Sex with Miss Thick, +1 Daygame

Ahhhh, +1 daygame. My 8th daygame lay in as many months. Great experience, I like her.

Miss Thick is the first new girl I’ve had sex with since I’ve been back from Japan (that’s two months). I’ve dated a bit, and have been getting laid regularly with Siren (which has been a fantastic relationship, she is wonderful), but no new girls in my bed. Now, I’m back on track in terms of continuing to meet, date, and crucially… spend some naked-time with lovely, interesting, young girls.

Miss Thick was one of four leads from my day out with Pancake a little over three weeks ago. I liked her enough to pick her up at the time, but liked her more as we started to text. She surprised me.

First date, art museum, was excellent. She is a fascinating girl and a proper artist. I’m genuinely impressed with her skill, her knowledge, the depth of her artistic vein.

I call her Miss Thick because she is tall (almost as tall as me) and not what I would call skinny. On our first date, I was very into her ripe ass and what looked like C-boobs. She’s Chinese. About 28, let’s say. Unusual size and shape for a Chinese girl, and not my usual type, but I have been very into her. I still am.

2nd date was a quick dinner, she wouldn’t come home with me, but wanted more time post-dinner so we had tea. Light kiss that night. I blushed when I kissed her… that surprised me also. Another light kiss as I dropped her off at the train. I was excited about her.

She’s has mostly been an enthusiastic “yes” since the opening texts… but this is the same girl that I talked about in a recent post that said:

HER: Sorry I don’t think we should date anymore

That came out of nowhere, but I was oddly calm about the whole thing.

NASH: I’m not sure what is going on with you today… but we have already had a good time together
HER: We had a good time, that’s why I choose to control my feelings…
HER: I don’t want any kind of relationship right now

Hmmmm. Again, I felt like we were on, but for some reason I didn’t panic at this from her.

NASH: We are both cool people…
NASH: Neither of us need to push for any kind of relationship
NASH: I still want to see you
NASH: I’ll say hi next week
HER: Great, maybe I have too much pressure right now
HER: I like you, dangerous guy
NASH: Okay, that sounds about right.
NASH: I’ll check in after a while… go do your thing, we’re in no rush
NASH: I like you too, creative girl

This ^ is the short version of this conversation (I mentioned some of it in a previous post), but it’s a part of the story of her and I.

And I like this part of the story. I remember having a whiskey that night also feeling like there was something significant about what went on with her/me via WeChat that day.

And I am often wrong. And I often take an “L,” as my young cousin would say. But that day… I had a feeling it was still very on with that girl. And that I handled her just right, and that soon, I would write a post like I’m writing now… talking about how I had sex with her, and recovered from where we were that day.

This may be the most meaningful part of this post. The comments I wrote her that day, the fact that I didn’t panic (not in her eyes or mine), that I assumed she was only freaking out a little, and that I could rein her back into the dance… I could not do this a year ago.

This was the real “game” of this seduction. She has been a “yes,” the whole time. This little bump in our relationship was some general girl nonsense, an anemic attempt to keep me out of her panties, or a serious shit-test. Regardless of what it meant to her, it was my chance to blow myself out. Or give up via premature ejection. But I did not. I was over that hurdle. I am tempted to say this was “good game.”

I rolled off for almost a week… I wasn’t feeling needy and it was easy to give our situation some space. And then we started chatting again. She was back to normal. A happy, fun, friendly, interesting girl. And into me. I had fully recovered.

So that earned me the 3rd date. And she was committed to seeing a movie. She was baiting me to get involved, in that classic feminine way, where she asks questions, but never says what she means.

NASH: When are you free this week?
NASH: Tuesday night?
HER: Monday night, so I’m going to cinema

All of this was right after my date with the teenager, a week ago, last Sunday night. I was writing about that date while I sat at one of my favorite dive bars, an IPA in my left hand and a Jim Beam rocks in my right. And texting Miss Thick on WeChat.

She has been very “yes,” but in this case, she had a plan and was determined to do it. So I didn’t wait for an invite, I coopted her movie plan:

NASH: What time should we meet tomorrow?
HER: Anytime

And then, the movie. I bought tickets online, but she had drinks waiting for me at the theatre. I like that.

And she wore a skirt… and I could barely concentrate for that film. Her thighs in my view, more compelling than the screen, wanting to touch her the whole time.

I would never take a new date to a movie, but like I said, she was basically telling me that if I wanted to see her, it was movie night… so I played the hand I was dealt. Film was great. Touched her a tiny bit, but mostly just watched the film.

After… took her via Uber to a fancy pizza place, grabbed food, then another Uber to my place. There was a slightly funny look in her eyes as I told her we were going to my place, but she agreed.

It was her first time at my house. Dinner, standing up, at my counter top. Cats were awesome, she liked them.

After dinner, talked art. My sticker collection. It was getting late, so I went for a proper kiss and she didn’t really dive in.

We were not really in a very seductive mood. I am listening to Yohami’s instruction that I shouldn’t really be trying to kiss girls that aren’t ready to be kissed (my paraphrase of his guidance). But I still think this is its own kind of communication. That my trying to kiss her, even when she isn’t really turned on, is part of how we start that process. I don’t think it’s weird at all.

Anyway… a few minutes later, another pass at the kiss and it was on. And it was hot. Pretty hot, anyway.

She had to go. Had plans to see a classmate later that night. But at the door I kissed her some more, and I pinned her arms against the wall and she started to moan.

I’m going to say it again… she moaned when I pinned her arms against the wall. This is what she wants.

Oh. A girl that likes to be pinned down. What are the chances?? Of course I’m not surprised.

And Siren and I had an unusually forceful session on Friday night. We had had some delicious sex before dinner, awesome. Then a nice dinner. Then home, and I wasn’t sure if I would fuck her, and I didn’t. But as I was making out, she was clearly turned on, and we ended up in some very dominant kissing, me pinning her head to the bed, using a fistful of her hair to hold her mouth in place as I got aggressive and shoved my tongue in her mouth. I ate her pussy, but via candle light, dragging her pretty ass to the edge of the bed, candle on a stool next to me as I knelt on the floor… so I could see all my favorite parts. Hot and medieval. I ended up jerking off and coming in her mouth. The whole scene was rough (mostly symbolically), but very hot.

Yeah… lots of girls that like to be pinned down. There is nothing new in the world.

So this week, lots of back and forth with Miss Thick via WeChat. Some mix of me talking too much (Yohami is right, I talk too much), me giving her too much validation (which is fine, because she likes me), and then, mixing in some playful “push” too keep from fucking the whole thing up.

I was trying to get her out for today (Sunday), and she said she was busy.

NASH: Are you free Sunday?
HER: No, I have an appointment with Jane every Sunday.
NASH: Okay… Monday, Tuesday? Let’s make a plan.
HER: Monday I’ll go to a concert… not sure if it’s too late when it ends

Again, she has been very into me. So I didn’t feel like I was chasing her (other than I hadn’t fucked her yet, and if you haven’t fucked her yet, you’re chasing to some degree). I felt like I was just handling logistics.

In response to her, I gave her three choices:

NASH: Okay, some choices:
NASH: Sunday… come see me before you see Miss Jane. Maybe lunch or tea.
NASH: Or Monday late is okay with me…
NASH: Or Tuesday… so we can have more time.

Now, talking about Sunday after all, she says:

HER: My internship starts at 12, ends at 4:30. Do you want to meet me in the afternoon?
NASH: Hmmm, I’ll have to think about it…
NASH: Okay, yes.
NASH: : ]

She laughed, getting my joke.

Okay, we’re set up. This would be the 4th date, and it has always felt on…

So today… I actually had another date for lunch, with a different girl… the Mongolia Mom. I met her on Friday. I went straight from that date to a café, and wrote about the Mom. And then from there to meet Miss Thick.

It was raining here in my city, and Miss Thick had dinner plans with “Jane,” as we know. So I suggested we get boba tea and go back to my house. She was a quick yes.

And that is simple, but decent game also. Always have a plan. Give her a clear and easy opportunity to say “yes.” Very basic, elementary stuff… but this is on my mind all the time.

I woke up this morning, cleaned up my place, and starting “leading.” I had three appointments this day, the Mom, Miss Thick, and then dinner with my very fucking cool cousin. So I woke up, and started leading… handling logistics for all three appointments. One after another, locking all those plans down. Removing chaos. This is the work of men. Basic, but can’t be said often enough.

“But something that can never be learnt too thoroughly can never be said too often.”
— Seneca

She offered to pick me up as she was driving to see Jane tonight. Really nice car. I think she’s from a wealthy family in China, but I haven’t asked about that much.

I gave her a quick kiss as I climbed into her car. She looked great. Low-cut top showing soft boob-flesh and I was very eager to get at that cleavage, but trying to keep my eyes “up” so I didn’t look over-eager. She definitely turns me on.

We grab our Taiwanese tea…. “Hong Kong” style, and head to my place. Cats were great again. Some boba. Some chat. Then I started kissing her.

We kissed a bit. Warm, but nothing red-hot.

She asked me if I have a thing for Asian girls. And I do, as we know. But I’m getting very good with this conversation at this point. I basically told her, yeah, but obviously not “every Asian girl,” as all Asian girls are different. The key to this is to turn the question around, ask her if she thinks all Asian girls are the same? Obviously she does not. And then I tell her that I like Asian girls, but even being a “hot Asian girl” isn’t enough, which is true… I clearly have a thing for Asian girls, but at the end of the day it is about chemistry. Always. Very congruent… because it’s true.

And I kept kissing her. And we started to warm up.

Moving the thick mane of her China-black hair, I started kissing the nape of her neck, and that got her going. I tried to take her to my room, and gave me the smallest bit of resistance. More neck. More kissing. Tried again… “let’s go,” and took her hand…

No problem.

My room. Pulled back the covers. She stared at me. Of course the sheets were recently changed, to wash the tracks of Siren out of my bed.

I gently pushed Miss Thick back onto the bed, and it was looking pretty on. She verbalizes something about “not being sure yet,” even though I didn’t ask any questions that could require a comment like that… and I kept looking for what she “likes.” Touching her. Not too eager. Not certain this was going to be about sex.

HER: You’re a bad man

I loved hearing that. I am not really that “bad,” but I have been cultivating this frame with the girls I date. It’s at the level of a joke, sometimes, but a well-acted joke, and when I “drop into that role,” I get looks back from the girls like they are true believers. And I know it’s making their pussies wet.

“Give her more of what she likes, less of what she doesn’t like,” said some wise man (that may or may not be Yohami). So that’s what I did.

I was pulling her skirt down to suck on her hips, and she gave me a very tiny bit of resistance, so I went back to pinning her arms down, and got a great reaction. She loves that.

Full purr.

Again, that pinning her down. Sort of forcing things on her. I did the same move with the “fistful of hair,” on each side of her head this time, holding her pretty face in place, giving her an evil-intense stare, and then pried her lips apart and kissed her like a solider from an invading army. Nasty bad, man shit. It was hot. Great reactions from her.

So then I reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off… no trouble. I loved knowing that pussy was only a flimsy skirt away from the light of day.

Nipples out, purple… very sensitive. Very, very sensitive. So I pinned her down, sucked her nipples, and at this point I was sure sex was happening. She was loving it.

I thought:

NASH: I’m going to put my cock in this girl.

So I dragged her to the edge of the bed, pried her legs apart, and ate her pussy like I like to do.

She was gooey-wet. “Snotty” wet, as Dante from The Black Philip show would say. I love that.

God, I love to eat pussy. I really do. And she was awesome. Untrimmed like so many Asian girls, which I like (I don’t care if that’s not the western standard). There was some version of resistance as I had my way between her thighs, but clearly just part of the sexual dance. I would grab both wrists and pull them under her thighs to keep her from squirming away. Each moment, she would relax into it more, until she was spread wide, twisting and moaning, digging her nails into my shoulders and desperately grabbing at my hair. Very enthusiastic and passionate. I climbed up her body after a while and gave her a big kiss — getting her juice all over her own mouth and lips.

I took my shirt off.

Back to her pussy… and after I had thoroughly enjoyed my snack, I walked to the cabinet and got one of the world’s best condoms, tossed it on the bed next to her. I stared at her while I took off my pants. And then…

+ 1, daygame.

Great sex. Really great.

“Two pumps” into her, I had my notch (which is a ridiculous standard that I blame Krauser and John Bohi for establishing, the RSG standard). It’s stupid, but those first two pumps are for ego and bragging rights only. Someday I will let that go… but as an intermediate guy, I’m still a notch hound. Of course it means more to me than that, but I can be distracted by that hurdle of officially taking the notch. Once it’s mine, my ego backs off and I can relax.

And I did. I fucked her for 20 minutes or so, and really enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t about glory at that point, it was about sensuality, and dirtiness, and her pleasure and mine. And seeing her ass spread as I hit her from behind. About finding our rhythm and about seeing how loud I could get her moan… pretty loud, but about 60% of what Siren has been giving me. My new downstairs neighbors can vouch for my game… I’m sure I’ve been waking them up here and there.

And she is thick. And in a delicious way, she earns her name. And her body is sensitive and wonderful. And it was a great lay.

And her lovely face, and big dark eyes… and that long black hair (it’s very long), spilled across my fresh, white sheets… just gorgeous.

I took my time after sex. She wasn’t sleeping over… dinner with Jane, afterall. But I wanted to make sure she knew I was genuinely interested in her post-coitus. I checked her out some… rolled her onto her belly and scratched the backs of her thighs and spanked her full ass until she would jump and wimper. And then it was easy to be tender and affectionate with her, as well.

I like her.

But her dinner plans were pressing, so we got her up. No shower, she just put her clothes back on. I walked her downstairs, and the mood was light and felt good, connected, even though we really don’t know each other that well.

I’m not used to sexing a girl that doesn’t sleep over. The Nurse in Japan didn’t sleep over. And the Firecracker didn’t the first time (but did later on). But almost every other girl in the last year has spent the full night with me after sex, which I like very much, but this was fine too.

Better than fine.

I told her I was looking fwd to seeing her, and I am. She is fascinating girl, very interesting, and on top of that… delicious in bed. It was the first time for us sexually, and for me, it almost always gets better as I have an additional roll with a girl.

To be real… Friday with Siren was so good, so rich, so delicious, I do feel vaguely “bad” for dating not one, but two girls since then, and fucking this one. But… this is the path. I’ve made Siren no promises whatsoever. I’m a little conflicted, but I really want to learn.

I want to know women, not “a woman.” I really believe you can’t learn this game “one woman at a time.” There are certain lessons that are only yours to take if you’re running concurrent girls through your bed at the same time. Spinning plates. Managing abundance, and what that feeling does to your own state.

We smiled as I closed my front door.

And then… I went and had pizza and beer with my fucking cool cousin. And told him the story. And he gave me a comically critical look and a “golf clap,” which is his way of being a dick. He is 18. I’m trying to give him the education I didn’t get.

It was a great dinner. And a great night.

And then as I went to bed, I messaged her. I wanted to give her some post-sex validation. I really do want to give girls good experiences, and that includes post-sex emotional management.

NASH: Sleep well and thank you for the tenderness

Some messages between us about dreams that are too sicky-sweet to share. And then:

HER: Today I want to dream of you

Cheesy, but a great review. I’ll take that as a happy girl.

I smoked a joint and sipped a whiskey on the couch and fell asleep.

Viva daygame.