First Date with the Velvet Mouthed Mom

One of the things I am dedicated to with this blog is honesty. I want to tell a story about pickup, and my life, and I want to tell the truth about it all. Fuck yes to that.

I tell the truth here, so I can witness my own life. And in the chance that someone reading might see some potential for new experience or common ground. Or… seeing my life “warts and all,” will know his warts are normal. I bow to Rivelino and his dedication to comradery within this den of players we call “game.”

And I’m not a coach, I’m not trying to sell my highlight reel, make myself look better than I really am, in an effort to book clients or win some PUA award. I am trying to make my life shinier — true — but I don’t need to bullshit you to make the game any shinier than it really is. I am in game to see clearly. No pretty lies. And I want to show you what I see as I march down this path.

This morning, I was excited about this date. It was a great date. I am still excited about this girl. But now that I know how old she is, and that she has a kid… it changes the story a bit.

Here is a part of that story:

It would be a lie to say older women are “as good” as younger girls. “Good,” could be a million things… but I like the younger, hotter, tighter (YHT) standard. I know it from Krauser, and he credits it to the Great Books for Men weirdo from Heartiste’s blog. Its a solid standard.

If you want to know if you’re any good at the game, see if you can seduce and bed YHT. It’s not the only standard… but if you consistently score YHT, you are doing something most men can only dream about.

I can do whatever the fuck I want. Yes to that. I don’t have to care about any external standard… but I take YHT as a basic standard of the game. I respect it. I don’t have to acknowledge the standard. If I don’t… I will be doing “something,” but if I blow off YHT, it won’t be what we call proper “game.”


Here’s another part of the story:

I picked her up last Saturday. My psychedelic campout got rained out, so my buddies and I settled on beers and tooling around the city as a backup plan. Two solid IPAs later, on our way to the ATM, we passed her as we stepped into the street at an intersection. I thought I saw an IOI, so I doubled back and posted up in front of her.

She was short, very cute, amazing smile, and she loved the pickup. She was a “yes girl.” Thank Baby Jesus for yes girls.

We chatted, but I was drunk, and I don’t remember the details. I know her bus was coming, so I had to take her number quickly. The important thing for me to note here is… It’s all those daygame sets that made this so easy for me. All those “failed sets,” all that “rejection,” is actually setting me up for future success.

Getting her number, in one minute, was easy and “normal” for me. How many guys can say that? Thank you, daygame.

She was fun to text with right away. Lots of “heeheehee.” I love that. I tried to get her out for the next night, but couldn’t get it done. We settled on Thursday…. which was tonight. I teased her a bit the next day to help cement the connection. It felt solid.

Today… lots of texting. I was trying to confirm, wrap up logistics. She was still screening me. She asked how old I was, and I said, “older than you… but don’t worry, you seem mature enough to me.” I was fucking with her a bit… Dodging the question, as I don’t want to highlight a big age difference (which I assumed there was). I figured she was 25… That’s what she looks like. I’m 43. It won’t help the pickup to point out a big age gap.

So I go the other way, and ask if she’s old enough to drink? Is she in highschool?? She is telling me I am going to be disappointed. But meanwhile, all the texting is super fun. She’s very feminine. Funny. “Heeheehee.” I like her.

She dodges the drink, and says yes to my offer of ramen. She shows up, tiny, 5 feet even, simple, but cute, and warm and friendly. Nice hug. I suspect she’s older than I originally thought, but she looks great.

Dinner is easy. I’ve never dated more than this year… And still have yet to have a bad date. It’ll happen… But it won’t be my fault. I don’t close as well as I should, but I’m pro at dating. Its the gift of gab… I can talk forever.

I start to tease her about being a teenager, and she says, “I’m 36… And I have kid.”


(Just like the Burning Man makeout, this one wanted me to know about the kid as fast as possible.)

I am thinking of a line in Krauser’s video series Womanizers Bible, where he is going over Rollo’s sexual market value concept, and he is talking about girls under 30. When he gets to girls over 30, he says… “Who gives a fuck.” I get it. I am not 100% with that idea… but of course, on average, I prefer YHT and have been dating 22-28 year olds all year long. I went out w/ the 19 year old Virgin Girl not long ago. YHT. I get it.

Anyway… I didn’t quiz her on all the sexual stuff. I did learn that she has been separated from her husband for a year. I asked, and she hasn’t kissed anyone since him. She was afraid to come out with me, but for some reason, she decided to anyway. She has been asked out a few times since she’s been single, but she always canceled. I was her first date since she was about 20.


So, back to logistics. She lives with her parents and her son, classic Asian style. This is great, actually. As she lives with her parents, they can watch her son. I have picked up some hot mom’s before… they are hard to date. This one will be easier… if I want to see her again. And I do.

She doesn’t really drink (none of the girls I’ve dated lately drink… In part because they tiny Asian girls and they can’t hold any liquor), but I invited her for a drink anyway, telling her it will give us a chance to spend a little more time together. She declined, saying it was late (9:30 PM), she has to be up at 7 AM to get the kid ready for school.

The date is over and she is going to take the bus home. She checks her app, and we have 4 minutes until the bus arrives. I walk her to the bus station, we chat for 1 min, and we can see the bus rolling toward us.

I touched this girl a lot during dinner. Had my hand on her lower back the whole time, grabbed her bicep for emphasis a lot, pulled her hair here/there when I wanted to show some dominance… but I hadn’t kissed her.

So as the bus is about to arrive, I step closer to her and ask if she wants to be kissed. That’s not perfect game, but it was fine. She makes a face like she is thinking about something, then looks up, puts her hands on my neck and we connect. And it was… a fucking great kiss. She really jumped into it. It was passionate, and we “fit” each other. Best kiss since the Korean girl.

As I kissed her, I had this vision of “velvet.” Her mouth was delcious, like “wet velvet.” That’s what we’ll call her, Miss Velvet Mouth.

She was wonderfully complimentary via text as I said “You can’t kiss me like that and just leave…” and she came back with “I’ll dream of you tonight.”

Cheesy… and not YHT, we know… but a great experience. I’m here for experiences. I loved it.

So the next day, more cheesy texts. Me saying “I am still a little ‘drunk’ from that kiss…” and her saying “Let’s do that again.”

This feels very much like sex to me. This has felt like sex since that IOI when I first passed her on the street that night. And I mistook her for a 25 year old, so my cock clearly likes her. And I will bet 1$ she will have stretch marks on her boobs and huge nipples (I have fucked a mom before), and all that is fine with me. I just hope she has a full, ripe ass… as that is my favorite part.

We are on for Thursday. I will take her to an early dinner, give us time to connect a bit. Then I will offer her the Cheesecake Trap. And if she’s game, I’ll sex her.

We’ll see. That’s my story.

Viva daygame.