Date with Miss Taiyuan || Hunting for a SDL

Notice I said “hunting,” not finding… a SDL. She was extraordinary. Second date with a virgin this week. Daygame… is a fucking unbelievable adventure.

This morning, I woke up with a raging hard on. It has been a little over 3 days since I’ve been laid — Firecracker and I had a reunion on Monday night. It was a weird night, but I did get laid. She’s a sexy little girl… even if she still won’t kiss me. And has an MMA boyfriend. Urrr.

Anyway… I am back on my masturbation starvation diet… because it works. It’s been 3 days. Yesterday, I could feel the “motivation” cranking up. Today I was straight up looking for sex.

I had a date on Thu night last week (Older Chinese). Then a great date on Friday, even thou I was sick (Korean Virgin). Then two dates on Saturday (Miss Sincere… and then sex with my dreamy Siren later that night). Then a date on Sunday (Thai girl… she is proving to be a waste of time). Then sex on Monday (with Firecracker). I was saving Tuesday night for one last bite of The Siren before she leaves for China and I leave for Japan… didn’t happen. I had plans for last night.

Great week.

However… part of living an unbelievable life is unbelievable expectations. So while I have more than met my goals for December, I had an open Thursday night, and I was scheming all week to fill it.

I can’t remember how many girls I tried. Ha. Many of my favorites are traveling… including Siren, Firecracker and the Thai Girl. I’d tried Miss Sincere, she had a plan. The Korean Virgin has a friend in town (and I don’t think she is that into me). I met this new girl online today (which is an almost non-existent part of my game), and tried to get her out… she is in the Midwest, but we have a date for when she gets back. I tried the Filipina, and we have a date for tomorrow. I couldn’t get anyone out tonight.

I thought I was done daygaming for the year last week… in part because I had everyday booked with dates as December’s Girl Tornado was maybe the best I’ve ever created. But as I couldn’t get a Thursday date… hmmmm, time to hit the streets.

I talked to 15 girls on Wed. No leads… until the end, when I approached this girl and it turned out I’d opened her before. I had closed her before, actually, Miss Freckles (#18 that day). I really liked her then. We set a date last month, but she cancelled. I kept trying… this was around Thanksgiving… and she said “I’m too busy to make you a priority right now,” and never responded to another text after that. So I “reopen” her yesterday, realized who she is (she claimed to not remember me, which doesn’t make sense, we had too many texts). I try to get her to agree to a Thu night date (I already have her number), and we agree she’ll make up her mind today.

So I wake up with that hard cock, thinking of her. I think it might be on. We were spicy and fun together on the street last night. I did a good job, I was proud. So I text this AM, and she says, “Sorry, not interested.” Ouch. Okay. So I try to be un-butt-hurt about that, and double down, altering the plan in a tiny way, and she responds even more harshly. Fuck. Burned, because I like this girl, and she is really rejecting the fuck out of me… and because… I still don’t have a date for Thursday night.

(At this point I will mention that Miss Sincere completely rejected me on Tuesday night as well, saying “we shouldn’t keep in touch.” I have been out with her three times, including last Saturday, and her face is the face of a very happy girl, every time we’re together… even though she refuses to kiss me, or anything more. But via text, she is savage with me. I say this… to keep it real. I am having a great month, but I am still getting the occasional kick in the teeth… and that part of the story is important to share as well. This is real. I am doing very well, but I still get my ass handed to me every week.)

And now my quest for a “date” has turned into a quest for skin… as another day has gone by, and my balls are swelling, and I want to get laid. This is good motivation. I know I will hit the street again today.

At lunch is when I have the texts w/ the new online girl. This is easy, and fun, and she is game… and I like all that… makes me feel better about Miss Freckles and Miss Sincere kicking my ass this week.

So meanwhile… I have been thinking about the Velvet Mouthed Filipina. She was my first new lay this month. And she is very cute, but mid-30s, and a mom, and when I had sex with her… my cock loved it, but the rest of me was very clear she was different than all the little 25 year olds I am otherwise dating. But… I knew I should keep her in the mix, as I will get horny, and despite this level of Tornado action… I still can’t get laid “on call.” I just wish she was YHT, which she is not.

I pinged the Filipina for a Thursday night date earlier this week… and she was sick (on Tuesday??). But we set something up for Friday, assuming she would be better. I have tickets to see Too Short on Friday, but Filipina has to be home early, so that could work fine. Sex… then go out and dance. Sounds good.

The Filipina and I check in… and end up sexting. I am super hard, mid day, as I text with her and get ready to hit the street again. She is very hot for me, telling me over and over how wet I am making her. It’s great. I love sexting. And it is egging on the animal in me, pre-daygame. We keep that up, right up until I am approaching… and I stop responding to her texts. The last thing she said to me was, “I love thinking of your tongue rolling in my clit making me wetter.”

She is not my favorite… but “My CEO” is very much looking forward to fucking her tomorrow.

So that gets us caught up to today.

And I am looking for a SDL at this point. Or a date, at minimum. And I know this is possible. Miss Korea was a near hit a few weeks ago. Miss NYC was also close. I have never had a SDL from daygame, but it’s inevitable… I just haven’t checked it off. So I’m out hunting. And we know what we want. A tourist. Or a girl that’s alone for the holidays… maybe a foreign student? I know it’s possible. I know I’m ready. I can do it. So I try.

My first approach is a white girl pulling a suitcase. She opens wonderfully. It’s her last night in town, before she goes back to Sweden. She has no plans. She thinks most Swedes are “narrow minded.” You feel it? I think I’ve found it. It felt on. She gave me her card, with her phone on it, and I hoped I’d found my one. She was not it. She was not on WhatsApp. I tried texting her Swedish number, don’t know if it went through. I fired up webmail and tried her email… no response. Oh well.

So then… I’m walking up to the intersection, and this guy makes eye contact with me… seems cool. I give him a nod. I give everyone that seems cool a nod. And he nods back.

And then he walks up, taps me on the shoulder and says, “I think you’re out doing what I’m doing.” Ahhh… he’s a fellow daygamer. And he saw me run the set w/ the Swede, which was a very good set. I felt great. She responded very well. I was slow and cool. It would have looked pretty good. And he saw it, so he introduced himself.

Very cool guy. We’ll call him Rauker. We hung out for like 10 minutes. He watched me do 1 approach, a married girl, she acknowledged me, but didn’t stop. We chatted a bit, and he had to go. I hope I see him again. Very chill, real vibe from him. I told him I think he could be very good, as he feels “normal,” and that’s important in daygame.

So I’m back to walking the streets… it’s a perfect day, and so many people out shopping and fooling around, the street is full of women. I close two more girls, and I’ll talk about that elsewhere.

Side note: My sexting sessions with the Filipina is now having an unintended consequence… I have blueballs. Ha. That “headache in my balls” feeling making the day even more “gritty.” I power on.

It’s getting late. I am thinking about asking a friend if he wanted to get dinner, maybe after I get in a swim. I’m walking down one of my favorite streets, and I see her.

She is very tall. Beautiful face, with a hood over her head to keep out the Winter chill. Pale skin, a slender nose, long black hair… she’s a mix of Chinese and Elvish. We might have made eye contact? I follow her a bit, and almost decide not to open… but I do. And she pops open. She is expressive. From Taiyuan, China. Living in NY, going to Cornell, studying law. Smart girl. She is here on vacation, as law school is out for winter break. She reminds me of Siren… also a high quality girl. We connect. She loves the stop. I ask about her plans for the night…

She has just had dinner, so that is out. I ask about a drink at 9, but she is staying at a hostel, and likes her suite mates, so she wants to be home by 10, so she doesn’t wake them up when she comes home. I am about to give up, and she suggests an 8 o clock drink. Okay. She wants that date. Fuck yeah.

Victory! I have scored a date for my empty Thursday night slot. It took 27 girls. Ha. 15 yesterday, and 12 today, and all the existing leads I also tired, but I willed it to happen and the date was on. We made plans to meet at Macy’s at 8, and I went to eat and pick up my computer.

27 girls. Wow.

She was on time, same outfit (I had hoped she would change, and get “ready” for the date). She doesn’t drink… told me so as I picked her up… but I walked her to a very fancy hotel bar, with the plan that we could have non-alcoholic drinks together. I didn’t know it at the time, but they have 3 specialty drinks on the menu just for dates like this. It was perfect. I’ll have to remember this for another time… again, most of the girls I am picking up these days do not drink.

And she was lovely. Her main “trance word” is safety. She said it over and over and over. And we talked about that a lot. She felt very safe with me.

We are getting close to 10, and I know that’s when she wants to be back to the hostel. Yohami will hate this… but I start talking about kissing her, and she is adamant that she won’t kiss me. And I up that story, saying that if she can’t kiss me… it will be very hard to get her to come back to my house and spend the night, and kiss, and maybe more. I say all this. And we have this very interesting negotiation, where she is very clear that Chinese girls do not do this.

And I have been thinking the whole time that Yohami would say that she only came on the date because she wants sex… but I don’t feel that from her at all. We talk about how she and I are both anonymous, and how there is no risk, and it could be a great experience. And she mostly agrees, stares me in the eyes the whole time, but is adamant that she cannot kiss me… nor come home. But is smiling and loving the date. I am too.

She says she has never done anything like this before… but is very comfortable with me. She says, “I like you very much!,” and she’s 100% confident and enthusiastic and congruent with that statement. I tell her I am going to kiss her in the elevator, and she says if I do, she will get very angry.

And we’re talking about sex… and I say, “well, you know what sex is like.” But I see a flicker in her eyes. And I say, “you’ve had sex, of course?” And she very comfortably and calmly asks what I think… and I say, “of course.” And she just gives me a beautiful Elvish stare in response. And then I ask if she is a virgin… and she says yes.

She is a 25 year old virgin. A beautiful one. The second 25 year old virgin I have dated in 7 days. Wow. So many unfucked, hot Asian girls out there. How is this possible??

Wow. That is my second date with a virgin this week. I am somehow proud of that. She is my third date with a virgin this Fall. You know what that means, don’t you? It means I will fuck some virgins next year. For sure. This Fall… is a dirty preview of 2017. And 2017 is going to be a very big year for this daygamer. Believe that.

She hasn’t dated anyone in America at all. She has never kissed an American boy. She had a 4 year relationship in China… and that poor bastard never got his cock inside her. Wow.

So I don’t try to kiss her in the elevator. And I walk her back to the hostel. And we’re still having a very good time. And she is saying that she can resist this very nice offer, because she has a strong mind… and maybe I have never dated a girl with a strong mind before. And she is laughing. And we like each other very much.

She volunteers that she will possibly regret not taking one of the many, many offers I made her tonight.

So we end up in front of her hostel… the exact same hostel where Miss Korea was staying, where she and I made out out front of the place, as she wouldn’t come home with me either… and we are staring into each other eyes… unkissed… me with blueballs.

And I tee up for tomorrow night…

I am going to fuck the Filipina tomorrow. And maybe see a “washed up” rap legend later that night. But I told her I want her to think about my offers. And if she wants… she can get a “do over” on her regret, and come have an experience with me, and I’ll skip the rapper.

Yes, I would skip Too Short for her. The thought of the choice makes me laugh.

We’ll see.

She slowly walks into the hostel, looking back at me every other step. She had a great time tonight. Cool.

What a ridiculous day. Who knew my 43rd year could be so interesting. I will be 44 years old in less than 3 months. I am having a great fucking time.

Viva Daygame.