First Date with Miss Nature || Virgin Game

She just left. First virgin I’ve had in my apartment in the US, but one of several that I have dated. I did not have sex with her. But I have been predicting I will have sex with a virgin soon. Maybe this one. Maybe a different girl. We’ll see what the Daygame Gods have in store for this aspiring player.

From a previous post I wrote in December:

“She is a 25 year old virgin. A beautiful one. The second 25 year old virgin I have dated in 7 days. Wow. So many unfucked, hot Asian girls out there. How is this possible??”

That was December. Dating virgins feels much more common to me now. I am increasingly interested in learning more about Virgin Game.

The girl in this story, Miss Nature is Taiwanese. 21 years young.

I picked her up on Wednesday, while I was out with Pancake. I think he was surprised I went after her. She wasn’t the super “tough” looking one in the leather jacket, with the yellowing hickie on her neck. This was the bubbly little one that popped right open when I approached her.

She is studying fashion at that art school where every girl I like is in attendance. She was all smiles and friendliness from the start. I took her number… offering her WeChat (which made her eyes bug out that this white guy has WeChat on his phone), and then Line App (which she accepted).

As I walked back to Pancake, I said she is the kind of girl — the kind of reaction — I wish for every daygamer. She loved the approach. She was all sunshine as we talked. She was adorable, and I liked her, but she was also a great state-booster… made the whole thing seems so easy and natural. I told Pancake that I loved her not because she was especially beautiful or sexy (she isn’t, not really), but because she was so fresh and sweet and wonderful.

Great interaction. Yay for her. Yay for me.

Messaged her later that night. Got a warm reply and a “sticker” – an image that barely looks like a girl, cartooned, with double thumbs up. I am looking at it now. I suppose that is what counts as “enthusiasm” from a young girl like this one.

I replied the next day. Setting up a non-alcoholic drink date for us at this fancy hotel where I like to take girls… especially non-party girls. This hotel bar is very, very nice. And quiet. And comfortable. Even at peak hours on a Friday night. A great “non-bar” kind of bar for nice, conservative Chinese girls that don’t drink.

I am beginning to enjoy taking girls that don’t drink… out for drinks. Did it a bunch in Japan as well. And adult date… even if there are no adult beverages.

Two surprises about daygame girls… 1.) How many have BFs but will still fool around. And 2.) How many don’t drink. Not always the same girls… but plenty of both.

The date felt pretty solid. I had had a terrible day out daygaming that day, everything felt off… no leads… and I was having some flash-backs about getting stood up in Tokyo based on my down-state. I was feeling a bit insecure, but I still assumed this was on.

And it was… she showed up. I was a little early, and thought I saw her as I walked to the meeting spot, and I glanced at my phone and saw:

HER: I’m here

She was dressed well, but conservative. Long skirt, sweater, up to her neck. Warm coat and light scarf. Shiny red shoes. She was cute, I was fully into it. Yes. Here goes.

Walked her the block or so to the hotel bar. She didn’t ask where we were going, which I like… I think it’s a good sign when the girl isn’t pushing for details.

One thing I became convinced about in Japan was that I am very good at making strange girls comfortable. I felt myself going into that mode. We were chatting, and getting warmed up, as we walked.

The hotel bar. Drinks. She ordered a proper cocktail, or actually… I ordered for her. She sipped it a bit, maybe drank 1/3 of it. I had a whiskey. We sat on a comfortable couch, all by ourselves, the fancy hotel staff very attentive. Nice date.

Earlier in the night I had imagined I might take her for pizza after our drink, then try to bounce her home. Two hours into our little date, 10 PM, I asked if she was hungry. She was not. She went off to the bathroom, when she came back I asked if she wanted to come meet my cats…

I would have offered her cheesecake (and you know I had some ready), but she isn’t that into sweets. She makes a lot of comments about “natural” and “healthy.”

This is why we’re calling her Miss Nature. 21 year old Miss Nature. Does yoga every day. Avoids sugar. Healthy girl. Conservative. Friendly, but I’m not sure I’d call her an extrovert.

She asked me how old I was several times, which is unusual in my experience. I told her “much older than you.” She guessed “30? 40?,” right away. I think she is the first girl to ever guess 40. She even said “older than 40???” I smiled. I am 44 this month.

I told her what I often tell girls: “if we ever have sex, I’ll tell you how old I am… until then, it doesn’t matter.” She accepted that. Who knows why? It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I say it to girls all the time and they always buy it.

I used this moment as an excuse to have my Vampire Talk with her. It went over pretty well. Me telling her that she can give me a POV of youth I cannot find without her. Her telling me she know I can teach her things. Nice. I really do love the vampiric exchange as a metaphor for good-younger-tender girls and evil-older-wiser dudes.

So I return to the question, “you ready to meet my cats?” And she is a yes. Hmmm. She’s coming home with me. Cool.

A brief train ride. We walk past the gay clubs in my neighborhood. Up to my door and inside. She is looking very comfortable.

She has only hung out with cats once before. She says she is afraid of them, but as you know if you read my posts, my cats are awesome and all the girls love them. Sometimes more than they love me. Which is cool… as long as the girls come over, I don’t care why they come. The Taiwanese Girl — not this one, but my first lay from daygame — used to say that she was just using me for my cats. Which was also fine with me. I would say, “you can use me for my cats and I’ll use you for your ass.” And she would laugh.

A little tour of the house. Hanging out in the kitchen. And I tried to kiss her. She turned her head. She took her shoes off at the door, but was still in her coat and scarf. With her little, pink, leather handbag around her neck.

She was having a great time, smiling. Surprisingly comfortable. But not letting me get anywhere. I was trying.

I tried several times to kiss her. I had already given her my talk about how my job as a man is 1.) To make her comfortable and 2.) To excite her. So I was demonstrating that back/forth, all night.

We talked about trust. I asked why she trusted me enough to come home with me. She said she thought I would respect her. This girl knows I am at least close to 40, but came back to my place on the first date. I love it. Yohami would say she was expecting sex…. seems logical to me. I asked if she knew I would try to kiss her, and she said she didn’t know… and she smiled again.

Earlier when I tried to kiss her, and she was refusing me yet again, I asked if she wasn’t ready or is she was nervous about her performance. She said both. She said she has very little experience with kissing…

I also know from earlier in the night that she hasn’t had a BF in 2-3 years. Not since she lived in Taiwan. She told me on the date she has never spent the night with a man. I had a feeling she was a virgin… I asked. She confirmed.

Another virgin.

I have been curious about virgins and the likelihood of me fucking one in the near term. I have dated several in the last six months, that I know of, and have not gotten very far with any of them. I have mentioned this facet of my experience in game quite a bit on this blog.

It is a strange feeling, knowing it is bound to happen.

I know it. It’s a forgone conclusion for me… it’s just a matter of when. I can already imagine the post I’ll write when it happens… and how I’ll link back to this one, and say, “see, I told you.” Strange.

And it’s also an odd coincidence in my life right now is that I am reading Krauser’s Adventure Sex, and very soon after this date, with all my questions about “Virgin Game,” I came across this:

Chapter Twenty-Five: Virgin Islands
Adventure Sex, pg 304

I had this date with Miss Nature on Friday night. On Sunday night I was having dinner at an Indian place I love, drink a big IPA, and reading Krauer’s book. I came across this chapter. Coincidence. But I was very happy to see all this, as I am quite ready for virgin stories right now.

“The little blonde twenty-two year old… Sofija was a virgin… I suspect my North American readers are wondering how that’s even possible for a twenty-two year old girl. Europe really is different.”
— Krauser

This story is about Krauser getting his hooks Sofija from Belgrade, Serbia. I like Asian girls. K, famously, likes eastern Europe girls. To each his own. But very similar patterns, if you’re proper poon hound like so many of us are.

Miss Nature is 21, but the point still stands. In general, I think Krauser is correct about the experiences of most Westerners. As I am almost exclusively into Asian girls — mostly from Asia — and young ones, I am not at all surprised about meeting virgins over 20 at this point. Of the ones I’ve dated, only two have been 19, the rest are over 20. In Dec, Miss Taiyuan virgin was 25. I think this is more common in Chinese girls than white girls, but I also think daygame is a great way to find virgins, even if finding them is accidental. I do not think it is a coincidence that there are so many virgins to be found via street approach. Other than “college game,” I think the virgin factor is a phenomenon particular to daygame.

In Japan, I bet I approached several. I dated at least two. I know the Chinese Girl in Japan was a virgin… she is the one I got the farthest with so far… in my bed, on two separate occasions, nipples out, but never got her pants off. I am very surprised I didn’t fuck that girl. She was 26. And then there are was the insta-date with the 19 year old virgin at Starbucks… damn she was so cute. Jesus.

I keep howling about it… I am close to getting my “virgin badge.” But so far… not yet.

Back to this date…

Now it’s midnight. We’re still at my place. After some time in the kitchen, and several rejected kiss attempts, I tell her she can leave anytime she wants, but I want her to come lay down with me. She smiles and shakes her head. I tell her “I’m not saying we’re going to have sex, but you never know.” She says she knows what I want. I tell her I am dangerous, and that I will never lie about that. She smiles. I lead. I hand her my Bluetooth speaker, and I take the laptop, and we head down the hall.

I set down the computer and take the speaker from her… but she stops at the entry of my bedroom, and literally hugs the doorjam. Like… fucking hugs the doorjam. Like my doorway is a teddy bear for virgin Tiawanese girls that might otherwise get some cock for the first time.

She won’t come to the bed. She won’t let me take off her coat or scarf. She still won’t kiss me.

So I work my mouth around to her neck and her unpierced ears. She even makes that difficult, but I get some time with her neck and those earlobes. Delicious. She has her very cute face pressed up against the wall, her nose actually touching the paint on the wall above my light switch.

Full defense, huge smile. She stays like that as I molest her. She will not let me even take her scarf off.

I am still talking, and sucking her ears, the whole time. This goes on for 15 minutes maybe.

Two days later, on Sunday, in Krauser’s book, I read this…

“Five minutes or so passed with me sitting on the edge of the bed talk to her a she stood half-in-half-out of the doorway.”
— Krauser

Okay. So here is Krauser sharing a story that is nearly identical, and identically weird, about a girl that is so literally “at the threshold” of sex that she literally won’t cross the threshold into my room. Krauser and I have had the same experience.

“She was terrified and excited, not sure which was her dominant emotion.”
— Krauser

Something like that.

I told her over and over that she could leave anytime she wanted… it was getting late, and she had not made that move.

This is a beautiful adventure for a girl like this… she is unsure, and inexperienced, and won’t let me just take her along to sex. But she is having a great time, and despite clear and consistent escalation from me, she doesn’t want to leave.

I had been talking with her about masculinity, and leadership, and a “man’s job” all night. So now I tell her that I want to lead her. That I want to give us a plan. I say this to her. That it’s after 1 AM now, and I want her to spend the night. I told her I was not offering her sex. That it might happen, but that was not the offer. That I was giving her the opportunity to spend the night with me. To have that experience. That I thought she would enjoy it, and I wanted her to stay with me.

As I said all this, she backed herself into a corner of my room, into the space where my cabinet meets the wall. I was sitting on bed, just looking at her. She was the picture of nervousness, chastity and temptation. She was close to me, maybe a two or three feet away, I told her she looked so adorable. She really did. She was also as far away as she could be from me, while still being in the same room… very, very much like Krauser’s story.

Then back to our dance at the doorjam as I stood up. Like she was ready to leave, but instead she would hug the doorjam. In full defense. Not letting me kiss her. Making it hard to get my lips on her neck/ears. Anytime my hands would go down to touch her body, she would immediately pull them up. But mostly she kept her arms tight across her body.

More smiling. I have never seen a girl do anything like this.

“‘I couldn’t let myself have sex with you,’ she said. ‘You need to force me.'”
— A different girl from Krauser’s book

I want to be extremely clear here: It is not okay to force girls into sex, not under any circumstances. I have never done it and never will.

With that said, the line that Krauser is quoting there is not about the girl actually asking to be forced to do anything. It’s about how far you’re willing to go as you lead. That is what I take from it. The girl from that quote is really saying, “I needed you to lead in an incredibly strong and dominant way before I’ll surrender.” I get that. I think that is the key for many girls.

How far was I willing to go with this one?

I think about my last night with Jafrica in Japan. The lowpoint of my trip. The lowpoint of my time as a player. I did not fuck that girl, but I pushed her too far. Nothing immoral, certainly nothing criminal, but she didn’t have a good experience — which is my standard. I didn’t want to repeat that. I am not in game to give anyone a bad experience. Including myself.

As the night came to an end, I ran my hands through Miss Nature’s hair. She showed tiny signs of relaxing, but barely. I told her I am happy to be rough with her, but tonight was about making sure she knew she could trust me. I would periodically pull a big fistful of her hair back, semi-rough, get her head out of defense so I could taste her neck, but mostly I kept the molestation relatively cool.

Eventually I asked how she was doing and she said she was tired and really wanted to go home. I had told her 100 times she could leave any time she wanted. She seemed real about it now. She seemed ready.

So I called this little girl an Uber. I told her she could change her mind and stay, or press the “confirm” button and the car would come. I held the phone out and she pressed the button.

I walked her downstairs. I told her to kiss my check and she wouldn’t do it.

“Some virgins I’d known… were adventurous girls who had just never quite got round to having sex yet.”
— Krauser

I don’t know that much about virgins. I haven’t fucked a virgin in over 23 years… the only one of my life. Is this one adventurous and about to drop the resistance? I don’t know. Is she ready, but I’m not the right guy? Maybe. Or maybe the age difference is too great for me to be her first? Who knows.

My guess is she is very, very inexperienced. The lack of kissing is a sign of that. She has the experience of a somewhat shy 16 year old, in a 21 year old’s body, late at night in a 44 year old man’s apartment. Wild.

I don’t know that she’ll see me again. Or that I have any chance of fucking her. I know I got closer than most guys have ever gotten with that little girl. I will take her through her first proper sexual experience, if I can get her to surrender.

I really did have a great time with this girl. A fantastic, unusual, interesting experience. I loved it.

But I also told her as we did the bizarre doorjam dance that “this is fun, I am really enjoying you, it’s weird, but fun, but I will not do this for multiple nights… too frustrating.” And I meant it. As I got back from Japan, I never called The Thai Girl. I got sick of her endless resistance. It’s boring, and weird, and frustrating.

I am not ONLY about sex, but I am ALSO about sex.

Sex is not the culmination of dating, it’s part of dating. Like the middle part. Often the first date, as we know. If a girl will never let it happen… she’s a fucking weirdo. I’m not mad at those girls… but I have enough experience to know that. And I don’t need to indulge her neuroses endlessly.

In terms of my greater understanding of “Virgin Game,” Krauser left me two more clues in this book:

“She was my second virgin of the year, my third confirmed-virgin in the Game.”
“I’ve fucked four other virgins since I got into game and none of them gave me such drama.”
— Krauser

Those are separate quotes from Krauser’s most recently stories. I bet he has fucked another virgin or so since then, but these are good notes for me. The Big K has fucked five virgins in travels and at home. That’s not that many, but that is enough to know that yes… this is a reasonable expectation for me. And yes, there will likely be more.

Virgin Game. Worth learning more about.

For now… I would love to see this girl again. I really enjoyed her. She has a wonderful smell… not perfume or hair product, just her natural allure. Even her breath… I could taste it as we talked and it made me want her. She has a beautiful mouth, a great smile, and seriously kissable lips. I’m into it… and it looks like I have a fighting chance of deflowering her.

But it’s true. No fucking way I can do the doorjam dance much more. Novel this time. Frustration hell if it happens again. Too weird.

She sent me confirmation Line message as she got home. I sent her a reply saying I had a great experience with her, and that I had her smell all over my hands.

HER: The smell also came from natural haha

She has since sent me another message as I type out this report… I’ll look at it tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll fuck a sweet, little 21 year old virgin. Maybe I’ll be consumed by frustration and get sick of her… like the Thai Girl. Thai girl was very hot… but I had her in my bed 5 goddamn times and could never get her panties off. I don’t want to do that again.

Anyway… this is my first date beside The Siren since I’ve been back. Perhaps she will part of the next Tornado. Perhaps she’ll be a daygame notch.

We’ll see.

Her or another sweet girl of her like… a virgin will ride this cock soon enough. I’m not aiming for it… but the stats show… it’s just a matter of time.

Viva daygame.