Daygame-Pickup, Day2 with the Singer

In my last post I told the story of my defeat with the “best girl ever” from my daygame pickups. She was great. This story is about another girl I picked up on the same day, in Shibuya. She was actually the set I did right before I picked up “Shibuya Heartbreaker,” the 10th set of that day. Cute girl.

This girl has a slow, burning kind of energy. I can feel her burn even now. Very fucking sexy girl, and I saw a lot of that on our date. When I picked her up, it was because of that slowness, showing up in her walk. Just, dri-pping down the sidewalk as I gave chase that afternoon.

She opened, cautious, but hooked after a couple of comments from me. Her English wasn’t great at all, but she got what I was up to, took the compliment, nice smile. Good feminine/masculine vibe going on between she and I. She said she was on her way to go dance. It was mid-afternoon, and she was going to a dance class. Ballet, I said? “No, not, ballet… jazz dancring? You know?”

I tried to get her LINE. No LINE. I tried Facebook… nope. Okay… email?? Yes. She kind of lit up, opened her phone, and I typed in my address. All this is in my notes from that day’s game. Felt pretty on.

We pinged a few times via email, and she said she was actually doing burlesque. Okay. I sent her some drawings I’d done at a live burlesque event back home. This was Saturday, and she went quiet, and I had my “defeat” date that afternoon, and club game that night. I was working other leads as well. I felt good about this pickup, though, and was thinking I had about 50% chance of getting her out… but I was out of time.

After my lesson in humility from Miss Heartbreaker, I went back to hustling my leads, trying to score a final date for my trip. A few girls had surprised me by coming back to life, including a fun girl named Arika that felt very warm and was a sparkly pickup (never got her out). I had a day-date set up w/ a girl I met last year, and had casually maintained… but she canceled, which was fine with me, as I was hungover once again.

When I got back from the pool, I had a response from Burlesque on my computer. I had told her it was my last night, and she responded with “What?!” And after a couple of pings, I started in with a dinner invite… all of this is via email, and I don’t do email on my phone, so I kicked this lead along as I sipped tea and got some client work done in a cafe.

4 o clock and it started to look on, but then…

HER: What do you like dinner?
HER: Grill?or Japanese Food?
HER: hight cost Ok?

Hmmm, was she pimping me for a big dinner? “High cost ok?” WTF. I’d already sent her a link to the funky place I wanted to go (which is close to my house), and she was trying to move this in another direction.

I resent the link to my choice, ignoring her comments above.

HER: What Tokyo Garage?

ME: Food! Looks like a cool place.

She sent me a link to a super expensive place, $100/person kind of place.

ME: No. : ]
ME Too fancy.
ME: (link to another restaurant, very nice, but not that pricey and close to my place)
ME: Let’s do this ^… excellent food.

It’s fun to say no to girls. As I have more abundance, I’m have the chance to do this more and more… and I like it.

HER: (link to yet another restaurant)
HER: there is derishass!

“Derishass.” Ha. That’s funny. And knowing how much I love ass, I was hoping this was omen for the night to come. Delish-ass, indeed. I was working so hard to get some more Japanese tail before I left. Sweet Little 8 Lb 9 Ounce Baby Jesus… pls throw me a bone.

But here she’s trying to control the frame, and I don’t like that. Very bad sign — 9 times out of 10. But her English is terrible and it’s hard to negotiate like this, slowly, over email. And this is my last night. And I had no other leads coming at me… literally hours before I leave. Hmmm. I really don’t like girls fucking with the plan. It’s a strong test, and agreeing to their terms isn’t smart. This place was 1/2 the price of the first place, but she’s still jocking me for pricey meal.

Fuck it. It was going to be a cool experience, a Japanese BBQ place where the food is cooked at the table. And these are places that are hard to find as a gaijin.

I researched the location, seeing that it was easy to get to, just off a train station, and one stop from my place. Would be easy to cab back for “cheesecake” later. I cleaned up, still hungover from the clubs and long drinking session the night before (and the night before, and the night before), sucked down a Redbull (I never drink that shit, but I binged my last week in Tokyo as I was dating and partying a lot and it was wearing me down) and walked into the chilly Tokyo night, condoms in my pocket, a solider, ready for a firefight.

Hit the neighborhood of the restaurant a little early, name of the place safely in my Google Maps app, steering me a long. I didn’t want to hang around out front, looking like a dork, so I made sure I knew where it was and then hit a different place for a whiskey and read some game on my phone to get my mindset together.

I was thinking of Tom Torero, as I had been reading Torero travels on this trip, and this is what he would have done before a date if he was early. Tom’s books are really great reading, as he shares his internal psychology on his own seductions and they help condition me and are encouraging me to rise up toward his level of game. I like his first book better, but Travels was a perfect read for this trip of mine.

I show up at the restaurant a minute after 9 PM, and the guys there can’t understand me at all. I don’t see her — and to be honest, I barely remember what she looks like, as no Facebook or LINE. They don’t want me to wait inside, they kind of want to get rid of me. I walk outside, and send her an email from my webmail account… I made sure I had this covered before I left my apartment, forwarding her email address from my normal email to this account as a backup communication plan. I purposely keep my work email off of my phone, so my work doesn’t follow me around when I’m out socializing. (I recommend that. Work stays on my computer. My phone is for girls and friends only.) I was smart to have this backup plan, as I needed it.

She pings me immediately saying she’s inside… I go back in and deal w/ the guys in the aprons. They bring out a 4th guy and he pulls me around the corner and I see her. Ummm, she’s cute. The squad of waiters relaxes a bit. She’s a little serious looking, but dressed in a long knit dress, little gold shoes and matching glittery nails. Sexy. And she put in some effort. She checked me out, looking me up/down, like she was in a barn buying a horse. Ha. The warm-up whiskey was helping me keep my chest out, and I wasn’t nervous, I was ready for the dance. Go ahead, check me out… all ‘dis here. Ha.

We’re seating opposite each other (again, I didn’t pick the spot or the table), and she really doesn’t speak much English at all, but I had the Google Translate app bit down at this point. We started chatting, mostly via the app, but some by voice. I told a joke when she asked about my job and she didn’t like it, said it was a mean joke. It wasn’t, I just wasn’t taking her work-talk seriously, and I laughed. She’s a tough one. Little bit of a rough start, but I still felt confident. I know what I’m doing here. Daygame teaches you to roll through tough moments… no big deal.

I made her order for us, as the menu was 100% Japanese. I leaned back, flicking the back of my hand at her, saying “C’mon, do it, order” — encouraging her and being cocky and smiling. She ordered food for us both and a ginger ale. She said she does drink, but that she wasn’t drinking tonight. Okay. Her eyes popped open when I ordered my whiskey rocks.

I started my charm with the waiters, being super polite and thanking them and giving them long doses of direct eye contact each time they came to the table … they were quickly starting to like me. She liked this as much as every other girl I dated in Japan. Social proofing myself, in her restaurant, in her language.

The waiters delivered our drinks, and lit the grill at our table. Really nice place, excellent. With a flexible, wide-mouthed hose thing that hung down from the ceiling, and sucking all the smoke up so it’s not in your face. I reached over the table and touched her glittery fingertips. She was warming up a little bit.

She is a singer. She lives in a “girls maison,” which I am guessing is a kind of dorm (interesting how much French culture is in Japan). She’s not super young, but a solid 10+ years younger than me (she looked about 26, that was my guess), and I was definitely attracted to her. She asked my age and I joked with her, never told her. She gave up, and smiled. Okay, good. She lost her virginity at 21. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and hasn’t for a while. She says her dad is “over protective.” She works on her singing career pretty much full time. At one point she was a professional dancer of some kind. I never did figure out how she pays her bills, as I don’t think she’s making any money from singing, not much anyway. And she was mysterious about that, and the dancing. Maybe she has been a stripper?

That was an interesting thing about her… I know she wasn’t really telling me the whole story. I kind of liked it.

I think I asked her how long it’s been since she had sex, I can’t remember what she said. It’s so easy for me to talk to girls about sex these days, and, in my opinion, as you confidently ask those questions you’re moving the seduction along nicely.

I can type on my phone faster than she can type on hers (maybe it’s the sexy nails), so I could dominate the discussion, firing comments at her via the app. She would smile and give me that sexy gaze over the grill, and then slowly blink her eyes and drag out a response in English or via her phone’s translator. Good date.

She went on and on about work in the first part of the date, and I definitely felt like she was trying to get some networking or something out of me as she knows I’m from California. She was doggedly fishing around to see if I could somehow “introduce her to producer of famous singers.” I laughed. I accused her of wanting to be famous, and I folded my arms as I told her everyone in LA was like her… moving to LA to become a star. This backed her up a bit. I told her I wasn’t going to make her famous, kind of pushing her away, and she chilled out. I think I had the frame at this point. She was tough with me, so I gave her some of that back.

Hmmmm. Taking the frame in terms of the picking the eating spot. Rejected my opening joke with a bit of a sneer. Hustling me for connections. This date would have sucked if “the old me” was out with this kind of girl. But I’m not the old me.

I told her she talks about work too much, that tonight was about fun, and that’s when I got into the sex talk. I accused her of being “fancy” and disqualified myself by saying I was simple… to which she immediately re-qualified, saying she was simple too. Good, good. She was coming around. I was pulling out her best side. I did my usual thing, talking about masculine/feminine energy. I told her I thought she was very feminine, and I liked that about her when I stopped her. She bloomed with those lines.

I think this is a really important aspect of game and of being a man. The same girl can blossom or come off like a bitch depending on your skills and your masculine edge (or lack of it). Charm her, lead, and if she is worthy, you’ll see some sunshine. She was starting to shine for me.

I made her cook the food for us when the waiter wasn’t doing it. And she served me, and she did so sweetly. And the waiter was interested in me, and asking me questions. I slugged back some whiskey to go with this delicious food – and it was excellent. Japanese beef, I think we ate some intestine, ridiculous sauces. I gave her one of my custom stickers, mid-dinner. She loved it. I was enjoying this night. Thank you, Daygame. Thank you, Game.

Dinner wound down, and… time for the cheesecake plan. Yes, she does like cheesecake. I told her we’d go to my place in Shibuya, I would play her some music, show her some art, and we’d have desert, send her home in a cab later. It was about 11 PM.

She gave me a nice feminine smile and said yes. Okay, game on.

Caught a cab in a second (cabs are expensive in Tokyo, but they are everywhere, and that really helps logistics). Right to my door. Cabbie was loving me and she/he were laughing. She was impressed by my building… this girl is all about status. We walked up the stairs and we were inside. She immediately turned on some more lights. She’s a little bit forceful this one. Strong.

I had a fresh slice of cheesecake from a fancy bakery, but first put on a very sexy modern R&B mix, bumped some Ty Dolla Sign (“Got a long legged bitch in my bed right now…”). She liked it. Cheesecake. We fed each other. It was getting hot, very hot. I went in for the kiss… slight hesitation and… yes. Very nice kiss. Better than my other date, actually, better lips, and her serious/dark side made things passionate. I’d hover over her lips and we’d share breath, beats grinding in the background. Hot. I wanted to get this girl naked.

Interesting moment as we looked at photos of my art on Facebook and I was telling her she’s crazy for not having Facebook account if she wants to be famous — and she does want that. So she tells me she had to shut it down, as her ex boyfriend would find her if she was on social media. She was very serious as she talked about him. Ouu. She explained that he was “dangerous” and a “bad man.” I asked “Yakuza?” She said yes. Mafia, with political connections. She was hiding from him. Wow. I didn’t push that further. It’s an amazing world.

She wouldn’t take off her coat. I tried several times. I tried some other tactics… pulling her hair out of her coat, running my ringers thru her hair. She responded well to the hair bit. I kissed her neck. More sexy, teasing kissing. I’d back off and release every moment or so. Going back to looking at art. I showed her all the Tokyo street stickers I’d collected. I figured this was going to happen, but she was resisting. I was calm and comfortable.

It was almost midnight, and she was saying she had to go. I got her scarf off, but it was work. She said she had to go again. More kissing. I told her I was paying for her cab home, so there was no rush and she could leave whenever she wanted. We danced a bit together. I kissed her neck. She’d smack my hands away whenever I touched her hips — and actually sort of playfully slapped my cock at one point, which she thought was funny. She sang a bit for me, nice voice, singing over my mix.

And then… she cut the date off. Fuck. I smiled, and leaned back, and said “I know, know,” but she was beginning to get suspicious of me and I could feel her eyeing the door and tightening up. I made she I never got between her and the door… trying to make sure she felt safe. She told me she doesn’t want “one night sex,” and picked up her purse to go.

It was over. I let it go, got my wallet as she put her scarf back on. Walked her to the street, kissed her again. She had made up her mind. It was done. She jumped in the cab.

She’s serious about moving to LA to help her career. She emailed me this morning thanking me and showing me the sticker I gave her, she’d stuck it on something. Maybe I’ll see her in California some time? Long game for now.

That was a great date, but I was amazed that for the 4th time this week, with the 3rd girl, I was stopped just before I could make it happen. Daygame had given me two dates with native girls, and some kissing, but no lay (my one lay coming from the girl I pulled at dinner a week earlier).

Again, I’m sure my game could be better, but this wasn’t bad. This girl would have had sex with me, on day3, or day4, I bet. She took my directness and escalation well, but she’s not a super wild girl, focused on her singing career, and wouldn’t do fast sex with me. Okay.

I went back to my apartment, got my stuff together, and went out for a few final hours of club game. It was a Sunday, but I had found a club that goes off every night, and they had an “all mix” party that night. All locals, millions of very cute girls, super cool guys.

I hit a pub first, gamed two sets of girls, and I looked like I owned the place. I gave this 27 year old a kiss on the cheek as I left, was getting crazy attraction from her friend with jet black eyes. Wasn’t that into either of them, and they had to work in the morning.

Club… was fucking amazing. No real action for me (no makeouts), but I don’t run aggressive club game. Several folks bought me drinks/shots and the bar tender was super cool and was killing me with big whiskeys and I was tipping him out. Last thing I remember was hanging out w/ two Danish guys… they were super cool, coolest white faces I’d met in all of Japan.

I woke up as the housekeeper came into my room at 9:40 AM, me coming out of a deep sleep, naked under the comforter. I know I was still up at 5AM, as I had a receipt from 7-11 in my pocket from when I went to get some cash I was supposed to leave in the room from the previous weeks house-cleaning. I’d done that chore somehow, shitfaced, on my way home, before I passed out.

I think I set my alarm, but I might have shut it off. The housekeeper backed out, apologizing, me saying “I’m sorry,” over and over in Japanese. I was clearly still drunk. I jumped up, quickly showered and threw my stuff in my bags, forgetting a shirt I like and all my chargers. Ha. Oh well.

I left another mark on Tokyo this year. And Tokyo left another mark on me. What a great trip. And what an amazing run of game. 79 sets of daygame (at least) in the three weeks were I got busy.

I’m on the plane right now, somewhere over the blue Pacific. I think I have a cold, but I kissed 5 girls this week and beat myself to death with partying. Tonight I sleep in my own bed, with a smoke on my couch before I pass out.

I bet I’m sick for a few days when I get home, but that’s fine. I need to work after I fucked off so much this last week. Next week, I’ll be better, and I’ll get to bring my new reference experience to game in my hometown. I’m looking fwd to it, but will miss the parade of gorgeous Japanese girls as I trade Tokyo game for the wider range of Asian girls on my home territory.

Man, I love Asian women. The Japanese, perhaps, most of all.

Yes to Tokyo. Yes to home. And yes to daygame.

Sayonara, Nippon.