Leads, Critical Mass, Girl Tornadoes, and Optimization | Two Dates

Daygame feels very alive for me this summer. I dated four girls in the last eight days… fucked two of them.

I have had a limiting belief that I have no game in Spring and Summer. And that notion (like many others since I started to get my head above water as a player) is destroyed by the ever-present opportunities provided by the daygame model. It has been a fun week.

Part of the fun this summer has been in the winging. I’ll stop and give props to The Cigar (who is locked up with a GF now, but was a great wing), Young Guns (who is working super hard and will be very good at this, I believe in you, man), to Vicar (who has game, and is looking to make more of the daygame opportunity), and most recently to Buckle (who is very new to this, but I have seen him in set a few times and he looks quite solid). And another shout to Cobrantula and Riv, who are not my wings, but are part of the gang of daygame outlaws with whom I am proud to associate.

Fine jobs, boys.

Let’s get to it:

Tornado Cultivation goes someone like this: Hustle the street, take numbers, work the messaging, try to book dates, and spin plates. That’s the basic formula. That, and “point any/all frustration back at the street” (which means, when in doubt, which will be often, “open more girls”).

And despite a player’s effort (and even solid game), a lot of the action falls out at each step… from blowouts in the hustle, to disinterested girls that don’t reply, leads that go silent and stale, and sometimes… dates to nowhere. Or lays… that wander off and disappear.

The nature of the Girl Tornado is that it is wild and will fall apart as soon as you let it. Welcome to “girls.”

But if you get through the funnel, let’s say… to a solid dating situation (pre-sex)… then you start to have what I call Critical Mass. Well, not at first. That initial viable girl in your life is the beginning of a ball of momentum that might one day become a proper raucous tornado. But you’re not done yet.

Even with an interested girl or two in your life, you wake up each daygame day… and start again with the hustle. Take more numbers. More messaging. More dates. And if you have your fundamentals down (and you can catch a bit of luck), you’ll get a couple more girls in the fray. And they’re not all at the same stage, but the “atmospheric instability” of all that girl-chaos is rising at this point… and good chance you have a tornado brewing.

All this should help your swagger… which should help you drive more energy into that tornado. This is upward spiral. A tornado is literally an upward spiral toward Pussy Paradise. Pussy Paradise is not a place. It’s where you’re standing. It’s you… at your best.

Then… rinse and repeat. Tornados require a lot of energy. So you have to stoke them with regular effort until you hit Critical Mass.

Critical Mass, for me, is the point where I don’t really have time to date any more girls. When you are looking at the calendar, and you have no time to squeeze a girl in… you’ve hit Critical Mass. You can still number farm the streets, but it’s more and more irrelevant, as you can’t fit the girls into your life. It’s at this point, you can begin to Optimize.

Optimization can come in small ways… like if you have a favorite, and giving her first choice on date times. When I was in Japan, I would try to book The Nurse first, as I was really enjoying her (and fucking her), so I would plan other dates around times with her. Back in the US, Siren has always been my top priority. I really like her, and I’ve tried to lock her down first, before all my time was booked with girls I less.

And then I did some “heavy Optimization” by cutting Good Smell out. And I’m new enough to this, I haven’t done that often. I’ve cut out girls in the “dates to nowhere” (like the Thai girl), but Good Smell was the first lover I cut off — mostly because I wanted to see what else was out there. Good Smell got fired because I was solidly at Critical Mass, and while I liked her, I had some issues with her and wanted to see what I could do with the time she was occupying in my life. That was a good experience for me. Not an easy one, but life is not known for its lack of difficulty. With her out of the mix (and with Siren perhaps optimizing me out of her life??), I did get some free time, and that allowed me to get back to work, to connect with some new girls.

Two weeks ago I set about starting another tornado. I had the new daygame lay last weekend with Miss Macau. She left the next day, so while she helps my momentum and swagger (and adds to my experience), she doesn’t count toward my current Critical Mass. She was an isolated offshoot of the current tornado energy, and she escaped (not without getting fucked first).

But I took two other leads the day I met day Miss Macau (three, but one never replied to messages). I have since had a date with both those girls. And I took some more leads yesterday as well. And the tornado is spiraling up. I am approaching Critical Mass. And I’m starting to get more practice at the Optimization piece.



I met her last Thursday… in the same exact spot on the square where I picked up Miss Macau.

This girl was taller than average, and in a skin-tight knit dress from neck to mid-calf. Her hips were a winning feature and her walk was feminine and tempting. I vaguely remembered her boobs as I thought about her later.

As I opened her, she was smiling but backing away. This is common, in my experience. In this case, it was hot/sunny, and she was backing into a point of shade in the square.

This ^ was an interesting point for me because we tend to think the girl is backing away because she doesn’t like us or she’s too timid… and then our self-doubt kicks in and we eject prematurely. In this case, I pressed her a bit and we stopped in the shade and it was a good interaction. She had sparkling eyes and liked the pickup. I’m glad I didn’t run off just because her feet moved a little in the opening moments of the dance.

She is Chinese, from Chongqing. She’s here in my city studying English. Has been here for two months, with one month left in her trip.

As we moved into the messaging, I did something typical for me with Asian girls:

NASH: Hey, Pretty Girl…
NASH: Very nice to meet you today.
NASH: You have a very feminine walk
NASH: [pic of a classic feminine actress… recycled from another conversation just like this]
HER: thank you

So this exchange… pretty boring on both ends. But, this is about the language barrier for both of us. I am being simple, as I know her English is not great at all. And her response *could* be disinterest, or could be difficulty with the language. For me, that’s a perfectly fine response as long as she is shy or not good with English. For a confident girl born in America, I would take that as lack of interest. As it is, it was my second chance to bail prematurely, but I did not.

The next day, I pinged her with a pic of one of my cats. I said good morning. She said “thanks.” I bet it is true that for all the girls I’ve fucked… they give me more back from this kind of “cat ping,” but not her. No mention of the cat at all. Which is fine, but this was boring, so far. I wonder if that is an indicator I will not fuck this girl? I’m not sure I care at this point.

Just when I thought to give up… she sent me a very hot pic of her, in a short white skirt, an off-the-shoulder top, and a sun hat. Long milky legs. And her pretty face looking back at the camera over her shoulder. Tempting. Ummm. Hot pic. That’s better. Random… but better.

I did not want to be over-eager about the skin. I thought she might be baiting me into horny-beta territory. Soon after I hit her up with a dinner invite… and no response. I rolled off.

Two days later, I tried again. We went back and forth. I had her asking questions, and had sent her a pin to a spot downtown for a drink. She never said “yes,” but she did send another picture, and then a video, of her cleavage and neck and lips and a bit of her eyes, as she modeled some expensive looking necklace. It was hot. Again, totally random, but hot. She is a hot girl.

So I did what I do these days when I like something…

NASH: I love it when you send me pictures.

That ^ is good positive reinforcement. She gets positive attention when she does things I like. This is the opposite of “dread game” and I like it much better.

But she never said yes to the date, so I did a classic “non-confirmation confirmation” and messaged her, changing the time by 15 minutes… as a way of reopening the issue without saying, “Uhhh… are you coming??”

She said something like “sorry” at this point, but a few minutes later, asked where I was, which I took as a positive sign. We went back/forth, trying to set up a date for another night. Then she said:

HER: you finished the shopping now?
NASH: Yeah…
NASH: You want to see me, don’t you.
NASH: Come see me.
HER: : )
HER: ten minutes
HER: but my iPhone has no power
NASH: Okay

So I thought I had it done… but… she never showed. Which is lame. I pinged her and she said she got hungry and ran out of batteries so she went home. Hmmm.

At this point I assumed:
— She is a vain girl (the photos)
— She’s a bit “basic” (everything about her)
— She’s selfish (standing me up after she agreed to the date)

The next day, I pinged her to see about the date we had talked about for Thursday, and she agreed this time like a “normal” girl. We had a lot of back/forth that day, with her sending me screenshots of her class schedule and more. It felt solid.

I did some approaching that day with a new wing I call Buckle. I broke off early, went home, cleaned up, had the house ready, got back downtown to the meeting spot, and… she was seriously late.

To make it more complicated, Buckle wandered by and saw me standing there. And it was embarrassing… we’re getting to know each other, and here I am getting tooled by some basic girl. He told me to “cancel” and I said I’d give her a few minutes… and just then… she showed up. Looking hot. Meh.

I had already named her Miss Vain. Buckle and I had laughed about her earlier that day, and about her focus on pics of herself. About what I assumed from the pics were fake tits. About the whole thing. And here she was… super late. Her excuse was “shopping.”

I introduced her to Buckle, and then dragged her off to dinner. Her English was difficult… really difficult. And she is feminine, but so self-centered, conversation was harder than other girls I’ve been with that have even worse English. I’ve dated a TON of girls that basically speak no English at all, and this was maybe the hardest date yet.

We sat in booth… and she showed me pictures on her phone for most of the date. Mostly of her. And travel. She is not a particularly deep girl.

But… amazingly, the date was alright, in the sense that I had a good time. Mostly… because she’s hot and my CEO wants to bury himself, balls-deep inside her. My CEO is basic and shallow, too, just like her. And she wore that same short, white skirt (from the first photo she sent me) on the date, and I had my hand on her bare thigh all dinner.

I kept telling her how hot I think her hips are… and poking at her as she sat next to me. It’s not supplication if you’re a dirty cad about it.

She smelled great, even though she claimed to not be wearing perfume. I used that to smell her many times, and get up in her space. This all went over just fine.

As we chatted and ate some Japanese food, I tried to kiss her. And she jumped back, a little concerned. But I calmed her down with very little effort, I’m used to this. And as dinner was over, I stood up, told her to kiss me on the cheek, and I pointed and waited, strong frame, and she said, “Oh my gawd…” and giggled… and kissed me. Cool.

It was cold, so we waited inside for a car, and she sat next to me, very close, thigh to thigh. She was obviously increasingly comfortable with me. I pulled her in, got my mouth on the back of her neck and tasted her a bit. And she said, “what is happening??!!” And I leaned back like a confident rake and laughed. We were comfortable… a ditzy girl and pussy hound, waiting for a car. I’m not the first man in this situation.

The car took us to her dormitory… she got out, I made her hug me, I kissed her neck a couple of times, and she giggled and ran off.

I have since told her to send me more pictures of her… which is part me trying to “speak her language” and partly me testing for compliance. She has yet to send me a picture on command.

Meh. Another experience… but meh.

Oh… and the boobs are clearly fake. That is -1 in my book, but perfectly consistent for what I know about this girl. Vain, vain, Miss Vain. I’d still fuck her. And I bet she would check her makeup mid-plow… she did during dinner. She’s that kind of girl.



I picked her up a day before Miss Vain, last week sometime. I was out with Vicar. She was young, cute, goes to that art school that feeds my bed so many girls… I liked her, but didn’t assume much about it. One of two leads that day.

On messaging, Miss Careful was responsive and cute. She is an illustrator and has great talent. Very nice work from this girl. I sent her some of my drawings. We had a funny exchange:

NASH: [drawing of a girl]
NASH: ^ my drawings
HER: Interesting, haha, she looks tired
HER: u are artist, too?
NASH: Yes, I am… I draw “tired” girls
NASH: Haha
NASH: You’re so mean!
NASH: : ]
HER: No offense… the most difficult thing is to draw the human face
HER: I drawn a lot of porker [sic] faces
NASH: Poker faces
NASH: Porker = pigs
HER: [embarrassed emoji]
HER: my English is terrible
NASH: [drawing of me]
NASH: My ^ porker face
HER: lol

Pig jokes. Laughter. Good stuff.

I moved on to cat pics and she “lapped it all up,” so to speak.

HER: wow~ they are so cute! I love cat very much

That’s more like it. This is my kind of girl.

I started trying to get her out. It was a little hard, but she worked with me, so I kept going. She was busy. She doesn’t drink. She doesn’t go out at night (not often).

I eventually got her to agree to a boba tea after her class one day. And… she cancelled.

HER: I’m very sorry to tell you that I may be not going with you this afternoon
HER: [detailed explanation]
HER: I am so sorry

First… note the word “maybe.” I’m fascinated by how girls use “maybe.” In this case, it’s not maybe at all… she’s cancelling, but she doesn’t say it. This is how feminine girls talk. Keep an eye out for “maybe.”

But… this didn’t feel like a blowoff. Too much detail in the explanation. She seemed genuinely sorry. We rescheduled.

She showed up. And she was… charming. And cuter than I remember. Petite. Bright, big eyes. Long hair. Knee-high boots. Her clipboard with all her fresh drawings. Delicious little art girl.

And the date was… awesome. I had sent her to the wrong meet up, which was my mistake and complicated the date, but I met her there and she was friendly and sweet and excited. We got boba, and she tried to pay. I walked her back to the square. We sat close and chatted.

She is careful and feminine and conservative. She doesn’t go out at night, except with her close friends. She drinks, sometimes, but only with close friends. She thinks it’s dangerous for girls to be out alone or late, and she rarely does either. These are conservative values, and she tells me all this with a cute, warm smile, and she’s totally charming.

We are funny together and have good chemistry. I told her so.

She took my touch well. I talked about kissing her, but didn’t (more of that gambit, which in this case, I like). I did my “comfortable, but not too comfortable” routine with her, and she ate it up.

At one point I notice a bit of color inside her shirt collar… she has a little tattoo… which is a surprise. That reminds me not to think she is too “nice” and to look forward to the possibly of fucking her.

She was going to a “girls night” at her friend’s house that Saturday, and it was to be a “pajama party.” She told me she would wear a little tshirt… as that is “sleep clothes” to her. I told her I would sneak over and look in the window and check them all out. She laughed.

I walked with her and put her on the bus to go home. We messaged that night.


Two dates. Both very cute girls, that I would like to taste. But very different experiences.

And now we’re on to Optimization.

I only have a few nights in the week. I have a mounting tornado spiraling up. In addition to the girls above, we have Miss Thick. I had an incredible date with her last night… she is increasingly securing her #1 spot (now that Siren is MIA). I also took some more leads on Friday before my date with Miss Careful. One of the leads is a Taiwanese girl here for work, and she and I seemed to hit it off. She was older, but dishy, and the messaging has been great.

So… we plan the week. We spin plates. And we Optimize.

The data I have in front of me, puts Miss Vain in last place. She’s hot… but she kind of sucks… selfish, shallow thing. I did have a good time, but I understand the nature of the type of girl she is… and I am interested in her, for experience and entertainment. Shallow girls are fine, just don’t get them confused for “deep water.” Her lack of depth is less of a concern than her selfishness. As it is, she helps momentum and to maintain my Critical Mass. I’ll take it.

I think I have a date set up with Miss Careful for Tuesday. And I like her. I did that first, in case she wasn’t free on Tuesday, I could offer her some other night, as I had a clean calendar. She’s “top tier” in terms of my preference, so we work with her first. And then I reached out to the Taiwanese girl, and we have a tentative date for Monday. I pinged Miss Vain after that was done… and we’ll see if she plays along. I will be offline Friday/Saturday as I book time camping with the Fat Italian. See how the week fills up? This requires choices.

So that leaves Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday. If I want to run more game this week (and I do, I have a lot of practice left to do at the street hustle stage)… I’m running out of nights for dates. I’m nearing Critical Mass.

And spinning plates and “Optimizing” go hand in hand.

As Miss Thick was everything I needed sexually last night (and this morning), my balls are empty and I have no intent right now. But tomorrow… I want to hunt. If that goes well, I’ll have more leads, and I’ll need to get them out quickly or they’ll go stale. Fresh leads are the best leads. If I get more leads, Miss Vain will drop back even further. Good.

Anyone in this level of game knows, that even with this many girls in the tornado, and more added daily, the storm can still peter out quickly. But if it doesn’t, I don’t want to miss a hot connection with a new girl (or a tourist, who might be leaving my city soon), as I chase around some empty girl and her selfies.

We know girls have options. A good street hustler can build options too… perhaps more high-quality leads than even a hot girl? That is a magical thing about game… to slowly work up to having more options in the sexual marketplace than even a hot girl. That’s what I aim to do for myself. A proper tornado allows me to optimize my way up to that potential. And beyond it.

It starts by having some Critical Mass. That’s where you learn. That’s how you get the experience you need to know what quality is, and to handle quality when it comes at you down the sidewalk. That’s how you build your swagger.

Then you add even more leads, get that tornado spinning, get it violently-thick with high-quality pussy, and you optimize out the time wasters, the shallow girls, and the weak leads. And you harvest the richness that comes from the efforts of your game, and the potential of yet another wild, feminine pussy tornado.

We shall see.

Viva daygame.