Recharge App for Sex with Miss Tease, +1 Daygame

Another sweet, young girl was pinned to the bed by a daygamer this week. I think she’s the 8th new girl for me this year, and the 3rd girl I fucked this week.

In many ways, this is one of my favorite stories I’ve had as a daygamer. Took me four dates, three apps, a few hundred text msgs, and $60 to get the notch… And no I didn’t pay the juicy little thing. The $60 was for Recharge App (and the hotel) where we had our sordid session together.

I picked her up on that “super day” a few weeks back. So that means I had sex with two of the girls I met that day. Like the Tourist, this one was also Korean, and quite young, I’d guess 21 to 24.

The pickup was smooth, quick chat, told her I wanted to take her to tea. She was all big eyes and femininity. Not gorgeous, but a charming little girl. I liked her.

She was (and is) awesome via text. I have never texted a girl so often before sex. But she is hard to date… So we did a lot of the work “with our thumbs.”

NASH: Let’s have tea.
HER: I’ll think about it
HER: Mr “danger”
NASH: ^ I love that

This was early on… I had just gone through my usual “dangerous” routine. She called me “sweet” and I told her I was dangerous. She said “Oh… I don’t hang out with dangerous people.” It turns out that was a lie. She does like dangerous men. Surprise, surprise.

She was so much fun via text it was easy to get into her. She was quick and funny… and everyone knows funny = smart. Smart, cute, young. I was hooked by her quickly.

NASH: Do you live with your family?
HER: And why is this question asked? :-p
NASH: Just a guess… You seem like you might live at home.
HER: Hahaha I think it’s quite obvious I live at home
HER: I am thinking of moving out soon, so if you know of any good places.. :-)
NASH: You can’t move in with me!!! We just met!!!! : ]
NASH: Wow… You move so fast!
HER: I wasn’t even thinking about that~
HER: someone’s getting ahead of themselves :-p

Fun girl.

NASH: Are you in your room? Or out in the main part of the house?
NASH: I am curious about you…
HER: I’m in my room :-)

She is culturally Korean, but was born here. She speaks Korean at home. Her mom is a stay-at-home mom and she really likes her dad. But her parents are strict… won’t let her date. She works in the city (which is where I picked her up), but takes the train out to the suburbs… she has to be home right after work.

NASH: We need to meet
HER: Hehee I can’t
HER: Gotta go straight home
NASH: I think if there’s something you want… You can be more creative
HER: Idk if it’s what I want
HER: You seem to want it
HER: More :-p
NASH: Neither of us know…
NASH: But I know it’s on your mind
HER: Just to talk?
HER: :-)

This was after a while… I can’t remember all that had happened by the time we were talking like this to each other. It didn’t take long, she’s a great flirt.

You see the scenario?

She is a hot, sexy, delicious little princess… “locked up in a castle.” And my quest is to find a way to get access to her… to get past the moat and the guards. To get into her “treasure.” My role is a mix of the “hero” and the “dragon.” Fucking hot scene. I loved it. I could almost thank her parents for setting the stage.

NASH: I am loving the persona of the very feminine Korean girl
NASH: Lives at home
HER: Haha it is all an act
HER: You’re falling for it.

I love ^ this about her.

Who knows how much of what I know of her is “fact.” I have no idea. But our first “days of game” were at the perfect pitch to get me invested and turned on.

I set up a date to see her after work one night. She doesn’t normally work that day, but she did in this instance. I didn’t know all the details about her life yet, I was just trying to move us through the model. I thought I’d do a quick date, move us along, and set up some momentum for another day when I could get her to come into the city and give me more time to do my thing.

NASH: Tomorrow..,
NASH: Spend an hour with me after work.
NASH: Then… We’ll send you back home.
HER: An hour is a long time tho
HER: :-p
NASH: Not nearly enough… I can barely get in trouble in 1 hour.

I had the initial date. It was set up, and then as I woke up that morning I had this…

HER: Aww I just remembered, I have dinner plans on today so I have to leave right after I finish work :-(
HER: You wouldn’t be free around 1pm right :-(

I figured this was a flake, but that 2nd message came about an hour after the first, and… she counter offered before I could say anything. Good girl.

I agreed to meet her for what would be our first date, at 1 PM, on her lunch break.

She has a 30 minute lunch break. Total. Door to door. Very tough logistics, but this was kind of a “filler” date for me, I didn’t really expect we’d have much opportunity to connect or to get sexual.

She happens to work very near that art museum I always take girls to, so I took her there. We walked around. She was very cute and the vibe was great. I held her hand, just took it as she was walking up the stairs. Later when I tried to take it again, she gave me a big smile and resisted. She wasn’t all over me, not at all. But it was easy to touch her, and the vibe was awesome. I felt like making out with her in the first couple minutes… it was in the air.

I dropped her off at work and she wouldn’t even hug me. I laughed at her. And told her then that I thought that was funny… and that I almost kissed her in the museum. Her eyes got big, and she laughed. We said goodbye and walked off. Ummmmmm.

We went back to messaging…

It was around here that we had this funny exchange about “social media.”

HER: Do you do any social media? :-)

Ha… I had no idea where this would go at the time.

NASH: Oh… You’re so curious about me.
NASH: I like it.
NASH: You just wanna see my gym selfies on Instagram.
HER: Hahah maybe maybe not
NASH: No… You do!
NASH: I look guuuuuuuuud.
HER: Lolll care to show off?

I don’t even have an Instagram account, let alone any “gym selfies.” I was just fucking with her. It was fun.

From there I sent her this “naked” shot of me… when I was about one year old. I do this sometimes with girls, if it comes up. I pretend I am going to send them a dick pic, usually with them saying “no, no!!,” and then I send the baby pic… which is me naked, on my stomach, with my one year old ass in the air. Obviously non-sexual.

I didn’t really take all this as sexual from her… at the time. This is partly to say that I realize how “blind” I still am to the larger arch of the game sometimes. Even now. After all this study and practice. I was still missing what she was saying, assuming she was the one that was somewhat naïve… she is not.

My big theme with this girl was not looking too horny. She seemed very on. But I didn’t want to be thirsty. I’m sure she knows guys like that, and that’s not the guy I want to be. I was leading, I was making things sexual, but I was also practicing leaning back. So that meant I didn’t pounce on every nuance. I didn’t push things as far as I could… and this “social media” thing comes up again later.

Meanwhile, she has a great sense of “push/pull.” It’s part of how she likes to “dance” with me. She’s very good at the teasing stuff. She can be self-deprecating in one moment, and then teasing me about how much I want her in the next. Great “cat-string theory” skills. And that played into the banter and the experience of leading like a wolf, but leaning back… to avoid being the “horny teenager.”

HER: You have to wait until next week to… check me out.
HER: I could change my mind next week though~

HER: Aw well if you have to go
HER: I guess I’ll just find something else to do

HER: Hehe I bet you won’t be in the mood with me :-)

HER: You prob don’t like to see little panties hehe

HER: Heheh I don’t look tasty at all
HER: I’m not tasty looking ;-)

HER: Hehhe im sure you don’t want to touch me

These are sampled from throughout our text exchange… but you can get a sense for her flavor as a girl. A taste of her mind. I’ve told her over and over that her mind is the most sexy part of all this… and that’s partly true. Partly.

So we have these logistical challenges… she is allowed to come into the city for work, but that’s it. It wasn’t clear at first, but she can’t even come in on her days off. Not even for “lunch” on her dayoff. Like I said, she’s not allowed to date. She has said she doesn’t want to lie to her parents. Some of that was likely a type of teasing as well. Little girls get what they want.

All of this was a clear “puzzle,” as Yohami would say. And it was up to me to find a way. This whole post is about me finding the way… even though I missed a lot of clues.

So I set up a 2nd date.

HER: Isn’t it too sooon ? ;-)
HER: I’m sure you don’t miss me just yet
NASH: It is… But I know you keep thinking about me.
HER: Are you sure it’s not the other way around?

She is such a great tease…

NASH: Let’s make a plan for Monday
NASH: Boba after work… and then you get on the train
HER: Hmmmm
HER: I’ll think about it
NASH: ^ Miss Tease

That’s how she got her name.

HER: No touching hands
HER: Or grabbing hair
HER: :-p

God, I love this girl. This ^ was in reference to me touching her at the art museum. I was getting very turned on at this point.

We met up for that second date. This time after work. I had her meet me at the Mall. It’s close to her work. I took us for boba tea, and we sat for a minute and did some basic comfort chat. And then, I stood her up and I walked her into Bloomingdale’s.

That was the date. Me. Her. Some iced tea. And walking around a department store. And… me trying to kiss her. Over and over. And her laughing. And me using each moment on the escalators to get close, to touch her, to pull her in. Fucking great date.

That was it. Another 30 minutes or so. And I put her on the train and walked off smiling.

That was Monday. We had another 100+ text messages after that. We were both clearly into each other. It was on. I never message this much and I don’t recommend it… texting too much sets you up for a high-maintenance thing later. This girl felt a little different, and she had me pretty hooked.

HER: :-)
HER: Maybe we should hang out when you miss me
NASH: I miss you now!
NASH: Come over???
NASH: : ]
HER: Taking things fast now aren’t you
HER: You even said you almost kissed me
HER: Def gotta keep my distance
NASH: I never said that!!!
HER: Yeah huhhh
NASH: You’re making that up
HER: You did
HER: I remember
NASH: But I’m glad it’s on your mind

We did this kind of thing over and over via text… a mix of me leaning forward, and then leaning a bit back. I have never played with “plausible deniability” like I did with her. I never came out and said I wanted to fuck her. Never talked about actual sex. Just this kind of thing… well, this and more.

So I set up date number three.

We would text about kissing, or her lips (for instance), but usually in a “general sense,” somewhat abstract. It took discipline and creativity, but it was a lot of fun.

HER: If I was to kiss someone
HER: It’d have to be a private spot
HER: :-p
NASH: Okay… That’s good to know.
HER: Loll I’m just saying that’s all :-p

For that third date, we met in the Mall again. I walked her out of the mall and into the street. I was going to take us the square, but it occurred to me it would be funny to take her to another department store… so I took her to Macy’s. More walking around. I got her up on an upper floor, looking down on the square, pulled her in… great makeout. She was into it, and she was a wonderful kisser. Full, wet, juicy lips. Glorious. We wandered around some more, chatting a bit, she would occasionally pull her face away, but would mostly make out with me as much as a I wanted.

After about 20 minutes of that, I walked her to the train. Long stare into her eyes… and she was off.

Another absurd but wonderful date.

This is something that guys without experience don’t understand. The date is about you and her, everything else is a distraction. You don’t need dinner or a concert, or anything else… just you and her, and few moments. This was one of my favorite dates I’ve ever had… in part because it was novel, and in part because… I was making out with a cute young girl, and for the first time. And that is almost always magical.

That was Wednesday. We’d known each other for about two weeks. And had had three dates. For the next few days, the texting would really ramp up in tone and richness.

Earlier I mentioned that she had brought up Snapchat. I’m 44… of course I don’t have a Snapchat account. Or I didn’t last week. I do now.

HER: And you should do Snapchat :-)
HER: Play with me on Snapchat :-)

These ^ came in separate nights… that last offer to “play” on Snapchat came on Thursday. I downloaded the app. Sent her a message.

It is much hotter where she lives than in my city, so we had been talking about the heat all week… cheesy-sexy messages about her “sweaty neck.”

HER: Hehe yeah I’m so sweaty right now
HER: I guess it’s obvious I don’t have much on.. :-)

Not long later, I had my first Snapchat from her…

This looks nothing like her (she’s Korean), but it was like this, but without her eyes and showing more skin. A better, hotter pic, actually. She sent that image, with the caption:

“In case you never believe me about what I’m wearing.”

Those ^ words were “Snapchat style,” across the pic, across her neck…

NASH: Okay… That kind of thing is going to make me fall in love
HER: :-) hmmm?
HER: Something happen

It was hot. I took a screenshot (so I still have it) before I learned that they get notifications when you screenshot those pics. I didn’t know, I do now. I wasn’t sure if she’d send another after I screen-captured the first… but she did.

I invited her to come into the city, and she was non-committal. We texted all weekend, and the Scapchats kept pouring in.

She told me she wasn’t going to be able to come into the city. That was Friday… the day I made plans with Good Smell instead, and then she sent the comments that made me decide not to see her anymore.

Miss Tease and I were working through that “hot weekend,” I was keeping the mood sexual…

NASH: I know you’re not a “shorts” girl…
NASH: But are you a “cute little tank top” girl??
HER: Hehe yeah I’m more of a tank top kinda girl
NASH: And I have a great image of you in a little tank top…
HER: Haha do you! ;-)

This ^ was Friday, during the day. And that night I was out to dinner with Siren, and I went to the bathroom to check my messages (I don’t check my messages in front of girls, I think it’s rude). I got the texts from Good Smell then… but I also got a great Snapchat from Miss Tease.

NASH: Uhhhh…
NASH: I am out to dinner…
NASH: But I just saw your tank top photo…
NASH: Lips, and neck, and skin…
NASH: I love it.
HER: Hehe oops
HER: Enjoy your dinner

The pics were increasingly sexual. More neck. Nipples… which are beautiful. And then her face to the camera, and a mirror behind her, with her ass (in a thong) in the shot. The pics were hot, but it was the vibe between us that was the real turn on.

We had been talking more and more about a “private spot” for her and I to “talk.” Her timetable was so (eh-hem) tight, that I wouldn’t have time to get her to my house. Like I said, it was totally sexual between she and I, but also a solid plausible deniability thing going on. We were never explicit about fucking each other.

On Sunday morning she sent me this…

HER: My friends used to use this app? Or website called breather

I looked it up. It’s an app to rent “conferences rooms.” I understood why this was on her mind, but I couldn’t imagine fucking her in a conference room. I made a joke that that app should be called “Heavy Breathing.” She laughed.

(I have since told this story to the guy that cuts my hair. He’s a gay man and we always talk about sex/dating during my appointments. He’s fucked a guy in a “breather” before… apparently that is also a thing.)

While the conference room idea is actually a turn on (especially for a girl I knew better), I wouldn’t want that for my first time with her. I would assume that would be too “irregular” for a lot of girls, even if this one was okay with the idea — she had suggested it, in her feminine, barely-indirect kind of way.

Meanwhile… I had been talking with Young Guns. And he had mentioned this app where you can book hotel rooms, nice ones, by the hour. I looked it up, and I found something called Recharge App.

I’ll pause here to say, thank you, Young Guns! This was a crucial element to the lay. Props to you… for being a good wing, but also for the lead on the hotel app. Thanks.

Putting this all together… we were ready for sex, but had terrible logistics, because her parents have her on a short leash. But she works downtown. So I fire up the app, put in the address of her work, and two great hotels pop up that are literally five minute walk from her office.

…this whole story is so wild to me.

NASH: I think I found something cooler than HEAVY BREATHING
HER: Hehe :-) which is?
NASH: …depends when we are ready for a private space to talk.
HER: Maybe today maybe

I love her use of ^ “maybe” here. The word “maybe” is becoming a big deal to me in game. It’s a very important word.

NASH: Can you take a late lunch… Like later in the day? Like 2.
NASH: Or I can keep you for like 40 min after work
HER: Ohhh at 2?
HER: For 30 minutes right :-)
HER: Or maybe after work
HER: I end at 5:10 :-)

A 5:10 start would mean I could likely keep her until about 6, so that would be almost an hour. That is still a “rushed” session. We’d have to meet, get to the hotel, check in, get upstairs, fuck like rabbits, and then clean up, and get her back to the train. It was a mix of sexy and alluring and so ridiculous that I almost didn’t take it seriously.

NASH: We’re both interesting people…
NASH: Who knows what we might think of to talk about…
NASH: If we found a private space…
NASH: And had a little time…
HER: Who knows :-)
HER: 20min can be enough :-)
NASH: Yeah… Maybe
HER: I thought we’re just talking hehe
HER: Do we need a private space?
HER: ;-)
NASH: It might be more relaxing… : ]
NASH: I don’t know that I can say everything I want to say to you…
NASH: On an escalator.
HER: Hehe yeah private space sounds nice

^ Just driiiiiiiping with “Secret Society” talk here…

I still hadn’t made the hotel room explicit, but at this point, the plan was set. She sent me 1000 more messages that afternoon, asking me to tell her more about my little “plan” — which I would always dodge, with a mix of flirting and teasing.

HER: Hm or maybe you can wait until tomorrow :-p
HER: :-)
HER: Up to you
HER: I just wanna do what makes you happy
HER: Guess we can go to another department store :-)

These are various things she said as we did the count-down to our illicit rendezvous that afternoon.

And I loved that part about “wanna do what makes you happy.” God, that is so hot. So feminine. She is avoiding responsibility at one level (by making this about what I want), but also being incredibly sexy and “pleasing” at the same time.

Separately we’d had this other text exchange about her being a “giver or a receiver.” She said she was a giver, and I’m not surprised she would say that. I told her that made sense to me, but I wanted to see what she was like as she received… and I was very much looking forward to eating her pussy.

We met up, she was a mix of after-work tired and distracted. She would push a little cuteness at me now and again. She can straddle the line between child and seductress rather well, but at this point she was more in the childish space. Maybe she was nervous.

I told her I wanted to take her to a private space, and she gave a low energy reply. I pulled out my phone, “clicked” to book our room on Recharge, and lead her off on the five minute walk to the hotel.

Checking in… to a very nice hotel… “for an hour”… with a cute, hot, but obviously MUCH younger girl… was a scene. When I told Young Guns this story, he mentioned the word “discretion.” That was it. The whole thing was a test of the “poker face” and discretion of the woman checking us in.

I’m grateful to Recharge for the lay. And it’s not weird that hotels (even very nice ones) are used for sex and hookups. But the “by the hour” model made this more like a cheap motel experience than a highend, luxury hotel visit.

And meanwhile… as we checked in, Miss Tease was almost bored looking. A little vacant, and distracted. I filled in with some small talk. That got us through check out, up the elevator, into the room, and then… it was on.

We were in the room for maybe 30 seconds before I walked over to her, in the middle of the chit-chat, and kissed her. We were both moving too fast, literally too fast. So I told her, “slow down for me.” And I lead her, as I slowed down too. And we tried to let the absurdity fade away and the drop into a sensual vibe.

She made it hard to get her clothes off… a mix of “no” and token resistance the whole time, even as her breathing got deeper and she pulled me in. I peeled her tight, black jeans off, got her naked, and she was lovely. Great shape, amazing curves, a full ass and a wonderful hip-to-waist ratio. The nipples I’d seen in the Snapchats were bigger and fuller in person. I did eat her pussy and it was delicious.

She has perfect skin.

And I knew we were running out of time… the room was still a little hot, even thought I’d turned the temperature all the way down, and I was sweating as I got my pants off, using my tshirt to wipe the sweat off my face.

I had packed condoms that morning… all that meant was that I double checked that I had some in my work bag, which I did. So I tossed one on my bed. I flipped her onto her stomach, and got my cock hard as I checked her out. I looked around. I could barely believe where I was at. I put on the world’s best condom and…

+1 daygame.

The sex was delicious. I was very excited, and had to stop often to keep from coming too fast. I took my time as much as I was able. Then took off the condom, tossed it on the hotel floor, and came all over her chest and neck.

Jesus. What an adventure.

We took a shower. She was careful not to get her hair wet, as she was going straight off to dinner with her parents. She got out before me. When I came out, wearing a towel, she had her pants on and was just putting her bra back on… the black lace against her almost translucent skin… she looked a little distant, but absolutely beautiful.

She said she had to go, and she kissed me quick and walked out.

It was a sort of cold ending to hot afternoon. I would have much preferred to lay around and chat. We’d been in the room for less than an hour… and she was gone.

I took a deep breath and looked around. It was surreal. Who am I? What the fuck am I doing here??

Had she done all this before?? Some of it, I’m sure. The Snapchats?? I’m sure, sure, sure… that’s not new to this girl. She was very smooth about all that.

On one of the department store dates, I learned she had fucked at least two other guys. One in highschool. The other in college. She could use “studying” as an excuse to get away from home. But as we fucked on the hotel bed… her hips… showed some experience. She can move her hips better than any girl I’ve been with in a long time. I’m going to guess she’s had 5-10 lovers. That’s a guess. We had no time to lay around and debrief… or maybe I would have been able to learn more.

I made sure I had my things. I checked my voicemail. Then I opened the door and stepped out into the hallway alone. My hair was wet from the shower. I had remembered to pick up the condom and put it in the trash. I clicked the button on the app to show I’d checked out. It was over.

This ^ was my room key. It was also the look on my face as I took the elevator back down to the street.

I walked around in an amused daze. I felt like a serial killer. I looked normal on the outside. Walking along the sidewalk like anyone else. Only I had had a very unusual sex-capade with very young girl only minutes before. That’s not impossible, but I knew it wasn’t “normal.” It was rare and wonderful.

Thank you, Miss Tease. For one of the most wild little relationships of my life.

Viva daygame.