back from some time off from game, trying to give my Girl Tornado a good kick-start. I’d done three days of game last week, and I met this one after I was sufficiently warmed up.

I took four leads that day. And that is what I would commonly call a “Super Day.” And it’s a funny thing about most of my super days, when I have a day when I take a lot of leads, I end up fucking one of those girls.

This girl had many of the right traits to catch my attention… she was Asian, slim, nice body, young (I assumed she was 22-24, she looks it) and alone on the street. As I approached, she stopped fairly easily… dead-center in the middle of the square. Opening girls in the middle of the square feels like being on stage. Like running game in a fish tank. Like a mating ritual at the zoo… so many people watching.

She is here visiting for about two weeks, traveling alone, and her trip was almost up. She had a few days left. She’s a grad student, and was doing some research while she was here.

She was a bit odd looking as I approached… big eyes, inflated by oversized dark contact lens, but we had a good vibe. She had pretty hands (which is very feminine) and I told her so after she had hooked and while I was taking her number.

And then when she smiled… a mouth full of braces.

The braces thing is funny for me, as I have some unsatisfied longings for girls with braces from back in the day in middle school. Of course I do.

I liked a lot of girls back then, that is a common time for girls to wear braces, ergo… I liked a lot of girls with braces. And of course my game sucked. So I got time with almost none of them. And thus a mild fetish for girls with braces was born. As a grown man, I don’t have many opportunities to work that out. There was the Thai Girl. And now this one. The fetish lingers.

There is something kinky-hot about a girl with braces. It is false-youth on 27 year old girl, but my cock doesn’t really care. And my cock has a great attitude.

And then there was the fact that I hadn’t had an orgasm in several days — about four days, to be precise, which is across the line in the sand where my libido starts to get rowdy. I was turned on as we talked, and I told Vicar that as I walked back over to him after the set.

I could also “taste her breath.” Not smell her breath, but taste it. I have mentioned this before. This is part of what I was thinking of on my insta-date with Miss Good Smell. And I remember being able to taste Firecracker’s breath on the date where she ended up naked in my bed. I don’t know if this was about this girl’s hormones, my libido, or something else. When this happens… it’s always sexual for me.

She was my second lead that day, and I took two more before it was over, including another lead in almost the exact same spot at this one later that afternoon. Also in the middle of the square. In the fish tank. Where everyone could watch.

I took Miss Macau’s WeChat at the time, so as we got into the next stage of the model, it was yet again via WeChat.

The girls are all surprised I have a WeChat account. It’s usually a “bonus point” for me when I suggest we connect via that app — they are surprised and they like it. Same thing with Line App for Japanese girls. As I wrote this post I downloaded the Korean Kakaotalk App, so I am more ready for those girls as well. My forth lead of the day on this day was a Kakaotalk girl… and I was not prepared. I am now.

As for Miss Macau, I pinged her that afternoon:

NASH: Ouu, hey Pretty Hands
NASH: Really nice to meet you.
HER: Ye, me too

She has a Guinea pig as her WeChat profile pic, so I took a screenshot and messaged it to her, asking her if it was rat. I got the “haha” I was expecting. All I want from girls is an LOL. So I sent her a pic of my “Guinea Pigs”… my cats in response.

And we had a couple rounds of back-forth via text, which was easy. I like a minimum of two rounds before I ask her out. In this case it was like four rounds of me, then her, me, then her. All this was easy and a good sign.

I asked her to the art museum (my typical date), but she said:

HER: I have been there, I would like to go mission district

There it is… as rare counter-offer. Girls rarely help like this, but when they do, that is usually a sign of real interest.

As she gave us a new starting point for the date I wasn’t expecting, I had a moment of “how do I do this?” as I recalculated my plan. I jumped online and booked a table at one of my favorite restaurants (this place is easy to cancel by text, so it’s a good “insurance policy” to book it just in case). I told her to meet me in my neighborhood, that we’d go to tea, and then I’d take her to the Mission. She was affirmative and we had a date for the next day.

Next day, pinged her with another cat pic (one I use all the time), and she responded, and I confirmed the date. I set the cheesecake trap as well, and bought some fresh fruit (which I like to have in the house, in general). And as I walked home to prep for the date, I got hard just thinking of fucking this girl. That is rare for me. It had now been five days since an orgasm. So I was properly pent up. And I had been turned on with her as we met. I was randomly confident I would fuck her. I was right. And I was turned on thinking of it.

One of the most important parts of my game these days is saving my orgasms for dates, and dates only. It makes a huge difference in my street game and in my dates. I think part of why I had that slow down at the end of June was because I was getting laid too much. That had an impact on my physical and psychological intent. As my tornado collapsed, and I was only seeing Miss Thick, and sex about 1X per week, I was hungry. And in good shape to have more sexual intent. It matters. I can really feel it.

My buddy Natural was dating a girl, and she had an Italian grandmother that had a brilliant saying:

GRANDMA: You want to keep a man? It’s easy…
GRANDMA: Keep this full (points to stomach)…
GRANDMA: Keep this empty (points to balls).

That is a wise lady. Natch’ and I talk about that all the time. If a girl can cook well and fuck you properly… you’re sated enough not to want to cause any trouble. That is brilliant man-psychology. It’s been true for me. When my balls are empty, I lose my edge.

For now… I think my optimal pleasure-to-intent “comes” when I get laid about 2X per week. 3X on special weeks, or to keep the harem going. But I’m glad I moved on from Good Smell, as that gives me more time, and more ball-lust, which is all jet-fuel for my continued education in mating and dating. I want to get laid, but I really want to learn. I’m getting old. Now’s the time to get this education.

Miss Macau was on time for our date. She wore tight white jeans and an Adidas sweatshirt. Those slightly weird “alien eyes” were wide open as she arrived, like a deer in the headlights… her body half-turned away from me in shyness. She is a demure, quiet, reserved girl.

And she has a great body. There was an inch of bare stomach showing between her pants and the sweater than I found deeply inspiring. I didn’t take me long on the date to drag my finger across that patch of creamy skin.

But to start, off to the tea place… I was “pacing” her day, asking how she was, getting comfort going. Tea at the coffee place right around the corner from my house. And I pointed up the street to my place, but didn’t take her there.

I walked her off the park. I had packed some cherries in a jar, and a big sheet, and I sat us down in the middle the raging party-scene in the park. We had a rare warm day in the city with no wind and the park was packed. We sat down, she is quiet. I sat close, chatted, touching her often and easily.

She smelled great. Light perfume. I told her so, and used the occasion to pull her close and smell her more than once.

I walked her around the neighborhood, showed her some spots I like, including the café where I had my one and only art show.

It was still early (about 6 PM), so I told her about the reservation (which was at 8), and that we could go feed my cats and come back when our table was ready. She agreed.

My place, the cats, and… a makeout. “C’mere.”

She was a little shy here as well. A bit of resistance, but the type a feminine girl would do naturally. I would lift her chin up. I would tell her to open her mouth. A kiss. Then I’d back off. More cats. We’d move around the house, and I’d stop and kiss her again. Eventually, I started grabbing her by the hair by her neck, pulling her head back and kissing her more aggressively. She would stop, often, and come forward and hug me, breaking off the kiss — no girl has ever done that with me before. And she would open her eyes mid-kiss, and look around the room a bit… the Taiwanese girl would do the same thing.

I had definitely considered fucking her before dinner, but our vibe wasn’t particularly sexual. I was totally turned on, and would bounce my cock off of her hips to let her know. I decided to wait until after dinner.

Before we left for dinner I used a lint roller to get all the cat hair off her black sweatshirt… and I took that opportunity to touch her and to reach up under her shirt and grab her small boobs over her padded bra. It was playful, and she laughed, but I knew that playful sexuality would make her more comfortable with sex later.

At dinner, she was obviously much more relaxed. She had settled down into a happy-girl mode. We sat side-by-side, in the same seats I sat with Miss Thick at the same place last month. Her leg was bouncing under the table, rubbing against mine. She even asked me a question about me (which girls almost never do on my dates). The change was subtle, but significant.

After we ate (god that food is delicious), I called a car… back to my place again.

Here is one of the most interesting parts of the date for me: I wanted a shower before sex.

It had been a hot day. We were both sweaty. I like oral sex (giving and receiving), and I didn’t really want to eat swamp-pussy, not did I want to put my sweaty balls in her mouth. We were both a bit over-stuffed from dinner, so I wasn’t ready for sex and the house was still hot… so I made the move. I told her I wanted a shower and lead her past my bed into the master bathroom.

As I started to take her clothes off, she said, “shower together?!!!,” and I said “yeah.” And she resisted as I went to pull her sweatshirt off. I know all this is unusual… but that’s what I wanted. It’s an interesting test of your game if you can get what you want… even if it’s a little odd.

So then I did something smart… instead of trying to undress her, I told her to take my shirt off. And she did. And that put her on a gentle offense instead of protective defense. And when my shirt was off, I took her sweater off with no resistance, and she was already working on my belt. Game on.

Fucking great, body. The most buttery skin. Almost flat chested, but thin, and slightly athletic. She is a full point higher naked… and I find that common in Chinese girls. They’re hotter naked. More “beautiful” even. Firecracker was nerdy-cute until I got her naked, then she was fucking-a hot. Ummm.

That is a very good move. I did this for the first time four years ago in Japan with a 20 year old Korean girl on my first trip. She was into the makeout, but was almost frozen with fear and inexperience. So at one point, I rolled over onto my back and told her to kiss me… and she came alive. Just like this girl, her confidence shot up. I’ve used this several times since then, especially with shy or young girls.

So… I got my shower. I had a towel ready as she stepped out, and I wrapped her up. I walked her the five feet to my bed, and I prodded her until she sat back on the mattress. She said, “we’re only watching a movie, right?,” which is odd, as I’d never mentioned that, nor do I even have a TV in my room. Hmmm. I laughed, and said, “sure,” and kept escalating. This stuff doesn’t have to make sense.

Basically zero resistance at all. She said the word “no” I think two or three times, but almost completely at random. I pinched one her nipples and stared her in the eyes, talking to her in the third person I said, “Will she make a sound?,” and I pinched harder until she did. Then I told her I liked that, that I wanted to hear her make noises… and she did. Not a super passionate girl, but she made some noise, particular as I ate that pussy.

And then I told her to suck my cock… and she was amazing. I don’t know if she was trying to mimic what I’d done to her, but she licked and lapped at my thighs, sucked my balls, stroked me… full service. Very hot.

So then… that little walk to my bedroom cabinet, the world’s best condom and…

+1 daygame.

Not the best sex of my life, but another good experience. And another full-run through the model. My second tourist of the year.

She was up and standing after I stood up… which I’ve also never seen a girl do. She wanted another shower. I thought for certain she would leave after the shower.

But as we dried off, she wasn’t making any overtures to leave, so I invited her to stay and watch a movie after all. I put her in a one of my t-shirts (sexy look for a girl), and made us a little nest on my leather couch. She told me earlier that she likes chocolate more than cream, so I opted for some ice cream instead of cheesecake. She fell asleep, like a good “little spoon.” A sweet, feminine little thing.

But I lay awake. I wanted a drink, badly. And a smoke. I wanted to get to “nothing,” but the thoughts of the seduction ran through my head as I watched the rest of the movie. Then I got us both up, took her to bed… and eventually drifted off to sleep.

She was wonderful to sleep with. The cats woke us up around 9.

In the morning, I feed us some fruit and I took a shower — she didn’t want one. I left this girl I barely know in my kitchen, vaguely wondering if she’d steal my wallet and leave before I came out of the bathroom. But she was there, and happy, and playing with the cats. This kind of fast-sex is strange… the intimacy of sex without knowing much at all about each other. I have her name in my phone, but I don’t even know how to say it.

I took us to tea, stuffed her in a car, and sent her off so I could get some work done. She would leave for NYC and the next leg of her trip the next day.

And I wondered what this all meant to her? Another girl on a trip by herself. Seduced by a local man. This one, 17 years older than her (even if she never asked how old I am). Sex on the first date. Of course we’ll never see each other again.

And it was good, but the date wasn’t particularly emotional or “deep” for me. I felt fine… not particularly “love drunk” or distracted. I had a tinge of that “otherworldliness” I feel after fast-sex.

As I walked to get some work done, I thought that the moment was like drugs… you can never remember that feeling later, but it’s always familiar at the time. Now, as I write this, I can remember the thought, but I can’t really feel that “stranger in a strange land” feeling of the morning after a night with a new girl, from a foreign land.

Natural was texting me about what to message the girl he’s seeing. I called him and we talked about girls and game for a bit. He’s a good friend. He’s getting laid a lot with a girl he likes and I’m happy for him.

I did some work, went home, and cleaned up all her long black hair… which was everywhere. I changed the sheets. I showered. And then at about 7 PM the doorbell rang… it was Miss Thick for our date. She looked beautiful and was excited to see me. I can tell she really likes me. She baked me a cheesecake. I put it in the fridge, pushing back the uneaten store-bought one I bought for my date with Miss Macau.

My night with Miss Thick was a great date, even though I wasn’t particularly pent up sexually and couldn’t devour her like I usually do. I took her on a proper “date,” meaning… someplace other than my bed. Not just dinner this time, either. I took her to watch the sunset. We made out on the beach. Then back home… neither of us were hungry. I fucked her. And sent her home in a car as well. Second girl that day.

And then I was alone. And it felt great.

I smoked a big joint and had that beer I wanted the night before. For those few moments before I fell asleep on the couch, I found that “nothing” I was craving.

The fresh hustle and the new lay proved the rust is gone. I had another notch, and I’m still a notch hound at this stage of my journey, so I like that. I also had more evidence that Miss Thick is a better deal all these other girls (except Siren… who I have not heard from in a week). Just like my night with Miss Xi’an, Miss Thick was infinitely richer than the new girl.

My education goes on. I had some new experiences. That’s what I want.

Viva daygame.