Doggy Dinner Bowl Look | First Date with Miss Good Smell

Okay, I think I officially have another Girl Tornado in effect. And I had my first date with Miss Good Smell, which is why the “Tornado Warning” is now official.

We have Siren and Miss Thick on rotation. This is the first time I’ve had two girls I really like, that like me, in a harem pattern. Sexing both of them, each week, for several weeks now. Solid. Awesome. Go daygame.

As for the rest of the tornado, the Mongolian Mom (haven’t written about her yet) is actively texting with me, and we had a date set up for Thursday, but she cancelled last minute as her babysitter fell thru. Rescheduled for next week. That same night, I was trading messages after midnight with a 19 yr old daygame girl I’d picked up last week. And the cute little Chinese art student that had gone silent also responded to a ping text. She was very enthusiastic.

Unstable energy. The chaos of girls. Lots of leads. Anything could happen. This is what Tornado country looks like.

All of this set me up for my date with Miss Good Smell. This is the girl I insta-dated on Wednesday. She has been very lively via Facebook messages.

Druing our idate on last week, I suggested that I take her to the modern art museum. This is a standard date for me, I have taken many girls on this date at this point. She liked the idea, and was enthusiastic on text as we set up the logistics:

GOOD SMELL: Caant waait

I posted up where she and I agreed to meet, and proof read my Cheesecake post that I was working on at the time.

I like having my head down in my phone as I wait for my dates. I did this all the time in Japan, as I wasn’t always sure I’d recognize the girl and wanted her to come to me. And I don’t really get nervous before a date, but the distraction of the post kept me out of my head. This is all part of my date routine.

I looked up and she was there. And she looked cute.

When I wrote about my idate with her, I talked about her smell. And the intoxicating effect of that smell. I mentioned how I didn’t feel like running game after spending that time with her… I had been sucked into the vibe of she and I. We have good chemistry.

As she approached for the date, I had a shot of “okay, there she is, she’s cute, but she’s still a very normal girl.” Imperfections and all. But then… then I got another hit of that chemistry. I felt glad to see her right away and we seemed very much to be where we’d left off on our idate.

But before the date even got started…

NASH: I have one request…
HER: Hehe tell me?

Ahhhh… See this? I am obviously about to ask for some compliance. Look at her response. She is embracing my request before she’s even heard it. That is the vibe between us. But it’s also her personality.

She is obviously into me. But beyond that, she is upbeat, happy and generous. These are the kinds of girls I want to be dating. She is a very likable girl.

NASH: You said you like perfume? Yes?
NASH: If so… Pls wear some.
NASH: I love perfume.
HER: Hehe okkay
HER: No problem

Okay, cool.

This kind of request is a kind of gambit. Asking for something is only a good idea when you’re going to get a positive reply, so there is a risk here. But if she does comply, you have the beginnings of a pattern of compliance.

You also have her investing. I was trying to do a bit of both in this instance.

A new friend of mine, I’ll call him Mr Cigar (I met him on an RSD forum, we’ve been out hunting together once)… he and I were talking about how making a girl pay for dates can help to get her invested. I don’t do that much. But that point about investment is worth some thought. Like all of us, when she works for something, the thing has more value to her. That’s the general idea.

The perfume request is a type of compliance I do quite often. I do think there is a small risk to it. (One girl thought it was weird… but she did wear perfume on that date.)

I like this kind of compliance gambit. And it is a type of investment-play (like Tom Torero’s routine where he tells the girl to bring him a present on the first date, but it has to be under 1£… he always brings her a Kinder egg).

For me, this routine has the added benefit that if she wears perfume, I can use that as an excuse to smell her neck or wrist or hair, etc. And I always take that as another chance to touch her and get up in her space, but also to give her some positive feedback about how great she smells — I really do love perfume.

So as Good Smell arrives the first thing I smell, again, is “her” smell. She did wear some perfume (it was wonderful, but subtle), but it’s wasn’t the perfume I could smell. It was her. And I get another big wave of intoxication from that smell. And I tell her so. And I’m touching her and telling her she smells great, and we’re off to a good start.

This would be too much for some girls, but for she and I, it’s great. She is attracted, I don’t need a lot of “push” at this stage.

I lead her along the path I take from the train station to the museum. We’re chatting and it’s going well.

At the museum, and in line for tickets in the Members areas, the woman at the counter is looking something up on the computer, and I look down and see Miss Good Smell’s hand. I slip my hand into hers, with no pretext, and she squeezes it and we hold hands. More easy, sweet compliance from her.

The museum was fantastic. I love that place. The current show is excellent.

My annual membership means I have a very inexpensive place to take girls (I can go as often as I want, and being a date each time). But I also love being there. And I become a little more of an expert each time I go. And it inspires me… I want to make art just thinking about that place.

As the our time at the museum got started, I wanted to kiss her right away. It was a strong feeling. But I did not do it.

At one point we were near the top floor, back in a corner, and I was looking for a place to slip her around a corner and make a move. The whole ideas was a turn on. I didn’t do it, and I felt briefly like I’d lost some momentum.

Meanwhile, she was occasionally touching the paintings, which is not cool. I figured I’d let the guards yell at her (so I didn’t have to), but she got away with it. At one point I told her she is likely to get busted if she keeps that up and I gave her a slight disapproving look and I think she took the hint.

But this transitioned us into the idea that she “sees” the world through touch. This is part of the puzzle of knowing her. She said she loves the feel of the canvas, and especially when the paint is thick on the surface.

I used this opportunity to tell her that it’s obvious that I like to touch her — and I pawed her all over as I said that. And that it’s sexual (and I got a bit lecherous at that moment), but that I also come from a hands-on family, so even affectionate touch is normal for me. And then more touching her everywhere, but in a less lecherous way.

She was a mix of warm smiles and “doggy dinner bowl look” for all this touching.


Now a brief detour into the concept of “doggy dinner bowl” eyes, and what it means when a girl is giving you that kind of look:

As I worked on this post, I thought I’d try to find a good original source for the concept of the Doggy Dinner Bowl Look (DDBL).

^ From my personal copy of The Game.

For some reason, I think this topic is worth a few more moments of our time. And it was fun to do a little research on this for this post.

The DDBL is something I first came across (in The Game) about 10 years ago. And while my game was horribly amateurish and ineffective for years, I was able to spot that look right away as I began my education as a seducer. And aspiring players know what that look is, and know what it means… even if they don’t know the term.

Here is something I found from a guy that calls himself YaReally in the comments on the Heartiste’s blog:

“PUAs call that “the doggy dinner bowl look”. Where they look at you like you’re just the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen in their lives, like a starving dog looks at you when you bring his dinner… you pretty much can’t fuck up from here, she’s decided you’re ‘the one’.”
— YaReally

That’s about right. This can be a wonderful ego-boost when you see a girl going DDB on you. It’s like a type of applause, like she is clapping for your game. To cite something else I wrote, you might see this look (in special cases) when she goes from being a “critic” to a “super fan” of your performance as a man.

And I see this a lot from girls that I’m dating more regularly. Siren gives me full DDB all the time (and she is one of those “special cases” where this can go on, date after date). My ex from years ago, a Korean girl (that I also called Siren, at the time), gave me DDB for years… and when she did it, it somehow made her more beautiful. Maybe she was enchanted, but when she would give me that look, I was under her spell as well. And Miss Thick is in this stage with me now.

MISS THICK: It’s really hard for me to focus on my homework
MISS THICK: Keep thinking about you.

This is from WeChat after a recent date she and I had. I know her well enough to know that these are the words behind her own version of the DDB. This is that “near worship” quality, combined with a smile.

The point is to recognize the look. And I know from seeing this look from my various girlfriend-types, that this means it’s “more than on.” So if you see this in a new girl (and you will often get this look in the first minute), it’s “more than on” and you can use that as a sign to get busy.

That girl there in the middle ^… she is doing DDB. The non-smiling version. It’s a mix of resignation and adoration. She is not smiling, but she is a very happy girl. The non-smiling version of DDB is like “love-meets-agony.” The smiling version is closer to “ecstatic.”

Doggy Dinner Bowl eyes are about her being drunk on her own chemicals. This is what happens when you put a little bit of gasoline on the spark that a good cold-approach can inspire. This is about her body chemicals. And the rules of attraction.

“Some girls hit the DDB really fast (a shy innocent girl who’s dazzled by your cocky/funny stuff as soon as she meets you) and some take a while (a bitchy older cougar who tests you like a motherfucker over and over to see if you’re congruent)”
— YaReally

I could see some of this on our idate. Probably around the time during that initial date when I wanted to kiss her. I’m guessing she is relatively inexperienced (more on that later), and she might qualify for what YaReally is calling “shy/innocent” in his comment above.

“Girls who DDB will usually start chasing you down from that point. They’ll force their phone number on you, make excuses to meet up with you again…
— YaReally

And this was definitely true. As I left her with the Facebook friend request after that idate, and she not only accepted, but initiated the first few comments. She initiated a few other chats since then… again, we have a happy girl on our hands here.

As one more point of reference on the doggy dinner bowl look, here is a great discussion from an RSD forum.

“Hey folks, thought I would share the best example I’ve seen of the doggy dinner bowl look on video in a long time.”
— RSD commentor Rod

Okay… that’s a pretty thorough treatment of DDBL. I think we can move on.

Back to the date…

When we left off, I was touching her everywhere and she gave me the DDBL. And I was talking about how she likes to touch things, and…

Without going into complete sex-talk, I asked her if she’s been to a strip club before. It’s surprising how many women have… and she has as well, but that’s not her thing.

That lead us to a conversation about what kind of girls she would pick, if she were in a strip club. I role played this scenario where she and I were in a high-end club, in a private room, and she could pick any girl she wanted. I asked a bunch of qualifying questions and she came up with: A medium-sized girl, dark, short curly hair. Medium boobs. Curvy. She thinks a hot girl needs to be curvy, not too skinny.

Okay, cool.

As we had been talking about touching, I asked if she had her perfect stripper I front of her, would she touch her? And this was a fun game for both of us… as she was a bit shy about saying how she felt and I was enjoying making her feel shy.

I reminded her that this whole “fantasy” was about her being a very “touch-oriented” person (with her wanting to feel the canvases, etc.). This allowed me to walk the line between being the sick pervert I am and showing her greater mastery over social dynamics and other intellectual themes.

Great date so far.

Museum is about to close. I have been in this exact position before, several times. Yohami coached me on some date last Fall with a similar situation (I can’t remember which) and I think his point was something like “you can just take her home.” Maybe even skip the museum and go straight home. That wasn’t in my reality at the time. It is now.

Now that the museum is closing and they are kicking us out, I know I’m going to give her a choice of a proper adult drink with alcohol or a tea. Both could be great.

But I also know that part of me wants to take her to this tea place that is close to the museum… and another part of me knows that taking her to the coffee place in my neighborhood is the right choice.

And the world slows down as I have these thoughts, and there is epic battle in my head… am I going to do the thing I used to do? Or the am I going to do the smart thing?

There is a lot of ^ this going on in my game right now.

There is a coffee place about 100 yards from my front door. It is a gay neighborhood, and a pretty gay coffee place, but so what. And I took Miss Thick there two weeks ago, and bounced her the 100 yards back to my place… and fucked her.

And it occurred to me then that I have never had a proper date there before. And how dumb that is of me. It’s a cool place. And the logistics are unbeatable.

I have lived in this neighborhood for almost six years. Why did it take me so long to start using that place in my game? Really? Why?!

It’s a sign of how much we train-wreck our own results. About how we sabotage ourselves. About how we create our own “tussle.” Wow. How often do I do this in life? How much else about game and life am I incapable of seeing??

Anyway… so I make the offer — “drink or tea?” — and she says she thinks tea would be better. And I can see some light caution in her eyes. So I say… (want to guess what I say??)… I say:

NASH: Okay, I’m going to take you to this great coffee place in my neighborhood…

Wow. Finally got that one right.

I didn’t fuck her on this date… or that would have been in the title of the post. But the rest of the date was excellent, all the same.

We took the train to my gay neighborhood. We finished the talk about strippers at this point, and I moved on to asking if she has ever kissed a girl. She squirmed a bit, and said she didn’t think that was a good question for a relationship like ours. So I said that, to me, that meant she HAD kissed a girl… and that it meant something to her… because she was dodging the question. I was right, she has kissed a girl. Her best friend. Close-mouthed, she said. But I could tell all this was hot for her… the conversation, if not that girl-kiss.

Good sexy vibe all the way to my neighborhood.

We got off the train and walked past all the boys that got their drinking started early on that particular Friday afternoon. All this is strange and unusual for a nice girl from Mongolia. And the coffee place was just past the madness and debauchery… and close to my house.

And we get tea, and I walked her outside to sit in the cool breeze of one of my neighbor’s stoops. We sat and had a nice little chat.

This was a slow, almost awkward part of the date. Our first low moment. Some silence — which is rare for me, the King of Words. Chit chat. Getting to know each other. I learned some sad things about her. This was comfort and connection. We talked about travel, family, why she was here in the US.

She is here to work on her English. But also to “learn about herself.” I like that about her.

And then…

NASH: Hey, I want to take you to dinner
NASH: I need to feed my cats first, come with me…

There is the bounce. I will do that move again, I’m sure.

She had a flash of caution, but she agreed.

My place, cats, they were great, as always.

A tour of the place. My art.

We are standing in the late afternoon sunlight in the room that is attached to my bedroom, each of us sipping some water from heavy glass cups, cats at our feet, we walk to the hall, I grab her arm, turn her around… and kiss her.

It’s mild, but good.

We walk to the kitchen… I put our glasses down, push her up against the counter, and kiss her some more. It’s hotter. I am turned on.

And now… this is the confession of the post:

I know I could have fucked her. I knew it then. But I didn’t do it.


I’m not certain.

I ended up taking her to dinner. We walked from my house, it was lovely.

And it was early, and I really did assume that we would have dinner, it would still be early, and a Friday night, and we would come back, she would be very comfortable as she’d already been in my place, and we would fuck.

That was my plan. But there is something in me that knows that I “should” have fucked her when I had the chance. What does “should” mean in this instance? I’m not sure.

I wanted to. I was not at all desperate, but I was horny. I did think it was likely we would fuck after dinner… but I know I sort of cockblocked myself here.

Hmmm. My confession. There you have it.

I should have a notch-story here, and I do not, and I truly believe I am the reason it didn’t happen (which is almost always true). And not because I’m shy. Or because I am afraid to pull the trigger. I did everything I needed to, except drag her to my bed… I’m still not sure why.

And with that out of the way… I did think that pouncing on her would have been a little too horny. There is some part of me that thinks I was being cool by trying to wait until after dinner, at least for our first fuck.

Maybe this is tussle… but it didn’t feel like it. I felt then (and I feel now) calm and confident about the whole thing. This wasn’t a fighty, gamey move on my part. I felt like… I wasn’t in a rush.

Was this bad game?? I don’t know.

Is this because I’d already fucked two other girls that week? I’m not sure.

I had kissed her. Many times. Grabbed her ass. Pulled her hair. Pinned her wrists to the wall of my hallway, and put my hand on her throat… all that. I wasn’t shy. I’m no LJBFs. I was a sexual threat, and she liked it.

And I’m still curious about this.

If I never fuck her I will be pissed off I cockblocked myself, and yet…

I’m not really disappointed I didn’t fuck her that night.

And I still think it will happen. And that part of this was actual confidence.

Hmmm. Am I fooling myself?

We walked through the part together, at sunset, and had dinner at my favorite ramen spot… and it was great.

And after, I said… “Well, now I will give you two choices. You can come back to my place for desert…” — The Cheesecake Trap was set — “…or we can take you to your train.”

And she said it was late (9 PM, Friday) and she should go.

So I walked her along to the train, kissed her again, held her hands and she did more DDBL, and I said I wanted to see her soon.

And then I walked away.

I went home, drank a whiskey and a beer, had a kind smoke, and passed out.

We have a 2nd date for tomorrow.

YOHAMI: Congrats man, here comes another one.

We’ll see.

Viva daygame.