I Claim My Mongolian Flag, +1 Daygame

I had sex with Miss Good Smell on Saturday night. And again on Sunday morning. And I think she wanted it again before I kicked her out that afternoon… But twice in 12 hours was enough for this old man.

She was wonderful. Great girl. It was a very good experience for both of us.

Good Smell is the girl I insta-dated two weeks ago, and then had out for two more dates since then. I only wrote about the first date.

But this story begins with Siren, actually. She had been out of town for two weeks in LA. She pinged me almost every day she was gone. As she returned, I wanted to see her, and had time on Saturday… But was trying to bed Miss Good Smell, and that was my only free night that weekend… Saturday.

One difficult part of “success” in this game is that you get busy and it’s hard to schedule dates… You run out of nights. I always try to schedule the girls I like most first, and fill in around those dates, and that’s what I tried to do here.

While Siren was away I dated several girls and including Miss Thick. I am glad I kept busy. I really don’t know if Siren saw anyone in LA, I don’t know, but that is her business. We have no rules between us and I would never ask.

On the one hand, I wanted to make certain I wasn’t clingy while she was gone. On the other hand, I wanted to take advantage of the free time to meet and date other girls. Those are often the same thing. But as she returned, I did want to see her. She is a my favorite, for many reasons.

I pinged Siren on Wednesday, and told her to come see me on Saturday night (one night after her return). She is very feminine in her communication and I really have to practice reading between the lines if I want to get the full meaning of where she is at. She is often indirect. Always sweet, but not always obvious. I like that about her.

In this case, she did not directly confirm. And since I know she is not a careless girl, I took that as a soft “no.”

A feminine “no” is often only the absence of a “yes.”

But I wasn’t certain. Maybe she was planning on seeing me? As she returned from LA on Friday morning I reached out to see where she was at. I wanted to find a balance of keeping that time open for her, not being needy, and also not asking her to lead. Again, I sort of assumed she was a “soft no.”

NASH: And I have time to see you tomorrow, if you’re free.
NASH: But if you want to rest… Maybe next week is better?
SIREN: … Maybe next week is better~. I feel sorry about that…

Okay. Well, while I was very ready to see The Siren (I miss that girl), I knew that Good Smell was in position for sex. And I wanted to capitalize on that. We had a lot of momentum. I like her, and wanted to move things along.

Since the idate, Miss Good Smell and I have had two other proper dates.

On the first date, I had her at my house, made out with her, and I assumed I could have fucked her then and there… But I did not.

On the second date (which I didn’t write about), I took her to dinner, then suggested desert at my house. She was tired, but agreed. My house, ice cream, some cats, some music, and some making out.

I told her to grab the music and I dragged her to my room. In bed, full-on makeout. But she put all kinds of brakes on me getting her clothes off.

At one point she said:

GOOD SMELL: I feel like I need to say something…

I smiled and stared at her.

GOOD SMELL: I am a serious relationship person…

I just stared and smiled some more. And backed off the escalation. I expected more, but that was it.

Turned out to be a very long and hot makeout, but I could not get her pants off. I really tried. Had my hand down the back of her pants. I had a finger inside her, she moaned with approval, but it stopped there.

I pushed very hard for sex, but just the right amount. She had a great time, but was firm about that boundary. Good for her.

Yohami has been giving us some coaching on not creating resistance. I like that coaching and I want to explore that some more. I am calling that “advanced game” for now.

In this instance, I was not “expert” enough to keep my game away from her “no.” I did create some resistance. I heard “no.” But I did a good job at an “intermediate” handling of that resistance, testing her boundaries, but keeping that pressure in a happy place for both of us.

And when I talked about my failures from Japan, I pushed too hard on Jafrica and made her mad. That is one of the low-points of my game, and I’m not proud of that at all. I am in game to have good experiences and to give girls good experiences… In that case, I gave that girl a bad experience.

I this case, I pushed hard, but Good Smell had a very good time and was eager to see me again.

I learned from that mistake in Japan.

So I think that answers the question (for me) as to whether sex was an option on the first date with Good Smell. I think it was not, because it clearly was not an option on date number two.

And now we are back to date number three… This is how it went:

After Siren confirmed that she was not ready for a date upon her return home, I immediately started messaging Good Smell to set something up.

As I mentioned the weekend, she jumped in with this, unprompted:

GOOD SMELL: And im thinking about to see you on sunday, what do u think, do u have any plan that already scheduled?

I have been doing a good job of leading with her, but she is excited. I was trying to ask her out for Saturday, but she beat me to it and suggested Sunday.

NASH: I do have a plan on Sunday…
NASH: What about Saturday night…
NASH: Come see me!
GOOD SMELL: Sadly, saturday i have a plan too..,
NASH: That IS sad… If you can move it, come spend time with me.

I also offered her a Sunday morning date, but I am cutting out some of the back-and-forth of our text exchange.

GOOD SMELL: Ummm lets see but i cant be sure
GOOD SMELL: Sat night or sunday morning will may be depends on how much u wanna see me …..,

In response to this I told her that it was hard to put the answer into words… that she should come see me and look into my eyes to see how I felt about her. It was a long exchange, or I would post it. She was very positive to that, so I assumed the close.

NASH: Be in SF at 7… Plan on staying over.
GOOD SMELL: ? i will do my best, but cant say to make it at 7, can i be late ?

More cutesy texts between she and I… but it was on.

And notice how when a girl wants to see you… she can work out the details. It’s not usually about the details. It’s just about how much she likes you. The details come and go, like a smokescreen, depending on her interest and your game.

As I was confirming logistics the next day, she said she would be over at 10 or 11 PM.

The date would start at 10 PM? That surprised me.

By saying that, it was clear she was spending the night and expecting sex. No dinner. No proper date. Just coming over to get fucked and to sleep with me.

It’s not that she doesn’t like me. I am sure she does. This is more than a booty call. But the timing of her plan made it mostly about sex and the sleep over. And I was looking forward to both. But I don’t have much experience with girls agreeing to (or suggesting) this kind of date. I’m still surprised. Siren did it once too, and it surprised me then as well.

I’m still bluepill enough to think that girls don’t do this… that they expect dates. I had said 7… And assumed I’d cook for her. I wasn’t sure if I’d try to have sex before or after dinner. She set this up late because she had plans with friends and came over after… I know better in my head, but this still caught me by surprise. I didn’t show it.

She showed up, 11 PM, and looked cute. We had a little chat just inside my door. I took her to the kitchen. Shared some tea. Settled a bit. Put on some music, and I took her to the bedroom.

Her clothes came off easily this time. And I took my time, like I always do… a mix of affection and dominance. It was great. We got more turned on. Sex was getting closer. I had no doubts.

As I said in another post, she is Mongolian. And she has long, wavy, beautiful dark hair. It comes off very wild and natural. I love it.

As she lay naked in my bed, that dark, wavy hair spilling across the white sheets… And those Mongolian genetics… She felt very “Native American” to me. Like it was 1815 and she was a Cherokee girl. Something like that. Or a mix of Cherokee and Chinese (which are not as far apart as they might seem).

Or… A mix of Lucy Liu (Charlies Angeles) and Emilia Clarke (the Dragon Queen from Game of Thrones)… Lucy’s freckles and Asian-ness combined with Emilia’s body type.

She is not as refined as Lucy Liu, but has somewhat similar features and Miss Good Smell has Freckles like Lucy does in this shot.

Good Smells body is very much like this, but with black hair… and much healthier hair, even more wild and certainly more beautiful than Emilia’s.

But like Emilia Clarke, Miss Good Smell has that thick, renaissance-type body. She was firm, almost muscular, but not quite. Big hips and full thighs, and relatively small ass in the middle of all that. She is strong, but not from working out… genetically strong and sturdy, but still feminine. Nothing “butch” about her.

I’ve never been with a girl like her. Not totally my type, but I enjoyed being with her, very much.

Over and over I had the feeling I was in bed with a tribal woman. Very vivid, visceral fantasy… running through my head the whole time. It was great. In some ways, the naked Good Smell in my bed was most “exotic” experience I’ve ever had… Even though in reality, she isn’t any more exotic than the other girl’s from Asia I’ve been with sexually.

I had her naked and ate her pussy. As I often say, I love to eat pussy. She was subdued at first, but relaxed and made a little more noise as I played with her. Not overly passionate.

I got up and got one of the world’s best condoms. And she got up to go to the bathroom, which cooled me off a bit.

When she came back, I pulled her over next to me and we made out some more. Her delicious smell was persistent through all of this… And her mouth tastes unusually good as well, matches her smell. She has a delicious mouth.

I told her to suck my cock. She asked me to repeat myself several times until it was clear to me she wasn’t ready to do that. She said “next time,” at some point, but went on kissing and touching me. As she got me worked up, I got up, moved up by her face and put my cock in her mouth… She was very clumsy, but gave it some attention.

She clearly has no experience in this department. I told her she was great, and gave her a bunch of affection, and she smiled. It was cute. I was happy.

And I put on the condom and fucked her.

+1 daygame.

She is the least passionate of any girl I have been with in a long time… Maybe the least experienced. And yet, it was a wonderful night.

GOOD SMELL: Im realllyyy not good at sex thing :P

This was a comment from her after the 2nd date where I struggled with her pants all night. And she was fun and delicious to be with, lovely in every way. But clearly not experienced. I don’t care at all if a girl has experience. Honestly, the sex was less passionate form her, but very similar to most of the girls I’ve been with in the last year.

I don’t need or want a girl that feels “pro.” And based on the experiences I’ve had in the last year (which is probably the most partners I’ve ever had in a year), I don’t expect to run into a girl that seems “experienced” anytime soon. If I’m leading, and she’s feminine… I assume most of the sex will be similar each time. Mechanically… it’ll be what I make of it. In my bed, I am in charge.

And then in some cases, the “magic” is clearly stronger than other girls. The magic with Siren is very strong. Best sex I’ve had in years… it’s not the positions, or the things we do, it’s the chemistry. And her passion. The Idol from Japan was also pretty magical. In her case, it was more about the way we slept together than the sex… but the sex was very good too. I was “in love” with that girl, and wanted it to go on forever… the sleeping together especially. I loved being next to her. And Miss Thick is so passionate, her body so sensitive, sex with her is also very special… but not because of the positions or her “experience.” It’s more about her response… and the noises she makes.

They mechanics of the sex are nearly all the same for me… at least the first few times I am with a girl… because I lead, and I like a certain range of things. And in addition to the slightly different fit of each girls body, they all bring their own special blend of magic to the act. And that is the difference for me. That difference is something I look forward to discovering each time.

And that reminds me of a good moment in the building up to sex that night…

At one point when I had her arms pinned to the bed above her head, and I was looming over her, kissing her a bit, I asked if she was nervous, and she denied it. And I told her I didn’t believe her, and told her that I like it when she is nervous. And she confessed and looked a bit shy. And then she asked if I was and I said no. And she was a little surprised.

I told her that it’s cool when a girl is nervous, so I like to see that in her. It’s feminine and charming. Even sexy. But it is not cool when a guy was nervous, and I liked being confident, and it turned me on to see her a little uncertain, a little tense, but very much aroused as the act got closer to being real. She smiled.

After sex… I wanted desert. I gave her a t-shirt wear, took her to the kitchen. We sat on my table and shared ice cream from the carton and sipped a whiskey over a big ice cube.

When the ice had melted and the whiskey was gone we went back to bed. And we slept close until late in the morning. It was wonderful.

She is a great girl. She’ll be travelling for a few weeks in May, which will mean I have more time for other girls… but I hope to see her again soon.

Another great experience.

Viva daygame.