More Sex and The Siren.

I am back and I had my first days of daygame at home this week after my return from Tokyo. And it felt good. It is a type of restart, but not a barebones restart like what I had to do last Fall or in Japan. Unlike those times, I have some warm leads… more than just warm leads, actually.

I came home to some sex with the Siren. And that feels very cool.

I picked her up last Fall (#16 that day) and I was very into her. I actually picked her up on two separate occasions… if I hadn’t seen her again and reopened that girl two days after I first met her, I don’t think I would be telling this story. I got her to date me, and it was good time. And then we had sex in Dec, before she went off to HI and then China. Then I was in Japan. We hadn’t seen each other in almost two months.

Pancake asked me if I did a bunch of messaging to stay in contact with her while I was in Japan, and he is right about that. I did. Not a ton. Her English is very good, but she seems much more shy and brief via text. I would ping her once per week. Usually with a picture or two… sending her “emotions” more than words. (She has since shifted to sending me pictures of herself quite often, which is perfect.)

So I get back, trade some more pics, and set up the date. Last time I saw her she slept over but it’s been a while. I wanted to reconnect before I assumed anything.

I had her meet me at my house. My cats were charming, as usual. I didn’t try to touch her. I made sure she was warm and we went out for an afternoon in the city.

It began with a bus ride. And as we waited, she was telling me how “kind” I am. I gave her a disapproving look, with a hint of a smile. I never let girls call me nice, or sweet, or kind. Never. So I corrected her and told her I was selfish and that I’m only nice to her because I like hanging out with pretty girls. Gave her a big smile. She smiled back, nice spike.

And I told her I’m also “dangerous,” and as we boarded the bus I grabbed her ass. She jumped, reached back and frantically moved my hand away. I am not 100% sure of myself in this territory. This was not altogether different than when I slapped Business Girl’s ass in Tokyo. This is me, experimenting a bit. In this case, we sat down and the moment came and went.

“The caliber of your game will come down to, at what level does the girl start to intimidate you. At what level do you start to get shut down. At what level do you start to give a fuck. At what level does that spiral of abundance slow down?”
— RSD Tyler, from Hotseat at Home

Tyler is talking about something really important here.

Back in December, I really liked this girl. I pedestalized her a bit, for sure. I was curious to see what I’d think of her, post-Japan. And I still really like her. So taking a risk like grabbing her ass is important to me.

I’m not saying this is/is not good game. I am saying I would have done that with another girl, and since I know I have the potential to start to treat this particular girl like a princess, I want to make sure I do the same things with her I might do with other girls. That’s why I did it.

Just because I like this girl more than most is no reason to forget about game.

Like TD’s quote above, we can learn the rules, and be religious about sticking to them, and do very well with that plan. But then we meet some girl, and we think “it’s different,” that “she’s special,” and we lose our nerve, and start to break the rules we know are true… And we lose those girls. And it’s our own fault. And we lose momentum. And the Tornado falls apart.

How you do anything is how you do everything. I am beginning to show some consistency and promise on this path. I want to be aware when some “special allure” might tempt me to forget what I have learned.

This girl is tempting. And she is very “fine,” as in high-quality and rare. And while I love all that and recognize her charms, I know the same lessons apply. Now and always.

In terms of sex, I have been tempted to frame her as a “high-end princess.” To overplay my capacity to be a “gentleman.” But I have not done that. She is special, but she is also “just another girl.” I know what I like. I want to be true to that, true to myself.

So I have been my usual horny, kinky self with the Siren. And she is amazingly turned on and sexually expressive. There is no conflict between a high-end, “fine” girl, and a full-kink sex life. I am so glad I didn’t half-step just because she is a quality girl. Quality girls like kink too.

For instance… I had this lover, years ago, that I also called Siren. Siren is a name I have given to almost all my best lovers (it’s about the intense temptation they represent for me). The “Korean” Siren, was the best sex of my life, still is, she/I were very hot together. I discovered game when I had her in a fuck-buddy status, 2 years of once-a-week sex, amazing, filthy, wonderful sex. The only reason I was able to be with a girl like that at that time of my life, was because we met at work… where I was situationally very alpha (*nod* to Yohami).

I am forever chasing the sex I had with that girl… It was mind blowing. And I always compare how “real” I am being with a new girl, by comparing how I talk and act with the new girl versus how I did with that Korean girl, 12 years ago. I never held back with the Korean.

With that standard in mind, I think I’m doing well. I’m not hiding my dick. I can’t sex-talk this new Siren like I could the Korean (because the new Siren’s English is not nearly as good, and because she is conservative via text), but I am keeping it sexual, I am escalating, and I am going for the kink I love… Her ass (I haven’t fucked it yet, but that is a milestone for me) is getting plenty of attention.

So I took her out. Then back to my place. And after a minute or two… A kiss. Then I dragged her down the hall. No LMR. Naked. Devouring her, my hands and mouth, everywhere.

I’m not certain… I won’t ask… But I think she is coming, and I think she is multi-orgasmic. That is true of all my favorite lovers. She is soaking wet, and moan-moan-moan, and pliant, at all times. I fucked her twice on that date. Once after dinner, and again in the morning. But she was ready all night… She could have been fucked four times, at least. I am not 22 anymore… I am twice that old.

And she is such a passionate girl.

Speaking of sticking to my game plan, my standard MO has been to get a girl naked, do anything I want to the her, and then make her suck my cock to get me hard so I can fuck her. Last time I was with this girl, I was sick, so I fooled around, passed out, and then fucked her in the middle of the night when I woke up hard. This time, I was healthy, and I want to treat her like any other girl, so I made her suck my cock.

And she acted like she had never done it before. Willing, but humble about it. She was qualifying herself, kept asking for feedback, etc. She did not seem pro, but she did a great job. I told her so. And my increasingly hard cock told the real story.

So while we’re wondering about her sexual history (I haven’t asked her much about it), I can tell you she is 28. I wasn’t sure, but would have guessed between 27-29. That night, post sex, she seemed like she wanted to confess her age. So she did. I told her I had guessed as much. She qualified about that too. I told her I only like teenagers, but I was having fun, so she could stay. She laughed. She never asked my age.

And as we laid in bed, before sleep, we were talking about naps, and I started to future-project about coming over to her apartment to nap with her… And she got serious. She told me that her ex-BF moved in with her while I was in Japan. He has been in the background of her/my relationship since our first date. She said he moved in (I think that’s what she said??), and that she broke up with him again, and he left some of his stuff in her place. This was another confession from her that night.

To be honest, I don’t care about her/his relationship. As all this came out after sex that night, and it was our 2nd night together, I’m not at all threatened. I told her I know she/he have a long history, that we don’t know each other well, that I’m not trying to put her in a cage. That’s all true. I’m not trying to wife her up. And I am trying to fuck other girls, but I didn’t tell her that. I don’t plan to.

And I liked all these confessions, as they were all a type of qualification. She is invested and investing. The girl had a very good night with me. She was into it. So I took all of this as signs that she and I are increasingly solid. I have another date with her tomorrow, she does feel solid.

Good. I like her.

And we had a beautiful night. Sleeping very close. My overly-hot body making us sweat as we lay together. The cats, coming and going. She looked very comfortable.

And her body… this girl is 5’6″, and very, very skinny. Her wrists are barely bigger around than a golf ball. Yet she is soft. Very soft, I don’t know how she does it. Nearly flat chested, which is fine with me… I’m an ass man.

She has the same body as the Russian girls that are dominating western porn tubes these days. She’s not that tall, but she’s so thin that she looks tall. And the contrast of her hips with her skinny legs and small waist… Makes her seem almost curvy, even though at 5’6″ I bet she is just barely 100 lbs. And creamy skin from head to toe. No makeup. And thick dark hair… It’s all over my house and scattered throughout my sheets.


And my favorite part about this story… she is “recurring revenue” from the work I did in December.

No, that is too cold. It’s warmer and better than that.

I feel like I’ve built three distinct Girl Tornados in the last 5 months. And had sex from all of them. But this is the first time I did not have a tornado going (I’m just now starting to work on post-Japan daygame and plate spinning) and the sex was there anyway, with very little work.


I came back from Japan and she was still here. Still interested. She is my favorite girl from last year, and probably better than anything I had going in Japan. I did keep the thread alive while I was there, but I didn’t have to jump-start a Tornado this time to get laid. I just walked into friendly territory, to one of my favorite girls I’ve ever dated, no bullshit or struggle… A rich experience.

A nice date. And great sex. That multi-orgasmic profile. The wettest pussy. A clit-girl, but very into the penetration, particularly intense as I would come. The look in her eyes… wow.

Fuck yeah.

That morning, I wanted to get on with my day. I had dinner plans with my buddy Natural and work to do. I made her get out of bed. We showered together. She said she’s never seen a man shave before.

I have an extra toothbrush, but I didn’t offer it to her, as I don’t want to have to move it around depending on who is in my bed… I know LTRs well enough to know, don’t give up any territory you don’t have to.

We took the train downtown together. She got off first… And looked back to wave once more before she climbed the stairs up to daylight. I stared at her, gave her a crooked smile. Watched her hips rock around atop her skinny legs. Ummm.

She’s great.

I know pickup is cool. And new notches are cool as fuck. And SDLs and all that. But coming home to a girl that likes you, that wants more of you, especially a high-quality girl like this one… Felt fucking cool. Validating, yes. And also physically and emotionally satisfying.

Not all of daygame is like this… but sometimes, you get what you need.

In some ways, this is the coolest story I think I’ve ever told about my daygame adventures.

I bow to The Siren. For who she is, yes. For the true quality she adds to my life. And also for what she shows me about myself.

Good experience, Nash. Nice job.

Viva daygame.