Date with a High School Girl | Older Guys, Young Girls, Game

Is it still and insta-date when you meetup with her an hour after you initially picked her up? We’ll, whatever you call it, I had a date with a high school girl tonight.

I like saying that… Because it sounds so bad.

Think about it… A 44 year old man, approaching a nice Chinese girl on the street, a high schooler… And that man… has “dangerous” intentions. It’s corrupt. It’s sick and perverted. I love it. I am trying to cultivate my sick and perverted side.

Yes to being men, to our desires, to our dark sides, to our pursuit of young, fresh flesh. And yes to the girls that love us.

The date, was not that perverted… but it was a good experience. You can tell, I’m proud. Yet another date for me with a teenager. Not a big deal, actually. I am more excited about the “Golden Goose” of daygame than this particular “golden egg.” But I like telling stories like this.

I have been saying I am going to have sex with a teenager soon. It’s not my goal, not really, but I know it’ll happen. It’s days like today that make me certain that is true.

If the Daygame Gods are generous, or are trying to make a point, it’ll be soon. If they want to make a different point… they will drag these young girls across my mouth a few more times, for a few more months perhaps, before I close my jaw on a girl that young, that… inexperienced.

The virgin. The teenager. This is part of what the Daygame Gods are teaching me. I’m not supposed to have access to these girls, but I do. A redpill lesson in a bluepill world. This is coming up over and over for me. A leitmotif in my education as a seducer.

And this particular girl is not that innocent. I told her so on the date.

Today… I wanted to test out some weekend daygame. I don’t really like weekends for daygame. Maybe it’s more “limiting belief” and superstition… But I think week days are better. Fewer couples, fewer girls out shopping as a group, fewer girls out with their boyfriends… more lone wolves on weekdays.

Meanwhile, my dear friend Natural is single. He is a little younger than me, but not much. He ended a LTR last Fall, and is talking about getting after some new pussy. I want that for him. I love the guy, and I want to see him kill it. He is the dude I call “Natural.” You would think he was awesome, and he is… but he forgets sometimes.

Most men suck with girls. No diss. It’s just true. But for men that are good with girls… forgetting you are good with women, or ever were, is common as a man gets older. This is what I see in the men around me.

Natural, is a very fucking cool guy. Probably cooler than me, in a few different ways. But… About 10 years ago, I started studying game. Natch’ is no “Disney” simpleton, but he still has a lot of bluepill conditioning. Especially when he’s single. He doubts his own swagger. He’s fucked a lot of girls, but has had his ups/downs as he has transitioned from the dating hero he was in college and in his 20s (which was mostly hot social circle and environmental game) vs his “middle age,” now that he is an corporate executive and doesn’t always feel like a young, rowdy buck anymore.

When he is in the relationship… he is a beast. Savage and dominant. When he is just getting started… a little too “romantic comedy,” not enough “shades of grey.”

Ahhhh, I really feel for dudes going thru this period of life. That mix of feeling like you should be doing something (or someone) “age appropriate” and the trepidation that comes with feeling older… if not old. That’s real.

I don’t think you “power through” from your 20s to your 40s. I think you reinvent. Shed your skin and start over. I happened to find game at 35… helped me make the quantum leap into sexual confidence as an older dude. It’s not easy, but I’ve never felt better. My stats are better too.

Does a man feel more or less entitled to “younger, hotter, tighter” (YHT) as he moves into his 30s? His 40s? His 50s? And beyond. I could make an argument for both. Personally, being entitled to YHT… I really wasn’t ready until now. I am more entitled now than I was 10 years ago.

While he might be working on his career almost every day in these years, most men are not dedicated to developing mastery with regard to stalking, snaring and banging pussy as they age. They’re either married or “too busy.” So they don’t concentrate on this skillset… and it shows.

Yohami argues that as long as a guy is top of the hierarchy he’ll swim in women. Yohami is not wrong. But we all know guys that are killing it, are warriors in the board room, but have zero swag when it comes to skirts, especially ones that don’t work for them. They have tons of value, resources, social proof… but no entitlement. Particularly no entitlement when it comes to YHT.

And they end up with some miserable bitch that is all about caging him and his earning power. He becomes her “trophy husband,” and even still she is bitter that it didn’t happen to her at 25 (when she was too busy with her “career”). And they settle into a sickening yuppie couplehood of William Sonoma catalogs and expensive brunches with boring friends. And he knows it sucks… but he’s glad he’s not alone, trying to be the “40 yr old guy in the club” or whatever.

For some men, chasing tail might be seen as a younger man’s game. But is it?

And what good is the cash, the beefy 401k and the new Tesla when you’re horny and alone? The penthouse apartment without the Penthouse centerfold… is empty… even if the wine cellar is full.

I have been on some really nice, high-end vacations… and believe me, the hot girls are not there. It’s old rich dudes, married couples, and boredom. Maybe you hit on your waitress… because that’s all the game you’ve got.

The success that comes for some men as they age can be a trap of “sophistication” and self-deluded bullshit. Expensive cigars that serve as girl-repellant or bait for gold diggers. A golden cage.

All the guys
That really have the money
Are too old
To have a good time with it
— Pornos for Pyros

Game is the key.

Game is knowing how to put all those resources into play in a way that works, where you play and don’t get played. We know we don’t even need to offer resources… if we’re not looking for a wifey, we don’t sell the steak… we sell the “sizzle.”

And the truth is it is not an either/or choice. I have gotten infinitely better with women, and have fattened up my wallet, as I’ve moved into my mid-40s.

So I want Natural to see that. I have been coaxing and taunting him with stories of meeting girls. He knows I fucked a 23, a 24 and a 26 year old girl in Japan. And that I had a 19 year old at Starbucks, two days after I’d made out with a 20 year old in almost the same seats.

He knows me, and he knows I’m not lying. And he knows I couldn’t do this 10 years ago.

The difference is game. Inner and outer. But game.

At 40+, how many young girls is he going to snare via online dating?? Not many. And he’s cool and good looking, more naturally masculine than me… he just needs a “delivery vehicle” for all that value. And daygame… is one hell of a delivery opportunity. Take your show to the sidewalk, drop it in front of some young skirt… and see how it goes.

So Sunday was mostly just for Natural. I was scouting in case he’s ready to come out at some point. To really give it a go. And to be honest… I don’t think he’s going to do it. I don’t know what he’s going to do. More online. More failed social circle, in a social circle where the only single girls are busted 36+ year olds that are recently divorced or were never picked in the first place.

I know he wants a “24 year old” girl. A hot blonde, that’s his type. He is the type of man that is actually ready for a girl like that. And he can meet that girl on the street. It’s not easy. But I am proof you can get what you want if you work at it. I am no natural.

I assumed Sunday would suck. And I know every “PUA” with a 9-5 schedule thinks Sunday is a good day. Part of the sport of going out this time was that I was specifically going to look for PUA types… and it took about 30 minutes before I saw two, young guys, one broke off and chased down a moving 2-set of hot young girls. I liked his opening line… “Hi.” Nicely done, kid.

Okay, well, the game of “spot the PUA” was already accomplished. Time to open some girls.

Opened a Chinese girl. She was very timid, and a bit awkward, but we had a nice chat. I let her go and she was shy but enthusiastic, and seemed surprised I didn’t stay longer or try to get more from her. She wanted some more of the Nash… good warm up.

Then several other girls. It was fun. I was surprised. It was my favorite Sunday I think I’ve ever gamed here in the US.

But I left my bag at my gym, and it closes at 6 PM, so I had to quit around 5:30 and head over to get my computer before they lock the doors.

I had opened six girls at that point. Two of them I tried to take numbers from, but they weren’t having it. Ahhhhh… one was a very cute, young Vietnamese art student. Damn. More cute than sexy, but a very beautiful young and tasty girl. Wow. Delicious.

Oh yeah — I almost forget — I also approached a 17 year old. We were in the mall. Go ahead and laugh… makes me laugh too.

She was tall, beautiful. Wow! Long perfect hair. Asian, of course, with dark skin. Socks up past her knees and a skirt. I didn’t realize how old she was, but she passed me, I turned to go get her, then she turned back toward me. I did a little side-to-side dance as she got close to me, signaling I was trying to “block her path” without really doing that. And she got it, and stopped and I told her she caught my eye. And she really lit up. But her smile was full of braces on her teeth (which is actually a turn on for me… told you I was a sick, sick bastard), and that was a signal she was very young. “How old are you,” I said quickly. “17.” “Okay, well, I am totally hitting on you and you are much too young for me, so I’m going to let you go.” She gave me an amazing smile. By “much too old,” of course I mean six months or a year, or whatever it would take to make her legal. Whatever. Jailbait. Send her on her way.

I have said this before, but Krauser and Tom’s stories about girls this young were bizarre to me even one year ago… and now… I know how normal it feels to be in the mix with girls this young. I will stay on this side of legal — for legal reasons — but I get that sex is not about “age appropriate.” That is something faux-moralled men and middle-aged women talk about. If she’s cool, and I’m cool… it’s on… assuming she is over 18.

So back to the street. It was now about 5:30, and I was moving quickly toward my train… and I spotted this one. She was young, but I assumed 21-25. I really didn’t think about it. She was wearing an outfit I know is a version of Chinese girl fashion. Mostly covered up, showing no skin. Jeans, a high-necked shirt, a light coat or sweater or something that came down past her waist. And then… new, colorful Nike hightop basketball shoes, a kind of retro design, 90s style sneaks. Totally different vibe than the rest of her look, but a nice accent to the outfit.

She turned into Macy’s and I saw her go downstairs on the escalator… I went after her. I don’t often follow girls into stores, but I did this time — for some reason I feel comfortable hitting on girls in this part of Macy’s. Who knows why. So I tried to calm my vibe a bit, use my “indoor voice,” and I opened her. And she stopped, and smiled, and it was on.

When she told me she was in highschool, I was surprised. So for the second time that day I asked “how old?,” and she said 19. I nodded. Cool. She really didn’t seem young at all.

She is from China. Going to HS in some small, northern California town… staying in this city for a couple of nights with a friend as part of her spring break.

I asked if the guy she was staying with was a BF, and she said no… but that she had a BF in China. I rolled my eyes and said that he was too far away to matter and she laughed.

It was her last night, so I invited her out for a drink. Again, just like Thursday, I had my place ready to go, and was open to a SDL. She didn’t seem likely, but I was ready. She was unsure about the date, so I took her WeChat. I told her I had to go get my bag at my gym, but I would message her and if she wanted to, we could meet up. And I said that I know she’s too young to drink, but I know a great hotel bar I can take her were we could sit and chat and that they have non-alcoholic drinks.

She smiled and seemed warm to the idea. Hmmm, same-day date. Cool.

I split. I was stoked. Nice Sunday, man! Hitting on cute young Asian girls, and two teenagers. Jesus.

Would Natural get this? Dude, seriously. You can do this, man. It’s not easy. But I talked to eight girls before this day was over, and I would fuck any and all of them, and all of them were 15-25 years younger than me. Not a bad way to spend my afternoon.

As I arrived at my gym I messaged her:

NASH: Hey. : ]
NASH: I stopped you because I liked your style, but now…
NASH: It’s your smile I remember.

She did have a nice smile.

HER: But now what

Wow. See? This girl is not innocent. I wonder if that was a shit test? I don’t think she has a lot of sexual experience, but she is mature.

NASH: Now… meet me for a drink.
NASH: *I sent the address*
NASH: Put that in your phone
HER: I am still thinking haha

I tried to comfort her a bit…

NASH: It’s a fancy hotel, very nice, clean, comfortable.
NASH: Great drinks, no alcohol.
HER: Just yourself and me?
NASH: Yes, a chance to chat.
NASH: And a little bit of adventure for you before you leave
HER: Adventure? ?
NASH: It’s a very public place, well lit, lots of other people…
NASH: We’ll both be safe and happy.
HER: Um…

By then I had my bag and was back in that part of town. My plan for the night was to work a bit, and then have food/drinks at this dive bar I love… maybe read the rest of Krauser’s Adventure Sex (I am almost done with that).

She had gone kind of silent, and I was on my way to get a cup of tea and get started on my original plan.

Meanwhile… another girl. Very cute, also Chinese. I was in a great mood so I opened her.

This girl was a great interaction too. As it was my 5th day that week running daygame, I was feeling solid and comfortable. She was the 8th girl of the day, and all of them stopped and opened. This one, opened very well. We talked about where she is from and she said “NE China” and I guessed Dalian and I was right and she couldn’t believe it. Yes, I am becoming an expert in Chinese girls… but that happens to be where Miss Thick is from, so it was on my mind. Lucky guess.

And yet… my knowledge of Chinese geography increases… one hot girl at a time.

So I decided this girl was a better option than my 19 year old HS girl — I was ready to trade-up for a more likely deal. So I invited her to come with me to the same hotel. Game-time decision, felt good. She was into the interaction, but was shy about an insta-date. I took her number instead.


I had just pivoted from one hot little girl to another, ready to swap them as needed depending on who was ripe and ready. I was completely “high” at this point… loving daygame, having a great time.

So the new Dalian girl wasn’t into the i-date. If I didn’t hear from Miss HS, I’d just get some work done before beer:30.

Meanwhile, after 20 minutes…. Miss High School came back online. Here we go:

HER: Sorry, I am walking and didn’t saw the message.
HER: I feel so tired today. I was glad to know you.
NASH: I am back from the gym and have my computer that I needed…
NASH: Come meet me for a quick drink.
NASH: Easy. We can be done by 7 if you like.
HER: Okay that’s sounds good

It was on. A little encouragement and she was in. Very similar to my date w/ Miss Korea last Fall.

Met her at the front door of the hotel, doormen held the doors for us as we walked inside. Took the elevator up to the floor with the bar… ordered some drinks.

It was a little stiff at first, but she loosened up.

Compared to her mood when I picked her up, she was less sweet as we sat, showing a lot of irritation in her face — not at me, just in general, as she told stories. Only child. A bit “business-y.” I called out the facial expressions and told her I think she is impatient, and she smiled. She is impatient, but she was clearly attracted to me and having a good time.

She is no virgin. I asked, and she and her BF back in China have had sex. I asked if she dated any boys at her HS, and she said no… “they are like children. My man is older than me.” He is 21. I love that she called him “my man.” Made me laugh.

Date was pretty dry, actually. I did a lot of cold reading on her, and simple reading her expressions, and we got along fine. Barely any touching. No real slow/sexy vibe. She’s cute, and young, but really does seem more like a slightly jaded 24 year old. Her parents work a lot, lots of business in her family, and she will join them once she’s done with school. All that makes sense.

Her ears are pieced a few times along the earlobe. I cold-read that as a bit “rebellious” and she agreed. She is planning on getting some tattoos, but doesn’t have any yet.

Businessy. Cold. Slightly alternative. Not the version of Asian girl I like. And the novelty of her being 19 was wearing off quickly. I like both the 28 year olds I’m seeing better than her. Extreme youth is not everything.

As we took the elevator back down to the street I tried to kiss her. She seemed shocked, and not in a hot way. I laughed, acted like it was no big deal, and she calmed down immediately.

So I asked if she wanted to get something to eat, but I knew we were done. She said no thanks. We shook hands and split.

I went off to that bar… some super drunk girl from out of town trying to chat me up as I started typing this report out on my phone.

I had a whiskey. It was delicious.

That night I went to message her to say thanks… and I got a weird notification I’d never seen on WeChat. It said that she was requesting a “verification” before I could message her. I pressed the link and got a notification back pretty quickly… it wasn’t a message, just a notification that flashed across the screen… I couldn’t read it all, but it said something like “Sorry, but my boyfriend…” and then the message was gone and I had our chat from earlier that day on the screen with that note saying I need to be “verified.”

I think I got “unfriended.” The WeChat version of that. I think she told her BF she had a date with an older white American guy, he responded with “WTF!,” and she unfriended me. Ha. Cool. Good experience, all the same.

Having been on several dates now with very young girls, I think they are less solid than girls that are a little more mature. It’s like their young age is an extra “logistical issue” that will make the dates a little less real, a little more random. I’m sure they are fuckable… but their extreme youth adds friction to the seduction. I don’t think it’s me… I’m perfectly ready to fuck these girls. I think it’s them… they’re just… really fucking young.

It’s a matter of time before I get good at handling that “youthful chaos” and/or I find one that wants what I am selling enough to make herself a little more available than the ones so far.

No big deal. I am very happy with “older” girls in the early-/mid-20s. Siren and Miss Thick are 28, and they are really fucking amazing girls to be dating. Very excited about both of them. They are way cooler, and arguably hotter, than this teenager.

But I will have a teenager in a state of undress soon enough. The writing is on the wall. And soon enough, her panties will be on the floor.

We’ll see.

Viva daygame.