Daygame Back At Home, Day2 with a New Girl

I’m back from my trip to Japan. Running daygame back at home — feels good. This story is about how I picked up a new J-girl this week, here, back at home.

I did three days of daygame in the last week – 28 sets total. Had some great sets, but unlike Japan, lots of “boyfriends.”

On Monday of this week, I did 9 approaches, took 2 numbers. I meant to do more, and I was very *on* that day (9 for 9 stopped), but I ran into a friend on the sidewalk and he derailed my work.

Of the two numbers that day: First number close, was a cute girl, maybe Filipina, a little curvy, but sexy. Total “Sunshine” girl. Unfortunately, she lives outside the city, and… she didn’t return my initial text. I’ll follow up w/ her on Sunday, try again. A man has to work his leads. We’ll see.

The second number close, was a warmer lead… at least somewhat.

She was little, young, but felt a bit “powerful” to me. Asian (of course), badass shades hiding her eyes, some kind of shopping bag. I don’t normally fully front-stop, but when I think the girl might have some moxie to her, I do more of a proper front stop. This one popped open nicely. When she said her name, I knew she was Japanese, so I dumped a little “I just spent a month in Shibuya” on her, and she hooked. Good talk. She’s a language student, here for 7 months so far. I took her LINE contact.

I suggested I take her for a drink “next week,” but she’s going back to Tokyo, so she was suggesting something before that. Okay, cool. We set plans for Wednesday. Drink, I said? She flinched a bit. Dinner? She got excited. Okay, fine, dinner. This part is almost point-for-point like the singer I dated in Tokyo (also a confident girl). I made her take off her shades before I left… ummm, yes. I liked the compliance… and she was very cute by my standards.

I pinged her that night, she got right back to me. I traded some pics of Japan, trying not to lunge for the date. Ping-ping. All good. Went for the date.

ME: Dinner on Wednesday. 8 o clock.

HER: OK:))
HER: Downtown is convenient for me:)

Let’s stop here.

I am a big fan of the theory that “how it starts is how it goes.” First impressions are everything, in many ways. So… here, she’s already kind of leading a bit. You see that? I don’t like that. Notice how this is a consistent theme through the date.

(And in case you’re not following me… if you date a girl and it’s like “this,” and you end up “marrying” her, “this” is how it will be for the rest of your sad life… or until she divorces you. Lesson here: Be very fucking careful with how you start a relationship. Ten “!!!!” on that point. On w/ the show…)

We talk about “where” for dinner a bit more, but I hadn’t really made up my mind yet, so I told her I’d tell her later. She says she’s looking fwd to it. Okay, good.

I had a very similar situation w/ yet another language student from Japan last year… very cute, I had a lot of fun w/ her, I really did, we made out a few times, but she kicked my ass and the sex never happened. I was really defeated there. I can see shades of that in this girl, even as they are very different girls.

Here’s more from the texting on LINE:

ME: Hi… blah blah.

HER: Did you decide which restaurant?

ME: I did. I will give you two choices – and you can pick.


ME: Let’s meet by Union Square. By Macy’s, the side that faces Union Square.

HER: Tell me which restaurant.
HER: I’ll decide, then please make a reservation.
HER: I don’t want to wait.

Okay… so, guys with experience already know a lot about this girl, just from that exchange. Bossy. Yuck.

She’s a Princess, with a capital P. Fuck. Not ideal, from my POV.

I tell her “Thai or Burmese,” she picked Thai, which is great… but a really cool girl would have been less… particular?? She would have stopped at “ok.” This one is not “following.” There are shades of a “struggle” in this pickup already. Not ideal. Not at all.

I met her near where I picked her up. She’s dressed conservative, but cute. Neck-high sweater shirt thing, paid skirt, tights, hair down. She’s even cuter than I remember, actually. I put her in a cab, and head off to the restaurant.

It’s interesting, how you spend 2 minutes on the sidewalk, and then, on the date, you start to piece together who this girl actually is. So different than most guys’ lives… who know the girl very well before they ever ask her out. I knew just about nothing about this girl. Daygame dates are like that. Even more so than nightgame pickups that turn into dates. Expect randomness from daygame dates… this is all a glitch in the matrix. Nothing normal about it.

In the cab she says she’s “not a typical Japanese girl.” I tell her that I love how small she is, and that I think she’s cute, and feminine, but… I can see this “confident” side of her. She quickly agrees.

Dinner was good. Lots of eye contact. I bring up the “princess” issue, and she (her English is very good, but not 100%) suggests the word “pampered.” And I counter w/ “spoiled.” And she says that if she has a BF, she thinks he should pamper her. And I tell her that that is great and all, but a good man knows how to say “no” as much as he knows how to say “yes.” And she gets onboard w/ that, and says, “always ‘yes’ is boring.” We agree. Okay. Trying to squash the struggle. This is all framing. I think I did okay in the framing department tonight. How it starts is how it goes, boys.

She has really fucking great lips, BTW. And a super expressive face… she’s emotional, I tell her so, she agrees. I do want to sex this girl.

We finish dinner, and she suggests we go to this bar where her friends are. And I say no. You see how this is going?? She asks why. I say because I want to spend time her, not her friends. She accept this. Okay, good.

She does want to walk… I make her walk anyway. On the way she says she thinks I’m testing her. I confirm. She asks how she’s doing. I say “so so, 60%.” She laughs.

I take her to a great bar, same place I took my client last week… and she’s been there before, says she doesn’t like it, it’s too loud. Ugg. So there’s a bar right across the street, just as loud, but I take her there instead. I don’t want any more debate, so I stuff her in a booth, and she’s texting like a teenager as I go get us drinks.

She’s being kind of stand-offish. I bring up the usual questions.

She’s only had 1 BF. They met when she was 18, and they were together 5 years (just broke up recently). Sex with him was “good.” She says she’s passionate about everything, including sex. I asked how many boys she’s kissed… I suggested “100,” she corrected me and said, maybe 10. I laughed. She’s never kissed a girl, and wasn’t into talking about that, made a face when I asked. I asked if she gets herself off, and she said no. That she can’t satisfy herself. No shame, very confident about all this. I didn’t bother asking if she had any toys. I asked how she likes to come… she likes the cock. I would expect that from her. Ball-busting princesses always want the cock as a means to orgasm. She is wearing pink underwear as we speak, with a floral pattern. She’s wearing a thong, which she calls a “T-back.” I told her most American boys love thongs, but I like regular, cotton, full ass panties. That’s true. I do.

At this point I tried kissing her. Rejected. No big deal. She said something like, “don’t rush.” She was rock-solid confident. I laughed.

I went to take a leak.

So I had told her to wear perfume on the date (I always do), and I usually save any talk about perfume for later… and it’s later at this point. So I ask. I really can’t smell it. And she signals it’s on her neck, so I grab her hair and go in. She smells amazing. I love it. She puts more on, and I smell her again. Fuck yes. I love perfume. I’m pulling her hair and smelling her. I love this part.

We talk about masculine/feminine. I say I think she and I are both “mixed types” (which I think is true). She asked me what my feminine qualities are. I talk about empathy/emotion/crying. She loves it. Holds my hand the whole time. And then… she kisses me. Light, but it was her, not me, that time. Okay, cool.

More chatter. I go in for another kiss… teasing her a bit. We kiss, lightly, but she’s not really going for it.

She’s in her phone, and she’s yawning, and I’m not sure where this is going, so I cut the date off. She’s going to that same bar she wanted to go to hours ago. Okay, fine.

She calls an Uber, I share it with her. 1 block from when we get out, I go in for another kiss. I get a light, lips-only kiss, but I pry her lips apart with mine, and get a slightly more action-packed moment. Okay, done. Goddamn, she has great lips.

I hop out, she does too. I give her a hug, head for the train, she goes to meet her girlfriend.


That was about a 6, on the scale of 1 – 10, in my book. I’m disappointed. Maybe in my own game, if not the little 24 year old herself. Maybe this date was a 7.5, but only because I think she’s hot and I do want to sex her. If she was more giggle-y, and cool, she would have been a 8.5 by my standards. But… not really a great date, as it was.

It is — however — a WONDERFUL FUCKING THING about game, that you have enough dates to be discerning. Most men have no idea what I’m talking about. I… have never dated this many new girls in my life, and I know a good date from a date where I was lame. And I wasn’t lame tonight.

The white girl I went out w/ last week… older, not as much my type, but still a better date, more compliant, much better kiss. I have a day3 with her on Friday. The two girls I dated my last week in Japan… both 20%+ better than this one. All of these “better” girls were older, BTW. I… love younger girls… I do… true true… and yet… older girls are more fun to date. Just sayin’.

She’s young. She’s a Princess. She was kind of a pain in the ass. I still want to suck those lips off her face.

I think I’ve decided I will invite her over for dinner at my place before she goes back to Japan next week (just a vacation, she’s here for a few months, at least). I will do the dinner thing, and I will be aggressive. I will be like Ozzi from RSD. I will run the fucking train.

It’s fucked up… but Princesses bring out the dick in me. That’s not what I want. I want to be cool, and I want her to be adorable. But if she’s going to bust balls — which she did a bit of that on this date, I think I passed — I’m going to just escalate like a beast, and blow her out if she doesn’t like it. Savage. That could be cool. And yet… I would like the “takedown” to be a little more civilized. I really would. Why the fucking struggle??


You see how I’m not that excited. “All struggle, no snuggle” © Nash.

We’ll see.

And… I still haven’t been laid from daygame. However… it’s amazing that I met this girl 48 hours ago, and we’re already well into the negotiations and makeouts. That… I love.

Go out on the street. Meet girls. Get a date/makeout. Japan or here… doesn’t matter. With skill and little luck… your next GF is fucking literally… right “around the corner.”

Viva Daygame, baby. I will prove this model yet.