First Date with Miss Siren

Ahh, man. I like this girl.

She was my “dreamy” set of the day last Monday. And then… She was basically the set of the day, again, when I ran into her once more on the street two days later.

I was making an argument in Monday’s post that she was an 8. She is not an 8 – not your 8, anyway. I thought she was incredibly charming when we met. I am as convinced as ever that she is a remarkably tempting and special girl.

She is quiet, and quiet is important to her. She is also slow, she takes her time, she’s languid. She is smooth, deeply feminine. Graceful and liquid.

She is thin. Her wrists are about as big around as a golf ball. Her skin is that beautiful, white, translucent skin you find in some Asian women. It’s incredibly soft. She’s probably about 5’5″, which seems tall combined with that thinness and her straight, skinny legs.

I get the feeling she is nearly flat chested, and saying so makes me imagine her nipples. I love that image. And I bet she has a skinny ass… but nice hips. At this point I am dying to see her naked.

When we met, I tried to number close her, but she suggested email instead. That’s is usually the same as a “no.” She left me, however, with a long, remarkable stare that felt real. I emailed her the next day, trying to set up a date. I was gushy as I wrote about her in my post, and I figured all this exuberance was a signal I was too into her and that she would blow me off. And she did… no response to my first email.

So when I saw her on the street again two days later, it could have been weird… But it wasn’t. It was a gift, a chance to get “in there” a little more. It seemed to do the trick.

I reopened her, and she definitively knew who I was and remembered my name. She calmly looked me in the eyes and said, “I didn’t respond to your email,” and I said, “I know.” And we stood there and stared at each other.

She is the kind of girl that will close her eyes for a second… will take a full breath… maybe two… before she’ll respond to a comment. Not defiant as much as out-of-time. I read all that as her being secure. She strikes me as having high self-esteem. This is a good thing.

As I left her on the sidewalk the second time, I told her it is my job to make offers. That when she is ready, she can accept one my offers. And she gave me that long, deep stare and matching smile in response.

She also told me to check out her music online. I did. She is a composer. I listened to some of her pieces. That was also the first time I heard her sing.

So the next day, I sent another email. I talked about her music a bit. I also included two more offers. 1. A lunch date. And 2. A trip to the museum. She mentioned in that second meeting that she doesn’t drink (none of the girls I’m picking up these days drink). I purposely proposed these two “PG” options. I figured these would feel “safe.”

In the email I also said, “Here is my number, text me and say, ‘I’d love to!'” This was a mix of commands and cockiness. I was somewhat confident that she’d respond.

And she did.

As I was waiting around for my date with Velvet Mouth, I got a text from her. She wasn’t in my phone, as we had done all the work in person and via email. She obeyed my “command.” And she was yes to my “idea #2.”

We met on a rainy afternoon at the museum. We looked at the art for maybe 2 minutes before she suggested we go to the cafe. A pulled my chair around next to hers and we talked and drank tea.

She has a quiet voice, doesn’t like loud places. Doesn’t like a lot of Chinese people as she thinks they are too loud.

Note “quiet.”

Her dad is good guy, but works a lot, mom thinks he’s a little boring. Mom sounds bubbly, taught her to dance, sing, and play instruments. She’s an only child.

At one point in the cafe she casually and quietly sang a few vibrating notes. It was so intense to be around this girl. She is very concentrated.

She plays the harp. You getting a sense for what kind of girl this is?? You can meet these kinds of girls on the street. It’s amazing.

She brought up an ex boyfriend right away. Friends first, then BF/GF, year and half, broken up two months now. She hit some emotional note and her eyes teared up. She said sorry for crying and I smiled and changed the subject and she was laughing 2 minutes later.

I don’t know who did the breaking up there — although she didn’t look resentful about it, just emotional. She said that as they were breaking up he said, 1. She never cooks (and he cooks), 2. She doesn’t wear makeup (true… I find her lovely/fresh without it), and 3. She was boring. These were his critiques of her, as she presented them to me. All of this in the first 20 minutes of our date.

Note “boring.” She mentioned that about her dad as well.

We talked about what kind of man might work for her, and she was quick to point out that she needs to be independent. She said she doesn’t want to meet her husband at work, because she wants to have different interests and friends.

Note “independent.”

Yohami sometimes talks about a girls “puzzle.” About how she’ll give you a puzzle to solve, and I think he is mostly talking about what needs to happen to sex her. I mix Yohami’s concept with the concept of “trance words” which feel related to me.

Her “trance words” as I see them are: quiet, boring, and independent. Keys to her puzzle. I am not saying she is those things, but those words are on the tip of her tongue. They are present in her psychology.

I touched a bunch. Touching her thigh as we sat. Grabbing her wrist (something I always do). I had a hand on her lower back from the start, she took that all very well. Her body is so thin, and soft. She touches back, had her hand my knee too. Put her hand over mine to show intimacy a few times. Her small, white hands. She’s has a delicate feel to her.

We walked around, looked at some art. She is deeply artistic and all her comments were mature and interesting.

We had one moment where the art was this large, spread open oval… if you follow me. And I asked if she knew what it was about. And she ventured, “a leaf.” And I corrected her… “that’s a pussy.” She didn’t blink. And I liked that because we left safe territory, and proved we can talk sex like grownups. And she proved to me she’s not a super-prude, as we chatted about pussy and the “vagina dentata” and other such talk for a bit.

And the museum closed and we walked toward the train.

As we got to my stop, I asked if she was a good hugger. And I could tell, she was nervous/excited about the idea. I spread my arms out and she got more nervous, but she was clearly going to hug me… so I teased her and backed up, prolonged the tension, watched her squirm. It was just a hug, but it was still emotional for her. I stepped back in and waited for her to move in. She did, cautiously — in part because they don’t hug in Asia, that is a western thing. And I smothered her little Chinese hug with a big American-style hug, with one hand on the back of her head, pulling her into me. Not sexy, but we’re moving her in that direction. Even that was a type of surrender.

And she walked away as slow and graceful as always, glancing back at the last minute for one more look… Like a girl that just had a very good time.

Viva daygame.