Making Out on a Staircase

Miss 19 is the “recently deflowered” former virgin turned lover to this 49 year old man. This story is about girl wrangling, a sexy girl, and making out in public places.

Maybe I have had a mental list of “boxes” I wanted to check off from my daygame adventures. The seduction of Miss 19 earlier this year tics a lot of them: She is a teenager, she is was a virgin, she is 30 years younger than me, I was her first “everything,” etc. There is food for my ego there, but the thrill of dating her isn’t that she feels particularly “young” to me – she doesn’t. Day to day she has a lot in common with most girls I date – she is fun and sexy. We have been a remarkably good fit. It surprised me for the first few weeks, but it doesn’t any more.

If we connect well (and we do) I will claim it is because I see dating through a masculine “frame.” Masculinity and sexual polarity tend to generate a feminine response in a girl. When I am being a “strong man” (or a “beast”) and she is being a pretty girl (or a “Beauty”), more often than not, the relationship will flow in passionate and predictable ways (as much as anything can be predicted in the Land of Maybe).

She is a college student. She works part time. And (like a nice, healthy girl) she spends time with her family and with friends. We tend to meet up for a long date on weekends, usually on a Sunday afternoon.

This week, however, I had a date for Monday scheduled with Miss Aloha.

When I have the opportunity to date multiple girls in a week, I enjoy myself more when I don’t see the girls “back-to-back” (either in the same day – which happens often enough – or on consecutive nights). I want time to clear one girl out of my system before I can property focus and embrace the next girl.

The way I see it, the ideal pace when dating multiple girls is: Get some pretty girl out on a date. Drink her in completely. Release her. Then, “clear out the vibes” from that exchange. Maybe work a little. Workout, perhaps. And then with at least one night to myself… bring in the next girl.

Some time alone, a change of the sheets, and I am ready.

Because I wanted to be fresh and clear for my date with Miss Aloha on Monday, I wanted to see Miss 19 earlier in the week:

NASH: If I want to see you on Friday or Saturday
NASH: Do you have time?

I have been on using a lot of “I want” statements lately.

MISS 19: I am on my period

Uh. Okay.

Ill-timed periods are an ongoing reality of “being a player.” It’s not a glamorous part of Game, but it’s true.

NASH: Send me pictures of you
NASH: And come see me when I can kiss you everywhere

This is my “sexualized” way of saying, “Oh, you’re on your period… let’s see each other later.”

She did, in fact, send me a picture of her. I praised her, and said “I like this girl,” trying to feed the relationship until we could be together again. Then she said:

MISS 19: Would you like to have lunch with me?
MISS 19: If you want to
MISS 19: I just want to talk to you

I was trying to push back on the date, but she was still coming forward. I like the girls I date for more than their bodies, but certainly also for their bodies. I thought she might “get it.” and lay low for a few days, but she did not.

And beyond that: Can you see her start to lead here? Do you know why? When girls lead like this, it is almost always because I didn’t give her a enough “structure.”

Girls need structure. And they like it. We should provide structure, basically all the time, or they’ll create complications. Since I was vague about our next steps, she was stepping into the vacuum to present a plan of her own.

There is a big lesson there. When we don’t provide structure, she will test more, there will be more drama, or things will fall apart. The structure is our responsibility.

In the case of her plan to have lunch… I do like her and I had the time. She was only available Sunday. A Sunday date for lunch with Miss 19 would still give me time to be recharged and hungry for my date with Miss Aloha on Monday afternoon. It sounded good and I decided I’d do it.

As I thought about the date, though…

I wanted to maintain a sexual vibe with Miss 19, even if I didn’t plan to fuck her. She may be on her period, but for a man with imagination it could still be a fun, and potentially sexy date. So…

NASH: Sounds good
NASH: But I will need one thing

There we go. It is not the “friendly lunch marketplace.” It is the sexual marketplace. I want to keep it sexual. And by adding “demands,” I am also reclaiming control of the date. And of course I would provide the structure, as well.

She responded:

MISS 19: Haha
MISS 19: We can’t kiss each other in public

Really? Is that so?

NASH: Oh my darling…
NASH: I promise I can find a way

The stage was now set to give the little girl some time outside of the bedroom, but with some potential for sexual spikes to keep it spicy.

I happen to have some experience with public makeouts and I would give my teenager a taste of the Secret Society; we could have what we want, in the middle of the day, it could be dirty, but done right, the non-sexual “normal people” wouldn’t see a thing. I wanted a makeout in public, I wanted to turn her on, but in an exclusive, private way. All that… was the plan.

Sunday arrived and I pinged Miss 19 that morning, wanting to “touch her up,” give her a little emotional ping to maintain the structure, and to begin to nail down where we might meet for our date.

NASH: I know a place
NASH: Great burgers and cool atmosphere

And while it’s busy on a workday, it’s pretty reasonable on a weekend. Knowing not only the place, but the best times for that place, is part of being “masterful” with a girl on a date.

It would be a delicious lunch, yes. And my plan was to use the staircases to isolate her.

I have known since I was an “average frustrated chump” (AFC) that a staircase – especially in a building with an elevator – can be a hot place to steal a makeout or grope a girl. If you want to get a girl alone in public, staircases can be great places to do it.

When I was a pre-Game man in San Francisco, I was (and am) very into art, and I knew several high-end galleries where the art is expensive, but looking is free. And that could be a great date. Dragging a girl through an art show is a high-end experience. And…

I could lead her into some old marble staircase, pull her into the shadows of the “Secret Society,” and have ample opportunity to paw at her, or pin her to the wall and ram my tongue down her throat. I did it many times.

I occasionally mention the original “Siren,” a 25 year old Korean girl I dated when I was 30 (one of top three lovers of my life). Even as an AFC I made out and fucked that girl in public places all the time. Once, mid-afternoon in a classroom at the UC Berkeley Extension on 3rd St in SF (with huge floor-to-ceiling windows looking down on Yerba Buena park). And another time; I fucked her in the stairwell of a big hotel, at a business conference, just pulled her through the door, half way up a flight, pulled her panties down and stuck it in.

I loved that girl (I really did). We had a lot of good times. She loved public sex (many girls do). Which brings us back to…

On the morning of my date with Miss 19, I told her I would go to the gym, and after, that I would be “as hungry as a bear.” I finished the work out, I pinged her again… reinforcing the structure, keeping her emotionally on track, and already giving her the feeling of being led by a man that knows what he’s doing.

We met at a plaza downtown. She had her hair up – which is the way she wore it when we first met. She looked charming and pink-cheeked (and younger than when her hair is down). She wore a sweater, a light jacket, and a leather skirt… so I could see her thighs. I hadn’t seen her in “skirt” before. She looked fantastic.

We walked slow. I teased her a little. I “pushed” her away several times as we walked… and also told her she looked beautiful, I liked her legs, and I wanted to fuck her. The push (literal) and pull (verbal) flowed nicely, and she was happy to be with me.

The burger shop is on an upper floor of a tall building. As we walked through the doors, the lobby was empty. I had been dragging her around, so she wasn’t surprised when I took her firmly by the wrist and pulled her down the stairs at the side of the lobby. She was a little confused when the restaurant on that floor was closed, but I wasn’t.

I grabbed her, I said “give me your mouth,” and I kissed her. She will often resist my first attempt to kiss her, but she didn’t this time. She took it. And then, she giggled. And I grabbed her again, forcing a few more aggressive kisses on her.

NASH: See…
NASH: I told you I’d kiss you

Mission accomplished. Not a big deal, but certainly a big contrast to a typical day. We were creating a sexy story together. Her eyes were a little bigger now as I molested her in the stairway, with people walked passed us up above.

I started into some normal conversation to camouflage our return to the lobby. I led her to the elevator. We were alone there too, so… I kissed her again. Elevators are also great places to isolate and kiss a girl.

I was having a great time. A proper seducer can make a lunch date sexy. Alcohol and darkness are irrelevant; it is the man, not the “time of day,” that matters.

They seated us at the counter – which is perfect. Side by side, I could touch her easily, lean into her ear. You can be very physical and sexual over a food date (even a lunch) if you sit side by side and take advantage of the possibilities.

She had wanted to talk, and now was the time. Not about anything in particular, just a young girl, at a nice restaurant, enjoying some food in the company of her lover.

For my part, I had a fantastic view; down past the counter top, beyond the hem of her skirt, at that gorgeous paradise between her bare legs. Every time I perved out on her legs I would announce it to her… telling her she was hot, and that I wanted to fuck her. She would take on a look like she wasn’t paying attention, almost a “zoning out” look on her face… but I know her well enough she was feeling the tension and getting turned on.

We finished the meal, and I paid, and I walked past the elevator and pulled her into the staircase. Totally empty and “private” (in a way), I made out with her over and over again as I walked us down those stairs.

While the restaurant is modern, and nice, the building it is in is old and ugly. The staircase wasn’t nice, and various parts of the decent from the sixth floor smelled like trash… but that added to the seedy public sex vibe.

She followed me easily, but then squirmed girlishly when I would turn it on. I pinned her to the wall, and she leaned into the kissing. I slipped one hand up to her neck, and then, the other, down past the front of her skirt to stroke the bare skin of her long legs. The skirt was kind of tight, not easy to slide up, and she fought me a little.

I dragged her down another dingy flight of stairs.

Maybe on the fourth floor of the staircase (which was behind a close door, and dead-quiet) I got her skirt up enough to press the back of my hand into the mound in her panties. She groaned for me.

Somewhere during lunch I mentioned something to her about her period. She said, “it’s over now.” It was? Hmmm.

Even before lunch was over I was turned on. With her period her over I did want to fuck her, but I had fucked Miss Words the night before, and my bed was still full of her long black hair and the mess of sex… I’d stick to my plan of “lunch only,” and take any pent up sexual energy from Miss 19 into my date the next day with Miss Aloha.

However… knowing her period was over, I could push past a simple makeout.

Down to the third floor and I used both hands to pull her skirt up to her waist. It was a hot moment; A teenage girl, skirt up, panties exposed on a secluded stairway of an old Japanese building. I put my hand between her legs, pushed her panties to one side, and worked a finger into her until it was wet. She was gasping now and her cheeks were red. That same “far away” look was on her face. She was pulling me into her, and really going for it.

On the second floor, I stopped and gave us some more. I put her hand on my cock. She rubbed at it while I reach down the back of her underwear and played with her ass. I was talking to her.

NASH: A bad man is touching your ass in public…
NASH: I think you like it

That seemed to be true.

A few more big tastes of her mouth and we arrived at the door that would lead us back, once again, into the lobby on the first floor. I grabbed her ass one more time and shoved her out into the well-lit hall. I chatted about how girls like privacy, but are happy to be touched in public if they can do it without everyone watching. The look on my face was calm and serious… even as my fingers smelled like young girl pussy.

I told her I wanted to get to work. I gave her one last round of “structure,” announcing that I would take us to buy some chocolate scones for dessert and then I would send her on her way. She nodded and followed me along.

She had tried to help pay for lunch, but I wouldn’t take her cash. I said she could buy me a scone… and I made her buy me two. We walked out of the department store where we’d bought our snacks and we stopped and stared at each other. She gave me a beautiful look and said “do your best” (がんばる) in Japanese. She was sincere and supportive. Very feminine.

I went off to a café and got a ton of work done.

I’d had a solid work out, some public groping with a pretty girl, and a very productive afternoon. For a man like me, it was a near perfect day. Regardless of what she originally thought, I knew it would be fun and hot for her to be kissed in public, but it had gone better than I’d planned.

Later that night she messaged me, talking about the date. I took the moment to further advance my frame:

NASH: YOUR ROLE is to look in my eyes, to touch me, to tell me you like me, and to kiss me
NASH That is what I want
NASH: When you do that, everything is perfect

This ^ is structure. Literally telling her what to do.

NASH: Can you say, ‘Yes, Sir?’

I had never played with “Sir” with her before.

MISS 19: Yes, Sir.


NASH: That is perfect
NASH: Makes me want to kiss your sexy mouth

I always want to rewarding her when she does some positive. And I added some sex to it.

MISS 19: Thank you for taking me to lunch

Yeah… it was a great experience, for both of us.

MISS 19: Fuck me more when we meet next time

Okay, yes. Perfect.

NASH: You were delicious in the staircase today
NASH: I think maybe you like it when I TOUCH YOUR PUSSY in public
MISS 19: Yeah
MISS 19: I really like

Okay. And And (in case we needed it): More evidence of how an older guy can be very sexually relevant to a much younger girl. And how a young girl’s sexual education can move forward quickly in the space of an afternoon.

She does want to be properly fucked in public. Yes, it seems she does. Fuel for another time.

Viva daygame.