First Date with Virgin Girl

Ahhhh… That was a great experience. I’m in this for experiences.

I picked her up this week, on Tuesday. I ran a monster day of a approaching, picked up a few leads, and had a great time. She is one of two teenage girls I talked to that afternoon*.

That is not my target age group, but they were both interesting moments. This one is more young than cute, but definitely both. And at 19… of course this is an unusual experience for me, a unique blend of a space where I am comfortable (as a man that has a lot of experience with girls, in many ways she was no different) and elements that show me this is an edge for me (as she is out of my comfort zone because of her age).

And now that I know she is a virgin, of course the flavor is a bit richer.

I was going to take this girl on a daytime date… psychologically, as she is much younger, I thought I’d start there. Currently, I don’t think there is any such thing as what we think of as a “good girl.” But, as she is 19, I can’t guarantee she has “seen it all.” In this case, she has seen almost nothing. I won’t deny that the sweet girl is potentially venomous (I’m sure she has her own power), but I am intentionally being a little less aggressive with her.

Anyway, we negotiate the date, and as I have some time in the near-term, I throw “dinner tomorrow” into some options for her. She skips the distant day date, and takes an asap date at night. Okay, good. So much for a the daytime date.

I meet her exactly where I picked her up, and take her off down the sidewalk, chatting about her day in school. She is in college, like most of the girls I’ve dated lately, but most of my dates have been mid-20s Asian girls here for art school or language classes. This one graduated highschool 3 months ago. On the YHT spectrum, she is certainly young and chaste, if not particularly hot or beautiful.

The date was for ramen (at a place I have taken a lot of girls), and for some reason she had to be home by 8. Turned out that she had plans to play some online video game with a friend in China. She spends a lot of time Skyping and We-chating with other Chinese people. I love the details of her life. This is all interesting to me.

We set up a quick date for noodles with a hard stop at 8 PM. Just in case… I had my place ready, Cheesecake Trap was set, I even had condoms in my pocket (I bought a carrying case after I missed a lay with Miss NYC)… but I expected a quick simple date, and it was that.

She was cuter than when I met her. Really not as cute as I want to be dating, but she made my cock hard over and over on the date. No girl has ever done that to me before — all without being overtly sexual. She was dressed for the date in girly pants and a gauze-like top – she was trying to look good. I am imagining some influence from her mom, as her style is mature, high-quality clothes, a little on the conservative side. Her thick, dark hair halfway down her back. Very feminine. Perfume. And she seemed very happy to be on the date… and surprisingly comfortable.

She came here from near Shanghai. She is from a wealthy family, her mom is doctor and her dad owns a design company that does props for special events. She came to the US at 15 for high school. She just graduated and is in art school here in the city. Most of her friends are at east coast schools. She has had one BF, long distance in China, saw him 4 times a year. I accused her of having kissed 20(!), 30(!!) or 50(!!!) guys… she giggled and said she has kisses 4 boys. I believe that.

“I am curious, so I’ll ask… are you a virgin?”
— Nash

She has never had sex. She is not that curious about it, so she says. Many of her friends have “found the right guy” and had sex and it was “ehhhhh.” That’s what she has heard. I asked if she’s had sexual dreams and she said, “I dreamed I kissed my favorite movie star recently.” Forgive me for not having more details, you know I love to ask these things with women, but I felt like I had seen a lot of what she had to show… which was not much.

I asked when I picked her up if she was used to older men approaching her and she laughed and said no. So tonight I was more open than usual to taking to her about my age. And she guessed “are you already 30?”, and I said, “much older, I’m twice your age.” I felt solid about that, still do. She didn’t blink. Cool.

Conversation was good. She is young, but smart and the whole adventure is about the experience of her and the world through her eyes. She delivered on that. I had a great time being with her.

She was feminine and adorable at every turn. She dips her shoulder and runs her fingers over and over thru a lock of hair. She laughs often and easy. She covers her mouth in a very cute way. Little flushes of embarrassment. Takes compliments extremely well… seems to really love each one.

I asked her why she likes me. (Which I’ve never done before.) And it was a few things, but all I remember was her saying she likes it when people tell her she’s pretty. Of course she does. And she got so fem when she said it. That was amazing to see. I inspired that moment. I was inspired by that moment. She’s precious.

So I told her I was not going to kiss her and she giggled some more. My reasoning for that was that I want her to know what she is getting in to. Maybe I will regret that. But given she is a young 19, I am telegraphing my intent. She loves it. Eyes popping, she was gushing. Very hot. I know she is ready to kiss me, and start some sexuality, if she sees me again. Who knows if she will?

I will try to see her again.

And I had the experience of her and the race car from NYC within 8 days, completely opposite dates, vastly different women, both from daygame. It was a good week.

Viva daygame.

* For the record, I am not interested in dating girls under 18. Not at all. I do not try. I will not try. My preferred range is 23-29. But I am experimenting and pursuing experiences, so 18+ is worth exploring when that feels right.