Older Chinese Woman vs 25-yr Old Korean Virgin

Here is a story about daygame. And two very different dates from girls I met on the same day. This was the Super Day. Same day I met Miss Siren, my dream. And the Princess. And NWU Girl (that is barely returning my texts). I have now dated three out of five of these girls I closed that day.

I have a pretty solid cold, but I’m playing through, as I have 6-8 dates this week from the current Tornado and I want to keep it going to see if I can get some more experience — and sex — before I close out the year here in my city and head to Tokyo.

Things are obviously going pretty well, despite the cold, so I’m feeling increasingly confident I can manifest a Tornado out of nothing. That is what I want. Add in Firecracker and the Thai girl (both are in that list of dates), we have a proper Tornado of Asian girls. Good. That’s what we want.

We’ll take these dates one at a time.


The older Chinese Woman was #9 that day. She was attractive, great walk, nice hair. A little older, I thought at the time… but still several years younger than me (but that not saying much, I’m an old man). She was a professional, from Boston, master’s degree. She seemed pretty interested, was a little nervous putting her number in my phone… I liked all this.

She was my least favorite lead of the day, which is not to say that I didn’t like her… but I had younger, hotter, tighter girls to chase. I know on a horny day, I would date her. So I played through. And all the art girls were in finals. That… and I know there must be some surprisingly good lovers out there, amazing sex, that I won’t discover until I do the taste test. I was putting her in that category and being thorough.

Texts were easy. When I suggested a time and place, she was busy, but she counter offered with a time a few days out. That is good game for a girl – and rarely happens. I took all this as her being more interested than average. Good.

More logistics, she was solid for all of it, no bobbles, no cancellation, and she met me at this restaurant I had picked out for us.

As she walked in, she was wearing a shirt with some kind of… animal print. You know what that means?? It’s means “old.” I don’t know who wrote that law, but “older” girls wear animal print. It’s “cougar” shit. I didn’t ask how old she was, but I was already a little disappointed… mostly by the animal print, to be honest. Ha.

I have said that I never have bad dates… but she really challenged me to keep this one from boring me to death. I salvaged it.

She started talking about work, right away. I obliged, a little bit of DHV that I thought a grown woman might appreciate, but I steered us toward other topics. She wanted to hear about Burning Man, we did that for a bit. Then, I wanted to make this date go someplace, so I figured I’d spice it up.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity.”

She wouldn’t answer, refused, and laughed. And that is maybe the 2nd time in my life a girl wouldn’t answer that question. I told her every girl answers that. She was surprised, but we were already having a better time. I told her I didn’t want to talk about work anymore… and asking her about the “local sports team” would be bullshit, and boring, and she knew it. I told her I knew I could give her a better experience than that. And she smiled and agreed. We were doing a little better.

She spent the first part of the date, legs crossed away from me (some people read that as a sign), leaning back, clearly inspecting me. But now she was leaning forward, hand under her chin, pouring out what little youth and femininity she had. Much better. I could have made out with her, at this point. I’m proud of how I lead her here.

She reminds me of a girl I haven’t thought of in a long time… from what was probably the first Girl Tornado I’d ever created. That one was “serious-business-y” as well… but much more attractive (it was really good to re-read that old post just now… I’ve come a long way since then).

So it’s a little late, I offer her: 1. Split a car home, or 2. Grab a drink. She opts for the car. I tell her to get that going on her phone, which she does, and she dropped me off at my place en route to her house. An awkward “that was fun” from her as I climb out into my neighborhood. Okay. Whatever. Another experience.

I don’t think I’ll be following up with that one.


Now let’s compare that to today’s date.

I am more sick today that I was yesterday. But I hate being cancelled on (I really fucking hate it), so I rarely if ever cancel. I just play through.

So I put a bunch of cough drops in my pockets, and meet today’s little Korean girl at the art museum. Same place I took Miss Siren last week. And the Online Girl. And Firecracker. And the Taiwanese girl (never posted that one, but it was a good date). One membership… endless date usage. That was a great investment. I’ll be renewing that membership in Feb.

She was #13 on the day I met her, again, the “Super Day.” Nice stop, very enthusiastic. She was one of the art students in finals, so I couldn’t get her out right away. Finals ended yesterday, so she was game. She was game the whole time, actually. Always responded via text. Always fun.

I get the feeling this girl is very compliant.

But as I showed up today, I didn’t really remember what she looked like. Like not all. Asian. Cute. That’s it. I think over 50% of young Asian girls are cute… so that wasn’t much to go on.

So I walk in and see a cute Asian girl in a black leather jacket sitting down, on her phone. I walk past her, toss my tea in the trash, and text “I’m here.” She stands up and looks around, so I walk over. It’s her. Good. My cold is raging, but I’m ready to put on my show.

We check coats, I fire up my “charm,” and walk upstairs, go to the top floor.

She is cute, little, great body, nice hair, kissable lips. She is very quiet, mostly one-word answers. I love her Korean accent — she reminds me of Miss Korea from Nov.

I had to do almost all of the work. She rarely asks anything at all other than “why?,” occasionally, and she doesn’t volunteer much. That’s okay. She’s cute. And I am great at talking.

Actually, she says two things, over and over the whole date: “Really????!” and “Cooooool!!!” Ha. I love that.

1.5 hours, lots of art, nice little date. Not a lot of magic, but nice. I tell her I’m about done… I feel like a nap, but I ask if she’d like to go have a drink. It’s only 4 PM, but she agrees. I walk her to my “dirty bar,” and she likes it. We get a seat at the bar. She is the only girl I’m dating that drinks. She lets me order for her. We sit at the bar, and I can touch her as much as I want.

I offer to get us some food, and her face tells me “no.” Her face is very expressive, and I have been reading that face all afternoon, using it for the communication for the words that barely show up. She says she likes it here. She finishes her drink and I order another round. The bartender is super cool to us. She warming up… slightly. At one point, I pull her into me, push her hair aside, and give her a warm kiss behind her ear. She takes all this great.

So I ask if one of the guys I got her to talk about in the museum was a good kisser, and she says “no,” and makes a face. And I say, but the sex was good? And she says, no. And I say, you didn’t have sex with him? She says, no. And I say, “You’ve never had sex?” And she agrees.

She’s a 25 year old virgin. I think she has kissed two boys. Wow. That is my second virgin this year. I like her much more than the 19 yr old Virgin.

We’ve had most of two drinks each at this point, and talking to her about sex isn’t hard. She is asking some questions. She’s curious about it. I tell her that if she and I were to have sex, the first thing I would want to do, is get her to feel the pleasure of it. And we future project some of that. Talking about how we’d get her to relax, get her naked, get her to feel some pleasure. Nothing explicit. I just want her to have some details to think about. I stop there.

I’m fucking sick, but I figure we can keep going… so I ask if she’s hungry, wanting to bounce her toward my house. We go to a nice pizza place, we’re having a great time, and… I don’t have it in me to even try to take her home. We wrap up dinner and I walk her outside.

She mentioned earlier that she loves brunch — with drinks — so I tell her I want to take her to brunch on Sunday. (I have a date that night the Thai Girl, but brunch is open.) She isn’t sure, but we left it at that. I would like to get her out to brunch, have a drink or two… then “cats and cheesecake” at my place, and get her naked. I want to eat her little virgin pussy. That sounds fantastic.

I say, “come here,” and pull her in, and kiss her. It’s quick, squarely on the lips, no weirdness or avoidance. It’s not juicy. I go in again. Same thing. Once more, I tell her to open her mouth, nope, another full kiss but no tongue. I say a few words, again. Nope, and that’s four tries. I then pull her in, and “machine gun” peck her lips like 7 times. Push her away. Smile and laugh. And I tell her I had a great time. She smiles.

I did have a great time. I like her.

She is a “blank canvas.” I know how to lead, so I did, and we enjoyed each other. I know I did. If I can get her over, I think I can paint sex on her virgin body. I want to do that. I think she’ll enjoy it.


So there are two more dates from daygame. Great practice at leading and logistics. I like how I handled myself on both dates. Want to guess which one I’ll text again???

Viva daygame.