Miss Glasses the Virgin, Is a Super-Squirter

Here’s the run down… I supposed the bad news is, she’s still a virgin (and I will not have a new notch in August). The good news is, she had a very good time tonight… many “firsts,” including discovering that she is a super-squirter. Half my room is soaked. And I had a great time, even though I smell bizarre right now.

We met-up tonight around 6 PM. She has class tomorrow AM, so I figured early dinner, my place, and hopefully, a deflowering+++. That was the plan.

To begin, she tried to fuck up the date… twice.

First with the sex:

MISS GLASSES: I don’t feel like crossing too many lines today…
NASH: : ]
NASH: You’re cute

She made this comment after I said something via WeChat about kissing her. She said, “Me too!,” and then gave me that message about “not crossing lines.”

To be honest, I was pretty amped to fuck this girl and it probably showed a bit. I like her very much. I do. She is YHT, and all that, and sexy and delicious beyond the surface characteristics or the novelty of a virgin teenager (which is pretty fucking novel). And I want the experience of bringing her across the threshold. Yes, I do. I don’t think I was “teenage horny” about it, but I bet I was a bit keen. I think responding that she was cute was an okay way to deal with her comment.

That was it. No debate, I didn’t go logical at all. I didn’t say I would or would not fuck her. Just “you’re cute.” Okay. Moving on…

Then she tried to cancel entirely:

MISS GLASSES: what about we meet tomorrow… I am so tired today and I just want to sleep…

This ^ was three hours before the date. SMH.

At this point I was trying to back off of my more-than-sincere desire to penetrate that little thing… but not back off so much that I would let the date slip away.

Some things come down to the strength of your personality. This was classic behavior for a girl that knows she is about to get fucked. I’ve seen it before. She is doing a little of this and a little of that… trying to shake off the impending lay. This is womb management. I get it, but this is not my first rodeo. And I’m not Captain of the Virgin Preservation Squad.

NASH: Ahhhh, cute tired girl.
NASH: : ]
NASH: I have a plan for tomorrow…
NASH: And our reservation is for tonight
NASH: 1. Go take a nap
NASH: 2. Wake up at 5…
NASH: 3. Meet me for a fun night
NASH: We’ll have you home by 9:30ish

20 minutes later…

MISS GLASSES: see you then

Done. I like that.

Okay, that hurdle was then behind me. I got one more message from her around 5 PM that I thought might be her weaseling out, but it was just a random cute emoticon. Date was on.

Before I move on… I will say, I don’t want to under-emphasize how often girls do stuff like this… try to derail the date. I think it is truly subconscious, but it’s ubiquitous girl-behavior when the deal is about to close. She’s trying to buck you off, right before you hit the “8 seconds” mark (bull riding analogy) and get proper a “score” (so to speak).

“A woman wants to lose to a superior Frame, but she needs to test that it really is superior.”
— Tom Torero, Street Hustle

I do have a plan for tomorrow – a reunion date with Miss Thick – that was no lie. She is back from China tonight, and she came after me yesterday, setting up a date for Thursday, so that is all locked down for tomorrow. And she is the best lover I have had in years… I am in awe of what she and I are like sexually. It’s fantastic.

But more importantly… she ALSO did this kind of thing. This derailing shit. Pre-sex shit tests. It’s in my post about sex with her. She tried to stop seeing me — twice — before I got her into bed. I passed those tests and she and I became lovers. She has never tested me since. And it has been epic/beautiful since then… because of me. Because I successfully overrode her derail attempts.

Those were very important shit tests to be passed. And I had big returns because I was nimble enough to keep the train on tracks. This is a big part of the actual work of game. These crucial moments when your will as a player points the seduction toward glory… or it fizzles into something not worth talking about.

Perhaps I will look back at tonight and feel the same way about Miss Glasses’ little tests today as I do about how I handled Miss Thick’s tests back then. Tonight was about more than our dinner and romp through the sheets… it was a foundation for what might come. And if tonight didn’t happen… maybe nothing would come of this.

But tonight did happen. And it was memorable.

We meet up at 6 PM… and she looked simple and cute. Those bangs. Her glasses. A lululemon style shirt. Jeans. Sneakers. Nerdy and simple on the outside, but I felt that same big smile creep across my face. I like this girl.

As I stepped into hug her… she gave me an endless, deep, emotional hug. Just melted into my chest. I and held her for about two or three minutes, whispering greetings into her ear, before we started the walk to dinner.

Dinner… was fantastic. A place I have taken many, many girls. The place I took Miss Macau the night I fucked her.

Car back to my place. She was very into the cats. 10 minutes of hanging out, playing with them. And then I pushed her up against the wall… and she went hot and tremble-y right away. She is a very emotional girl. Very intense, in a quiet, introverted, feminine way.

My room. And I took my time. She was revving up, but I was going slow. I was pretty convinced she was going to get fucked tonight. I was in no rush.

Got her naked. She was shaking and breathing shallow breaths. I asked if she was nervous, she said she was.

She did that thing again where she would close her eyes and turn her head to the side. That is her kind of shutting me out, as I see it. She is kind of “going away” there. And a lot of that is fine by me. But I made a point of making her open her eyes a few times. Making her look at me. Telling her I wanted her to be “here,” with me. And she would do it. And it was qualitatively different, richer, when she would look me in the eyes.

She is very young. This is a serious game. And it’s all new to her.

So then I go down on her for the first time… and she rev’s to about 8000 rpm right away. And… she squirts.

I’m licking her clit, and I get a blast of hot, bitter “girl juice” on my chin. I know what that is all about, and she doesn’t seem to even know what is going on… she is too inexperienced to be self-conscious. She was blissfully ignorant about the mess she was making, and how rare this actually is for a girl’s first time.

So I just kept going, staying at her clit to keep that squirt-love out of my mouth (for the most part). This is a gnarly business, gentlemen. No place for the faint of heart. Lock and load, or stay at home.

And then… she squirted, and squirted, and squirted. Gushed, as the say. Flooded.

And I have never penetrated this girl (I’m sorry to say). So this was all clit-based squirting. Miss Thick can do that too, but it’s usually g-spot stuff that makes Miss Thick squirt. This one, full water-works, just from her clit. I have never put anything inside this girl… not yet.

I asked her how she was doing, and she muttered something affirmative from behind closed eyes. So… more.

I got up and grabbed a towel to put under her… she was at the edge of the bed, and that area was already soaked. Squirt, squirt, squirt. I’m on my knees, with “spray” all over my chin, my neck, her thighs, my chest, my arms. And I’m kneeling in a small lake of the stuff at this point.

I give her a break… come up, kiss her, and hold her. She’s exhausted, but a happy girl. She has never had anyone eat her pussy before. Never had an orgasm before. Certainly never squirted. I know Yohami says girls often bullshit on “this is my first time,” but… once again… I am inclined to believe the girl. Maybe I’m a fool. Or definitely I am a fool, and maybe this is proof of it?

Any other girl… I would have held her for a while (as she had just come for five minutes straight)… and then… fucked her. God, I wanted to tonight.

And I figured it was on with this one too. So I said, “I’m ready to put my cock in you, you ready.” And she got very worried and tense looking and her mouth was screwed up in a wave of emotions… so I backed off. I not-so-dry fucked her, rubbing my tool on her clit, and even that worried her. But she settled down. And started to get into a bit. I taught her a few things I like.

Who knows if I’ll ever see her again, but if I do… we’re training her.

She still won’t suck my cock, but I won’t make that an issue until after we fuck. I could have made her rub me out, but… I’d just as soon be violently sexual for Miss Thick tomorrow (it’s been 16 days since I’ve had an orgasm). I wanted the lay… but I’ll save my “O” for when I take her V-card. I told her so.

And we laid around, naked… and it seems there was, in fact, something a little special about the feel of her teenage body against mine. A lot special. She was back to high-emotion hugging me, holding me, and majorly passionate kisses.

I made her squirt one more time… soaking myself and my bed once again. And then we cooled down. She got up. Went to the bathroom (she was fascinated that her clit was swollen). Came back, and got dressed.

I fed her a couple of bites of ice cream while we waited for a car to pick her up and take her back to her host-family.

Now… it gets a little more complicated starting Saturday. She is moving 30 miles south of the city. Her school is there. She’ll be in a new host-family. The logistics are going to get harder.

But I think we might have her fully on the line now. Maybe I am fooling myself, but she and I have some real emotional-history at this point, and some quality intimacy… to the tune of soaked sheets. She really enjoyed it. Told me several times how amazing it felt… and it’s hard to fake a squirt session.

So… I think we have a date for Sunday. If she can take the train up here, I’ll take her out, keep her overnight, and try to fuck her. I would love to sleep overnight with this girl… she’s the right type for that. The emotional girls are great sleeping partners. Ummm. And then, I’ll drive her home the next day.

Longterm, this could be great… as she’s out of sight, out of the city, and I can date her once a week/so. And I love the idea of fucking her on a weeknight… and then driving her to school. “Have a good day in school, dear,” with my tongue in her mouth and my hand on her ass. So perverse and sexy. I love it. I want that experience.

Wow. What a night.

And… at dinner, I had to explain a lot of things to her. She knows nothing about Latin culture. She doesn’t know much about much… she’s just out of high school. And… I liked it. It was great.

I know so many guys that want a “peer.” They say they want to have the same interests. That she needs to have a good job. Or has to have read the right books. That’s not me at all.

I love how different she and I are. And it was really charming to be “sexy daddy” tonight. In every aspect. It was hot. I loved it. I want more of her. I want more of this experience.

And for now… I will move the sheets (which have now been washed) out of the washer, put them in the dryer. And I will take a shower… to get the acrid, bitter-smell off my body before I puff some smoke and sit on the couch and wonder, once again, if I have hallucinated the whole thing.

I’m 44 years old. I never imagined this is what I would be up to at this stage of my life. I thought I would be married with kids. I am sincerely glad I was wrong about all that. We can sleep when we’re dead.

The teenage, virgin squirt-machine had a good experience. This street-dog Regulator had a good experience tonight. That is the standard we strive to uphold. Nice work.

I am a proud man. Viva daygame.