NYC: Day 2, 27 Sets and a Teenager

She was the first set of the day. Just looking at her, I got “that feeling” in my body and I could tell it was going to be a better day than yesterday.

Yesterday wasn’t bad, but I was rusty (hadn’t daygamed in a week) and I was intimidated by my first time running daygame in New York. I started off a bit rough (a blowout from a lovely black-clad Japanese girl), proceeded by several more blowouts and weak stops, but I approached more girls than ever before in a US city (Tokyo, is another story).

28 sets overall on my first day out running New York City daygame. 27 Asian girls and one lone white girl (she was lovely).

It was a bit ugly at times. I got blown out a lot. And very few sets stuck. But I felt myself warming up… my nervous system catching up to my usual stride and my expectations. Only one number in 28 approaches (?!!), but when it was over I had settled down. By the end of the day I was having fun. I often think the first day after a break is a throw-away day, and this one was just like that.

After my first nine sets near Lincoln Circle I took the subway downtown and I met up with Runner near NYC. He is a well-seasoned man of game, but has just earned his wings in terms of street approach. It was great to be out with him as he took me through is favorite route. He is a cool guy and the vibe we built together inspired us both. He set a personal record of approaches and talked to ten hot girls.

I woke up today, staring down the barrel of the expectation of another “30 sets.” Yesterday, that barrel was pointed at me. Today it was pointed at the girls. (Figuratively, of course… this is seduction, not coercion.) I felt better.

It wasn’t my town, but at some level, everywhere you go, the girls are the same. And so is the taste of the sidewalk. I could feel the truth of that as I had time to settle down.

And then this morning I was at a coffee place doing some work, sitting at the window, glancing over my laptop at the foot traffic. A dark-haired beauty, very young, lingered along in front of me. She seemed game and I liked her immediately. And then she walked into the coffee place. Bingo. I am 50% sure she did so because she could feel my eyes… it was the way she was moving that told me that. She was a bit self-conscious, in a flirty way. She could feel me watching her, a light smirk on her face. She left without buying anything, and I stepped out after her and approached.

She is 19. I said something about her catching my eye and she said “I’m Japanese!” with a big smile. Travelling alone. Charming. Bubbly. I pulled her back into the shop so I could keep an eye on my machine. Gave her a sticker. Chatted in broken English. Touched her a bit. Suggest dinner. She was buoyant and affirmative. After I took her Line contact I said, “okay, get out of here so I can work.” She smiled and ran off.


I wrapped up work and dropped my computer off at my hotel. I had connected with a daygamer on the local RSD forum. We were to meet up at 1:30 near Saks (Fifth Avenue). I did my next couple of approaches on the way over there.

He was tall. Like 13 or 14 feet tall, or something I like that. So damn tall it hurt my neck to look at him. Worse, I couldn’t see the street and his face at the same time. Which meant I couldn’t see the girls if we were talking.

Didn’t matter much, because his first set hooked and he ran off for a coffee date with a girl nearly as tall as him, which was remarkable. As I watched them chat, both of their heads were like clouds floating above the more adequately erect folks that buzzed around beneath them.

I was on my own again. But unlike the day before, I felt at home. Those “what the fuck” looks from girls from the day before were gone. Today the girls were smiling. I was a proper predator and they would flirt with me like an antelope might flirt with a lion.

I did another 27 sets today. After two days of 28 and 27 approaches respectively, I’m five girls behind the pace I want to hit, but I’m very happy with myself. Hitting 30+ would have been easy today… But I had that date with the teenager. As I was out approaching, she and I messaged and I set up a time to meet. I wrapped up the day a little bit early to go clean up.

Yet another date with a teenage girl.

Before I met up with the RSD giant I had swooped by a Japanese soba joint and booked a reservation for the girl and me for dinner (and requested they seat us side by side, of course). I wasn’t certain she’d confirm, but that set was very solid. I could always cancel…

But she did confirm, so logistics were handled.

Around 4 PM Runner came uptown to join me and we prowled around together. Runner opens hot, tall, leggy girls. I predict he’ll get his first taste of streetgame flesh this Fall. And she’ll be hot. Yes to that.

I took five leads today, versus my single contact yesterday. And while I still got blown out here and there, the vibe was fun, the sets were much richer, and I felt like making out, mid-chat, with several of the girls. Good chemistry. I was feeling “on.”

NYC is a fantastic city for daygame. 27 approaches came easily. If I was nervy yesterday, and settled today… I’m perfectly eager for tomorrow.

Back to my hotel, I cleaned up and headed out to meet the little Japanese thing. She was right on time. I told her “in America, we hug” and I gave her a little squeeze. She was bubbly… and delicious, just like this morning. She was running the tourist gauntlet all day, her little camera still around her neck.

The date was fun… at first. Her English is sub-par, and just like when I was in Tokyo, we did a lot of the date via Google Translate. We smiled, I touched her a lot.

My plan was to do dinner at the soba place, then bounce to my hotel. Up to the room for “desert.” Or the hotel lounge first if she was shy. She’s 19, so… no taking her to a bar.

She is adorable in many levels, but there is something a little off about her.

She goes to a university in Shibuya, near where I stayed on my past three trips to Tokyo. As I hit on other girls today, I wondered why she was here fucking around in New York instead of pounding the books. I asked… she was a bit mysterious and dark about it. Out of character with the rest of her.

She is on a “leave of absence,” so Google Translate told me. And wants to go to Germany next year to study abroad. She was oddly vague about her major. There was a secret tightness about her I haven’t seen since the Thai girl (who was in my bed over and over, but wouldn’t fuck me, and I never figured out why). Hmmm.

As I began to take the conversation a bit sexual, I said she might end up with a German boyfriend. She laughed, and said she had a BF in Tokyo. When pressed, she’s only been with him two months. I made the “tiny” gesture and laughed, even as that rumpled my state a bit. She laughed too. But some of the magic was gone. For both of us, it seemed. A little more of that dark tightness from her.

I walked off to the bathroom and messaged some of the girls from today’s approaches. I am already trying to set up a date for tomorrow. I have two slightly-likely prospects. A Chinese textile designer I closed in Topshop (NYC, not London) and an actress from Hong Kong (she and I had a few hot moments, great eyes on her, very cute girl, hot set, Runner watched the whole thing).

I turned conversation back to safer topics. As I asked her who she was closer to, mom or dad, she said mom. Earlier in the date she showed me a message thread between her mom and her. She had taken a pic of she and me in the coffee place this morning (she has since sent it to me, it’s awesome), and she showed me she had sent it to her mom.

Turns out her mom is very young. 37. That’s seven years younger than me. But she is so young, I bet her dad is younger than me as well.

I paid the bill and we stepped out into the Autumn night. I told her I would normally take her for a drink…. But “19.” The vibe was lukewarm at best, but I told her to come back to have a no-alcohol drink with me at my hotel lounge. She declined. I stepped into to kiss her (might as well) and she expertly a turned her cheek and hugged me instead. I can see how I’m not doing Yohami’s “ramp” here (I’m doing the opposite)… and I’m getting the expected low return when you do that incorrectly. I almost get it. I had nothing to lose, and if she comes out again, she knows what’s up.

I walked her to a train station, hugging her again, not bothering to try to get her tongue in my mouth. It wasn’t awkward. I didn’t feel needy. It wasn’t a hot date, but it was another good experience.

I know my game could be better. But I also know it’s not that bad. With these teenagers, the Daygame Gods are approaching the level of cruelty… so many dates with teenagers (and virgins) at this point in my “career.” All of them escaped with their virtue. What a shame. Good men get tested.

So I walked off into the night to explore some bars in case I need some date spots later this week. Since I couldn’t get the little girl back to my place, I might as well take steps to lock down logistics for later in the week. I hit two bars tonight… a “speak easy” type of place on the Westside (super cool). And this rooftop lounge near my hotel. Good men know their territory. These are investments in just that.

A couple last comments…

I should focus on some same day lays. I have just three nights left (not counting tonight). Stealth was very on point when he said “The second she stops and listens, visualize in your mind the pathway to an SNL” (his words are in that post). He thinks the easiest time to have sex is right when you pick her up. I know he is right.

And the other thing I’d say is this…

As a tourist, picking up other tourists is a very good plan. Daygame and tourist girls… a magic combination. At home, but also when you’re a tourist as well.

5th Avenue — especially considering where my hotel is located — is a great spot to connect both those concepts. Lots of tourists. And good logistics to bounce straight to my place. I should push for that.

Tomorrow… Another “30” sets. My nearly-full drink is right in front of me, and I’ll leave it here unfinished. Being solid for tomorrow is much more important to me than finishing that drink.

Three more nights.

Viva Daygame.