First and Only Date with Miss NYC.

I just got home. I smell like pussy. I did not get the notch. I did get… an incredible experience.

I “grew up” a little bit tonight.

I met her… yesterday. Ahhh, the beauty of daygame. She was #6 that day. This was not a scheduled part of my “girl tornado.” I put this together in the last 24 hours.

She was very cool via text.

HER: thx for chat. That was refreshing.. meeting someone like that. The good ol fashion way

I follow up this morning.

NASH: Yeah. We’re old school like that
NASH: Hey… that offer still stands for tonight. If you can handle a little more adventure before you go home, let’s have a drink after your dinner.
HER: Yeah sure let’s do it! Why not :)

And it seems on. It’s so on, she communicates with me throughout the day. We set the meet up for 10:30 PM.

(You know… as I got into game, it was a kind of psychological barrier for me to make dates after 9 PM. Still kind of is. After dinner dates… are sex dates. Can you set up a “sex date” with a “good girl?” A 10:30 date is a sex date. I am still getting comfortable with this. I’m getting there.)

I took her to the same “1/2 gay bar” I took Thai girl to on that first date. I get there first… find a table. Tell her I’m inside, where I’m at. And I lean back and type up my notes from today’s daygame session while I wait.

She shows up a bit late… almost 11. She looks, hot. Her hair is down. Her face isn’t perfection, but she is a smooth, hot girl. I motion for her to sit next to me, and she does. We check in. She’s kind of drunk from a dinner with an ex-coworker of hers. She says “tipsy,” which is girl-talk for drunk. She is slurring slightly, but she’s still got it together. I am already touching her.

I get us a round of drinks. And the night begins.

I ask her how last night went… she was recovering from a big night the night before and she says:

HER: The guy I have been staying with and I had an argument…
HER: He wanted to have a threesome, and I said no…
HER: I was going to go have a drink by myself… but we fought until almost 2, and the bars were closed…

There was no lead up… this just came out of her mouth, fast. She wasn’t showing off.

So the story is she flew into town to go to this guy’s party on Thursday night. He lives in NYC too, but for some reason was having a party here. She and he shared a hotel room. They are lovers. He, apparently, has girls on tap here, so he wanted a threesome last night, and she didn’t. He pushed for a foursome… which she also declined.

He left this morning, but she is still in the hotel. They fucked, this morning, before he left.

So… sex talk, again… but this time, I had nothing to do with it, she started the whole thing.

I could say more about the sex talk… like that she is into BDSM and likes to come from oral sex. But that’s enough for now.

Anyway… she just broke up with her BF in NYC. They have been in an open relationship – she is banging some guys on the side. That guy hasn’t been cool lately, so she broke up with him. They have been together for 3 years.

Her ex and she have had a lot of threesome. Many. She mostly dates white guys, like me. She has had threesomes with black girls, white girls, Indian girls, Asian girls. Lots and lots of threesome with this BF. I asked her how they set those up… and she said they pick the girls out together… but I can’t remember how, exactly.

At one point she says she is thinking about becoming an escort. I am surprised at this, but go into a role play scenario where she has to fuck a fat sheikh with terrible coffee breath. But the truth is… that comment shook me a little. I would never date a hooker. Or a girl from a strip club. I don’t believe in “good girls” anymore, but “pro” girls are out of my comfort zone.

But my hands are still all over her. Grabbing her tiny-tiny wrists. Grabbing fist-fulls of her hair, lightly pulling her head back. This is all natural for me.

And I go to kiss her, and stop… hover over her mouth. Beautiful mouth. Amazing bottom lip. She asked, “are you trying kiss me?” She is cool and calm. I say, “I’m just checking you out.” But I eventually kiss her. Then deeper. And it’s hot. She’s a great kisser.

And then… I am thinking about taking her home. Even after her stories which definitely intimidate me. And she says, “I’m not going to your place… you have to come to mine.”

We have a somewhat awkward negotiation. All because of me. I am well out of comfort zone. Not stuttering, or freaking out, but not comfortable with where I’m at. Not because it’s “fast,” but because this girl has a lot more sexual experience than I do. It was that escort story. She is a fucking race car. And I even tell her I’m not coming, and I’m going to send her home. And I get real, and tell her I’m intimidated. And I know that’s not cool, but I don’t care.

Being honest in that moment was actually great for me. I knew where I was. And a minute later I changed my mind. We got in a car. It’s a shared car, she’s up front, I’m in back, we don’t talk. She looks back to check in with me, mid-ride. She’s high octane, but she’s sweet.

She was staying at a really nice hotel. Crazy nice. About 500 yards from where I had a beer last night after my date with Online Girl.

We walk in, and she wants to know why I am intimated. She has to pee, and she does, with the door open, still talking to me, so I walk in, and face her, lean against wall as she pees. That… was a first for me also.

She undresses. Takes off her boots and her jeans. She’s in a leotard… and she looks amazing. I push her onto the bed, and crawl on top of her, and start to softly dominate her physically. Holding her arms over her head. Pinning them back. Kissing her. Petting her.

She tells me I remind her… of her “dom.” She met him on Tinder. They fuck… but she can talk to him about anything, he doesn’t judge her. Her (ex) BF judges her, but her dom does not. She doesn’t know if it’s real, as sex is involved, but he cares for her. And she is real, and vulnerable as she tells me this.

She’s actually crazy sweet, and feminine, and charming, through all this. Nothing crass about her. Nothing too broken… except that maybe she parties a lot. She’s radically feminine. I do what I want to her… and I take that leotard off.

I’m still fully clothed. And she’s naked against hotel sheets.

And her body… is a solid 8… maybe 8+. I don’t date 8s. Firecracker is not an 8… and I could care less. This girl, naked… is full on, high-end porn perfect. Amazing boobs, bigger without clothes, it seemed, with 1/2 in purple nipples rising from her white skin. Belly pierce. Smooth, prefect skin in every direction. She’s amazing to look at. Maybe the hottest girl I’ve ever been with.

But… my cock is never hard. Not at all. I am actually very comfortable now, but not physically turned on at all, even though I haven’t had an orgasm since last Sunday.

We are just “playing.” She is passive, lovely, perfect, dark hair on expensive, white sheets. She laughs. 98 lbs, this girl. I can drag her around, and I do. Flip her over to see her ass. Kissing her, petting her, chatting… it’s great. She is sexy, deadly sexy, but the scene is not a physical turn on for me.

She likes to come from oral sex. She’s into her clit. I love to eat pussy, but I’m not sure I want to with her… her experience is a little too much for me. That is uncool, but it’s true.

In the beginning of this story, I said she fucked a guy this morning. In the same bed. There are fresh sheets… changed this afternoon… but in terms of sexual sophistication, I am out of my depth here and I know it.

He is gnarlier than me. She is gnarlier than me. But I’m learning. What a week it has been.

One important thing that game has taught me about being a man… is to do what I want. And I did. I was in control. And she was so sweet, and fem, despite all that sexual experience… it was a great time. A ridiculous view from the 28th floor of a very fancy hotel that some other guy had paid for… and an even better view of her in the sheets.

Did I mention she is 30? I would have guessed 27. Her body is ageless.

So… I kept playing. Sucked her amazing nipples. Her hip bones. I sucked on her neck. I touched her. I dragged her around. I crawled on top of her. And eventually… I eat that pussy. And I used my fingers a bit.

And I made her squirt. Like really, really squirt. Like I’ve never done before (I’ve had girls squirt a bit, but not like this). Soaked the bed. She’s only squirted once before.

She has this other lover. A guy she met in Singapore (which is where she’s from). Her BF was in Vietnam, and she met this guy on Tinder. They went to dinner, talked about sex, went to his place, and he was into BDSM right away. Left her covered in bruises, which she liked. He was the only guy to make her squirt. She is amazed that I did it. So am I. Then I did it again. Bed is sopping. My arm is soaked. She told me she’s going to tell him I did it. He is still a lover of hers. Wants to marry her. Several guys are trying to marry her… including the guy that was in this bed this morning.

So… I didn’t have a condom, or I could have fucked her. It was explicit. So no notch. I am a little disappointed about missing that notch — which is retarded, but true.

For me this certainly counts as a sexual experience from Daygame. Daygame delivered this. If I had had a condom, I would have had the “notch,” but it still counts for something. This is some of the fruit from daygame, ladies and gentlemen. Another wild adventure that started with a man talking to a girl on the street.

There will be more. And I will be more psychologically prepared next time.

So we lay around a bit, and she is tired, and it’s after 3 AM… and I split. She flies back to NYC tomorrow. We’re Facebook friends.

She walks me to the door. She is unbelievably hot. She kisses me… and I walk to the elevator.

And my hands still smell like pussy. What a wild night. What an experience.

I am so tired.

Viva daygame.