First Date with Miss Tester

I want to get back to my Tokyo stories, but I have a fresh one from here at home… from this last Friday… let’s do this story first. She is the first date I’ve had with a “new” girl from daygame since I’ve been back from Japan. No notch, but it was a great date with an interesting girl.

She needs a name so we’ll call her Miss Tester.

I met her about a week ago, on a day I talked to 17 girls. I am not taking notes on my approaches since I’ve been back from Japan, but I know she was one of the first girls of the day.

She was crossing an intersection when I saw her. She is a short Asian girl, not super young, but much younger than me. I found out later she was 28. What I remember about those first moments was that she had lovely pale skin, a glimmer in her eyes, and that she wore nice clothes…

In Japan, I was talking about how I tend to date a lot of girls that make claims about being virgins, or girls that don’t drink, etc. I know I have an usual amount of stories like that for a daygamer. What is interesting for me is that they all start with cold approach on the street… I pick them up based on their “look,” based on superficial clues. Every girl is different, but those surface clues tend to lead me to a certain type of girl over and over.

And what is the “look” I am attracted to? The look is… that she is conservative. At least on the outside.

Sometimes I need to state the opposite… so I’ll say it now:

Of course I want girls that like sex. The point is that I am not interested in girls that wear obvious sexuality on their sleeves. I avoid girls that look overly “Instagram.” I like the kind of sexuality that is in a girls eyes or in her walk. And I avoid girls that wear a lot of makeup… or ones that are “try hard” in their attempts to use sex to get attention. I am not into that kind of display at all.

I want girls that present themselves as “traditional.” Not old fashioned, necessarily… but modest. I want what we sometimes call “classy,” but I don’t like that word… I like “graceful” instead. I like “introverted”… I target that too, in particular. I don’t totally know how I got here, but I am a type of expert at having a great time with “nice girls”… girls that are almost always more exciting than their conservative looks might suggest.

I think all of this points back to good parenting… I think most all the girls I date have solid parents, and are thus… attractive girls… inside and out.

(As I write this… I don’t think we have to go out of our way to look for “sexual girls.” I think we should look for the “type” of girl we want… and then just assume they will be sexual. Sexuality in a girl is normal. I think that’s why I can target “conservative” girls, and my date-to-fuck ratio is very similar to guys that don’t attract “virgins” or “non drinkers” or overly modest girls. Sex, for girls, is normal… you don’t have to target it.)

So I stopped this girl… and she was receptive. Right away, there was a little sparkle of acknowledgment in her eyes. I know very little about this girl at this point, but I have seen her eyes dance through several psychological states. I have seen her confident. I have seen her childlike. I have seen her irritated. I have seen her in a passionate frenzy. She has a complex personality. I like her.

Back to her conservative side: As we talked on the sidewalk, she told me she was from China. And that she is an auditor for a “Big Five” company. Based on those two bits of information alone… it was easy for me put together a semi-accurate profile of her psychology and her position in the social class. Those clues are not necessarily “attractive” to me, not at all. Being a very successful accountant from a good family… isn’t “sexy”. But… I want to fish in the pools where girls like this swim. High-end girls, from stable/successful families. Those characteristics are the foundation I like, as long as we sprinkle sexy-sweetness on top of all that good culture.

Even from the early moments on the street, I could tell she wasn’t “boring.” She has some “edge” to her. There is a “directness” to her personality… at least once I was in front of her, doing my thing. My vibe brought out her “A” game. She was showing hints of spicy right away.

I said something like… “yeah, I will admit, you look conservative on the outside…that’s attractive to me… that is part of why I stopped you.” But even as I said it, it was in contrast to a sexual twinkle in those eyes. I told her then that “the outside” wasn’t always a good indication of “the inside”… and she gave me another big smile as a reward.

I don’t know why, but I know I used some generic “qualification” question with her… something like “what do you like to do for fun.” I never say that kind of thing to girls, but I did with her… almost by accident. I could tell it was “on” between us when she complied with an answer… telling me she was taking dance classes. What kind, I asked? Hip hop, she said.

If you know that I dance, you might know that that is a perfect answer by my standards…. the Chinese, auditor that likes hip hop. Good girl.

I took her number, moved on with my day. I wasn’t super excited, but I was interested.

I messaged her the next day:

NASH: Hey dancer… cool to meet up yesterday.
NASH: I have a theory about what it takes to be a good dancer… ready to hear it?

I know it’s specific to the situation… but that is a very good ping text, IMAO.

We have the standard nickname (calling her “dancer”). That works well, as that’s not really her thing… that’s her side hobby, and likely a nice break from her self-image as a finance girl.

And then we have the hint at some “special theory” I have… but I don’t say it right away… I make her ask for more. I like “are you ready to hear it” better than “would you like to hear it.” That’s much better.

And then… regardless of the content of my ping… I like to ask a question as the last part of the message in my ping texts. It is true, we are not supposed to constantly ask questions. Especially not boring questions. But I notice I am doing a lot more questions now… and it’s going fine… I am using questions as a form of leading. I like ending my ping texts with questions these days… as it prompts a response. And I think it works to nudge her forward into conversation.

HER: Sure

There was her reply. Not super enthusiastic, but we were off and running.

I gave her my theory: Good dancers have a base of rhythm… but that when a dancer can show he anticipates the changes in the music… that is what makes him stand out. I am correct about that. And this is good “mastery” to dump on a girl.

Related to my last post… dancing is an area where I have some VALUE to offer. Some guys will argue that everyone girls like value. Those guys are right.

“Game is about building value and then learning to deliver that value.”

That ^ is a truism from life game.

And while I agree that girls are not great at sniffing out your “hidden value”… value remains a huge part of what makes/breaks us in the SMP. And TheRedQuest is correct… we have to DELIVER that value… or it remains hidden and useless to the seduction.

This text exchange is an example of me having some relevant value AND getting it out in front of her so she can see it… and so she can respond. I am a good dancer, and that is still obscured from her (she has never seen me dance). But my “dance theory” is now something she can see… my game here is a “delivery vehicle” that transmits my value to the girl.

And she liked it…

HER: Lol you forgot one thing
HER: Flexibility

That ^ is a great response. More spice from her.

I don’t know about you, but when a girl is talking to me about being flexible… in the context of man to woman… it’s always sexual. I don’t know why, but that is true for me.

NASH: Haha
HER: It makes a huge difference
NASH: Now I am curious how flexible you are
NASH: I am trying to imagine the cute auditor girl… in hip hop clothes

See how I “always text less than her”… and “make her wait?” See how I am always working to “make her chase?” See how I am running “cool guy game” here? No… I’m not doing any of that tired stuff here.

I’m not “playing it cool” at all. I am on my hustle… demonstrating charisma. I am using game to deliver value, value, value. In my “performer/critic/fan” model of seduction, I am still in the “performer” phase… but I have her attention. She is in the role of “involved critic,” and part-way to being a “fan.”

HER: Lol
HER: Wait am I in someone’s fantasy right now?
NASH: You started it… with all that “flexible” talk

And just like that, she and I were “on.” We bantered a little bit more and I asked her out:

NASH: Hey… I want to see you.
NASH: Dinner tomorrow? Or maybe something on Saturday during the day?

That ^ is two choices. That is my standard way to ask a girl out… give her two choices, usually (but not this time), two+ days apart… so she can take the near option (if she’s excited) or a later option (if she is a planner).

HER: Tomorrow sounds good.

I made a reservation and had her meet me at a restaurant near my house. It’s a place I have taken several girls… they are beginning to know me, and they always sit me side by side (which is a requirement for my kind of dinner date)… and it’s a five minute car ride to my front door. Great logistics.

She showed up about 10 minutes late. She wore a big smile and a nice black dress.

The dress was symbolic as well… it covered her shoulders… and all of the skin on her arms, all the way past her wrists… just her little finger tips sticking out (very feminine and cute). But the neckline of her dress dipped down into her milky cleavage… and at her legs, it was cut up the front, showing some more pale skin at her thighs. More good choices from her, I continued to be impressed. Very tasteful… but plenty of sex appeal. There is that mix of conservative and “something else” showing up in her profile once again.

Dinner was perfect. She was easy to talk to and we fell into it easily. As the date bubble formed, we struggled to pay attention to the menu, the servers, and the food.

As we were side by side, I was touching her the whole time. I did the usual thing where I wrap both hands around her bicep… and slide my fingers up under her arm to more intimate territory. And then, my other hand on the skin of her leg below the hem of her dress. She took all the touch very well.

This is another example of how I can use dinner dates as the first date, and get way more physical (even while eating), than some guys can while having drinks at a bar. I would “lean in” (Rivelino!!!!) across her shoulder, talk into her ear, and she would lean in too… the bubble increasingly tight around us.

At dinner I could tell she liked me…and wanted to reel me in. She was working for my attention… and NOT because I was trying to make that happen, but because that is a BYPRODUCT of a good connection.

In the way of some sexualized bait for me… she mentioned being interested in “pole dancing.”

So that is funny, right? All this talk about her being high class.

We make jokes in America about a girl being “on the pole,” and for a man like me… that is never a good thing. But this isn’t typical stripper-trash pole talk. She is a “good girl,” from a conservative family, top of her class… doing “sexy exercise” on the pole at a dance studio. I tried to explain my amusement somewhat… without talking too much about how disgusting I think strippers are. “Stripper game”… is not my thing.

I am not impressed at her choice of exercise… but I think it’s cute that she was using it to bait me. She thinks it’s sexy… and she wanted me to see that too.

As the date wrapped up… it felt very good to me… and I had some signs it was time to take this girl home…

She mentioned that she had been approached on the street three times recently… in the last three weeks. I made a comment about ovulation, and said that if she is getting that kind of attention in the same day or so, it could be ovulation. But over three weeks… probably not. So then… toward the end of the date… she did this thing where she gave me “doggy dinner bowl eyes” and then “shivered,” like she was cold, but more “enjoyable” than that. I asked if she was okay… she said, “it’s all your touching… maybe I am ovulating.”

That was a very big come-on. It was time to try to take this girl home.

We wrapped up dinner and I asked if she wanted to come back and “meet my cats?” She said “sure.” Five minutes later we were back in my house.

I didn’t even give her the tour… we sat in the kitchen briefly, I made her some tea, the cats spilled around us like charming ghosts… and I kissed her.

And right away she said…

HER: We can’t have sex tonight

We chatted about that comment… I can’t remember what I said, but I wasn’t overly logical nor was I over-eager about the sex. I was calm.

We kissed some more… not the best kissing, not at all… but lots of potential in her general energy. I grabbed her by the wrist and took her to my room. Besides her little talk about “no sex,” there was zero LMR (not at first) as I pushed her back onto the bed. She was ready for a serious makeout, if not more.

And as soon as I laid her down, she said something interesting…

HER: Ouu… you’re experienced

This ^ came out of her mouth like a sexy-slow “purr” from a perfectly stimulated cat. No girl has ever told me I was “experienced” as I was first beginning to sex her up.

She likes “the chase” in bed. She said, “no don’t!” a couple of times… and at such random moments that the words were just props to the vibe as she delivered them. Yet it was easy to take her clothes off… I had I had her sit on top of me, and used that opportunity to lift her dress over her head. Perfect compliance from her for all that.

And as I got her dress off she said something about how she “wore the wrong underwear”… and that they were “maybe too sexy for me.” That was meant to be almost sexually dominant (I think), but she was only half-confident with the line. It’s true, she was wearing a hot little combination of bra and panties… but I am rarely if ever turned on by lingerie. I want skin. I laughed at her and flipped her onto her back… biting at her and working to raise our collective temperature.

But like her little comment about her underwear… so many times that night this girl would surprise me. She is “conservative” on the outside… but has more than that to offer. Her confidence isn’t complete… but she does see herself as bold much of the time.

I took her bra off, was working my mouth down toward her boobs and she told me to bite her nipples. She has a sensitive body and she made wonderful noises for me. And much like when I fucked Miss Surprise in Tokyo… she had that “sex smell” coming off of her body… particularly around her nipples and the back of her neck. That smell is so hot for me. I was very turned on at this point.

I mention she likes being chased in bed… there were more strong signs of that. She did something I’ve seen before, but not quite to this degree: She wants to be “forced.”

At the level of kissing, she would turn her head back and forth and make me pin her down and force my mouth over hers. This was not resistance… this was what she wants… this is what arouses her. I’ve seen that before, many times, but not as extreme as with this girl. This girl would really thrash around as I tried to find her mouth. She would kiss me back… and with passion… but only after I could successfully dominate her. That’s what she wants. She did this over and over.

Even as she and I enacted her little “rape fantasy,” I would have her arms pinned down… and she would make that very easy for me. Both of her hands were easy to hold down with just one of mine… All the resistance was a show. More “props” for the flavor of sexual mood she likes.

I like that stuff too, very much. I love how she made me “take her.” It was sexy. She is sexy.

At then she almost randomly asked me about my “health report.” She wanted to know if I had been tested recently (even if that wasn’t exactly how she said it). I didn’t answer directly, just brushed it aside.

The “no sex tonight” comment she made in my kitchen… and the questions about me being tested for STDs as we fooled around in my bed… all that is what Krauser would call hindbrain/forebrain conflict. She wanted to fuck me… but she is a “good girl” (at some level), and like most “good girls,” she has plenty of reasons to say “no.” She comes from a “delayed gratification culture”… she may not see me as a boyfriend… but she has some mild “K” like qualities…

I tempted her further… I rolled her up in a ball and nibbled at her from behind… biting the skin near the edges of her panties, and up between her thighs. She was squirming… she said she had to go.

And she said she knew she was “getting out of control.” She looked desperate as she said it… as her hindbrain was starting to win the battle for her “virtue,” and she was getting closer to getting fucked. Once more I heard her say… “I have to go.”

There was some question in her eyes… she was looking for me to lead. And I suppose I could have fucked her… but I didn’t push it. I even told her it might be a mistake on my part… but that I wasn’t going to be over eager. I told her I was sure she could tell I was more than prepared to fuck her… and she agreed and flashed me big eyes full of attraction.

I kept at it… but in the end… she started moving faster… the LMR feeling got real… she was ready to leave. I made her go slow… I told her she could leave whenever she wanted… but she that I didn’t want to see her run.

We stood up and she put her clothes back on. As we left the bedroom she calmed down and the date was peaceful and civilized again.

I told her to call herself a car and she did. She walked down the steps from my apartment to the street and she never glanced back (-1 point for her for that). She was gone. Confident and fast.

I liked her. I still like her.

No message from her that night.

The next day, before I could say anything to her, she send me this…

Hmmmmm. Strange request.

This is what I’m doing:

I made an appointment to get tested. I’m framing this in my mind that the STD check up is for me. I’m owning that. I am getting tested for me. If I never see her again, fine… but I will have had another check up and that is good for me to know my status and to keep “my house” in order.

But most certainly, yes, I want to fuck her.

I teased her in response saying, “How do I feel safe and reassured about you?” And she “lol’d” and said that she would get tested too. After that, this is what I said to her:

NASH: We could have a date and get tested together… but that is too weird for me.
NASH: Getting tested is smart… I’ll do that on my own.
NASH: And let’s you and I have a “normal date” next week…
NASH: Maybe Wednesday??
HER: Maybe

With girls… is it always “maybe” until your cock is buried inside her.

I’m not sure that I actually need to get tested to fuck this girl… but I will anyways. Maybe all this is a mistake. A wild goose hunt…

I don’t know.


I’m excited about daygame right now. I can’t wait to get out on the street today. I might have a date with another new girl tonight (“maybe”). I messaged a new lead from yesterday… we’ll see if she responds.

Lots of opportunity out there, fellas. Girls…so interesting. I hope I have the chance to fuck this one. And if not her… if the Daygame Gods be generous… than some other tasty little thing.

We’ll see.

Viva daygame.