“High School” Escalation with the Thai Girl

She just left. It was our third date, and the third time I had her back to my place. Second time in my bed. I took things further, but no sex.

Being real for a minute, I’m not disappointed, but I was ready to be inside this girl and she wouldn’t let happen tonight.

“Next time,” as she is fond of saying.

Tonight… she took a car to my house. We said hello to the cats. Then I took her to dinner. I had promised her some Japanese, so I took her to an Izakaya place. (Same place I took Firecracker on Sunday, actually). It was delicious, she liked it, it was fun.

She wore a dress… like she always does. Her thin, cream-colored legs – legs for days – drawing my eyes from her little boots up to the outline of her ass under that sheer material.

For the record… I think she 23-26. That’s my guess. She’s not that young… I feel like I need that disclaimer for the rest of this story.

After dinner, my house. Some ice cream… she loves ice cream. We played with the cats a bit. I showed her my art.

She’s hyper. In my first post about her, I said she was a “teenager.” I don’t actually want to date any teenagers (some carnal fantasies aside), but if I did… I bet the energy would be like it is with this one.

She thinks everything is funny. She’s constantly jiggling around (Jiggling? Yeah, I guess.) and laughing, often for what seems to me like no reason. Most of that is in the realm of annoying. If you’ve read this blog, I rarely think the girls I date are annoying. She is close to that, sometimes. Like I’m babysitting… in a completely perverse way.

But she can slow down, here and there, I like her better in those moments. And one way to get her to slow down, is to tell her to. Which I’ve done, and she takes direction pretty well. For this, I’m grateful, as she is teaching me to be more comfortable with a type of dominance.

So, ice cream, art, and I say, “come on,” and pull her down the hall to my room. It’s a little cold, so I get her into the flannel sheets… freshly changed after Firecracker and I ruined them on Sunday night. She’s goofy. Hyper. I made her take her big, expensive looking earings off earlier, so I could suck her ears. I’m doing that. Mostly just giggles. I’ve never seen her “passionate” or “turned on.” Maybe she has been, but I can’t tell from the display she gives me.

See what I mean? Even thou every girl is different… this is not the sex I’m used to.

But I tell her to put her hand on my chest, and she does, and tell her to kiss me, and she does, and I get hard, and put her hand on my cock. Okay, I’m turned on.

I can’t seem to get her to purr, so I get her to make me purr… which works better. I learned this from Lance Mason, like so much of the rest of my education.

And I tell her I’m going to take her dress off, which is still on, and I do. And she’s shy. And there is a tiny bit of seriousness amidst the goofiness… which is a nice change. And then I unhook her bra, and she squirms, and clasps it close to her chest. And I test her, by kissing her, and pulling her arms above her head, and then pull her bra away, to expose these tiny pink nipples on small Thai boobs. I suck them and… she giggles.

It’s like that. I’m in bed w/ a 20-something Thai “teenager.” It’s a little dumb. And a little sexy. It’s both. It’s an experience. I haven’t seduced a teenager since I was 21.

I roll her over on her side to get her panties off, and she won’t let it happen. Okay. She tells me they are loose (I have to help her find that word), and that I can get to her ass even with them on, and she’s right. But she’s squirming and pulling away when I go for anything close to her wet spot.

And we chat, about this or that. About fake boobs for a while. She has a lot of questions. She wants to know what they feel like, and I tell her what I know. Life really is different in Bangkok. I believe her. From our first date and the questions I asked then… sex seems like it’s different there too.

So, my go-to move with her, is to put her hand on my cock… which I never did until this year, amazingly, mostly because I have been slow to move in bed, and the girls I met before I got better with game were more aggressive than the girls I date now (and less feminine), and they would be after me at least as much as I was after them. So I put her hand on my cock, and it’s hot. She does seem to get a tiny bit more serious there as well. Good.

Is she enjoying the sex? I have no idea. I assume that under the laughter, is 1 part inexperience (I do not think she has had a lot of cocks in her), 1 part curious adventure, and 1 part psychology I can’t even guess at. I’ve never had a lover like this before. Maybe she wants experience too??

There is this one lesson I sort of learned, or taught myself, 2 years ago, with a “naïve” Japanese girl I was dating at the time. Maybe 8 dates, no sex. Some “high school escalation” with her, also. I think she was hung-up about sex, and I wasn’t that slick at the time, but any other girl would have either gotten after it or stopped dating me…

But the lesson I learned was this:

Escalate, within reason. Take her where you want to go, test her boundaries, and stop when she’s serious. And then, ask her out again. If she says yes to another date, what you did last time (within reason, boys!) was probably okay. This is not “consent” as the social justice freaks would have us do… I’m not having her sign a goddamn contract at each move. Fuck that. But this is my model for “sex-shy” girls. And that’s what I did w/ that Japanese girl… I’d escalate, she’d stop me, I’d respect that, and she would date me again, come over again, and that was my sign that it was cool to go further.

For girls that don’t really communicate, and don’t move as quickly as “normal” girls, this is the best model I have come up with.

So tonight, lots of this “high school” almost-sex. That’s what it feels like.

So at one point, she is licking my face. It’s goofy. Kind of kissing me, but more being “mock sexy” and she’s laughing. And I put her hand on my cock again. And then I tell her to suck my nipple. Which she does. And then I tell her to put her mouth on my cock… and she pauses… so I say it again, and she does. And it was… hot. I would tell her what I wanted, and she’d do it. And it felt great.

And then she’d come up, and chat, and laugh, and kiss me again. And chill. And she was a little slower. Maybe this is all nerves on her part?

And I suck on her hip bones, but she’s quick to push me away when I go too far in our high school “dance.”

I think there is a small chance she was on her period tonight. Who knows? I really can’t read behind the shine in this girls eyes. I really don’t know.

And she sucks my cock once more, and I tell her I want her to make me come (as sex seems off the table), and she giggles, and says…

“Next time.” And she laughs some more… a little slower, and more maniacal this time.

And it’s midnight, and she says she needs to sleep, so she puts on her clothes. Bra, facing away from me. Then her dress. Then she’s clothed, with those delicious legs holding her thin body off my hardwood floors. I put on a pair of shorts and a tshirt, walk her downstairs, and she disappears into a car.

Do I even bother to change the sheets before Thursday’s date with the online girl? Probably not. No Thai girl come on these sheets… that’s for sure.

Just now:

HER: Thanks!!!
HER: I got home.
HER: Thank you for tonight!!!!
HER: so much fun ??
NASH: You’re so welcome, sweet girl.
NASH: Sleep good!
NASH: Thank you.
HER: Goodnight
HER: You are welcome ?

That certainly seems positive. And her little “bikini” emoji is her being sexy with me… I guess. She’s done that before. She’s flirting.

Any guesses what is going thru her mind? What do we think this girl is interested in? What’s her story? She is a completely new breed for me.

I am buying her dinners, yes, but I am certain she is actually a rich girl from Thailand. She has her own condo, and a Mercedes there — that’s not her money, that’s her parents cash. Her clothes are very nice. She is cultured, traveled, confident. She doesn’t want my money… and I’ve made no reference to that, ever. I’m not really taking her expensive places. Comfortable, but no big deal.

I am having fun with her, and I think I’ll end up having sex with her. But I am very curious as to what this all means to her. What is going thru her head?

As she left I explained what the word “lover” means to her. I told her that she and I are lovers. It’s true…

She is one of the strangest lovers I’ve ever had.

Daygame, will put you in touch with girls you would never otherwise know. And if you play your cards right, you’ll end up in bed. And she will be your next lover. And maybe she will act like a teenager… and she’ll suck your cock, but won’t get you off. And it’ll be some kind of strange and wonderful experience.

I’m in this for the experiences.

Viva daygame.