Curvy Asian Girl

Had a date tonight with a daygame girl.

I will say this… I love daygame. This girl… I don’t love, but I like.

And one of the reasons I love daygame, is because you can meet girls on the street, and get them to go out with you, and that is fucking awesome. I told my buddy this girl suddenly jumped on the date, and he was like, “you met a girl on the street, and now she is going out w/ you!” Yeah. I did. That’s how it works.

I haven’t been running much daygame lately. Mostly… to be honest… is I have too many girls in my life. It’s true. Sort of. I have some solid girls in my life, and some not-so-solid leads… and those leads have me thinking I have abundance, even though I don’t quite have that. So… I’ve had more girls (that actually respond to my messages) than I have days in the week… so I haven’t been doing much approaching. That’s still true.

This week… I will date maybe 5 girls over 7 days. That is a lot of girls. Let’s say they are all “2s” (which they are not), it’s still a relatively impressive feat to be spinning 5 plates in a calendar week. I’ve never done this before.

This girl tonight, was technically, the last girl I opened — and that was a solid 3 plus weeks ago. I’m surprised this date came together. I have this theory (which I’m going to try to test), that when we meet girls on the street… we should get them out ASAP. I think “staleness” in daygame is the enemy. I think that we should meet girls, and try to date them same day, or within 2-3 days. Avoiding looking needy, but closing the date ASAP. Staleness = death spiral. Staleness = what is commonly called “flakes” (but what I call disinterest).

So… this girl was a very “hot” approach, in my book. I wasn’t running game. I was walking across town. I saw her. Felt the tug. Circled back, opened, it was “hot.” I blushed like crazy w/ her — which shouldn’t be the standard for most fellas, but for me… is becoming the “gold” standard. If I blush… she’s “important.” If I don’t, that’s cool, I’ll be “in control,” but the “blush girls” are becoming the ones I like most. I don’t get AA w/ girls in daygame anymore… but I get this “delayed AA,” where she makes me nervous (in a good way), but only after I approach. It’s adrenaline. But to me, it’s a sign I “care” about the set. Yes to “blush” girls.

When I opened her, I blushed hard… and so did she. It was raw. And we were into it. Good set.

I get thru the set, and I go to close her, and she goes to give me her card — which I rejected. “You’re going to try to give me your card, aren’t you?” She confirmed. And I told her I didn’t want it. And she smiled, and we were in the bubble, and it was hot. And I said, “Do you know why?” And she said, “because it’s too… transactional.” Exactly. And I’ll steal that wording from her, as she’s right, and I’ll never take another girl’s card again, and I’ll always use that line as to why. “Too transactional.” I like that.

So then… 3 weeks of chasing her around via text. First she was out of town. Then I was. Then she was. Then… back/forth via text last night, and I started to close her for next Tuesday. Thread died. This AM, at 6:45 AM, she responds again. Around 1 PM I get back to her. She asks me if I am trying to get her out “tonight?” I say, “I am still working on the Tuesday plan, but if you’re asking me out…” And she laughs, and we set up plans for tonight.

I met her in a neighborhood I know, because I used to live there, and I hang out there a lot still. And… it’s >1 mile from my ‘hood. So… I have her meet me at a bar in that ‘hood, and she knows it, and we’re on.

She’s on time… which I like. She’s bigger than I remember… “curvy” and “soft.” But very cute. Nice, sociable hug on the meet. We go inside. She’s not drinking (she’s on a “cleanse”), so she gets a water, and I get a whiskey rocks. I move her toward a side-by-side bench seat, she suggests seats by the window, which I agreed to… -1 point for me. Bad decision. I knew what I was doing, but I let her get us into “chairs” instead of the couch, and that was my bad. Oh well.

She… is a mix of judge-y and cute. I told her so, at one point. She’s calling me out on various things about me… that I “have a lot of energy” for instance. That is 1/2 insult, 1/2 test. I had suggested that she wear perfume via text (something I’ve been doing to set up some investment), and she brought that up, saying that she asked her roommate if that was “creepy,” and he said that I sound “gay” for asking for that. Hmmm. Okay. More insult/tests. She’s not being a jerk, but she’s tough, and certainly not being flattering. To be honest, I think I get b+ on all her tests. A few times, I saw her light up as I surprised her w/ my responses.

We had out moments. When she mentioned her big lips… I told her she has a “medium” mouth, but nice lips, and I bet she’s a good kisser. And soon after… she puts on chapstick, and puts in some gum. I’m taking all that as good framing on my part, and her thinking about the kiss. We had several other moments where she was animated, leaning fwd, she took her jacket off — and she was all soft, curvy, boob-y, brown, delicious — which I took as “b-” interest in me. Not bad.

If a friend asked her how it went… I would expect her to downplay the date (which is partly just her personality), but leave some skeptical room for more. That’s my guess.

But… the chair situation made touching her very hard. She was a bit “princess-y” and “cold” and “tough” so… not a lot of magic. Almost no kino. Certainly no kiss. I almost always kiss girls on first dates. Not this time. I also wasn’t as aggressive in the things I asked her… I was less sexual than I normally am.

I finished my drink, and said, “You’re ready to go?” And she was surprised, but then agreed, and we walked out. Hug goodbye was actually a little worse than the hug at the beginning of the date. More “b-” stuff.

If I was hyper-abundant, with no quality issues, I would probably not ask her out again. Since I’m marginally abundant, and I think she’s sexy, and I want to kiss her, and I think she’s ready to kiss me too (under better circumstances), I think I’ll ask her out again. I think she’d be a bit sloppy in bed, but maybe good sloppy? Ha.

Brunch. That’s what I think she/I need. She’s a party girl. I’ll ping her tomorrow, and be “honest” about how this date went. I’ll give her some props, and some “you’re a tough girl” stuff too. And then… I’ll suggest she/I set up brunch. Tell her she’ll be out, partying. And so will I. And we’ll make a plan to be “hungover” together the next day… brunch, more drinks… and then… sex and a nap at my place. I think could be delicious under those circumstances.

It’s really not that a girl is “good or bad,” it’s is she good/bad for a particular situation.

I like that plan.

We’ll see how it goes.

And for now… I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN LAID BY DAYGAME. But I think it’ll happen soon. I’m getting laid, but not from proper daygame… not yet.

Fuck! I can’t wait to “break the seal” on daygame. All the signs are clear — opens, numbers, dates, makeouts… — this is real. But I’m still a fucking “street virgin,” and I can’t wait to announce that that is no longer true.

Ahhh… I love girls. I love daygame. Tonight was another good experience.

We’ll see.