Korean Girl, My First Tourist, +1 Daygame

I met her this afternoon. It was a “super day.” That is what I call days when I take a lot of leads. I took five numbers today… that ties for my personal record for a single day. She was the 2nd lead of the day… a cute, bubbly little Korean girl.

She just left.

She is… 22 years old. Exactly… 1/2 my age.

That is my 10th daygame lay… and my 2nd new girl in seven days. And the 4th daygame girl I fucked this week.

Can we get a slow clap for daygame…

*clap clap clap clap clap*

NASH: Hey Cute Girl
NASH: So fun to meet you today…
NASH: — Nash
HER: lol I am glad to meet u, too

She uses “lol” to start each sentence.

NASH: It’s your last night…
NASH: Wow. : ]
NASH: And now… you are at the end of your American Adventure
NASH: Meet me for drink tonight… I know a great spot, close to your hostel.
HER: True!
HER: I am almost finished!
HER: Lol Okay : )

I had plans with a buddy of mine, and I was still sweaty from walking around the city today with one of my wings, Mr YoungGuns.

So I had dinner and a beer with my friend OneFifty. He gave me some really excellent coaching on sex and game… we’re just getting to know each other, and apparently… he’s a sex god. I knew there was “something” about him, but I didn’t know all the details. I still don’t. I am calling him OneFifty… because… you guessed it…

NASH: So, what’s your number? How many lays?
ONEFIFTY: *shakes his head*
ONEFIFTY: *thousand yard stare*
ONEFIFTY: I don’t know…
ONEFIFTY: *shoulder shrug*
ONEFIFTY: One fifty… two hundred?

I believe him. You should see that look in his eyes.

I need to give him some more time… I think he has a lot to teach me… I need to make that happen. That look in his eyes… you can’t fake that look. He is for real. He loves that I am into game… gets excited when I talk about it. And I have seen that “solid” look in his eyes, but I didn’t quite get it until now that he was looking for a moment to clue me into some of the rest of this “work” we love to do.

Thank you, OneFifty. Great night with you, man.

I said goodbye to him, raced home. Showered — washed off the sweat of the day — took a car to my usually Hotel Bar date spot.

She was all “lols” and positivity via text as I updated her on when I would arrive. She showed up just after I got there.

We head upstairs. A great seat. I have taken so many girls there… but the staff doesn’t “know” me yet. They will.

As we sat down, she took her hair out of her ponytail, shook it out, and it tumbled down around her face and shoulders. She was beautiful. And with a twinkle in her eye.

And this girl drinks alcohol. She is the first girl that I have had proper drinks with in a long time. Since Japan with the Nurse. We had two each.

She was giggling and laughing right away. No issue with sitting next to me. I think I held her hand in the first five minutes. She wasn’t enthusiastic about squeezing it back… but she was compliant and cute. I touched her hair, and she would pull away just a tiny bit. No irritation… just subtle resistance. Like a cat. But a happy cat. A cute cat. A fun cat.

Second drink, I could feel myself slow down. Maybe her too. I made the stories a little deeper, and little slower. I was telling stories about “cool guys” and kissing her neck as a part of the story. She would giggle.

She’s not overly dumb or simple. Not at all. She’s just bubbly. She is a happy girl. When I would say something nice, she would give me a cute little “thank you.” That is high self esteem. I like that.

And we talked about her dad. How strict he is with her. And how when she and her little girlfriend wanted to go to Taiwan, she told her dad it was “school trip.” She even faked documents. And when dad asked how much it would cost, she told him he could just give her the cash…

HER: I got the trip…
HER: And the cash
HER: hahahaha

She’s not overly devious… but she’s not a Girl Scout either. I teased her about being selfish at a few points on the date. And we both agreed she’s a good liar.

Every girl is a manipulator… it’s in their DNA. They will take just as much as you let them take. That’s the implicit deal between men and women. If you’re strong… she’ll take a little more than you want to give. If you’re weak… she’ll take everything.

I tried to kiss her just after the first drink. It landed, but she didn’t kiss me back.

I tried a bit later… it landed, and very nice kiss back. She is very pretty and has great lips. Great kiss.

The bar closed at midnight, and we walked to the elevator. As the doors closed, I pinned her to the wall… another deep kiss. Compliant and wonderful.

As the doors open, I said… “you’re a night person, I’m a night person… it’s not that late… let’s go back to my place and listen to some music… you can’t stay late, I have to work tomorrow… I’ll send you home in a car after an hour or so.” She gave me a cute, playful smile, said, “swear??” And she held her pinkie out. And we pinky swore on the deal.

Pinky swear. It’s was time for sex. But this is the Secret Society. So we say “music,” and smile, and pinky swear. I love it. I am starting to get it.

Even as I joke and sound all “pro” here, I wasn’t sure I’d fuck her until I got her into my bedroom… I wasn’t sure, but I also wasn’t “oh my god, I can’t believe it!!!!” like I was with Firecraker (my second daygame lay) last Fall.

This was fast sex. With a very young girl. It’s starting to feel normal. But I’m certainly not jaded about it yet.

It was fucking great.

My house, music… and I took her to the bedroom… made her carry the speaker. Part of good “dominance” is giving her something to do. Doesn’t matter how simple or meaningless it is. It’s part of making her invested in the deal… that she has a little “job.” It’s part of the structure I want in each little relationship that I lead her, and she happily puts in some work toward that plan. In some ways… that was the best game I had all night.

No resistance as I pushed her back onto the bed.

She purred as a I kissed her. Clothes came off with no problem at all.

I tried to eat her pussy, and that was when I heard “no.” It was classic “no” token resistance… I’d give her some room to make sure she was still with me, still into it… and she was. Romantic look in her eyes. Touching me. I pinned her wrists to her side. I kept going.

I did eat her pussy, but she was pretty squirmy about it. She definitely didn’t relax. And she was drippy wet… my bed is sticky even now. But it wasn’t the kind of heavy pussy-eating that I like.

There was one story from Lance Mason about how if a girl doesn’t like to receive, let her please you instead. And as I write this, I’m thinking of my last call with Rivelino, and how he talked about how he likes “pull your cock out” (PICO) game, and his advice to me on that call to “let the girl please you.” And that came to mind. So I did.

I got up, grabbed a condom… and put in on the bed. I made a show of that, so she knew I was about to fuck her. Then I took my pants off. And I laid down, and told her to kiss me. And she was lovely and compliant, like she was the rest of the night. And then I told her to suck my cock. No hesitation… she jumped into it. And it was a very amateur blowjob… but… blowjobs are like pizza…

I let that go on for a while… because even as she gave me a rookie BJ, it was pretty glorious.

Then… I climbed out from under her little, young body… put the condom on… spread her legs, and…

+1 daygame.

Her pussy was magical. I almost came immediately. I slowed down, and took my time, fucked her for 20 minutes or so… that magically pussy squeezing me the whole time.


As I had her on her knees… she would reach back and grab my hand. And I would have her by one hand, my other hand on her hips, smashing her from behind. Fucking hot little girl. Not deep and romantic. Not overly passionate, like sex with Miss Thick last Friday… but really fucking good.

I got laid last Thursday night with Miss Xi’an… a new daygame girl. Then again Friday afternoon with Miss Thick. And again with her on Saturday morning, after she spent the night. And then Saturday, I took the night off. I needed a chill night. I needed a break. And then I saw Siren on Sunday… more sex that night (amazing night). And again Monday morning. I didn’t fuck (or jerk off) on Tuesday or this morning… and I was just starting to feel horny again… and this little girl was ready for a proper send off from her time in the US.


I asked her to stay. Which would have been great. She’s lovely. But she has to “take her contact lens off”… and she checks out of the hostile tomorrow… and gets on a plane to see her little friend in Canada… so even though she was sleepy, and amazingly cute in my white sheets… she put her clothes on and got ready to leave.

As she left I told her to stay… that I wanted to marry her!! And give her 16 babies!!! She’d be fat and pregnant all the time!! She laughed. “How can you say that?!!!” And she gave me a cute little wave and jumped in the car and took off.


I didn’t know how old she was… so I texted her as she rode home. I guessed 24. She corrected me… 22. Wow. That is the youngest girl I’ve fucked since 2014. That was on my first trip to Japan. Also Korean. I think this is the 4th Korean girl I’ve fucked.

HER: lol I born in 1995

That is four years AFTER I graduated from high school.

In my phone, I saved her number as “Korean Girl | Last Night.”

I don’t even know her name.

As I drink an IPA and write this post… I can still taste her pussy on my lips.

Filthy. And wonderful.

Viva daygame.


Viva daygame.