Making Out With a Young Girl in Banana Republic

I interrupt my NYC stories, to bring you this… I just made out with Miss Tease. She is a sexy little girl and the makeout was hot. Kissing her was fantastic, actually. But the bigger win was another look into my education in the ways and workings of the minds of young, hot girls.

She surprised me when she texted me this morning.

This is the girl that I had a few very short dates with in June. She lives at home with strict parents (culturally Korean and serious Christian as well). She works in my city, but has to be home right after work… and claims she can’t come into the city when she’s not working. So it’s very hard to get this girl on a proper date. I tried last June. Several times. And ended up making it all work in short bursts of hot moments… mostly in public places.

In that way, she has been good for me… she makes me creative. She forces me to escalate in unusual situations. I like that.

And who knows how much of that backstory is true. This girl is definitely a bit of a mystery to me. She looks so naïve and cute and “innocent,” but those dates in June culminated in me taking her to a hotel and fucking her (all in under an hour, so she could make it to dinner with her parents). She is the one that sent me a series of explicit SnapChat pics before we had sex (she was my first “SnapChat girl”). And her responses after our hotel fuck were telling as well.

Here are some texts that she sent the night after we hooked up:

HER: Oh my gosh.. when you were fingering me
HER: I had to stop myself from..
HER: You know.. :-p

This is her in classic form. The “gosh” line to give her a virtuous quality. The obvious strong sexuality of her reference (to squirting). And the unwillingness to be explicit (at least not initially, she likes to have all that coaxed out of her… it doesn’t take long).

HER: I like how you’re rough ;-)
HER: Making sure I don’t move hehe

This is true of me in general. I’m not actually that rough, but I’m “faux rough.” I choke. I pin girls down. I also pet their faces and tell them they’re beautiful.

In her case, she wore tight black jeans to our sex date, and she has big thighs, and she was “faux resisting” as I got her naked that night, struggling against me as I took her clothes off. I pinned her down, and kissed her, as I peeled her jeans off with my free hand. She is one of those girls that says “no”… and grabs your cock and moans all at the same time. You can see from her comment above (which was after the date) that this was within the context of seduction, not actual force. Girls are complicated. And force is never cool… even as girls like “forceful” guys. Complicated. I know.

So those comments were from after our sex date. They came unbidden and were clearly affirmative. But I never had another date with her. Not until today, when she texted me out of nowhere.

Post sex in June, it was like we had “popped the balloon” and it was over. I was excited by her. I assumed I would see her again. But the reality was I didn’t have much to say after we fucked. It was like we ran out of gas. There were no more SnapChats after that. No more long sexual exchanges late at night (not after the initial validation we gave each other later that night). And soon after that she stopped returning my messages entirely. It felt like a mix of boredom and awkwardness. I assumed fucking had dissipated all the sexual tension, and we had nothing left in common (that might be true). At that point, I knew enough not to chase.

Two weeks after our hook up (in early July), she messaged me with:

HER: Hehe hi
HER: Hope you’re doing well

I was surprised, but happy to hear from her. I sent a few messages and got some low-investment responses. And then nothing. I hit her up a week later… no response. Then, a week after that… nothing. I figured it was over. Trains comes and go. That’s normal.

And we see each other on the street sometimes (when I’m out running daygame, which is how I met her). And I don’t try to talk to her, I just smile. To me it’s Secret Society stuff. If she wanted to see me, she’d “tease me,” and/or respond to my messages. Since she wasn’t responding, I left her alone.

So then this AM, out of nowhere:

HER: Hope you’re going well :-)

Her standard ping. Boring on the surface… but I was of course intrigued by what she might be after. Why ping me? What did she want? Why today?

I sat on it for a bit and then responded with this:

NASH: Oh, it’s the cute Korean trouble maker
NASH: It makes me smile when I see you on the street
NASH: Are you ready for some attention?

I figured she wouldn’t be explicit about what she wanted, but if she responded at all, I was going to go sexual and try to get her out ASAP. That’s what I did.

She did respond and I tried to set up a tea date. I wanted to see where we were at. I really don’t know what she wanted, and/or how much is available if I were to lead properly. I know she’s very hard to get out, and never for dinner or at night… no sleep overs… not even daytime weekend dates. I tried all that. I’ve only been able to get her out after work, before she goes home to her family.

(Maybe this girl is married? She’s very young, but maybe that’s the real story?? I have no idea. The truth of her is opaque, and it’s difficult for me read what is true behind her big, sexy eyes.)

NASH: Come have boba with me after work…
NASH: It’s a hot day
HER: Where would we go :-)

^ It may not seem like it, but to me, knowing a bit about her, her last comment here felt 100% sexual. Like I should have taken her straight to a hotel again (some of the texts she sent me later tonight make me think that’s what I should have done). That was what I thought when I read it. She is egging me on… in an almost dangerously feminine way.

I left her alone for a few minutes, as she often adds more to the thread when I leave her sit for a second. I did this all day, with her waiting a bit (her reserved femmy nature), and then adding some spice or other kind of encouragement (her underlying sexuality). And she did add more this time.

HER: Gosh, you just happened to pick the day where I’m not wearing a bra hehe

Again, classic ^ Miss Tease. Here the sexual card she is playing is explicit, even if she sugarcoats it with that “gosh” aspect.

There was more back and forth, including this:

HER: I do miss your touch

This ^ sounds gnostalic and sweet, but this girl isn’t really like that. Not that I know of… that’s just how she presents herself. There was no gnostalgia after we had sex, the one time I really did have a chance to touch her.

She is actually a charming kind of incongruent… drippy-sweet innocent on the outside, and hot-blooded sexual on the inside. It’s the “gosh” mixed with the SnapChats nudes she sent me in June. That is her. A kinky child. No, smarter than that. She is a pink-veiled sexpot.

NASH: Let’s have tea… and we’ll send you home before you get in trouble.
NASH: I want to do some shopping at Banana Republic…
NASH: You can come along.
HER: Hehe :-) is that okay?

Of course it was. But damn that kind of response brings out the animal in me. So feminine.

Now, as I can hear her sweet voice in my head, imagining her only-vaguely hidden meaning behind the things she says… I want to fuck her. I want a week to do so many things to her. To see if I could get her to show me more than the very careful versions of her I have seen so far.

Before our date tonight I did a walk through Banana Republic, to scout logistics for my plan. I always stress that a man should know his territory. I was doing just that with my preparatory walk-though. I wanted to have the lay of the store mapped out in my mind… I had a plan, and I wanted to scout the location before I had her there. All of this adds to a man’s confidence… and increases his chances of success.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
— Seneca

We met at the mall after she got off work. She looked… the same. Which is to say, young, fresh, lovely face, curvy body… today, in a long dress. Images of her naked body from her SnapChats (which I saved, and look at once in a while, souvenirs from our fling) flashed through my head as I gave her a hug. Her big eyes were intense and fixed and something like trusting as we rode the escalator down to the boba tea place. She stood way too close to me and I wanted to fuck her immediately. That familiar sexual tension coming back again. I touched her. I tried to act like all of this was casual and normal.

But this was a surprise to me. And I’m glad to have another round with her. She is a sexy and fascinating girl. Who knows if I’ll ever see her again.

I got my boba tea, she didn’t want any. I walked her up to Banana Republic. I was not, in fact, trying to buy anything… this was an excuse to take her there. I had a sweater picked out from my dry-run the hour before. I chatted about nonsense with her, walked her to the sweater, and then led her back to the changing stalls.

She didn’t know my plan, so this played out a little funny as I had to get her and the clerks to cooperate to get what I wanted. She started to wander off as I went to the changing area, and I called her over and she complied. Then she tried to sit on the bench outside and I made her stand up. And then I asked the clerk if they minded if “my friend” came with me into the stall to “see the fit.” Clerk didn’t object. Miss Tease complied again. I walked her into the fitting room.

This ^… is leadership.

I’m still not sure she got what was going on at that point. This girl has an incredible poker face. When I took her to the hotel this summer, and we checked in that night, her face was neutral (almost bored) the whole way through the process until I had her pushed back onto the bed and started making out with her. Then the look on her face finally matched the situation.

Same here in Banana Republic. She tried to sit down again once we were alone inside the changing stall together. I hung the sweater on a hook. I made her stand up. I pulled her in and made out with her. It was… super hot. She didn’t object and didn’t look the least bit surprised. Her mouth had that kind of taste that makes my temperature go up and my cock go rigid. And she resisted in the smallest ways, like 10% resistance (this is part of her charm and femininity). And then she jumped into it. She was moaning and that guileless look on her face went from distracted innocence to heat and passion.

I rubbed her nipple thru her thin dress. I grabbed her ass. I put her hand on my cock.

And then… that was enough. There is a limit to what they will put up with at the Banana Republic. I wasn’t looking to cross that line.

She asked about the sweater at that point and I told her this was just my plan get her alone. She smiled.

We walked out, put the sweater back, and left the store.

Talking with this girl face to face is not easy. She has an alert, feminine nervousness when she’s not being sexual. She won’t volunteer anything, I have to carry the conversation 100%. She is easy to text with (she is wild over text), but she and I are a bit awkward in person when we’re not hooking up.

I like her. We’ll see what she is like if I do a good job leading and give her space to relax.

But I was curious to know, if post-makeout, she would give me any insight into why she contacted me and/or what she wanted.

NASH: So… what is up with you today? Why did you “wake up” and text me?
HER: I was just wondering how you were…

This was zero “connection” in her response. Her words were “canned,” polite, that same non-intimate, girly properness she uses almost every moment when I’m not kissing her. She didn’t even give me a hint of what was going on her mind. I let that idea go. I had a feeling that was a dead-end. I went back to leading, to enveloping her, to my standard “Octopus Game” (more on that in another post).

Maybe at some point this girl might relax and get real with me… but I’m not counting on it. She is a very sexy girl. And our makeout was hot. Very hot, with almost no warm up… that is rare. We don’t need that much time to connect when it comes to sex… it’s there. And her comments about squirting and liking it rough from our little field trip to the hotel this summer show great promise of her sexual potential. We have excellent chemistry. I saw it again today. But she needs a guy that will do all the work, and with very little feedback other than her natural responses when she likes what you’re doing. I can do that.

One last bit…

This morning, when she texted me, I was considering this as my response…

HER: Hope you’re going well :-)
NASH: Ahh, hello little girl.
NASH: I know this is a bit random… but have you ever been tied up?

This is NOT what I said (my actual opening lines are above), but that “tied up” line occurred to me. In part, as I have been tying up Miss Thick here and there, and I think I’m ready to make this a part of my lifestyle. But also… that line just jumped into my head when I thought of her. Even though I didn’t use that this morning in response to her pinging me… I promised myself that I would explore that with her if we met up. And I did.

Post makeout today, she didn’t want to leave. We sat on some couches upstairs in the Mall and chatted. My favorite topics… relationships, dating, sex. I broached fantasies and then said:

NASH: Have you ever been tied up?
HER: Oh… no!

And then I read her, and said, “yes you have.” And she smiled. And confessed. “Maybe once.” There is that word “maybe” again. I asked if she felt safe and she said, “yeah, I trusted the guy.”

This is what this girl is like. Faux innocent. Sexy. Incredible poker face. I would say she “lies” to me (like here when she said no, and then yes, to being tied up), and I’m sure that’s true. This girl is not telling me the whole story. But all this is in the spirit of her role as a full-fledged member of the Secret Society. She speaks in the language of girls and sexuality, not men and the proper waking world. She is complicated and spicy. This is the game I want to play.

This situation makes much more sense to me after the lessons I learn from Sundance’s lay and those moments of elucidation around these “innocent girls” and how they (passively) earn their educations. This one is young. She texted a bad man this morning, and hours later, she was pinned to the wall of a fitting room in Banana Republic with her hand on my cock. All the while, that pure, alert, proper wholesomeness on her face. This says something about me, yes. But I am not the only cool guy this girl knows. How many stories like this does she have? You guys know me, am I “super cool?” Not really. So imagine all the actually super cool guys that have hit on her since she’s been fertile. All the shit they have shown her.

I know this story is cool. I get it. I have some stories like this (a few with this girl, in particular). But all little girls have stories like this. And she is likely half my age. I have worked at this for years. She is hot… and men like me deliver these stories to girls like her… every day. This… is the essence of a girl’s education. Because they have had a chance to sample so many “cool guys,” they have a better education than almost every man (90%+) except the very coolest guys themselves.

Little girls… have seen it all. This is just another example of the stuff that happens to them all the time.

Her perfect poker face will never show how much she knows… all you’ll see is a quiet, timid, young thing. But that education is there. How many other cool guys have gotten into her world? What else does she know? Don’t wait for her face to show it before you figure it out… her face will never show it.

What a fascinating look into female psychology. Another great experience.

Viva daygame.