Sex with Miss Xi’an (vs Miss Thick), +1 Daygame

The Daygame Gods deliver up another lay off the street. I think this is my 9th daygame lay… and I’m starting to lose count. All hail the Daygame Gods.

“We have our next date on Thursday. If the Daygame Gods are generous, and I make good use of the cards I am dealt, we’ll continue the process of unwrapping this opportunity to see what is ‘deep inside.'”
— Nash

That ^ is the last line of my previous post about Miss Xi’an, after my first date with her. Rather prophetic. The Daygame Gods were, as it turns out, quite generous.

(And for the record, that “deep inside” comment is a wink at Beckster. That’s a classic little NLP bit he teaches, he drops that phrase into sets with girls all the time. That guy is a proper legend of Game.)

As I get ready for a date with a girl — cleaning my house, changing sheets, setting up the Cheesecake Trap — I typically cycle through the possible outcomes in my head. It’s always a mix of self-directed pep-talk, stating my goals, and some day-dreams about what it would be like to fuck that particular girl.

And my “fantasies” are not complicated. In my fantasy, there are no shit tests, etc. In my head… it’s simple. I run good game, lead, and we have a great time (which is a solid plan). She is charming and relatively submissive and feminine (as she should be). And at the end of the night (or in the middle of the date), we are back at my place and get naked. Easy.

But it’s rarely like that.

It’s often “three dates.” And LMR. And lots of effort trying to schedule those dates over text. Or she’s on her period. Or she’s going to be late and that fucks up a dinner reservation. Or I get the wind knocked out of me as she cancels.

This ^ is “the player’s obstacle course.”

In this case, I did my usual pre-game fantasy of a delicious, but relatively quick and easy seduction. And, because I have a lot of experience, I laughed, knowing that it would probably be more like the obstacle course we’re all used to.

But then I asked myself:

“What if this time, you actually get an easy one? What if this time, it’s just 1-2-3, and it ends in sex?”
– Nash

I really did wonder exactly that before this date. And… that’s exactly what happened.

It was easy.

I have had this kind of lay before. Like in Japan… especially with the Yoga Instructor. She was a smooth “yes” to each stage. And so was this one.

So often, it really is an obstacle course. And those kinds of lays are valid too, of course they are. But it isn’t always like that. In this case, it was smooth like butter, baby. It was basically the greatest hits of Nash Game in terms of the date.

Art museum (which was actually her idea, but is my typical date). The date was fluid and easy… I’ve taken so many girls to this museum (including a Japanese tourist last week that I didn’t bother to post about). My first date with Miss Good Smell was at this museum too, and she was my last daygame lay before this one. I took Miss Thick and Siren and the Firecracker and even the Taiwanese Girl to that same museum… all girls I’ve sexed via daygame.

I touched Miss Xi’an a lot on that date. She was physically compliant on the first date, and I’m very comfortable with touch, so I went for it… and pawed her mercilessly. More than I normally would. I used both hands a lot of the time. I’d move her, by putting one hand on her shoulder, and then the other on her hip and move her to the other side of me. Stuff like that. I held her hand a lot… and unlike the first date, she was warmer and friendlier in response.

I did something I often do, which is talk about how game and sex are the same everywhere.

She was telling a story about how she and girlfriend went on vacation to some other city in China. And they were riding bikes and exploring. And I said that sounded cute — two young girls, on vacation… and I gave her the eyes — and I asked if they got hit on by any cool guys? (If I was Beckster, I would have pointed to myself as I did it.) And she said no, that Chinese boys aren’t cool. And I corrected her. I told her that there are cute girls everywhere and the coolest guys always find them. And while most guys aren’t cool (that’s true in each country and at every point in time), that every country has cool guys. If I was a cool Chinese guy, and I saw her and her cute little friend on vacation, that I would come up and hit on them.

And as I told her that last part I pulled her in with one hand, moved her hair aside with the other, and put my lips on her neck, back by her ear. I growled a little, playfully. It was sexy, but I clowned it a bit to take some of the edge off. I wanted sexual tension, but I didn’t want to scare her off. This was all solid and set us up for the rest of the date.

After the museum, I asked if she was hungry, she said no… I told her I was and that she should come with me. She could watch me eat (I said the same thing to the Korean Actress), and have some if she wanted. She agreed. I took her to my usual ramen spot.

As the check came, she wanted to pay. She didn’t even eat, but she argued with me a bit, trying to pay for the meal. I bought the drinks on the first date (which she also offered to pay for), and I think that’s part of why she made this effort to pick up the check this time. I also think she likes me, and she is invested because of that interest.

I told her no. That it was my date and when she is out with me, I’m going to take care of her. But if she wants to do something for me, she can always bring me chocolate.

I like it, as it sets her up to invest in me at a later time… when I’m not even there (as she goes out to buy me the chocolate), and then again, when she brings me the gift. Miss Thick has already done this for me, and for the same reason… I told her to. I take her on dates. She brings me presents. I like it.

In this case, Miss Xi’an liked that idea too, and her eyes lit up. In fact, I was definitely seeing “doggy dinner bowl eyes” at this point in the date, although I didn’t really “get it” until later. And she said I will have to teach her about chocolate… as she’s allergic. Oh. And I asked what else she likes for desert (I had the Cheesecake ready), and she said she doesn’t like sweets. Hmmm, okay.

I told her I have some great cheesecake at home, but I get that she’s not into desert… and she should come back to my place anyway. Meet my cats. And it was 10:30, and she said it was getting late. But I knew she’d slept until about 2 PM that day (she graduated art school this week), and I told her so, and that since I knew she had only been awake for a few hours… I was sure she was fine. And I smiled confidently. And she did too. So I said, “my place, cats, I’ll make you some tea,” (we like similar types of tea) and she agreed.

Uber back to my place. The cats were charming (and are clearly part of my comfort routine). I gave a her a tour, and in one room, I felt a strong urge to kiss her. I swear she felt it coming, and she turned away from me slightly (a subconscious challenge), but I grabbed her shoulder, turned her back toward my face, stepped in and kissed her. And she was into it. I kissed her several times. She told me I was a great kisser.

I took her back to the kitchen, briefly. Maybe one minute of chit chat, and then I kissed her again. She was more into it… hands on me, touching me, I could tell she was ready.

And I said I was going to take her to my room to make out. And she made some noise in agreement. And Yohami would tell me I should have just done it, not talked about it… and he’s right. I know what I should do. But I still make little mistakes like this.

I’m noticing I have to make “the mistake” about five times before I fix it. The first time, I’m aware it’s a mistake, I am aware I probably shouldn’t do it, but I do it anyway. Second time, same thing… I may still be arguing it’s a “good idea.” And then, I start to know it’s bad idea… maybe even see, in real time, that it’s not working. And then, finally, I stop doing the mistake and start doing the right thing.

Five times. That is about how long it takes me to break a bad habit in my game. Five different dates, before I can see the mistake, learn, and put the learning into practice. Not always “five times”… but often enough. Do you see why “volume” is so important if you want to learn good game? It takes a lot of girls to practice and learn this stuff.

My situation where I always try to kiss the girl in the elevator on my Hotel Bar date is in this stage… I am at “five” on that particular failed kiss close series (in that same location), and I know it won’t work how I’ve been doing it.

Yohami has given me some great coaching there.

“If so that’s the ‘ramp,’ I come closer and say ‘mm you smell good.’ If she reacts positively I kiss her, if I sense any kind of wall, I deflect that and say that she smells like a cheese sandwich. Then she laughs to that, I kiss her.”

This ^ is excellent fucking coaching here. This is Yohami demonstrating for us all he really “gets it.” Thank you, Yohami. This is one of your best examples, good combination of your theory and an example that is easy to understand.

Anyway… I take Miss Xi’an back to my room. I pulled back the sheets, like I always do. Gently pushed her back onto the bed. She has that “bunny about to be eaten by the wolf” look in her eyes.

The make out started slow. The kissing was okay, I liked it, but not particularly passionate or juicy. I started taking her clothes off and there was zero resistance. Her body was smooth and young and taunt. Milky, perfect skin. Not as skinny or soft as the Siren. Closer to the strong-body of Good Smell, but a little more fine. A little “fresher” and “brighter.”

She was still pretty flat emotionally. Not particularly passionate, which I sort of assumed. At dinner, I told her I thought she was “responsive,” and that I could see a lot of emotion on her face, but I didn’t know what she was passionate about. She said she didn’t know either. And as she was in bed at this point, the lack of anything like obvious enthusiasm continued.

Maybe she is a “watcher?” Like a type of “analyst?” You can watch a “murder” on TV and know it’s just TV, and stay flat, even as you see it happen. Maybe that is where she goes as I put moves on her that would make another girl show signs of excitement?? Hmmm.

I got into some of the pulling hair and dominance that Siren and other girls love… this one, not that into it. More flatness. She made some tiny noises of encouragement, but no big spike, even as she was naked, with me on top of her, pulling her hair.

And I wasn’t that into it either. I knew I was going to fuck her. And I am still very into the idea of sex with each new girl. But in the moment, it was “bland.” It was like fixing a broken piece of electronics… fiddling with her, looking for the trick and waiting to see “the lights” come on.

I played with her for a while… kissed her, touched all over, spanked her. Then I dragged her naked body to the edge of the bed… and I ate her pussy like I love to do. That part is always for me.

This, she really liked. I had finally found her passionate “spot.” She loved it. She started to make a ton of noise. She was shaking. She was giving me “oh my god, oh my god!”

And I loved it. Finally, her “light” came on and her parts started to whirl and her dials started to spin. She was fully animated.

This was my favorite part with her.

She was wonderful as I had my head between her thighs. I told her she looked beautiful (she did). And that I loved the noises she was making (I wanted to encourage the girl to get into it). I coached her, “give me more, give me more,” trying to make sure she wasn’t holding back.

And I made her hands go numb. She was saying this as I molested her young body.

MISS XI’AN: I can’t feel my hands! I can’t feel my hands!

I have done this to girls before, and I know it’s normal and a good sign. All the blood is out of her hands and into the “more important” parts of her body. I made this one girl from Canada “go numb” in the same way… she was shaking and trembling and couldn’t feel her hands. It’s hot. I love it. So do they.

I want this on my “Yelp Review” someday:

“He ate my pussy so good… he put my hands to sleep.”
— Some Girl after a night with Nash

I love to eat pussy. Most girls can come from some combination of tongue and fingers. And after I’ve given them a proper tongue-down, I fuck them… and I hope they like that part too, but that is also for me.

In this case, she was thrashing around from my tongue. And I put some fingers in her unbelievable tight little pussy, and she went wild from that too.

I want every girl to come for me, even though I never ask about it with girls anymore. I just do my best. In this case, when it was over, I told her she was fantastic, and that we almost got her to “explode.” And she told me she did explode.

Okay, good.

And I stopped, told her again she looked beautiful and I loved her body. And then she did what most girls do, and curled up on her side… collapsed in the sheets, with her knees toward her chest and her ass out. When they roll over after I’m done tasting them, that is the position they land in.

And that view is fantastic. Ass and pussy. Swollen and wet. Each girl… spent, and catching her breath.

This ^ is my view with each girl as I move across the room to grab a condom.

As I’m having sex with more girls, it’s clear that I have some patterns I like. And this is one of them. It’s great to take my time walking across my room. Gabbing the condom. Taking in the view as I take off my pants (I am usually fully clothed until I’m ready to fuck her). Climbing up on the bed next to her. Putting my hand on her ass and telling her how hot she looks. And getting my cock hard so I can fuck her.

This is my standard procedure.

And it was again.

+1 Daygame.

The sex wasn’t great. The peak of the night was clearly the oral sex. I loved it, and loved seeing her “shift” into a level of intensity I couldn’t bring her to any other way.

But the sex itself was odd.

In part, because her hands were still numb. And she was holding them up by her face as I fucked her, staring at them in amazement, and occasionally laughing. Not particularly sexy. And at one point I pulled out my cock, and there was a lot of blood. I bet it was when I worked her pussy with my fingers. I literally beat that pussy up.

I asked if she was okay, and she was completely fine, but it was a mess. I got a towel and slide back inside her. I finished, coming inside her smooth, young little body (for the record, with a condom… I always wear one of the world’s best condoms).

Not my favorite lay. Not the fucking part, anyway.

All this is totally cool with me. I am into the experience. And the overall night was great. Seducing this girl, and having her in my bed didn’t make me “happy,” but I am happy to have the experience. I really am. I want to know women. I want to know game. This was great experience.

I am happy that I am making progress as a player. I am becoming a kind of expert. And I’m learning about myself.

After sex, we showered together. And then I put her back in my bed. And we talked and I held her for a while. I wanted some time with her, post sex, before she left. I don’t know if she needed it, but if she’s not going to spend the night (and she wasn’t going to), I think it’s a better experience to “take a lap” to cool down together before she leaves.

It was cool.

30 minutes later, we got up. She put on her clothes. And she booked herself an Uber and she left.

MISS XI’AN: I’m home
MISS XI’AN: Good night
NASH: My cat smells like you
MISS XI’AN: Don’t take him shower
NASH: Sleep well, Pretty Girl
NASH: You were delicious tonight
MISS XI’AN: You were amazing~
MISS XI’AN: sleep tight



It took me a while to fall asleep that night. I was tired, but wound up, and thinking about the experience. I had a beer and smoked some pot, and still couldn’t really sleep… even though it was after 2 AM.

I lay on the couch. My cats at my feet. Thinking of girls, sex, the whole adventure.


As I woke up, I knew I had a date with Miss Thick lined up for the afternoon.

I was “low energy.” I was very glad for the experience the night before, but it wasn’t a very “solid connection.” Something about it felt like “stress.” And the sex wasn’t energizing. I wanted to write… I wanted to relax a little… I wanted a night off.

But a player’s job is never done. That may sound like a joke (and in some ways it is), but it’s true. And in more ways than one (I am thinking of your book idea, Runner).

Time to get excited about a date with Miss Thick. I like her very much, even though we’d had some trouble this month:

“Sorry for say this again. I think it’s so rude to say this. I think we shouldn’t date any more. It’s so good to have sex with you, but I still think it’s wrong to do it with a person, who’s not my boyfriend. I also know that we can’t have a serious relationship because we’re very different. Maybe we think in different ways. Sometimes I’m very emotional, but you’re still very nice to me, I’m thankful for that, but I can’t do this anymore. Sorry again.”
— Miss Thick

That was a little over two weeks ago.

She did this to me before, after our 2nd date and before we had sex. I recovered very well that time. Good text game, not being reactive, showing good “daddy” game of being calm with the “little girl,” bringing her back around. I told Riv I’ve been running some good text game lately, and this is part of what I meant.

I did the same thing this time to calm her down and get her to reengage. A mix of reframing and being sweet and telling her “how it is.”

And I paced it out. I ignored that message above for two days before I responded. Then dumped some texts on her. And she came back one more time with a little more “toughness” and finality, and I let that sit for a few days as well. Each time coming back, leading us both emotionally. Not arguing with her, just leading toward how I wanted both of us to see things.

And then a few days later, I cut the “breakup” thread and took us back into positive territory, assuming we were back on track… and we were. A day or so of chatting and I tried to set up a date… and she agreed. And she was cute and excited about it.

So here it was, it had been four weeks since I’d seen her last. She’d “broken up” with me again. But I fixed the situation, and we had a date set up.

And it was… incredible.

A movie in the afternoon (she loves movies). She looked fantastic. She had bought me some fancy Japanese chocolate and gave it to me as I met her at the theater… she’s a good girl. Smart, a great artist, sweet, and an amazing lover.

This time, she was in an all black outfit, with a soft skirt, and a leather jacket. Her tattoo on her ankle, giving her a little bit of an “edge.” Her jet-black hair, shining like oil, almost to her ass. I kissed her a bit as we waited for the movie to start.

After the movie… sex at my place. And it was… unbelievable. As soon as we started to make out, I could tell it was super on between us sexually.

There was a flash in my mind of Miss Xi’an from the night before — it was only 16 hours since I’d had a different girl in this bed.

And the contrast was massive. Everything about this girl was better. Sex with Miss Thick is always great, but this time, maybe even more so. I wasn’t sure I would be ready for sex again for this date, after the “meh” orgasm with the younger girl. But I wasn’t “out of gas” at all. I was fully alive with strong chemistry with Miss Thick, and loving the time with her. Super turned on and ready to fuck.

The sex was deep, rich, emotional, nasty, and intense. Of course I ate her ass and her pussy for a long time… wow. And then I crawled up and put my cock in her mouth, and she took it all the way down the back of her throat. That was the first time she’s ever sucked my cock.

It was electric.

Ahh — wow. I’m still stunned from the last 24 hours with that girl. She is remarkable. Thank ye Daygame Gods once again.

After sex and a shower, she was walking thru my apartment naked and she stopped and hugged me and she told me she could stay the night. Her eyes were big and shiny as she said it.

I hadn’t asked her to do that, but I have been telling her she should spend the night with me when she was ready. “No pressure,” I would tell her, “but I want you to know that this is what I want.” That, “I want a night where we have sex, but also where we sleep together.” So she knew it was on the table, and she suggested it.

A part of me wanted to sleep alone that night (I was still ready for a break) but I was glad she wanted to move this a little further toward being proper lovers. I really like this girl.

I took her to dinner. Then back to my place. I was super tired. No more sex. I took her clothes off, put her in my bed, and we slept. The sleeping itself wasn’t overly intimate, but it was nice. She is so incredibly soft.

This morning… I knew she had a breakfast appointment with some classmates. I told myself that the man I want to be would fuck her again before she leaves. So I got out of bed, feed my little beasts, and cut up some strawberries.

She was looking at her phone when I came back to bed. I fed her a couple of bites of the berries, and put the cup on the floor next to the bed. I climbed on top of her softness and pulled on her large purple nipples until she was making a lot of noise. And then I had her again. The whole affair — her mouth, her ass, her pussy — all over again.

So fantastic.


No comparison. The other girl is younger, and I am glad for the experience, but Miss Thick is night/day a better girl for me than Miss Xi’an. There was a “back to back” taste-test, and we have a clear winner.

…not that anyone is forcing me to choose between them. If the Daygame Gods will it to be, I can have them both. But I know who I’d rather see. And why.

If I want to be a proper player, I need to test and explore a lot of women. I’ll keep doing that. I love this journey.

What an amazing couple of days.

And having this kind of experience is how you really learn to know women. And to know yourself. And to be more than a “spectator” in love and sex.

I fucked four girls so far this month. And dated at least three others. Even with all those dead leads a week or so again… my education is still coming along nicely. Go daygame.

Thank you, Miss Xi’an. You were a wonderful chapter in this month’s adventures. When I have some extra time, I hope I see you again.

And Miss Thick… wow. I don’t know if you will “shake me off” again soon or if we’ll continue this dance, but you are extraordinary. What a great girl you are.

Tonight… I get a night off. I want some beer. I want some introverted time. I get to sleep in dirty sheets (long strands of Miss Thick’s jet-black hair on my pillows), alone, and I’ll enjoy it.

And tomorrow… a date with Siren.

She has been distant, and I have been insecure about her and I. She is still probably my favorite girl in the harem right now… one of my favorites of my whole life, to be real about it. She is a very rich and flavorful girl… and one I met thru daygame.

I am grateful for all these other girls, as they have helped me resist my own urges to over-emphasize the role of Siren in my life, to not panic that she was silent most of the week, to wait patiently stay busy until she reached out (which she did). And then to be confident, and to lead, to set up the date, and to be strong (despite any self-doubts) and to be a proper patriarch and take us both in a positive direction.

I’m looking forward to seeing her. She’ll be the 3rd Chinese girl in my bed in four days.

Viva daygame.