Sex and a Psychological Anecdote | Miss Tease Ep. 4

It has been a week since I wrote about Miss Tease. About how she surprised me with a lunchtime “booty call,” about how I wasn’t really craving sex that day, and how I stepped up to fulfill my duty anyway. We had a great time. Today… we had another session.

I want to write about it now, while it’s fresh.

“There is no substitute for writing very close to the events as they happen in real time. Everything becomes abstract and mushy, given sufficient distance.”

RedQuest is right. And I’ll take this moment to say I really like his writing, his insight, his confidence, and the community he has cultivated on his blog. This post, is meant to follow in the style in which he writes. That guy is solid.


Miss Tease is the only girl I talk to on SnapChat. SnapChat is for little kids, as I see it. And that hardly matters, except I don’t have a record of the conversation between she and I… as it “snaps” away after I read each message.

Last week we hooked up, I wrote in my post that as she and I were lying in bed (and again when we were getting dressed), she said “I don’t want to leave.” And I loved that. I want to give girls good experiences. I love to hear them say things like that.

Later that night (after I had written that post), she sent me a Snap saying she wanted to do it again soon. She had never sent anything like that before. I took it as yet another good review of my performance and enjoyed the validation. I also didn’t take it that seriously.

She and I have known each other for around two years. As of that last post… we had fucked three times in those two years. And that is not a lot. During that time she has sent me a monstrously big collection of nudes and explicit sexting. But even as I tried to get her to meet up with me (many times), it mostly never happened. The “tease” in “Miss Tease” has been earned by this girl.

So when she suggested we meet up again “next week” (= this week), I was interested, but not over eager.

As it is… Miss Bangs will arrive from China on Friday. I will have the pleasure opportunity of a very-very long date (seven nights) with that incredibly lovely, feminine girl. (Long dates like I am admitting to here are a not a good idea… but I am naïve hopeful about this one, as I had a similar five night episode with her in Tokyo in January). With a “girlfriend experience” on its way, I had yet another reason to not be over eager about teases from Miss Tease.

I believe the best indication of the course of the future is the past. She has teased me a lot. We rarely fuck. I wasn’t invested in seeing her again anytime soon.

But… I am also committed to the idea that men should lead. The fact that she was even suggesting meeting up is much-much more than we should expect from women. And unlike last week, this week I could see it coming. As I’m (mostly) no-fap, I hadn’t had an orgasm since the last time I exploded inside her young body. This week, I would accept the challenge of her provocations and I would take a more active lead.

I would initiate.

I wanted to invite her to get together. And I wanted it to be Tuesday (not Wednesday), as I want to be a little sex-starved as Miss Bangs shows up. I want to be hungry for The Bangs, I want her to feel that hunger, and I didn’t want to be sexually flat and disinterested after Miss Tease had tapped my balls (assuming I could in fact fuck her again this week).

I decided that if Miss Tease could meet me on Tuesday, I would do it. If it had to be Wednesday, I would not. I want that extra day to get a bit “blue balls” for Miss Bangs.

NASH: Hey, Pretty Girl
NASH: I am going to be traveling next week…
NASH: But I have some time on Tuesday if you have time to get together
MISS TEASE: hee hee
MISS TEASE: We’ll see

In classic Miss Tease style, she was non-committal in her response. That was fine with me. 1.) I am used to it. This is standard modus operandi for her. And 2.) If I didn’t see her, I’d be even more pent up for Miss Bangs. It was win/win for me… either way.

NASH: Okay… let’s see how your body feels
NASH: A pretty girl and a strong man are a great combination

That is how I left it.

This morning I had an appointment with a personal trainer at 9:30 AM. That is early for me. As I tossed and turned this AM, I checked my phone to see if I needed to get up and… I had some new Snaps. I didn’t check them, as I knew who they were from and I knew what they meant.

When I was on my feet I took a look. Three nudes. Her very pretty face and a full shot of her chest. A shot of her belly and thighs (wearing panties only). And a third shot of her ass in those same panties. The fourth Snap was her saying she was basically up for it.


On my way to the gym I messaged her to say I was on my way to workout with my trainer, and that I would set something up for us for a lunchtime meetup. She was “giggles” and “ummm” in response.

Once again I used to book us a room (Recharge is giving me nothing right now). I got there a little early, adjusted the lights, took some deep breaths and settled myself. And she arrived.

She looked great. She is a pretty girl and I liked her outfit. She has huge doe-eyes and they sparkled as I let her into the room.

I took her clothes off. I was much more in the mood and was really looking forward to having her. Got her naked… she has amazingly creamy-white skin. Marvelous. Her nipples are so sensitive, it is endlessly entertaining to pinch them, suck them, smash them against her chest with a firm tongue… she makes great noises. With my knees on the floor and her ass at the edge of the bed, I ate that pussy for a long time… looking up from between her thighs to watch the expression on her face as I gave her pleasure.

When it’s getting intense for her she pushes her bottom lip out a bit… lovely. She is a sexy girl.

I laid on my back and she kissed me and got my cock hard. I pushed her onto her back, climbed up her chest it shoved it down her throat a few times… pinning her arms to the sheet above her head as I did it. And watching to see how she was taking it.

Then I put on one of the world’s best condoms and I fucked her. For a long time. Stopping often to keep me from finishing before I was ready. Staring at her round ass the whole time.

There was more sex in this week’s sessions than last week’s (about an hour total, including all the spelunking between her thighs). After the sex… a long period of her eyes and her open heart and holding her.

She is beginning to know how I like this “deep sex” (this “open heart” thing). And she is giving me what I want (which makes me like her a LOT more). When I can feel her lean in, feel her heart spilling through the dark pools of her big eyes… it’s thrilling.

So… good sex. Better than last time as I was ready for it, I wanted it more, I was more “on the offensive.”

After sex… that period of intimacy and holding her. And I tried to talk to her. But she doesn’t talk that much.

If I ask her anything serious at all, she is just “gosh” and bats her eye lashes in a childish way. That can be great as a contrast to how sexy she can be – but it doesn’t make for good conversation.

Anything too “verbal” and I can see her retreat back into her head. This girl lives in her body, not her intellect.

So I didn’t ask her to talk. I did the talking and I didn’t ask her to contribute much at all. I stroked her hair. I stared at her. She gave me heaping portions of those big eyes in response.

This was all on her lunch break and it couldn’t last for ever.

We got dressed and rode the elevator down to the street together. I reverted to no-touch as we hit the street – back to the rules of Secret Society.

On Snapchat later that night, she was all praise and interest. She said “maybe we should make this a Tuesday thing.” She complimented me on a side project I had showed her the week before. She came up with several reasons to come to my house (which she has never seen).

This behavior from her is new. And I am so curious: Why is coming forward like she is?

Sundance and I talked about her briefly. He said “well, something in her life has certainly changed.” That sounds like a smart read of the situation to me.

I have no idea about her life. As I said, she doesn’t talk much (not about anything serious) and talking with her isn’t the most satisfying part of knowing her. Not at all. But the lack of talk (and the sporadic sex) means she remains a mystery.

I can’t help but wonder if something between she and I changed after the session last week. It wasn’t the sex (I don’t think). I wasn’t that on. I gave her a good experience, ate her box, made her squirt, spanked her until her ass was red, fucked her, all that… but I have done better with her on other occasions.

Why was she so clear about wanting to see me again? Have I changed in some way? Is that possible? Was it the “open heart” treatment??

I am a non-monogamous guy. At this point in my life, I like that I am working through a series of girls, seducing new girls, etc. I want to be a player, but game has made me more of a romantic, not less of one. I want the sex (and I want it dirty, much of the time), but I know that to fuck a girl when her heart is open is twice as good as when it’s “purely physical.”

Had I unlocked more interest in her the previous week by dragging her heart into our fuck session? This is my bias… this is what I want to believe… I am tempted to think it might be true.

So again this week, lots of eye stuff and tenderness and she really leaned into it. She liked it. She took it all like a cat takes a really, really good scratch. She was emotionally “available.” It was charming.

I told her she was still a “mystery” to me, but that I liked this softer side of her. And she was non-verbal in response, but gave me even more… she went a little deeper.

I like the idea that women don’t really know what they want (most people don’t, and the “female people” even less so). And I remember the time I walked her into the W Hotel for our first sex session. She stood with me as I checked in. The whole thing felt like being “in the deep end” for me (I was not in familiar territory), but I probably looked cool enough. And I wondered at the time, “what is going through that girl’s mind right now?”

She showed no signs of being nervous about checking in for some fast sex in a nice hotel. I swear the hotel receptionist was reading the situation and knew exactly what was going on… but Miss Tease never showed any piqued interest. She wasn’t relaxed, but she WAS exactly like every other moment we’ve been together.

I wondered at the time if she’d done something like this before? Maybe a lot? I wondered if this was all “normal” for her? I wonder about her. I have no idea who she is…

(Maybe I am overthinking it.)

Or maybe it’s nothing like that at all. Maybe she’s like a kid in the back of the mini-van… she’s not paying attention, she’s just following the leader. Maybe that is all it is… she has no plan… she doesn’t have to… she is a girl… plans (and meaning)… that’s my job. And as long as I give her a good experience, she leans into it. If it’s ever not good, (like a cat) she runs away.

So maybe I HAVE penetrated deeper into her life, by involving her heart. It’s not that she is analyzing the situation, or checking off boxes, maybe it’s just binary: good or bad. And as long as it’s good, she comes forward. When it’s very good (or better), she comes forward a little farther and more enthusiastic than before (again… just like creating a bond with a cat).

She called me daddy a lot this time. I used to think I would like that, but I don’t really care. And she does some “odd” things during sex (from my POV) like talking about how “tight” she is, etc. I think she watches too much American porn. Our sex is good, but maybe she doesn’t know what she wants sexually either… she is just a mimic to what she has seen on PornHub or whatever. I’m not sure she knows what she really wants until she FEELS it. And that makes her a great “follower,” a wonderful partner for a man like me that knows how to lead the dance… a man that can make her FEEL something.

She is a mystery… but an interesting one.

She already asked to see me again. Miss Bangs will arrive this week and I will put my focus on her while she is here. I told Miss Tease “I was traveling” so I wouldn’t be available this week. Since I fucked her two weeks in a row… I assume her period must be coming soon (hopefully next week, while I am otherwise committed). When Miss Bangs flies back to China we’ll see if Miss Tease is still leaning into it.

Great session with her this week.

And fucking her didn’t satiate my sexuality at all. I’ve been extra on, and confident, since Tuesday. If anything, she has me more in the mood for sex. Good. I can pay that forward into Miss Bangs. I feel “leaner and meaner” and more on point. And really looking forward to having Miss Bangs in my bed this week… she is not an aggressive lover but she is very compliant… anything I want… and very emotionally connected.

Since I got back from Japan I have been a pretty lazy daygamer. But I am getting laid anyway as these girls come back for more. If you’re a beginner and you’re reading this… stick with game… and you’ll end up with some of these “returning” girls as well. Some girlfriends (perhaps)… but also girls that see you as the “lover.” If you’re good at what you do, when that is what they want… they’ll come to you.

Miss Tease is a great example of how a girl doesn’t need to be “multi-dimensional” or the “complete package” to be a very interesting addition to a man’s life. I can’t talk to this girl… not really. A proper date with her might be terribly boring and flat. But I am interested in her. And every “tool” is perfect for the right “job.”

(Am I the “tool?” Is she? I don’t know.)

Guys that are overly focused on the “complete package” never get to really appreciate the perfect facets of imperfect girls.

Now that I have a bit of her soft heart, I will focus on that. Her soft lips, her soft ass, her soft heart. That is all and that is enough, for a compartmentalized relationship and some brief moments when we share time.

Another chapter in the Book of Girls… and it all happened because, two years ago, a man talked to a girl on the street.

Viva daygame.