Day3 with Taiwanese Girl

Here is a day3 with a Taiwanese girl I picked up 2 weeks ago. We had a day2, which I’ll post later… this one had a little more action, and she/I are further along.

So… good first date. She was cute, we had a good time. No msg from her after that date. I wanted to “lean back,” but I wanted to set up the next date, as I was leaving town soon for a week to go to Burning Man.

NASH: Hey cute girl… I had a nice time with you yesterday. If you some free time this weekend, I’d like to take you out again before I go to Burning man.

HER: Yep. I am ok for Saturday or Sunday.

I msg back, brief, all logistics, Sunday, the spot, 5 PM. She confirmed, brief “yep, see you there.”

I got my place cleaned up on the off chance I’d bring her back… and headed out to meet her. I was on time. She was late, again, 20 mins. Hmmm.

I felt like I wanted to check her out about the being late thing. Two dates in a row… I wasn’t pissed, but I wanted to check that out. So when she showed, I said, “You’re late,” and smiled. She started to apologize, told me that her hair was wet (which I like, she cleaned up for the date, and she did look good). I was still smiling, felt good, but kept going, “Hey, I don’t know much about you, just getting to know you, but I know one thing… you’re late a lot.” She did some more qualifying, I smiled, no bitterness, touched her affectionately, happy to challenge her a bit. That was mostly for her, so she’d know that I noticed, and that I am the kind of man that isn’t afraid to call out the elephant in the room. She qualified a bit more and we moved on… it was an experiment, didn’t hurt me, I’m glad I did it.

She was very cute, much more friendly, smiley, joking, right from the beginning. No question where we were going, so I told her, dragged her onto her first bus ride in this city, and she stood close to me, touching her was easy, she smelled great (I told her so), I leaned up against her as the bus rocked, already enjoying her.

I thought I saw an eye spazz in there early on… I think I was right. It was pretty on. I could feel the urge to kiss her in the first 10 minutes… genuine desire. Those big, dark eyes, drawing me in.

(She is an interesting looking girl… she’s from Taiwan, but her look reminds me of South American natives a bit. That Mayan look. South American natives and Asian can look similar… I once dated a girl from Peru I thought was Asian.)

I took her on an errand, but a cool one, to a old school Chinese tea store I know. I knew what I wanted there… some special tea I always bring to Burning Man. We sat at the marble table, on those little drum-like bamboo seats, and they gave us a couple tastings… fucking cool experience every time. She loved it, talked about how she recognized some of the teas from Taipei. I bought a couple of flavors, and ask her to carry them so I didn’t have them in my hands all night.

Took her to a delicious Burmese place afterwards. I love the food. She was good company. She reached for her purse as the check came, but I am happy to take this girl to dinner… nice gesture on her part. I appreciate that.

We went to this cool Asian market afterwards, for some egg puffs – delicious. As we sat on a bench outside, I cut a conversational thread and grabbed her shoulders, and told her, “You have really great lips.” Her eyes spazzed a bit again. I told her I was distracted by her lips a few times in the museum on our first date. She slowed down, and said, “That is a really great compliment.” She does have amazingly kissable lips. Small mouth, but big, puffy lips, both top/bottom. Grrrrr. I pushed her away, laughed and looked off into the distance. Back to talking about normal stuff. Kiss was seeded at that point.

My plan was to get her back toward my place, so I asked if she had time for a drink, put us in a car, and we were off.

She was a little tense in the bar… and when I asked what she wanted to drink, she said water, I said cool, ordered a whiskey for me, and sat us down in a nice booth seat. She doesn’t really drink. Sunday, empty bar, pretty quiet, nice and close, dark, good set up.

Mostly normal conversation about her parents, her business, then relationships.

I leaned back into the seat, put my arm behind her, and she slowly leaned back into me. She is great at following my lead. When I was younger, I would have had a less-hot, less-fun date, and it would have been all my fault. This girl is very pliable… if you know how to lead. I know how to lead.

I wanted to kiss her, and it was time. It was not a romantic moment, not really. She’s dead sober. But she’s taking my touches very well. She’s not in love, but something like “floppy.” I would grab her shoulders to break the flow, and get a moment to kiss her. Over and over, she would launch into some comment as I would do that. I’m sure that was her feeling something coming… probably at a subconscious level. I don’t think the kiss was obvious.

Eventually I kind of squeeze her shoulders again, she looks at me, and I jumped in… nice, simple kiss. Those full, plump puffy lips. She was ready, nice kiss, she was into it. I told her I wanted to kiss her on the bus earlier in the night, and she spazzed a bit more.

Good date, but not really “hot.” She’s feminine, beautiful by my standards, but “practical” in that Chinese way. I got a nice rush from the kiss, but I wasn’t ready for sex… so I didn’t try. Next time. We’re on the right path.

I had so much to do before Burning Man, I had to wrap it up.

I told her I needed to go, and had her call herself a car. We waited a bit together, and I took that opportunity to taste her a little more. Stuffed her in the car w/ our leftovers from dinner, and headed home to work on Burning Man gear.

I got a very interesting education tonight.

One the one hand, she is an excellent advocate for China, which she seems to love, having spent a lot of time there, and she’s thinking about moving there where her mom has a business. She has a great POV on China, about the people, the culture, how it’s changing, what that means to her, how Asian people are cool with change. At one point she and I agreed that the Chinese are not “sentimental” about what is going on in China right now… not from her POV. Hearing about that, and her life in Taiwan, very interesting to a simple man like me.

On the other hand… I got another slice of experience, moving a woman through a shared evening, leading, escalating, making her comfortable, soaking up her nuances, tasting her mouth.

As I walked back to my place… I was kind of amazed at the whole thing. I met this girl on the street two weeks ago. She happens to be here, by herself, for a few weeks. I’ve dated her twice, and it’s going well. I would bet 1$ I’ll see her again. As a daygamer, this shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve done all this before. But this was what was missing from my summer.

Maybe things are finally shaking loose? Maybe I’m finally shaking loose?

Only don’t know.

I’m looking fwd to seeing her again when I’m back from the desert. I’m looking fwd to seeing myself, as good or better than I knew before, as I continue to come back to life. To be a better man. To know more about women, to know more women, to know them deeper.

We’ll see.