First Date with Miss Xi’an

I posted a couple of days ago that I had a great week of daygame, lots of leads, but no dates from those girls. It’s a new week, also great for daygame, and this time… Pulled a date out of it.

She is a nerdy-cute Chinese girl. Probably 25. About 5’3. Average length hair, but silky and uber-healthy looking. I am hungry just talking about her.

Bright, elastic, perfect skin.

My favorite thing about the girl is that combination of “young girl” (very near her prime physically) and her hips. She has a great hip-to-waist ratio that almost breaks the “nerdy” stereotype (which I love, just as it is) and moves her into “sexy” (which, of course, I also love).

She is right on that edge that lies between “simple” and hot.

She stopped easily on the street. I think I remember her being surprised, maybe she even looked behind her — assuming I was talking to someone else. She was a mix of “down to business” and friendly… answering any questions I threw at her. Big smile. Good vibe.

I don’t know that it matters… But I might have scored some points by knowing her city in China — she is from Xi’an. And I know that city, because there was another Miss Xi’an before this one (although this one feels much more solid).

And my knowledge of Chinese geography continues to improve… One date at a time. And geography is the variable in this case, but I am learning more than just city names by dating all these girls. Each one is more experience, more time to practice calibration, more training for an aspiring player.

Girls will teach you how to game them. If you can calibrate to what see (“give them more of what they like, less of what they don’t like,” says Yohami) and you can get enough practice, going thru the model enough will make you an expert with women.

I picked her up on Friday. Messaged her Saturday afternoon…

NASH: [Pic of my cat doing something cute]
NASH: Good morning
NASH: Cool to meet you downtown yesterday, you were fun.

Got a response later that night:

HER: It was fun meeting you yesterday, happy weekend.
NASH: I think now you are at another graduation party… I hope it’s fun
NASH: [Generic pic of some girls on the dancefloor]
HER: Heading home now, I’m too tired to party…
NASH: I want to see you, let’s make a plan.
NASH: How about I take us for a drink tomorrow… or Tuesday???

And here there was more back-and-forth. Her saying she doesn’t drink. Me saying I know… Non-alcoholic drinks, blah blah. All the girls I pick up these days don’t drink.

HER: I’d like to talk, but I prefer day time and not bar.
NASH: Okay, great. This is the XYZ Hotel…
NASH: Not a bar. It’s a lounge.
NASH: How about 6 PM?
NASH: Okay, cool.
HER: Thanks. See you there tomorrow.

Okay, done. Took a little back/forth, but she’s not really difficult at all. Lovely girl.

And then it was Sunday.

She felt pretty good, pretty solid. But I pinged her a few hours before the date and told her I’d be “15 minutes late,” and to meet me by the entrance to the hotel. All that was just a way “to confirm without confirming.” She was cool with that, and responded quickly. More good signs.

After that exchange, I pinged the leads I got yesterday… Three total. Another Chinese girl (a coder) via WeChat. A Japanese girl, who is a little older, but has a great body (I would love to see that girl naked). And a Korean grad student who was shy about her phone number, tried to add Facebook, but her name is Korean and I can’t type Korean characters on my phone, so I took her email to follow up later. Pinged them all.

Then… I haven’t talked to Siren since she left my place on Wednesday morning. Her parents are in town, and I like that she and I aren’t needy/everyday about each other… But I sent her a msg to tease her a bit… To keep she/I connected. We had a great date last week… but she seems like she might be getting more distant. I have been thinking she is seeing someone else. So am I. Hmmmm.

And then… Miss Good Smell is on the east coast right now… So we chatted via text, and quickly went from pictures of my cats to talking about sex and her body. She got me super turned on. All this with her is to keep some tension on the line (fishing analogy) until she gets back here… That girl really likes me. I want to keep it that way.

I also pinged the Mongolian Mom, trying to set up a date for Tuesday morning with her. We had a great day-time date last week, and it obviously made her like me more… she was much more invested since then. She tried to see me with no notice last night, called me on the phone, but I was at dinner. She is very warm, all of a sudden. And beautiful/sexy, even as a mom. She is 29. I want to make something of that opportunity.

Finally, yesterday, as I was out hunting with The Cigar, Miss Thick confirmed a date for she and I next Friday. I haven’t seen her in three weeks. She tried to “break up with me” last week (“we shouldn’t date anymore”) but I brought her back around. We’re on again… I hope that works out, I like that girl.

You feel the tornado here? I do.

(As I proof read this, the tornado feels less solid. Every day it’s emotional ups and downs in this game… it’s amazing. From cocky to vulnerable. Everyday it’s different. I haven’t hunted much in the last few days… I think that’s part of it. Hunting is good for me.)

For the date today… I made sure the house was ready. Clean place, fresh sheets. The trap was set — chocolate cake this time instead of cheesecake. The last time I got laid was Wednesday morning, and I’m not getting myself off, so I was plenty horny… Which is good. More intent.

As I made my way to meet her, she texted saying a classmate needed to see her for an emergency meeting… Final project is due Tuesday. She was still on, but had to leave early.

All this was fine with me. She and I had a nice little spark, and I wanted to turn it into a flame. I had the house ready in case this got sexual, but she didn’t have much time, this was a chance to set the hook a little deeper.

I arrived and she was waiting. She looked cute. Dressed in all white. She’s nerdy, not super beautiful, but “high quality nerdy,” flawless skin, smart, and great style.

Walked her into the hotel bar — these days my most common date spot. This is the same place I took the Korean Actress two weeks ago. Ordered non-alcoholic drinks and sat on a comfortable couch. The drinks arrived and we started to chat.

She is an only child. She thinks she is a “weird person.” She is a little “straightforward,” and I can see she’ll be good in business, but I wouldn’t call her “business-like” (which would be a kind of insult). She is softer and more adorable than that.

She has been in the US three years. I think that means she came here after her bachelors, got her Master’s here. She graduated this month from the art school where 1/2 of the girls I date take classes, usually in the Master’s program.

Wanting to move us along, I asked if she has had an American boyfriend. She said her parents wouldn’t allow her to have BF during her undergrad (back in China), she used the word “forbid.” As I pressed her about the US she said she has had two BFs here.

I asked her if she has had sex — I said, “You’ve had sex, yeah?” — and she calmly replied yes, no spike from that line of questioning.

Good. She doesn’t seem highly sexual to me at this stage, but I’m glad she has some experience.

I touched her some, mostly to keep the momentum going fwd. I grabbed her arm early in the date, and she took it well. As we talked about masculine/feminine (which I mentioned in Goldmund Advance Game Techniques review), I tried to spike her with some dominance as a demonstration… She was emotionally pretty flat. Not boring, but not “anime girl” either. As we were walking out of the bar I reached down and took her hand, and she let me hold it, but didn’t embrace it like Good Smell did on her/my first date.

We ended the date (less than an hour) as she had to run off to meet her classmates. I commented that I know Chinese people don’t hug much, and as I said that she said, “I hug,” so we did.

She went off to meet her classmates and I went off to beers and Indian food.

Later that I night I was sitting at home and I got this:

HER: Just done with work. Sorry for today. It was great talking with you.

I like this… I like that she did the post-date thanks/validation thing, not in response to me. That’s polite (which I like) and it’s also promising. I purposely waited to see if she’d follow up on her own, and she did. Good.

From there we chatted a bit.

During the date, and after, I was giving her compliments and lots of positive feedback.

NASH: You…
NASH: Were so cute tonight.
HER: tonight?
NASH: Next time… I want more time with you.
NASH: And…
NASH: I love your perfume.
HER: thanks, you keep saying nice things about me. I feel unreal.

That is me overdoing it a bit here. She is basically saying so. In addition to above, I’d made some comments about her hips, and how that was what I noticed about her that made me pick her up (which I was true).

My point with this was to make sure she isn’t putting us in the “friends” category. I didn’t try to kiss her on our date (the date was way to light, and too fast), so I wanted to send the message, so if she comes out again she won’t be surprised when I escalate.

We ended the texts that night with a bunch of cat pics, which she loved… Like every asian girl (except that last Virgin, only one that didn’t love cats). This is bringing her into my world… And more comfort stuff. It also seeds the pull for next time, when I’ll say I want to take her to have some cheesecake and “meet my cats.”

I picked it up again on Tuesday, trying to get the next date scheduled. She suggested the art museum (another of my favorite dates), with no prompt at all from me. She made it easy for me. But I don’t really like her leading.

I left an open loop where I hinted at my favorite part of the museum and she came back with:

HER: why don’t we meet on Thursday 7 pm at the museum, and you show me your favorite part of it.

Hmmm. More leading from her. I can clearly handle this stuff, I was not dragging my feet, but she beat me too it. She’s not a “ball buster” type. She’s cute. But, even though I was moving us along reasonable fast, she lead twice in that conversation about the logistics.

Hmmm. I’m guessing she’s used to more passive folks… Or she just excited?

And now… I am assuming the best and wondering what that little thing will be like in bed?

Physically… I bet she is delicious. She is naturally thin, but also works out some (very rare for girls from Asia). Her skin is perfect, I bet it’s creamy. And we know she has a great hip-to-waist ratio.

I’d love to see that body in my sheets.

And I think it’s safe to assume she has very little sexual experience. Maybe I’m misreading her, but I assume she is sexually naive.

Will she just “starfish” the first time she’s in my bed? Give me the same “evenness” she showed on the date as I paw her and pull her hair? Or will she get vulnerable and moan and purr like a kitten?

I’d love to find out.

We have our next date on Thursday. If the Daygame Gods are generous, and I make good use of the cards I am dealt, we’ll continue the process of unwrapping this opportunity to see what is “deep inside.”

Viva daygame.