First and Only Date With Miss Korea

I picked her up at 3 PM… and had her on a date that night.

I was saying in my notes from yesterday that I didn’t have a date for tonight. Originally I had a date with Firecracker, but she moved it to Saturday. I had a date with Miss Sincere for Sunday, but she canceled. I am trying to hustle a date with Miss Freckles for Sunday or Tuesday and she hasn’t confirmed yet…

Friday was wide open.

So I did some approaching and met this girl from Korea. So charming. She claps her hands enthusiastically when she is excited. Her face is very expressive, her little eyebrows almost permanently cocked into this emotive caring gesture. Little pony tail. Totally lovable girl.

Maybe 23? I know I am on a “hot streak,” and it won’t necessarily last… but this is so common for me now, I don’t really notice anymore. She never asked my age. 20 years younger than me (if my guess is right). Yes to all this.

And this is the girl that got closed by another guy (she is the “set of the day”), same day, right before I picked her up. He locked her down for dinner, but I pressed for a drink after that. She was somewhat open to the idea. I took her WhatsApp, made sure we were connected there and went back to hunting.

NASH: Don’t get too busy tonight… I want to see you again… before you go back to Korea and break my heart.
HER: U r the Strangest stranger i’ve met kkkkkkk
NASH: Not strange…
NASH: So charming.

And later:

NASH: I am meeting a friend for a drink, but I am free at 10? Where are you staying?
HER: Im staying at XYZ. I think it’s a bit late. Feel bit tired.
NASH: I know I know
NASH: But its Friday… Your last Friday in the US. You need adventure and experience.
NASH: Let’s do 9:30… I’ll pick a place near you.
HER: Lol okay, then pick a place near me and let me know

I was actually out for an unplanned drink with an ex of mine (those big fake boobs felt great as we hugged and I was tempted to make out again) as all these logistics were coming along. I finish that up and race home, eating in the Uber to save time. Quick clean up of me and the place and I race back out to meet her.

She is on time. Wore the same cute, but non-sexy outfit she had on when I picked her up. She is warm and easy to be with right away. We order drinks and I make her sit next to me… a little resistance there, but she complies.

And then I had a nice hour and a half with a pretty young girl.

I asked about her dinner date, telling her that I’m curious about how that guy handled himself. Did he tell her he liked her? Make any moves? No… seemed uneventful as she commented. He was younger than her and had just broken up with a different Korean girl. Meh.

I get into some of my usual stuff. She had sex for the first time at 21. A BF she had been with for 3 months, sex was not good. 2nd lover was better, sex was better. I didn’t press this one for how she likes to come. Like all Asian girls (it seems) she is excited about strip clubs… And would pick a tall blonde with big boobs if she had her choice. She said I am the first “stranger” with whom she has ever talked about this kind of stuff.

I am noticing now that she called me “stranger” twice in this little affair. That’s a clue to her mindset.

There was one “happy accident” (…Yohami concept) where I was trying to demonstrate something like calibration for her. I had been talking about how other men make or don’t make their moves, and I wanted to demo calibrating after a girl rejects the kiss. This is all an excuse to kino her and make her think about kissing me. So I tell her what I’m trying to do, and tell her to pull away when I try to kiss her… but she doesn’t understand, so I move in for the kiss and she just sits there happily… foreshadowing later in the night, as we’ll see, but I didn’t see it then.

I had a ticket to a club to go dancing. I was happy to ignore that if I could get her home. So after 11 PM rolls around , I made my offer:

NASH: Do you like cheesecake?

Ha. My usual offer of cheesecakes and cute cats. I think I said she’d definitely get kissed.

I still like the sound of that. You know why… because we both know my place is about sex, and I think the classic benefits of “plausible deniability” (which I totally agree with) are outweighed by the falseness of bullshitting each other about that. I think when I sometimes threaten to “lick a girl everywhere,” I am, in fact fucking up the seduction. But when I say “you’ll definitely get kissed,” some deniability goes out the window, but not all of it. And the congruency and realness of telling her she will get kissed is treating us both like adults. Ahhh… that’s my theory.

In this case, she does not jump in my offer. So I say, okay, I’ll walk you back to your hostel… which happens to be on the way to where the club is that night.

I am walking her along, and I move her up onto the curb to get her out of traffic, and say, “come here,” give her a little kiss. She takes it very well. Next block, real kiss. I tell her to open her mouth for me, she does, and she is great kisser.

I want to add that I have been “rejected” a lot lately. I am clearly having the best month of my entire life with girls, but it has included a lot of “no” in terms my advances. Even though I have fucked Firecracker twice, she still won’t kiss me. Online girl wouldn’t kiss me either… nor fuck me. Miss Shanghai didn’t kiss me, and left my place very soon after. Miss Sincere wouldn’t kiss me, and has since shut me down. This is a “high quality” problem, and yet… that is a lot of “no.”

So when this little one kissed me with no issues… felt fucking great.

We get to her hostel and we’re across the street making out… she is delicious. I try a couple more times to get her to come home with me. She talks about her safety, I agree with her, tell her I’m proud of her for taking good care of herself, and that my place is safe and very comfortable (which it is), and try the cake/cats bait some more… but it’s not happening.

One more kiss and I disappear into the night. I met her 8 hours earlier. Solid little date/makeout. Not bad.

Later that night:

HER: Kkk thanks giving me a totally new experience! Have a good night!

You are so welcome, you adorable little thing.


I hit the club and it was a great night to dance. There is a 5-pack of great girls, all can dance, all are reasonably cute, some are hot… I vibe off their group off/on all night. I have 0 game when I am out dancing… smoking pot is part of that routine and I can’t game when I’m high. I wish I would have “friended” them… Would be fun to dance with them again.


Viva daygame.