First Date with Miss Xi’an || Seeing Beyond the Cover

If you’ve ever read this blog, you’re either very into daygame stories, or/and you’re… a very patient person. I’m long winded. Gift of gab, as they say. Helps me in context of game… play to your strengths. I’ll try to make this one short.

We went out for the first time today, but I met her last week (she was #12). Shy (ha… see what I’m doing here… this is part of my point), Chinese, from Xi’an. Text was simple, but fun. No fireworks, but moved along nicely. We had talked about boba tea, which I know very little about. Tried to get her out, and she moved it toward a lunch-break date for today. Fine, I’m super busy so this worked out perfect.

Lance Mason* used to go on several dates a day, sometimes. But they were quick. 30-60 minutes. That was his typical first date. Coffee, near his house. Back to his place to hear him “play a song.” Kiss in his room. Send her off. Go meet the next one. Later dates were for girls that were closer to skin-time. Player’s lifestyle. I’ve been studying him for years. He’s a fucking genius. Yohami likes him too.

Today, reminded me of Lance’s stories. Quick date, all comfort, so she’s ready to meet this beast in a more serious way later. Boba, which was delicious. She was on her lunch break, and I had a presentation to do w/ a CMO, so we were together for only 20 mins… middle of the day. No kiss, but was a good comfort exercise for she and I. I touched her a bunch. She took it all well. Good follow up on text.

My dad (who is a great fucking guy) likes to say:

“Buy ’em books, and buy ’em books, and all they do is read the covers.”
— Dad

He means you’re not looking deep enough, you shallow fool. He’s right.

Part of being “red pill”, as I see it, is to learn to see. To drop what “should” be there, what “should” be true, and see what is actually there.

She is a cute, young, innocent, “conservative” girl from a conservative culture. She is likely 18-20 years younger than me. But is she innocent? Is she na├»ve? Is she?

Have I seen the “real” side of these girls enough lately to begin to drop my illusions? Am I still blue-pillin’ it, girl after girl, learning nothing? Am I still putting the “Madonna” on a pedestal? Is there such a thing as a “good girl?”

Or do I realize they have BFs… but still want to play? Do I see that they’re “shy, conservative girls,” but I can still eat their precious little ass on the first date? Am I still just “reading the cover,” or have I started to look at the actual content of who these girls are? Beneath the cultural blanket. Beneath the nerdy glasses. Beneath the well-breed civility of wealthy Asian girls studying in the US.

Speaking of what is beyond the cover the book… I stumbled into this porn a while ago. This is not the J-idol porn that I’ve been into for some time — I love that stuff, but it’s not surprising. These are “nice” girls from China. If you look long enough… you’ll see what is perhaps my favorite POV in the whole world right now.

As weird as it might be… that porn, kick-started my desire, and opened me up to Chinese girls (I have been into Japanese and Korean girls for years). Beneath their clothes and my expectations… they look like this. The barrier is not their clothes, or the cultural differences, or my age… it’s my own inability to see. Look, Nash. Look what there is to see… when you’re ready. Are you ready?

At this volume, my illusions stand no chance. At this volume, with a heavy-foot on the accelerator, and a lot of curiosity, I am going places I’ve never been… sometimes, up on two wheels, about to flip the car. Red-lining my comfort zone (does anyone know one of the Krauser posts where he talks about “red lining” the car?? Pls comment and I’ll link to it here.).

Yes, I want to see Miss Xi’an again. Yes… I know she is likely not as rated-G innocent as I am sometimes tempted to believe. Under her clothes, and her carefulness, there is something smoldering and hot. I want to put my mouth on it.

I want that experience. I want her to have that experience. Game, for me, is about experiences. I want to taste this one… and if not this one, the next one, seeing as clearly as I can each time. Seeing is truth.

We’ll see. Viva daygame.

* Lance Mason: From Pickup 101, game “1.0” central figure, known as “Sensei” in The Game, looks like spammy shite on this website, but his video products are solid gold. Start with “No Drama Dating.” That whole thing. Unbelievable wisdom.

(Under 800 words… not bad for a long winded daygamer!)