Date #2 with Miss Glasses the Virgin

Ahhh, she just left. It was a fantastic night. We spent a lot of time in my bed, but she still has her flower.

Our last date, on Friday, was an awesome date. If there was one sign that particularly caught my attention, it was how she sort of “possessively” held onto me in the car ride back to her place, post makeout. I liked how she seemed to “come alive” as I kissed her… but it was the way she held me on the way home that seemed significant. Because it was a sign of how much she liked me and that date. And also what kind of “physical communication” she is capable of. Encouraging signs.

I wanted to get her out again relatively soon, as I didn’t want this to fizzle. She’s 18. It would be normal to presume she’s fickle. We know emotions are the fuel in a girl’s engine, and that emotions drive their decisions (from second to second). And we also know the immediacy of emotions fades quickly…

While time equals experience and mastery for me on my player’s journey, time usually works against us with any particular girl that we have not laid.

I wanted to keep our emotional momentum going… so on the car ride home, I made plans to see her again on Sunday (today). I pinged her yesterday, telling her I had a good time on Friday night. I made some reference to sneaking into her host family’s home to kiss her. She sent me this “demure bunny” image in response.

This morning I confirmed time and place. She was early. When we saw each other, I could feel a childlike grin spread across my face… that was the continuation of the vibe from last time. I like her. She’s sweet. My calculating mind took a back seat to the sensation of the moment as I saw her walk up… I was happy. I was into her. Good.

She is nerdy, young Chinese girl. I don’t know that many guys in the community would be that turned on by her, but I am. She was wearing super-short shorts, and a sleeveless shirt. A lot of skin. Perfect, teenage skin. If she was 28, I would be almost as into her. But at 18, she’s a bit more goofy than she will be later in life, but also has more appeal. It’s a little kinky for me when I focus on her age and the difference between where she and I are in life. It’s extra kinky to know she’s a virgin, and that it looks likely I will fuck this girl.

So, even though it was our second date, I took her on my classic “first date” to the museum. It was where I took Miss Lips on our last day together. And that day, Miss Lips and I saw this absolutely amazing musical/video piece. It’s really a rich experience, and I was dying to go back. So as I dragged my little teenage date into that space, and we hung out in the dark, in the company of strangers, listening and looking… it was at least as magical, all over again.

Right from when we met, she was very easy to touch. She’s little, probably 5’2″. And small little arms. So it’s very easy for me to grab her around the bicep — which is my go-to move to touch a girl on an early date. It’s somewhat “asexual” – it’s that space between elbow and shoulder that has been a recommended spot for guys looking to get the touching going. But, as I go a little higher up, under her arm, getting close to the moist heat of her axilla, it gets more intimate and sexual. And as I squeeze, and lead her around, it’s a bit dominant. All this was easy with her.

And as I lead her around the exhibit, I would pull her into me, hold her hands, stuff like that. And just like in the car that night, she would really “hold me” in return. At one point I pulled her back up to my belly, and she leaned her head back and sort of burrowed into my neck and chest. I debated taking her home immediately at that point… it was really on.

But it was a hot day… so I knew my place would be stuffy and sweaty until sundown, and it was only 5 PM. I asked if she was hungry, and she said she was. I took us to a great high-end pizza place. Pizza… not drinks, because, you know, she’s a fucking teenager. Then a car back to my place.

Classic tour of my house. She loved the cats. She loved my art. And then… I just pushed her up again the wall and we had our first kiss of the afternoon. And she immediately starting purring, just like at the train stop on Friday. So I dragged her to my room, pushed her back onto the bed.

More intense purring… her motor was revving at about 5500 rpm. I asked how she was doing, and she said, “a little nervous.” I said, “good, I like you nervous.” Sexy vibe.

She a super passionate girl, very much like Miss Thick (which is an excellent sign). And her version of “sexy” is also high in emotion, which I like. It was rich. It’s powerful. The kissing got better and better, right up until she left… even though her mouth is a bit cut up from the abrasiveness of the stubble on my face. I shaved today. But she’s a sensitive little thing.

Her shirt came off easy. She was shy, and clutched at her bra as I slipped it off, to see her small, young boobs. She looked extra teenager just then… tiny boobs on a young girl. Fucking hot. Perversely young.

For the most part, though… I forgot about her age. She was, as it turns out, like any other girl. I would have pushed harder with another girl, but moment to moment… she was just hot and fun and feminine. “18” was rarely on my mind. The seduction felt normal, a joyful, fascinating “business as usual.”

But as I was flipping her over, and pawing at her small but ripe ass, I could see her panties up the leg of her tiny shorts. And I could also see what looked like a pantie liner, as well… she was on her period. A virgin, on her period. That’s a lot of complication for our first sexing. So I asked her if she was, and she said yes, and that it was toward the end.

I told her I would put her in the shower. I wasn’t sure if I would push to fuck her (it was always a possibility, the whole night), but I was happy to play with her some more even if I never got my cock inside her tiny body.

She revs so high from simple kissing and sucking on her ears, I get the feeling this girl will come easily. As I got a bit aggressive with her nipples, she would say “stop stop!,” and I think that is her dealing with an impending orgasm.

I asked her if she comes easily. We are still dealing with a reasonably high language barrier, so when she said she didn’t understand, I wasn’t sure if that was coyness, sexual inexperience, or genuinely difficulty with the language. I did my best imitation of a girl having and orgasm. She smiled.

I told her I was going to put her in the shower, and then play with her some. She said no. She said no to many things. Mostly at the level of token resistance. But I gave this girl a little more space, as I think just about everything I did to her was a “first” today.

We got her into the shower after all. Her first time naked with a man. Her body is fantastic (all the “nerdy” Asian girls have secretly super-hot bodies). And then onto the bed. And then played with her clit… and I think she was very close to coming. But she was also getting overwhelmed. I could see we were almost at the point of “too much.” She started to look serious. She said she was very hungry.

We talked a bit more. I told her how I felt like we did a great job with her, this inexperienced girl. I told her body was safe (we didn’t get her pregnant, and nothing we did was particularly contagious). That her heart was good (because we kept track of her feelings). And that her mind should be good, as she had a good experience — exciting, certainly, but not too far. I reminded her how much pleasure she’d had, and she was quick to agree, smiling at me during the debriefing.

As for me… I would have fucked her, for sure. It was the period that was the challenge in the end. She was very shy about it. Even with her shorts on, and then a towel (after the shower), we still got some blood on my sheets.

She also wouldn’t suck my cock. I let it slide, but as we talked later, I coached her about how I want her to have a good time, but I want her to care about my time as well. About what it means to be a “generous” lover (setting frames). I asked her about it, and she said she thinks “doing that” is “outgoing,” and she’s not an outgoing person. We’ll see.

And beyond that… I’m completely proud of myself. I rolled around in my bed with a teenage girl. We showered together. She tugged on my cock. The whole thing was hot. She had a very good experience, and was basically clingy and very attached by the end of the night. I could have pushed harder. I could have made her suck my cock, or made her give me a handjob, just to relieve my sexual tension (I haven’t had an orgasm in 10+ days)… and I am a hungry wolf tonight, but not overly desperate to get off. It was hot, but not a blueball experience or anything.

Next time… I bet I’ll fuck the virgin. I told her so (which made her smile). I’ll push harder next time. I bet she’ll be more than compliant. She told me over and over tonight that she likes me. It was a big deal for her tonight, and I’m not surprised. We opened up her world, for sure. I’m just the man to do that for her.

And… while I love the possessive way she holds me (“possessive,” that is the word I used in my first post about her)… she is actually possessive. Early in the makeout, she was asking me about other girls. And I told her I have seen some other girls (maybe one yesterday, but I didn’t say that). And then I told her she was way too early to be talking about anything serious between she and I. And I got a bit stern with her, and told her I want she and I to be just that… about she and I. That I want her thinking about me, when she is with me… not about other girls. And I said again that I was serious about that. That that was a terrible pattern to get into, and that I will feel cheated if she is thinking about anyone else when she and I are together.

I liked ^ that. That’s not bad. And that’s all original (c) Nash material right there… I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that to a girl in “the talk” before.

And about that… she is the first girl in over a year to “have the talk” with me, and this is obviously too early. Perhaps that is only her age? I like that she wants me to herself… but I don’t like jealousy in girls, at all. I’m a “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of guy (I’ll never rub my amorous adventures in her face), and I hope she doesn’t keep that up.

In the book Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man, they talk about an “early frame announcement.” It’s a powerful concept. They say a girl will “show her colors,” often early, and give you a big hint as to what is to come. I hope this is not it. It seems like jealousy could be a thing for her… it came up several times. And it was heavy for her.

And if that is what I have to look forward to… I bet that won’t be a big deal until after we’ve had a lot of good sex. And if she can’t leave that jealousy shit alone at that point, that will be a good reason to cut her off. And it’s very calculated to be that many moves ahead at this stage, but while she may be a teenage girl, I am a seasoned older man… and I know I have no patience for active jealousy in a relationship. No patience at all.

It could also be a good test of where I’m at as a man to see if I can keep all that under control. Hmmm.

Wow. Interesting night.

Just now, as I type this:

MISS GLASSES: I am home now ;)
NASH: You…
NASH: Wow.
NASH: Next time… I want you all night
MISS GLASSES: we’ll see ;)
MISS GLASSES: goodnight
MISS GLASSES: I miss you
NASH: Ummmm, good. : ]
NASH: I will sleep in that bed tonight… and think of you.
MISS GLASSES: yeah keep thinking about me~
MISS GLASSES: and I will miss you~(>_<)~

That sounds like a good review. She’s a happy little girl.

The adventure I’m on with this particular girl seems very much up to my standards: She had a very good experience tonight. I had a very good experience tonight. That’s the goal of all this.

And I bet next time… I will get a notch. From a virgin. From a teenage virgin. Yes to all that.

Viva daygame.