Defeated by the Shibuya Heartbreaker

This is a story about a very fucking cool Japanese girl I picked up on the streets of Shibuya. One of the coolest girls I’ve ever dated. Tokyo daygame did yield a little bit of fruit for me. This is one of my stories.

I met her less than a week ago, the day that I did daygame before my date w/ the Korean Princess. She was the 11th girl of the day, a funky, lovely girl, with long beautiful hair and a great sense of style. She is a hair/makeup stylist, and does professional gigs at studios and on photo shoots. She’s bubbly, confident, girly, and a smooth operator. I became more and more impressed with her as this story progressed. She one of the highest quality girls I’ve ever dated.


She had flashed me some eye contact as I prowled Shibuya that day, and I popped her open. We’d had a great interaction, and I’d set up the idea for a date at the time. I took her LINE, and she was fun, cute and flirty as we messaged. I had found a type of “Yes” girl.

I think I have a flaw in my game where I go for the date too quickly once I have a girls contact info… when I have tons of leads I don’t do this as much, but when I don’t have much to work with, I don’t like to take the chance of letting the lead go stale. I think I’m missing some meet-ups because I don’t follow the ping-ping-date pace of the initial msgs. This time, I joked and exchanged “cute” pictures with her for a round or two and then:

NASH: Tonight…
NASH: You are having dinner with me! : ]



I had her meet me at the Hachico statute. She was on time and lovely. A very extraverted and friendly girl, but a little bit wide-eyed and cautious as she walked with this White Beast to a shabu-shabu place I’d eaten at last time I was in Tokyo. Nice, private little “rooms” with screens between them set up an intimate atmosphere. I directed her into a seat and then sat beside her, leaning back and starting my game for the night.

I was touching her immediately. Food and drinks. Her, red wine that made her lips a lickable purple and me, whiskey “rocku,” as they say in Japan. Her English wasn’t perfect, but conversation flowed nicely. I like to talk to girls about how I picked them up, how hot they were on the street and how fun it was to walk up and meet them. I did that with this girl, spiking the interaction as I played out the pickup, giving her what Krauser would call the “mesmer.” She was smooth, like I said, but I could see her spike here/there. We talked about sex. She lost her virginity when she was 17. I asked her what her favorite part of her body was, and she said her hips. I leaned back and looked her up and down. Hot moments. I told her about the gay neighborhood I live in back home, and showed her some crazy photos on the internet of gay street parties and she spiked hard. We talked about how she likes to kiss girls, but hasn’t in a long time.

As I started working out the logistics, I asked if she lived alone and she said no.

— That’s when I learned that she lives with her… boyfriend.

Ahhh. Okay. Surprise, surprise. My lay last week was with a married woman, and now I’m on an explicitly “man-woman” date with a girl with a live-in boyfriend. Hmmmmmm. Women, very interesting.

I was slightly bugged by the boyfriend bit as she’d seemed so “green light,” but I had plans to go clubbing later, no need to be attached here, so I shrugged off my reservations and ploughed on.

I touched her more. I had asked her to wear perfume for me, and she did, so I was smelling her — wrists, neck, and her long beautiful hair. Lots of deep eye contact as dinner dragged out and the drinks flowed. I took her hands a bit.

I don’t speak Japanese, not really, but I studied via Pimsleur and got some basics down. On all my dates in Japan, the girls really liked the way I interacted with the wait staff. I am really good about being polite, fun, friendly and grateful with people, and with a little bit of Japanese, I was able to get great reactions on these dates. And I watched every girl I dated on this trip kind of go into a trance and stare at me while I did this kind of stuff. I do it because I love people, and rich interactions, but… yes, girls can see “value” when I’m in my flow. Some of this is my personality, but 7 years of game and self improvement have given me really good skills here.

I read/heard one description of alpha that goes “Alpha behavior is in how you treat others and how they treat you.” If you’re weak and the bad kind of “nice,” people will see the supplication and reject you, and your value will be low. Doormat game. If you’re the good kind of “nice” — friendly, confident, willing to take chances, generous and genuine — you’ll get incredible treatment in return. I like that definition of alpha. Real alpha, no caveman bullshit. Tokyo, in a general way, responds well to my game. I made a million friends on this trip.

Okay… I asked if she liked cheesecake and she said yes. I asked her to come back to my place… for cheesecake and to see my art… and she said, “no!,” reminding me she had a boyfriend and acting shocked and laughing. I laughed with her, and nodded my head, and told her “I know, I know…” and gave her a cocky grin.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I said, “let’s get out of here.” Before we left I told her I wanted to see if she was a good kisser, and I went for it, and she pushed me away, laughing and saying no.

When we stood up I helped her put on her coat, and then took her hands and said, “one of the things I like most about being single is that I get to meet interesting girls and ask them all kinds of funny questions.” She smiled. She likes me, and my boldness. So I asked her, “When you’re having sex… you know, sex? Uh huh… how do you, you, like to come? You understand? Orgasm? How do you like to like to orgasm?” And then I half spoke, half mimed out “fingers, mouth, or cock?” Her eyes popped a little, but she’s a confident, experienced girl, and she replied, “Uhhhhh, maybe… mouth?” And gave me a little nod. I looked her up and down slowly, and then more intense eye contact.

We talked about another date for Sunday, but she said it was her boyfriend’s day off. Okay. I figured this was it. Close now or it wasn’t going to happen.

I dragged her out of our private room, and just before we took the stairs to the where you pay the bill, I grabbed her hand, pushed her against the wall, and kissed her. Her mouth was open, juicy bottom lip to suck, and a little bit of tongue… but she laughed through the kiss, pushed me away, and took off toward the door.

As we climbed the stairs… she lifted up her long sweater and flashed her ass to me. She was wearing leggings… but she was starting to give me what I wanted. Yes to that.

— That’s when I thought her boyfriend wasn’t a cool guy, and wasn’t going to be a problem.

In the elevator, another kiss. Her still laughing.

Ground floor. Some debate about desert at my house. Another kiss, she wasn’t really going for it.

At this point I went explicit with her. Working through the language barrier, I got her to understand that I have a “cock” and she has a “pussy.” Uh huh, she nodded, eyes big. And then I took her hands, and pulled her in. And told her I wanted to take her back to my house… put on some music… lay her down on my bed… spread her legs… and eat her pussy. All of this super slow, intense eye contact. When I made the “spread your legs” gesture, my cock got hard. Fucking sexy moment right there. She stared at me, and then… shook herself out of the trance, and made her break for the station. Looking back over her shoulder and smiling as she walked away. Me rooted in place, staring her down, nodding my head slowly saying, yep, that’s right.

Okay. Huh.

I stood there at the Scramble and laughed. I was bummed I wasn’t going to eat that girls pussy, but it was a great experience.

Fuck yeah, daygame… best date yet, I thought to myself. I’m working through the model and I’ll get my first fucking lay from daygame soon, I can feel it. I think I’ve had some bad luck up until now, but I’m getting closer. And of course my game needs improvement. But I’m putting in the time, opening the girls, escalating. I’ll get it done. It’ll happen soon.

So then I went to Roppongi, got wasted and ran a bunch of ridiculous night game.

An amazing day!

Part II