Serious and Business-y (1st Date)

Serious and Business-y. That’s what I told her when I first met her. Tonight was our first date. She was kind of the same.

Daygame puts you together with such a wide variety of women, a range of girls you’d never meet in social circle/night game. The 21 yr old Taiwanese student was my first date from daygame. We were very different. Miss Serious is the forth girl I’ve dated from daygame, and she is the older, professional, opposite end of the spectrum from the student. It’s no wonder I was out of my element w/ this one… daygame expands the possibilities so much, and it’s very early in my daygame career, I’m still expanding my vocabulary.

The day I met her, she came across the intersection… long legged and confident. Hair up. Serious look on her face, but with some real grace and beauty in her walk. I guessed around 30 yrs old. I pounced… the t-shirt and black jeans daygamer vs the beautiful professional girl. We hooked, both of us, in a mild way. Her seriousness was followed by a beautiful openness, she liked the approach, full smile, lovely. I took her number… her “work” phone. We joked about how I wouldn’t send naked selfies – “not right away.”

After some back/forth, I booked her for a Monday evening date. I took her to the same gay bar I took the little Korean last Tues.

I was there a bit before her, and I posted up, mid room, and looked at the paintings. She walked in… wow. Jesus. Tall, well dressed, hair down tonight. To be honest… gorgeous, definitely one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever dated, but a little more polished than I would expect to for myself. She’s no model, but has those proportions, and definitely has some “trophy” qualities. She smelled fantastic. I told her so.

She hugged me right away, confident, medium-warm, comfortable. We ordered a round, and I walked her over to a table, told her I wanted to sit next to her, no resistance (I’ve been getting push-back on that from some girls this year).

She smart, very smart. Conversation turned to work right away… she’s a career girl. “Wealth management.” Uhh. You ever read Roissy’s piece on what a girl’s job tells you? Great post, he’s really on the right track there. He doesn’t cover “wealth management” girls, but I’m guessing he’d rate them up there w/ attorneys, and/or CEOs. Not the most feminine job… hardly “pink collar.” Has her masters (I like to say I’ve dated “a million dollars in advanced degrees,” but I bet it’s far more than that – I always find this type), she wanted to go into pharma sales, and got drafted into finance. She uses words like “impeccable.” Hmm.

So, she’s a grown up girl, but seriously beautiful. By my standards, stunning. I don’t get the feeling she gets hit on a lot – in part because she went out w/ me, and I don’t know that we’re a great match. Not selling myself short here, just being real. I’m t-shirt, she’s heels. I’m taxis, she’s BMW (I bet). I’m tea, she’s coffee. I’m a later sleeper and I bet dollars-to-doughnuts she’s a morning person. I go to Burning Man… she… doesn’t. She’s been in this area for 10 months, and I can tell it’s not easy for her. I’d guess she’s a bit lonely. I could see a little “ache” behind the beauty.

I love the concept of gender – masculine and feminine. I get the feeling she’s super fem outside, and “mixed gender” on the inside. I wouldn’t call her a ball buster, I bet she cries, but she’s not a nurturer. She was basically an only child most of her life. I bet she does a mean “icey” when she wants to.

I talked too much, probably (I talk a lot, it’s who I am). I talked a little fast. I was definitely more expressive than her… maybe she needs that? I didn’t touch her much, but we sat close. Not a lot of sexuality on the date. Eye contact was great, though — when I wasn’t talking up a storm I would read her face, stare into her eyes and say “hmmmmmmm.” Not a bad date, but not a lot of chemistry.

As we finished our drinks, I hit the bathroom. When I got back, I pointed to our drinks and said, “another round?” She said no, but didn’t even hint at getting up. I said, “should we get out of here?” and she was surprised, which I read quickly, and I motioned for her to stay still. She wasn’t acting super into me, and she didn’t want another drink, but she didn’t want to go home either. I told her I wanted to spend some more time w/ her. I sat back down and we chatted a bit longer. I scanned her face as she talked and commented on her expressions. More eye contact. After a bit I said, “Okay, let’s go.” We got up.

I did a good job leading tonight.

As we stood I was reminded again of how tall she is… in heels, my height. Seated, she looks little… which means, long legs. I got right up next to her as she rose, purposely invading her space, very little reaction, but my favorite part of the date. I talked about her “Barbie” proportions, and accused her of being “long legged,” and she agreed. I talk about how that added to the sexy walk I first noticed… she smiled, took the comment well, but no real spike. I grabbed her arm around the bicep as we walked toward door, she felt delicious. She was pliant, but again, low reaction.

Outside we talked for a bit more. Eye to eye, she was as cool/comfortable as the rest of the date. Hugged goodbye, and she kissed my check. She likes me, despite the mismatch in our personalities. I bet she’ll see me again.

As she walked away, her body and walk were incredible. She’s hot… but I’m trying to imagine making a move on her? It’s that lack of real femininity. I once dated this sexy little Latin attorney (I call her “Fuck me hard, fuck me fast” Girl), and they remind me of each other, a bit. I bet she’s the type that, if she likes me, will invite me to dinner or ask me to come up… that mixed gender, sharing control type. I bet that’s why I’m having a hard time imagining her as one of the “little girls” I want in my world. I love “little girls.” Could I bring out the “little girl” in this one?

And yet… since the first time I met her, I have a very specific sexual fantasy about her. And it’s dirty, and thinking that thought now I feel like the man I want to be. As I saw her walk away tonight, that fantasy went thru my head again. That ass, ahhh! If I could get the gender-/sexual-energy mix right, I think she might be delicious in bed. I’d like to see her come. The Latin attorney was red hot, but we were the worst sexual combination at the time. That was early in my education as a proper seducer. I’ve done a lot of work on myself since then. Maybe this one is different? I’m different now, not at my core, but in my training, my desires and my experience.

I predict she’ll follow up. So I’ll let her do that, let her invest. As we parted, she asked if I’m downtown – where we met – much, and said, “ahh, so you’re around me a lot!” with some emphasis. She’s seeing us getting together again. It really wasn’t a hot date, but she likes me. I think next date needs to be happy hour. And a couple drinks, maybe. And I need to turn up the sex.

I have 2 more dates this week, and I’m in no hurry to chase her. I barely have time for any other girls right now.

Maybe she just wants sex?? We’ll see. She’s the latest in a serious of “experiments.” Tomorrow, I’m back in the “lab,” and on the streets.

Viva Daygame.