Day2, Dating One of My Clients

Had a good “Day2” with one of my clients. Interesting date.

I have a clearly documented thing for Asian girls. I love them, oh so much. If you don’t like Asian girls, good! Leave them alone, I say, they’re mine! But in this case, this girl has something to her. First white girl I’ve dated in a while.

Someone that trusts me referred me to her CEO. I did my consulting thing, but it didn’t work. I did excellent work, they did everything I asked of them, we were all super pro, but we couldn’t get their product to sell. It happens. I was sorry I couldn’t do more (I really fucking tried), but every visit to the office I would get a little more into the women that was overseeing my efforts. I started wishing I would get fired.

So at last, it finally happened – I got fired. Ha, great! Not really fired. We just agreed we shouldn’t spend any more money on the marketing, and I wrapped up our final aspects of the deal. Very amicable. I bet I get referral business from the CEO, he was great to me. We trust each other.

As for the girl, as soon as I’d done the last bits of my work, this is how it went:

(via email)

HER: Thank you, Nash! It’s been great working with you.

ME: Definitely.
ME: And, I have to confess… I had a “secret motive” for wanting to get “fired” on this account.
ME: On that note… would you care to share a non-work email with me??

I didn’t really know how she was going to take this, but I didn’t entirely care. The deal was over. I wasn’t crossing the line in the email above. I was giving her a chance to confirm/deny my approach, by asking to move it to personal email. If she didn’t reply, I was going to drop it.

We had chatted a tiny bit in/around our meetings. And we had one email exchange before the new year that went back/forth several times, all personal stuff, but light and fluffy. I knew I was attracted to her, and I knew she was impressed with me, very feminine, and maybe interested. I wasn’t sure, but I’m so used to making offers at this point in my life, she was definitely on my list, so I worked the lead. It was fun. I haven’t hit on anyone in a work context in years.

A smart girl would get where I was going with my request above, certainly. A simple, but compliant girl, would give me the personal email, even if she didn’t know what was up. I was looking for either type of girl.

4 hours later, via email:

HER: [girls email] :)

Ahh… game on. When I was in Japan, I was fantasizing about having sex with this girl. We’ll see. Sure looks on, at this point.

This was all over Valentines weekend, on the 13th of February. V-day is such a tool of day, I’ll have nothing to do w/ that day, and I didn’t want anything about this escalation connected to it. Not day before, certainly not day of, and the day after seemed like V-day hangover, beggar stuff, so I was just sitting on her email… I figured I’d ask her out on Monday, the 16th.

But then, Sunday night:

HER: Just wondering… What did you want to ask me?
HER: [her name]
HER: [Her phone number]

Okay. I wasn’t expecting that. On the one hand, I can tell she’s super into it. Which is good. And maybe me waiting showed I wasn’t desperate… which was true. I had a V-Day date w/ the Tokyo Queen, and was getting laid all weekend.

On the other hand, I thought this was a little sub-professional on her part, in terms of game. I’m such a jaded dick, so deep in the “seduction theory,” that I’m judging her a bit for following up before I had a chance to ask her out. Hmmm. I’m guessing she’s either very into me, or doesn’t have much else going on. That’s my read.

Anyway… I like that she gave me a phone number, making it more personal, so.

(Switching to text/phone)

ME: Miss Girly… this is Mr Nash.
ME: Happy Monday. : ]

HER: Happy Monday, Nash! : )

ME: You, Girl, were very “professional” to work with on our recent gig.
ME: But also… a little bit charming.

HER: You’re quite charming yourself ; )

I waited a couple pings, and now it’s time to go for it.

ME: I want to have a very non-business drink with you this week, Miss Girl.
ME: Tomorrow. 8:30.

HER: Sounds great.: ) How about somewhere in [this neighborhood I didn’t want to go to]?

I took the frame back, and suggested a place in a neighborhood I like better:

ME: Hey, looking fwd to seeing you tonight, Lady. First drink at XYZ, on Geary. You know it?

HER: I’ve never been, but looking fwd to it. See you tonight at 8:30.

ME: Okay, great.
ME: May I make a request?

HER: Sure

ME: If you have some perfume, pls wear some… I love perfume.

HER: Sure I can do that. : )

So, there it was. And she was 20+ minutes late, as I stood outside the bar, learning against the wall, reading Mark Manson‘s “Models” on my phone (great book).

She bounced out of the cab, water bottle in one hand, handbag in the other, blonde curls bobbing behind her, and gave me a big girly hug. Nice start. We chatted a bit, and I walked her inside. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to the bar. We ordered, I paid. With a drink and a water each, I pushed her into a booth, opposite another couple (I like splitting tables w/ other couples, something kind of hot about that). I sipped my expensive bourbon and we got into it.

A little chit chat, and I started talking about sex. “How old were you when you lost your virginity, 13?”, I teased, with a smile. She was 15, a freshman, lost it to a guy on the football team. Classic. They did it in the backseat of his vintage car. Ha, extra classic. Good for him. They dated for 9 months, went to prom together, and they broke up when he went off to college. She said the sex was terrible that first night, “but isn’t it supposed to be?” And we talked about what kind of outfit makes her feel sexy — and her trip to the nude beach this week (ahh, okay!). She’s kissed some girls, but isn’t that into it, and has never “been below the belt” with a girl. I believe her. We talked about how, last summer with a boyfriend at the time, she’d had drunk-sex in the bushes one night, by a famous landmark here in the city. And how she likes to come — which is my favorite question. She said that the “cock orgasm” is still a myth in her world… and that she likes to receive oral pleasure. Ummmm, I bet she does.

I asked her if she asks guys to do that to her, and her eyes popped and she got serious and said “No!” That’s interesting. She’s very clear how she likes to come, but has never asked a guy to go down on her. “If he’s not into it on his own, I don’t ask.” Okay. Learning about how girls think… I love this kind of stuff.

I touched her a bit. Pulled her tight curls into my fist at one point. She didn’t touch me back, but seemed receptive, maybe leaning into my arms here/there a little. She looked 10% “cold” at times, but was mostly pliant, and easy to talk to. Very fem. We had some long silences. She’s very smart. Went to the “most famous” school, I’d say, here in the US. Dramatically feminine gestures from her, to go w/ her tight dress, and knee-high boots. I like that. I was enjoying her, trying not to assume anything about who she really was… another great date w/ an interesting woman. At some point I warned her (classic SOI) that I was thinking about kissing her, and then I looked away.

At the end of the date, I said, “okay, and now?” I don’t even know what I meant. I was just ready for the energy to change. And she was like, “what do you mean?!,” but she was spiking a little, sitting up. And I’d already felt like kissing her several times, but hadn’t seen her eyes go all “doggy dinner bowl.” So I started in with some typical “pacing and leading” stuff I do, just slowly describing what was going on between she/I, looking her up/down… and then I said, “Okay.” And turned to face her. And I went in for the kiss.

And she was totally compliant.

I had a hand on her back. Her hands were folded, across her crossed legs. I put my other hand on her chest, just below her neck… and really teased her w/ the kiss. Kept it light. I was thinking of the kiss w/ the gangsters girlfriend from my last night in Tokyo. It wasn’t as good as that kiss… which was really fucking hot… but it was a good little teasing session. I’d hesitate just over her face, and she’d open her eyes a bit, and I’d stare and nod my head slowly, and kiss her a bit more. Dominant. Slow. Intimate. Soft. At one point I broke off, leaned back, and clapped slowly, tell her I thought she was hot. She sat there quietly and stared at me.

So then I cut the date short. “Okay, time to go.” And I got us both up. And we walked out. And I asked if she lived my herself, and she does. Studio, nearby. I had condoms in my pocket (just in case), but no reason to rush this. We’ll eat that pussy next time. I can wait for day3. We’ll see.

I put her in a cab and went for a beer to cool off, a little love-drunk from the date-buzz, wanting to “get back to the masculine nothing.” The beer helped. I slept.

Good date. She doesn’t give me the burn Asian girls give me, but I like how feminine she is. I’d like to see her come, I really would. She tells me she can multiple-orgasm, if the guys does it right. Ummm, I’m that kind of man.

I haven’t sent any “validation” texts, nor received any. I think I’m playing this about as cool as I have ever played any girl… were she little and Asian, I’m sure I’d be running a little hotter. I’ll ping her later today, and ask her out again next week. I already have a tease in mind already.

This is going to be a great year.

Off to do some daygame today… wish me luck!