First Date with Miss Sendai

I picked her up 2 weeks ago, a couple days before Christmas. I think she is 23-24. She is from Sendai, Japan, but her family lives in Tokyo now. She’s here studying English, but will be back to Japan soon. I closed her on the Line App, so I can talk to her when I’m in Japan. A few msg’s via Line since then.

Pretty good responses from her, with me seeding the idea of a date. Then, last week, as I was jonzing to get laid, she was one of the girls I was hustling. She was busy (I went out with the Bitchy Blonde Asian instead), and we set up a date for Jan02.

As I said in my post about the Blonde, I wanted a proper night date, a sex scenario. But this one kept bringing the negotiation back to lunch:

HER: How about lunch …?

Which I dodged…

HER: Can’t you make it in lunch time?

There it is again…

HER: Is it okay to eat in lunch time ??

It’s almost like she’s trying to tell me something.

Okay, fine. This is all over several days/exchanges, but she was persistent about this not being a “grown-up” date. We agree to lunch.

I msg’d that AM, and no response… I have been trying to get ready for my trip, so I was not worried about it. But then, at noon, a flurry of messages, and she’s affirmative. We agree to meeting spot and I have my first date of 2017 set up, with a young Japanese girl.

I don’t remember what she looks like, at all. I know she is Japanese, and not really a stunner. A cute girl, but not a real favorite that I remember.

We meet up and she is tall, long hair, dressed average/conservative for the cool winter day. She’s is somewhat cute, but not beautiful. I can see why I would street-stop her, but I’m not super excited to look at her. If she was fun or interesting I could be into her. However, my cock is my CEO, and my CEO likes it when I am putting deals together. So here we are.

As it is she is seemingly confident, a little distant, not overly feminine or charming or girly. She’s “cool” as she meets her daygamer for lunch.

I step forward and say, “Do you hug,” and she closes off and says “In Japan, we do not hug.” I think that’s the first time a girl has rejected my hug. I know Yohami (and Bad Boy) would say, don’t ask. I’ll stop doing that, at some point. They are right.

Lunch is fine. Not super fun, but I know how to handle myself, even with a lukewarm girl. I do a good job of warming her up.

One thing I have going for me is that I am about to go to Tokyo… Where she is from. I am literally leaving for her home town, on the other side of the world, in two days. And I have been there before. I toss out some bad Japanese from the language program I have been studying, and she laughs. This scores me some enthusiasm from her.

And… it turns out that she is ending her time at school here in my city and will be heading back home to Tokyo. In fact, she will get there about 10 days before I leave. The whole reason I wanted this date was to set her up for when I got back, but now she is set up for my trip. Which has some promise.

It’ll be a small window when we’re in Tokyo together… but it’s possible. My cock My CEO slaps me on the back… “Keep going.”

We are across from each other at the table (something I never do, but there were no side-by-side opportunities). No touching. But again, she is lukewarm and we are on a lunch date… Not a lot of magic. No sparkle in her eyes.

I want to steer the conversation into something more interesting and I ask if she has a boyfriend in Japan. She says no, but she says she has a BF here in my city. Hmmm. I didn’t ask why she was out with me if she has a BF, and I wish I had.

As I write this, I am remembering that Yohami has suggested one might ask how the BF treated her, as a roadmap to how you should treat her:

“By the way, what I tried a few times is to ask questions about the ex since that carries all the information you’ll need. They’ll tell you straight away what they wanted, what they didn’t get, how the guy was a jerk or a loser for specific reasons, and what you get from there is what kind of man she’d say YES to because she said yes to that guy, plus all the new information.

“For example if she says the guy treated her badly and cheated on her, you’ll be able to fuck her by being a cheater and treating her badly. White knights get nothing. The exception for this is girls who already have a boyfriend but are in the dance with you – in that case they’ll talk about the bf in contrast to you and how he’s a loser and your job is to simply put him down, so they feel good that you’re a better option to fuck and they are justified.

“Though I stopped asking because the truth is, I already know, I don’t care, and I’m more interesting than all their baggage.”

And she kept dodging the night date, right? I had thought she was trying to keep the date non-sexual in general, but maybe she was doing that for the BF? I am curious about what she was thinking here?

I asked if she would miss him when she leaves and she looked at me like what I said was crazy. Her English is not great, so I can’t be sure she understands me for certain, but this felt like she was brushing him off, minimizing him.

Lunch wraps up and she has plans. I was very ready to try to get her closer to my house, etc., but the date was flat and she’s off to see some friends. I do not think she came on this date to get laid.

As we part, I spread my arms and say “come here,” and “I’m going to give you an American hug,” and she smiles and takes it this time.

Flat date. We have to screen these girls for potential, but this felt like a waste of my time.

By the time I get back home I get this via Line:

HER: Thank you for asking me lunch today ! I had so much fun ! Hope we can meet in Tokyo ☺Please have a safe trip!

After that warm, unsolicited thank you, we have some more conversation where I get in, “I like you and think you’re cute.” I want to make sure she gets that I am not trying to be buddies. I tell her to have fun on this trip she is taking before she comes home, and I tell her to send me some pictures.

HER: I’ll send you some !!
HER: See you in Tokyo ✨


Now I don’t know what to think. Her response via Line was so enthusiastic, you would think it was a good date, and it wasn’t really. Maybe that was my audition and I passed??

I don’t know why these girls come out on these dates. I’m sure there are many, many reasons…

Rauker and I talked about “girls using a guy for a meal or for free drinks,” but I think that is unlikely. Meanwhile, I am going to stop seeing the Thai girl as she knows that we are “man to woman,” but she is refusing to go past “highschool escalation” (I have had her in my bed 5 times and she will not let me take her panties off… I was relentless last time, she won’t let it happen). I do not want to collect any more “platonic” girls.

I’m not sure where this one stands.

I have another one in Tokyo that I dated two years ago in my city. Miss Chiba. I took her out like 6+ times… Had her in my bed 2 times, could not get her clothes off. Got a bit of nipple out once, and lots of kissing (cute Japanese girls, with lip gloss… wow!), but no sex. I’m more experienced now, but I don’t want that kind of girl in my life. Why was she dating me back then?? Will I be able to make more happen if I have time for her when I see her I Tokyo this trip?


I’ll message both of them and see how it feels. Miss Chiba right away, and Miss Sendai early next month.

I hope to be so busy with other girls that I won’t care what happens, but if I’m not busy I’m sure I’ll test those waters.

We’ll see.

Viva daygame.