First Date with Online Girl || More Girl Tornado

I didn’t have a date last night. It was the first night all week I had off. I’m not 100% confident it will continue… but I am in a solid girl tornado right now.

Tonight’s date was a girl from an online app. She is just over 30, looked very cute in her photos. Asian (of course). She turned out to be from Taiwan, but of Chinese descent, living in NYC for the last few years.

In person… she wasn’t quite as cute as online. Oh well. I had “members only” tickets to an opening party at the art museum, booked them weeks ago… as this date was for tonight, I invited her.

It’s pissing rain outside… then and now. She showed up, soaked, a wet rat. And with nerdy glasses… apparently this is part of the Chinese girl “uniform.” She was dressed in all black, but conservative. Dress, up to her neck, with thick black tights underneath. Black flats. Not very sexy.

I wasn’t disappointed… but I sort of “switched gears,” into a lower expectation mode. Like I said with my date with the Korean girl on Monday, I can talk to any girl for a night, no problem, so I wasn’t worried… I just figured this would be a simple date, with a simple girl.

Do you see what I did here?? I read her as a “nice girl.” I’m a fool. I should know better.

This is THE THING for me and girls right now. Do NOT judge a book by its cover. You foolish, inexperienced man. Do not, project your bullshit prejudices onto girls. If you do… they won’t correct you. They will play the boring role you give them. That’s what you get for your lack of imagination. But if you assume they all want “to dance,” you might be surprised how wicked they are under those tights.

So… we check her bag and soggy coat. I had asked her a few normal questions… got her name down, why she is in this city (it’s not permanent), where she was raised, how long she lived in NYC, etc. We get our tickets and go upstairs. We are maybe 3 minutes into looking at some photos and she mentions something about girls and me. And I ask when her last boyfriend was… trying to “feel her out,” as they say. And she tells me she broke up 4 months ago. A white guy, long distance, also from CA. He dumped her… “disappeared.”

So I ask… was the relationship more about romance or was there a good sexual connection? To be honest, I was going to ask some self-esteem questions, as I want to learn to use that to screen girls… that was where I was going.

And you might know that I love to talk to girls about sex. I always do. First date… sex questions. This is a strength of mine. But with this girl, I was taking it easy. I was “fishing” a bit with that question, didn’t expect it to go anywhere. I had no idea where it was going to go.

So she says something like… my BF broke up with me and now I feel like experimenting sexually. Something like that.

Wait, what??

But it wasn’t what she said. It was a quality in her smile. Nerdy glasses, slightly hunched shoulders, conservative clothes… but suddenly, a sparkle in her eyes. Something about the shine on her pouty bottom lip. Magic in her smile.

So I start telling her that I love the “what is a good girl” conversation. And from there… I end up on a very hot date w/ a nerdy Chinese girl. Again.

It’s so hot, that the museum suddenly makes no sense at all. Neither of us care about the art. We are only 15 minutes into the date at this point.

She is submissive, sort of lingers behind me a half a pace at all times, and I have to ignore her and walk forward to get us to move. If I pay any attention to her at all, turn toward her, she’ll stop walking, lagging behind me, stare at me and listen to me talk. And we go nowhere. So I sort of march ahead of her, trying to get her outside.

18 minutes in… we are talking about threesomes. I am working up to my new favorite topic for “good girls” — “two cocks, one girl” — and I realize we can’t stay in the museum anymore. I tell her I want to have this conversation over drinks. We leave.

We’re walking to a nearby bar. Sex talk continues.

She has had less than 10 partners… I told her I’ll tell her how many sex partners I’ve had after she and I have sex. She mentioned early she is curious to know if she is bisexual. She has never kissed a girl, but is ready to try. At some point I’m asking her about what she wants from a girl, and she says, “do you mean do I want to lick her pussy?” And I tell her I love her. At that moment I do. Nerdy Chinese girls talking about eating pussy… I am in heaven. Thank you, Baby Jesus.

On the way to the bar, I stop her. Grab her by the bicep — a common thing I do with girls — and I tell her, I know this is strange, but I feel like kissing her, and I go for it. 20 minutes into the date. She rejects me, but loves it.

At the bar. I ask if the idea of two cocks in her at once turns her on. She says it does.

She tells me about how she was in France recently. She met a guy online. They went out. She asked him about sex stories, and he told her everything. She thinks every French person has had 40-something partners. She fucked that guy.

She last masturbated yesterday. In the shower or in bed? In bed. At night or in the morning? At night. It helps her sleep. She didn’t watch porn, but when she does… she used to like Asian porn, but now she likes Russian porn. She didn’t get off last night to porn. What was she thinking about? The guy from Paris. Ummmm. Her nerdy little fingers rubbing her clit until she passes out. I love that. She doesn’t have a sex toy.

She asked me if I like deep throat. I tell her I do and ask if she can do that. She says yes.

I asked her about where she is staying. With friends. She has to be home by 10. She doesn’t have a key, so they have to let her in.

At this point, I have been talking about fucking her for most of the date. First hinting it. Then explicit. Zero resistance to that idea. I tell her we should go to my place, but she won’t do it. “Next time.” Second time I’ve heard that this week.

And… she won’t kiss me. What the fuck is up w/ Chinese girls that won’t kiss me right now?? She says she doesn’t like “blondes,” and laughs about it. So… I suck her ear, and she loves it. Then I suck her neck, and she tells me I have a great mouth. And I tell her when she comes over, she should be very clean as I am going to lick her everywhere.

I put my hand on her neck. Mock-choke her as I suck on her. I reach my hand between her legs, no resistance, and rub her pussy through her tights. I put her hand on my cock. She is smiling and loving all this.

Krauser was saying in one of his products that he gets a hard-on in about 1 out of 4 daygame sets. That… never happens to me. Never. I almost never get a hard cock unless I am in bed, and sex is explicit. This girl… semi-chub the whole time in the museum. Full hard-on in the bar. Pre-come on my leg. The whole thing. This has never happened to me before.

I haven’t had an orgasm since I fucked Firecracker on Sunday… but still. I’m amazed at how this girl turns me on. She is a 7 for me. But would probably be a 6 for most guys. I’m terribly hard with her.

What the fuck is up with this girl and I??? Fascinating. She says I’m the most interesting guy she’s ever met. I assume a lot of that was flattery and bullshit. But… it was a crazy fucking date, even by my standards, and I know I’ve had a lot more experience than she’s had. And we obviously have great chemistry.

It’s already after 10. She is in a panic to get a car home when she realizes that. I tell her to tell the guy she is staying with that she is at “a lecture” and it’s going late. I tell her to tell him to put a key under the rug. She won’t do it. She doesn’t want to fuck up the situation. She is staying with him for a few more days, and she doesn’t want to fuck that up.

I did ask if she was fucking that guy. She said no. He is a friend of a friend. He did try to date her, right away. But she said he is not her type… boring Asian guy. Very “nice.” Yes, it has occurred to me that she is likely fucking him. But I think she would have told me, given the rest of our conversation. I don’t really care either way.

So that’s it. I am nearly blue-balled in a 2 hour date w/ a nerdy Chinese girl. She leaves for LA next week. I have plans every night… but we know she can’t be out at night, so maybe we can work this out.

For now… the plan is that she might come over tomorrow afternoon. Or Monday morning.

I won’t hold my breath… but I might fuck this girl. I want to fuck this girl.

I would say “viva daygame,” but she is an online girl. I’ve never fucked anyone I’ve met online (very little experience there, most of it a long time ago). But… I was able to move like this with her, because I am in the girl tornado. And that is all daygame – I ran game today, as a matter of fact.

And this kind of potential is what I was getting while I did my first 1000 approaches and never got laid. This kind of “shampoo effect” where I would get action that would sort of cascade off of daygame momentum.

4th date this week. Good times.