Making Out With a Teenager | First Date with Miss Glasses

I met this girl 15 days ago. Tonight, we made out. After I’d kiss her each time, the look in her eyes — that “paralyzed,” slow, breathlessness look — wow. She’s 18… which makes her 26 years younger than me. It was a great date.

August has been a somewhat awkward month – I haven’t been able to get any momentum going. Coming off my last new daygame lay, I was sick for a full week. As I recovered from my cold, I fired up the street hustle, did a lot of approaching. I would guess I’ve taken maybe 15 leads this month (that’s conservative), and no new lays. Can’t seem to get the tornado rolling.

As my wing Buckle and I were talking about game this week:

Sometimes you flip a coin… and get “heads” 15 times in a row. Doesn’t make sense, but it happens. Whether that is dozens of approaches and no leads… or 10+ leads and no dates (Young Guns is feeling this in Bean Town right now)… or dating five different girls and no lays… If you’ve been in this “business” long enough, you’ve seen “cold streaks” like I’m talking about here.

August has felt like a cold streak, of sorts. I’m not the slightest bit bitter, it’s been fun talking to girls this month, but I haven’t had much to write about. Lots of time on the street. Some great girls. Some anecdotes. A lot of leads. Few dates… very few. That’s been where my funnel has a big hole in it.

Meanwhile I’ve had the best sex of the whole year this month… but all with Miss Thick. She has been… epic. Epic. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite lovers of all time in terms of sexual thrill. The fucking look in her eyes… dirty, loving, awesome. She is in China right now, as I hammer on these keys. We sexted a bit yesterday. She’ll be back in five days. But that means I have some time to work.

Good. I like to work.

So after being sick for a long stretch, and running a ton of mostly fruitless game… I went to a hippy party in Oregon to watch the eclipse last week. It was fucking awesome (the party and the eclipse). But that means a break from all the girls that were in the messaging-phase, and no approaching during that time. Tornadoes need care and feeding…. and mine went flat again from lack of time and attention.

As I rolled out of the festival and back into the civilization known as Bend OR, I checked my phone. It was lit up like Christmas with several days of voicemails and messages from all “20” apps on my phone. I had three messages that really caught my eye — two WeChats from young Chinese girls, and one regular text from a Russian girl I would like to introduce to my cock.

Of those two Chinese girls… they were leads from about a week or so before that festival. One, was a 20 year old math major at a prestigious school near my city. You have to be very fucking smart to go to that school… but the big brain on this girl isn’t why I picked her up. I could care less if she is a math genius… but I am assuming she is exactly that.

The other girl was the one from tonight’s date… and she is… 18 years young. We’ll call her Miss Glasses.

I messaged both of the young Chinese girls after I’d had a good night’s sleep. I had nothing but dead-air in return. That was typical of August… leads to nowhere. Reasonably strong leads, but not a lot of juice in the responses. So I moved on… hit the streets again.

But then today, as I was getting ready to hunt, Math Girl hit me up after three days of nothing. And I figured that lead was about stale, so I tried to close for a date right away… and she agreed. The Math Wizz and I have a date for tomorrow. Cool.

And then, just as I started approaching today… the 18 year old also responds after three days of silence.

After the dead-silence, she sent me this epic love poem:


^ Silver-tongued goddess.

With all that “poetry” to work with, I do the same thing I did with Math Girl: pounce toward a date…

Actually… she and I have a relatively long history in terms of chats… a lot. We had a date set up for two Monday’s ago. And she cancelled, as she said she had a headache. We rescheduled for the next day, she cancelled again. She then basically said, “don’t call me, I’ll call you,” and while she didn’t seem like your typical jaded hot girl, I assumed I was done. When I saw a message from her when I was back from the eclipse… I was surprised. Then more dead air, three days of it… then today, she’s alive, just like the 20 year old.

It was like a coordinated attack between the two of them. When it rains it pours.

Time to get that date:

NASH: Are you busy this weekend?
NASH: Let’s go to the museum on Sunday.
NASH: Or dinner!
MISS GLASSES: okay that’s cool
MISS GLASSES: do you have time tonight?

Tonight… okay. I like that.

It’s a very good sign when she’s like “how about tonight?” It is a clear pattern in my experience that when they are pushing for “sooner” rather than later, and you can make it happen, it’ll be a good date.

I was pretty into my daygame session at that moment, and I have been really loving hunting with my wing Buckle. He is a very cool guy and the vibe on the street when we’ve been out has been awesome (you should have seen him stop this very hot Euro girl with her family watching across the street… hysterical). And as she pushed for tonight (after cancelling on me twice), I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up a good night of hunting with an excellent wing, to head home early and get ready for the date.

We haggled about the time, and I kept offering Sunday instead. But was wondering if she might be up for something “late night.”

NASH: How about 9 PM.
MISS GLASSES: 9 is a bit late… maybe we should make it Sunday

(Note ^ “maybe.” That word… there it is again. Always there, lurking… that word.)

NASH: Okay…
NASH: 8:30 tonight… or 7 on Sunday???

I like this “now” or “2 days later” combo for date invites. It seems very successful to me. I usually do it as, “I have some free time tonight… or maybe Tuesday.” That’s my favorite combo. Let her choose. There is something about that that works for me.

MISS GLASSES: emmm okay… 8:30 where?

And it was on.

I sent her a map point for my favorite ramen spot. And she asked what “ramen” was… which is odd, as while ramen is Japanese (and she is from China), I’ve never met an Asian girl that didn’t know what ramen is… but now you can get a sense for what “18” means. It means “no experience.” With anything. Like none. None at all.

I haven’t dated an 18 year old since I was 20… which was over two decades ago. I’ve dated a lot of 19 year olds since I’ve been in this stage of daygame. And I’ve made out with a 20 year old in Japan. And I fucked a 21 year old in May. But 18… that is “new” territory, all over again.

There was some delay and BS, but we met up at my favorite ramen place around 9. And she looked… fucking cute. Little, young, bright-eyed, and delicious. And she was excited to be there. Great hug (which I initiated) to start us off.

Dinner was perfect. She wasn’t that hungry and the service was slow, but they sat us side-by-side and we had a lot of time to chat. I could touch her easily. I did so, often.

As we ate I was trying to explain the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky controversy, and I was attempting to talk about the “come on the blue dress” part of that story. And she looked a bit blank. So I said, you know what I mean by “come?” And she was a blank stare. But her English is not great, so I figured it was the language barrier. So I said a bit more, and she seemed out of her depth. So I asked if she has had sex, and she said “no.”

Oh. A virgin. Okay.

“I have been curious about virgins and the likelihood of me fucking one in the near term. I have dated several in the last six months, that I know of, and have not gotten very far with any of them. I have mentioned this facet of my experience in game quite a bit on this blog.”
— Nash, comments on virgin game

Earlier in her and my messaging history, I sent her a screenshot of her own profile pic (anime drawing of a couple making out) and I suggested that she was “romantic” (I was trying to “frame” her). And she replied that she and her BF (who is back in China) send each other those kinds of messages. So, she has a BF. I didn’t panic, just played through. And I assumed she was not a virgin. I was wrong. I found out on the date that she only knew him for three weeks before she came here. They never had sex, but they did kiss.

I bet that is most of her experience.

So now… her age, the 18 year old part, is extra “juicy” for me. She does not know how old I am (she has never asked). She is nothing like the harsh, mature 19 year old I dated earlier this summer. This girl is properly shy, and sweet, and naïve, and wonderful.

And as for me… what a great web-tangle of emotions and judgements.

She and I are not peers, that’s clear. She is 26 years my junior, a teenager, thousands of miles away from home, here in “Trump Country” for only three weeks… her first time here… her first time out of China.

While I know “all girls are in the Secret Society,” she is a new member. There is no fucking way this girl has had much experience. So, I love it. I wondered if the staff at my ramen place could see the experience-gap? I felt moments of extra “responsibility.” I felt moments of extra “kink.” I felt moments of extra “trepidation.”

If she had had sex even once, or was 22 (for instance)… I would treat her like “any other girl.” But as she is actually on the edge of childhood, and has no experience sexually. It’s not that I don’t want to fuck her. I do. And I will, if I am able. But will I treat her exactly the same? Should I give her more opportunity to “escape?” Do I need to get her to “double opt in” as this is the only virginity she has? Because she is really fucking young and I am a bad-bad street seducer???

I came across the concept of “proximity” as it relates to the “age of consent” recently. She is over the age of consent, but I am the opposite of “proximal” to her age. I don’t feel particularly moral about it, one way or the other. But this isn’t the center of my comfort zone either.

I don’t know. And it all turns me on, to be honest. This is exactly the kind of rare-wonderful experience I wanted when I got into this “work.” I’m here. It’s happening. It’s no fucking coincidence.

At one point during dinner I said I thought she had great lips. I was really into her. We had a good masculine/feminine thing going. She said maybe it was the lip gloss, but the look in her eyes was that she was well into it. I told her that if we were alone I would kiss her, and she went demure, but liked it. That was full green light for me.

As dinner wrapped up, I asked when she needed to be home. When she and I met, I found out that she lives with a host family, and that family cooks for her, and wants to know when she is coming/going. She said she should probably go home “now.” I suggested dessert at my place… she could meet my cats. She said, “next time” (classic). I argued the toss, but she seemed solid on that point. I told her I’d walk her to her train.

As we got to the train stop (which is outdoors), it was a bit cold. Just as we arrived, my very sensible libido noticed how young/hot/tight she is, and wanted a makeout, so I went for it. It landed perfectly.

She leaned into the kiss right away, her mouth open, even with hints of our dinner on her lips. And then another kiss. And I could see she was genuinely affected by the making out. So I asked if she was sure she didn’t want “dessert.” She repeated “next time.”

I called us a car, and it arrived. We got inside together (I would take her home, then reroute to my house) and kissed some more. She held my hand on her own, holding my arm in a sweet, possessive way… great makeout. Charming, young girl.

Yeah. Fuck yeah.

I tried at least once more to get her to come back to my place. She was soft, lovely, but a firm no. And after yet another kiss, I told her “you like this,” and she was quiet, with a feminine charge that made me know she did, indeed, like what I was serving up.

We made plans for Sunday on the ride to her place.

I climbed out of the car first, to put her on the sidewalk. I kissed her yet again. I was hard. It was hot. She said, “see you Sunday.” I said good night. She repeated, “see you Sunday.”

“If the Daygame Gods are generous, or are trying to make a point, it’ll be soon. If they want to make a different point… they will drag these young girls across my mouth a few more times, for a few more months perhaps, before I close my jaw on a girl that young, that… inexperienced.”
— Nash on sex with a virgin

This is the bullseye of YHT. We’ll see.

Viva daygame.