Her Puzzles, Her Surrender | +1 Japan

I have a new story to share – and it is, in fact, a lay report. I am still turning her (and the story) over in my mind. It has been a proper seduction (perhaps by both of us). And each part of the process – the pickup, messaging, the dates, and the time in my apartment (on the third date) – each presented some puzzles and challenges that, as they were overcome, made this story come alive.

I take the word “puzzle” from Yohami:

“This is a special scenario where the girl is trying to determine how good you are. To evaluate you, she’ll offer little puzzles, little problems, and expect you to do checkmate or take valuable pieces and not fall in the traps.”

Compare that to this one:

“If you’re a masculine partner, the person you’re attracted to is always changing her mind and sabotages you. It seems like the feminine partner is creating hell for you. But really it’s the feminine side’s love of feeling the masculine side overcome challenges.”
— David Deida

Puzzles and challenges are “double-edged.” They can cut you down… or… they can provide an opportunity to “cut through.” You will be “tested” in those moments (over and over) with opportunities to break down or break thru. This is true of women – and the rest of life.

The theme of this post is “puzzles.” Below I will walk through some of the puzzles that were mine to solve as I took this girl from first meet to what has now become a love affair.

This girl, we’ll call her Miss Words.

My first impression:

“I see this girl. LONG DRESS with ‘APPLES’ on it. Apple necklace. Apple rings. Very long, straight hair. No makeup. Maybe 27yrs old?”
— My Notes, September 26

She puts her clothing and “her look” together with an incredible combination of artistic choices. In her sense of style, she is a little genius and she impresses me.

This is similar to her look… but she adds her unique artistic qualities on top of this genre.

As I would soon find out, however, the best thing about her is her mind. Very quickly, in her choice of the words that she sent to me as we began to communicate, I knew I was involved with a special girl with a unique and unusual mind. Her range of topics, the depth, the references… off the scale compared to most girls I have known.

I love her words. I love the stark originality of the way she thinks and the colors of her thoughts… and what her words say about the contours of her fascinating mind.

PUZZLE #1. “I have a boyfriend.”

After some really high-quality messaging with this girl, I asked her out.

NASH: Come have dinner with me.
MISS WORDS: I have a boyfriend, so I refuse dinner. Sorry.

To which she added a “happy face.” Hmmm.

But immediately after the boyfriend comment, she invited me to an art show. I agreed and we went.

“She showed up today wobbling around on 4in heels. She wore an all-white dress (that came up to her throat) that was open in the front so I see flashes of her LEATHER CORSET (the same one as in her profile). Long, black hair down to her waist. Bookish glasses.”
October 3, from my notes

She was shockingly attractive. Her hair is exceptionally long – to her waist, longer than her legs, longer than any girl I have ever dated. And that long hair was shown against the background of that white dress. She had a white handbag strung over the inside crook of her elbow. She is elegant, fragile, delicate femininity.

I left that date completely “high” on her and the vibe of our time together.

She may have a boyfriend… but it has not really come up since. Solving the puzzle here was about “stepping forward” anyway.

PUZZLE #2: Long Delays

She didn’t exactly flirt with me on that first date, but there was a sense of something charged and real to be had between us. She was “nervous” and “emotional” in a good way. She is a natural girl and shows natural signals. I am very direct – she could feel my interest as well.

After the art show she was quick to respond to me. I assumed it was on. But it didn’t last.

It has been the pattern for us that we send long threads via messaging every few days. She was asking questions, making excellent comments, and introducing interesting topics.

I didn’t want to rush it, but my experience tells me endless chit-chat is a great way to leak off the tension, kill momentum, and lose the girl.

On October 7th I sent a long series of messages to her, and… no response until October 11. It is hard to hold the fabric of the pickup together when things move this slow. It was now 10 days since our last date. It is normal for girls to slip away… and I kept thinking she was “gone.”

I replied to her on October 12. And to that…

She didn’t reply at all.

Was that “Game Over?” At the very least, it added more delays to the potential of any magic happening.

In terms of this puzzle: I kept my eyes and energy open to the other girls in my life, but if I did anything right here, it was that I didn’t give up.

PUZZLE #3. Her Not Responding

After I had sent her that long message on October 12 and received nothing in response, I wondered: How do you keep from “chasing” in a situation like this?

It is one of the great paradoxes of Game that men oughtn’t chase, but (and at the same time) it is up to the Masculine to “penetrate her world.”

And it is up to us to “add energy” to keep the seduction going. Most of the time, she won’t “carry” it for you. If I was going to keep this seduction alive, the next move was mine.

I waited a week. And then I sent her a straightforward, very sincere “ultimatum.”

NASH: Hello Interesting Girl
NASH: I haven’t heard from you
NASH: I want to say again: Come spend time with me. Let’s talk.
NASH: That is what I want

There was more. All in this same very direct style.

And then, at the end…

NASH: Unless I hear from you, this is my last message.
NASH: Let’s have tea. Let’s talk. Come see me.

I would not chase her forever, but I liked her enough to make this last, heart-felt declaration.

“She may present another puzzle and then another. The key that opens all these doors is the same, it’s your master key: know what you want and go for it.”

Is it “good Game” to send a girl messages that hasn’t responded? No, it isn’t. It that smart? Not usually.

And yet I felt invigorated as I told her what I wanted. My ultimatum goes against “common wisdom” but I think it was clean, masculine seduction. I am a worthy man, and I make a strong, clear, impassioned offers to worthy women. I never put her above me. I called her to be with me… because “that is what I want.”

“An important part of an invitation is to lay it out there. You put out an invitation and leave it out there. Which means that her acceptance of the invitation is not your business, it is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is just to show up, lay out an invitation to a woman you feel attracted to, and leave the space to either be accepted or not.”
— Hans Comyn

I was solving puzzles for myself here, if not for her. And despite the low-likelihood that ultimatum would work… that very same day she did come forward:

MISS WORDS: Yes, let’s meet and talk. I also feel wonderful about meeting you.

So after a two week absence, she was back in. And she was enthusiastic.

Ideal or not, the path I took worked. I showed some patience and strength here, and I was able to breath some life back into the courtship.

PUZZLE #4: No Flirting or Sexuality

My second date with Miss Words was on November 1st, a rainy Sunday. She appeared at the meeting spot, dressed like a proper British college girl might have in the 1940s. I walked us to tea. We arrived at a great spot I know with high ceilings, big windows, and lots of plants. We drank tea and talked.

The puzzle here is that while she was incredibly charming, I cannot say she was flirting with me. She was attractive without being sexual. I was direct. In words and actions I showed my intent. I touched her a lot. But I felt a lack of control as I failed to find a way to “turn up the heat.”

I knew she had a boyfriend, but she had come out with me twice now and I was testing the edges to see where I was at.

I wanted to get her alone before I tried to escalate further. Back near my house, I invited her in. And, she declined.

There is a lot of tension for me in this story. Not the beautiful tension of an impending sexual mash up. But the tension of a seduction that was on the edge of failure. I was painfully aware that I couldn’t get the “love bubble” to boil in the way I wanted it to. And I hadn’t tried to kiss her. If I saw her again I felt like it would be my last chance to make the relationship feel “man to woman.”

A few days later I told her I wanted a third date. She offered me a time 10 days away – another delay. To which I replied:

NASH: The 14th/15th is too far away
NASH: Come have dinner with me before then

That same night, after all those delays, she replied:

MISS WORDS: Saturday/Sunday may not be changed…
MISS WORDS: There is only tomorrow… if that is okay

See that? Suddenly the delays were over – we had a date, immediately. This wasn’t a puzzle, but it was good, bold Game.

The third date was set for November 6th.

PUZZLE #5: She Refused My Kiss

The third date: The girl – looking just beautiful. Another calm, but interesting dinner (sitting side by side) at the pizza place near my house. After dinner I helped her put on her long, pretty coat, walked her outside, and I invited her for ice cream back at my place. She accepted.

Inside. Music. Ice cream and green tea (she doesn’t drink, of course). We chatted. It was time to make up for any lack of boldness and conviction I felt on the last date with her.

I stepped in, took hold of her, and moved in for a kiss and… she had a delayed, but significant flinch. She didn’t freeze, but she “recoiled” in a slow-motion way. That was a clear “no.” I backed off.

And while it was a rejection, I felt suddenly ecstatic. Where I had failed to make the physical offer of the kiss on the second date, I had not failed now. I walked across the kitchen, smiling, giving her space, as if nothing had happened.

I thought she might leave… but she didn’t. I have seen this so many times. It wasn’t a “good” sign, but I don’t even see this kind of thing as “a red light” anymore. It just means, “not yet.”

She rejected my kiss her two more times in the next 30 minutes. Each time I felt more bold, more clear in who I was and what I wanted. I kissed her neck instead, and she took it, but with very little reaction.

So this was the next real puzzle… all these rejections. I was an increasingly sexual man, but she showed no interest.

And yet… she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave.

Puzzle #6. Subterfuge

At this point in the night I had not yet assumed I would get this lovely girl’s clothes off. I should have, but I didn’t quite see it yet. We were at the end of a long series of puzzles. She was rejecting me on the surface but was happy to be in a dangerous situation – she was still in my place.

I told her that she was in a sexual context with me, a bad man. And I said I felt a kind of conflict between her wanting to be here and her lack of sexual response. And she said:

MISS WORDS: I don’t have much of a sexuality

There was a kind of slow confession in the way she said it… as if she were broken in that way. I wondered if she was showing me something real.

“This is a puzzle and can mean many things. For starters, it means that she does want it, but wants to see where you stand. Will you tell her to? Ask her to? Beg her to?”

Hmmm, it was late… and she had given me another puzzle.

I said: I feel increasingly confident in my ability as a man to “open” a woman in ways other men cannot. And she smiled and said, “I have heard that before,” and that others had tried. And she seemed very sure of herself as she said it.

I said: It’s late, I like you, I want you to stay with me tonight. I knew (somehow) that I could keep her if I wanted to – and she easily said yes. She quickly followed up with her “conditions” that she would not kiss me, and there would be no nakedness… and I took her seriously, but didn’t really give it much thought.

I pulled her into the other room and together we removed her very pretty dress. 10 minutes later… she was in one of my t-shirts and her panties, a 23 year old beauty… in my bed.


I had told her I would touch her “a lot” if she chose to stay and I did. I pawed at her body, stroking her epically long hair, touching her face, and pressing my lips to hers over and over. She would not react at all to the kiss, but she took the touching quite well.

“To know where you’re at, look at her and see what’s the status of her puzzle. She’s there and she wants something. Put your focus there. The end result is that she wants the same as you, she just wants you to take her in a particular way. She won’t express it frontally but she’ll let you know, as long as you keep moving her there, she’ll verbalize (and otherwise) what’s next.”

In my mind, it was still not a certainty that I would fuck her (which is kind of ridiculous, now in retrospect), but I know how to escalate. And as I slipped my hand under her bra, and found her nipple… it was clear. And as I took her bra off… I knew it was done. Soon enough…

She was naked after all. There was no rush. I knew I could have anything I wanted now… even though she still had not kissed me. I ate her beautiful little 23 year old pussy. And when I was done, I slipped on one of the world’s best condoms and…

One of my mostly interesting seductions had come to completion. +1 Daygame.

It was now early AM on November 7th… 42 days after I had approached her on the street.

And you know what happened after sex? She leaned in and gave me a big, juicy, generous kiss.

It didn’t all come together… she hadn’t fully surrendered… until after sex. It is often like this. These details aren’t even strange to me anymore.

This is one of my favorite stories in my Book of Girls… with so many puzzles… so many chances for the engine of seduction to come off the tracks, but we managed to hold it all together.


So what about her sexuality? She had even mocked me for suggesting I might be the kind of man that could bring her past that story. What is the truth as I see it now?

I think she was being real, but that was just another puzzle for me to solve. It wasn’t untrue, but I did in fact know how to solve that for her. As soon as I touched her body in bed that night, I could tell she was sensitive and responsive. She is not “explosive” in bed, but I could feel her pleasure rise as I sucked her clit and fucked her that first night. The sex was not earth-shattering, but it was exquisitely good sex. Connected and hot and deep and juicy. We have since made her squirt (the tiniest bit) two dates ago…

She has a beautiful sexuality.

I have now had several mornings in bed with her, her little body wrapped up in my arms. And I have kissed that girl as if we were, together, trying to squeeze every drop of juice from the last few moments in time. When I sucked on her mouth I turn her puffy lips a deep, wine-colored purple. Those purple lips… open, wet, and very swollen… are a signature memory of these early days with her.

Looking back, I am still surprised that I did not know (earlier) that the sex (and all the potential of her and I) was there. I am pleasantly embarrassed that I did not see it all more clearly.

She is shy and submissive in one moment, and then blasts my imagination open with some beautiful remark in the next. She has so many facets. And all of her puzzles and challenges allowed me to show her some of my many talents as well. And then… she surrendered.

And all this started when a man walked up to charming little girl on the street.

All Hail the Daygame Gods. Viva Daygame.