Sex with Velvet Mouth

She counts as my 3rd daygame lay. This is the Filipina Mom I picked up on the sidewalk at night… but daygame/gutter game style, where she was sober but I had a couple beers in me. Cold approach, on the street. Daygame in the dark.

As I said when I first wrote about her, I didn’t know she was a mom when I picked her up. She has a young, cute face, very fresh. As I sexed her last night, I spent a lot of time enjoying that face… she still looks 25 to me. Perfect beautiful smile and a sexy mouth. I found out she was mid-30s, and a mom, on our first date. So this is not about YHT, but it is a lay report.

“She’s there because she wants to fuck you already.” (about the Girl with the Boyfriend)
“She wants to fuck, the ball is in your court. Make it happen.” (about Miss Shanghai)
“She wanted to have sex.” (about Velvet Mouth)
— Yohami

Yohami thinks this girl is gross because of her age. So when I mention him here, it’s about his comments about game, not his approval of this girl as a place to spend my time or park my cock. That’s the Yohami disclaimer.

I have spent some time resisting Yohami’s mantra that a given girl “just wants to fuck.” This is not Madonna/Whore stuff from me. I am aware and delighted that women like to get nasty as much or more than I do. It’s just a question of when in the seduction she is ready for that.

I am of the opinion 2-3 dates is a perfectly normal, healthy pace for sex. Even for players, or men like “Chad.” (Are Chad and Yohami the same guy? Perhaps.) Torrero and Krauser have talked about losing girls when you try to go faster than that. I am sure there are girls that are specifically “down to fuck,” as we say, but I don’t assume that every stage of the process like Yohami does.

In this case, she seems like she was, in fact, DTF. The kind of DTF where you should take her straight to the sex location and get it done. That’s not what I did, but I’m noting that I could see this as the date went down.

I had her meet me near her work, near where I picked her up. My plan was dinner to connect a bit, then my place.

As we meet up, she looks cute, with a huge, trusting smile. She’s very into me. I asked if she was hungry, and she makes a face like “meh.” I tell her I’m hungry, so that’s what we’re doing, and she accepts that plan.

We get in a car, and I grab her and kiss her. And she jumps into it. She is all about the making out, ferociously so, her “velvet mouth” all over mine, her little teeth cutting my lip here and there. It’s really on, really fast. I have a hard cock and I consider canceling dinner and going straight to my place.

Sometimes… Yohami is exactly right.

Dinner was great and I was happy to eat. I did get a chance to connect a bit with her, which I like for me, as much as for the girl.

Back to my house after dinner, no objections. She likes my place, doesn’t care much about my cats, likes the view much more. I am about to offer the traditional Nash Game cheesecake, but the look in her eyes is not about desert, so I kiss her and drag her down the hallway to my bedroom.

No resistance whatsoever.

She is all purrs and affirmative noises as I makeout some more and peel her clothes off.

As I start to go down on her, she says “I’m not used to this” in a cute, clearly nervous voice with that Filipino clip to it. I tell her to relax. I notice that she is very recently shaved clean.

Some oral, some fingers. She is juicy and making joyful noises.

I come up for air, wipe her off my face and we makeout some more. I then undo my jeans and tell her to put her mouth on my cock. She does… for 3 seconds. The velvet heat of her mouth is fucking amazing. And she stops, slides back up my body, smiles, and tells me “I’m not used to this,” in the same cute tone as before. Cuddles up to me. Kisses me.

I make her suck my cock some more — just as brief the second time — and then I put on the worlds best condom and slide into her. It feels great. In part, because it’s a notch, as that is part of how we measure our education in this game. I have, in fact, seduced another one, from cold street approach to sex. It also felt good, because, you know, fucking feels really good. Dur.

I am taking my time, drawing it out, enjoying myself. I tell her I am holding back. She tells me that she already “finished” so I can come when I want. Ha. I don’t need permission to come, but I liked that she implied that I got her off.

Getting her off is not a requirement, but my ego likes to think that girls are enjoying the sex too. My ego clapped a little bit.

I had her below me as I got ready to climax, telling her her mouth is so hot I wanted to come on her lips, “but not tonight,” I said, and I finished inside her and curled up next to her, and she was affectionate and loving.

I ask about the “I’m not used to this” comments she was making during the foreplay. She reaffirms that… she has very little experience. I ask how many men she’s been with? She says, just her ex husband. They met when she was 19. I ask, so I am the 2nd guy you’ve had sex with? She says yes.

I believe her. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she has almost zero experience with foreplay. That was real.

As she is putting on her clothes, I laugh a bit at how inexperienced she is… but that her pussy was smooth and sex-ready for this date. I ask her, “So, are you always clean shaven?” She says, “No…,” and gives me a tense glance. I pull her in and kiss her and say, “You knew I was going to fuck you tonight, didn’t you.” She giggles in response.

And she has to go. She has to get back to her house, where she lives with her son, and her parents — who are babysitting and allowing her to spend some time in my bed.

I take her to the kitchen. We look at the view and I feed her bites of cheesecake. We split a tangerine — which are in season, and delicious. I call a car and we kiss a bit more as we wait the 3 minutes for the car to arrive.

She is so different than most of my daygame dates. I picked her up in a random part of town… so she is nothing like the wealthy girls I meet downtown, here in the US, living off of their parents money, taking classes in the most expensive city in the world.

She is economically from the lower class, but with perfect manners and the air of a girl from a traditional culture. She lives with her parents in a rough part of town. She takes the bus a lot. I do to, everyday, but she’s not used to men like me.

And it was great, just the way it was. Another daygame lay. I’m not really bragging, but I am happy.

And she’s not the girl I want to be fucking, but… she’s the girl I am fucking.

And it was another interesting experience. A view of life through the proximity to another girl. A girl with a very different life than my own.

I am in game for experience. I am in game for experiences. This was another experience, another chapter in my education.

Viva daygame.